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Wisconsin Demolition Derby Driver Suffers Severe Burns in Car Fire

A 22-year-old driver participating in the Ozaukee County Fair Demo Derby in Wisconsin was seriously burned after his car caught fire in the pit.

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The incident occurred during the event in the city of Cedarburg on Friday night.

The driver’s vehicle sustained damage to the fuel tank during the derby.

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Even though he was no longer actively participating, the driver pulled his car into the pit area.

While attempting to start the car, it suddenly caught fire and caused severe burns all over his body.

Credits: DepositPhotos

Thankfully, fellow participants and friends assisted him out of the vehicle before fire officials extinguished the flames.

He was promptly taken to the hospital for treatment of first-to-third-degree burns.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire, and police have praised the quick response of those present, stating that it likely saved the driver’s life.

Additional fire and EMS crews were on standby for the following night’s derby.

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