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Workers Suspected of Housing Migrants in Arizona Refuse Questioning

Workers at an unmarked building suspected of housing migrants in Tucson, Arizona, declined to respond to inquiries from Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy, who visited the site on Monday.

Refusal to Engage

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Despite attempts to gather information, staffers at the facility remained tight-lipped and asked Campos-Duffy to leave the premises, citing private property concerns.

Encounter at the Facility

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Campos-Duffy, seeking clarification, asked about the facility’s purpose and its funding sources, but encountered resistance from the workers who declined to provide detailed answers.

Escalation of Tension

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As tensions rose, security personnel were summoned to escort Campos-Duffy and her crew out of the building, indicating a heightened level of secrecy surrounding the facility.

Persistence in Inquiry

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Campos-Duffy persisted in her questioning, seeking clarity on the secrecy surrounding the facility’s operations and its implications for transparency and accountability.

Larger Investigation

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The encounter forms part of a broader investigation by Fox News into locations utilized for housing illegal immigrants across the United States.

Escalating Border Crisis

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“Illegal border crossings are now primarily happening in Arizona and California, according to data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection,” as reported by Fox News.

Record-Breaking Encounters

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“The Tucson Sector has been particularly hard hit by a new wave of migrants coming over the border.

The sector set a new record for weekly encounters when officials encountered over 17,500 migrants in one week,” Fox News stated.

Insight into Casa Alitas

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“Casa Alitas’ website describes itself as offering ‘shelter, necessities and travel assistance to asylum seeking families. Our guests arrive for a short stay, after their release from Border Patrol and ICE detention,'” according to Fox News.

Mission of Casa Alitas

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Fox News reported, “‘Casa Alitas is a program of Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona,’ the website states.

‘The Casa Alitas Leadership Team and Volunteer Service Coordinators support a network of paid staff, volunteers, and interns to create a safe, just, and compassionate refuge for the migrant families transiting through our Southern Arizona border communities.’

Call for Transparency

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“Why so much secrecy? That’s what the American people want to understand. Why?” questioned Campos-Duffy during the encounter.

Moving Forward with Transparency

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The encounter highlights the challenges in accessing information about facilities housing migrants, underscoring the importance of transparency and accountability in addressing the complexities of immigration and border management.

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