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Woman Marries Her Cousin and Only Finds Out After They Have Three Children Together!

Imagine finding your soulmate, getting married, having 3 children, and being happily married many years later. This sounds like the ideal love story for most people. However, for one TikToker, the story took on a strange twist.

Love story takes on a bizarre twist

Celina Quinones took to social media to share her unique story. She shared a video on her TikTok, which showed a picture of her and her husband on their wedding day. Above the pictures was a caption, “Married my husband in 2006. Not thinking anything of it, we had 3 kids.”

The next clip jumped to a screenshot of a DNA test, showing that she shares DNA with her husband, Joseph Quinones, from the paternal side of the family. 

Below the video, she wrote, “My kids and my husband are my everything, and we looked passed it. All our kids have 10 fingers and 10 toes. It’s a good ice breaker, lol.”

It sure is an icebreaker, but not sure about a good one! Why would she divulge this information to the whole social media world? Who knows? However, she does not seem fazed by it, and both she and her husband seem to be happily married.

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People chime in with opinions and jokes aplenty

The comment section was buzzing with people sharing their opinions on the story. One person wrote, “You couldn’t torture this information out of me. We would have taken this to the grave cuz”. Another commenter echoed the same sentiments, “You couldn’t beat this out of me,” she wrote.

Others asked how this went ‘un-checked’ for so many years, “So nobody at the wedding knew??” she wrote. Another posted a similar question, “NOONE was at the wedding like ‘damn, why’s only our side of the family here?””

Credit: DepositPhotos

Another common thread in the comment section was how alike the husband and wife look! “Literally, you guys look alike,” wrote one lady. “I mean, you look related lol!!!” wrote another.

The joke of the day went to a man who asked, “Are you all in Alabama?” Another person fired back in the comment section, “Kentucky is more on that side than Alabama.”

When you post something like this on social media, you open yourself up to all kinds of criticism and jokes. 

However, this lady clearly has no problem with it and is more than happy to share her story with the world. I wonder how many other people have similar stories but guard the details with their lives?

In the case of the Quinones’, not only do they not seem to care, they view it as a ‘good ice breaker.’ Personally, I think a typical Dad joke would be a better ice breaker.


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