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X Announces Hiring of 100 Content Moderators in Austin

X, the platform previously known as Twitter, is taking a significant step forward in enhancing online safety.

The company announced plans to open a “Trust and Safety Center of Excellence” in Austin, Texas, focusing on combating child abuse on its social media platform.

Announcement by CEO

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CEO Linda Yaccarino unveiled the initiative through a detailed blog post.

This move is part of X’s broader effort to tackle child sexual exploitation (CSE) on the platform.

User Demographics

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Despite X not being the primary choice for children and minors, with users aged 13 to 17 making up less than 1% of its daily U.S. users, the platform is committed to safeguarding all users.

The company is dedicated to making it harder for offenders to share or interact with CSE material.

Enhancing Detection and Reporting

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X is improving its detection mechanisms to identify more reportable content.

These efforts aim to increase the amount of content reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Account Suspensions Increase

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In 2023, X suspended 12.4 million accounts for violating its CSE policies.

This was a significant increase from 2.3 million account suspensions in 2022.

Reports to NCMEC

The company also escalated 850,000 reports to NCMEC in 2023.

This included reports through X’s first-ever fully automated system, marking a substantial rise in referrals compared to the previous year.

Post-Acquisition Changes

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Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in 2022, X faced challenges related to content moderation policy changes.

These changes led some advertisers to reconsider their investments in the platform.

Hiring Content Moderators

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X is now in the process of hiring 100 content moderators for the new Trust and Safety Center.

This initiative is crucial for enhancing the platform’s content moderation capabilities.

Building the Team

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“The team is currently being built,” said Joe Benarroch, X’s head of business operations.

The recruitment goal is to fill the positions by the end of the year, focusing on finding the right talent.

Broadening the Fight Against Harmful Content

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The new Austin facility will not only focus on CSE but also other types of harmful social media content.

This demonstrates X’s commitment to creating a safer online environment.

Proactive Steps by X

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By establishing the Trust and Safety Center, X is taking proactive steps to address online child abuse.

This includes both preventing the spread of CSE material and making it easier for users to report such content.

Importance of User Safety

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Ensuring the safety of its users, especially the most vulnerable, is a top priority for X.

The platform’s efforts to combat CSE are a testament to this commitment.

Impact of Enhanced Detection

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Improving detection mechanisms is key to X’s strategy against online abuse.

These improvements help in identifying and reporting harmful content more efficiently.

The Role of Technology

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X’s use of fully automated reports in fighting CSE is a groundbreaking step.

It showcases the potential of technology in aiding the battle against exploitation.

Future Outlook

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As X continues to develop its Trust and Safety Center, the platform sets a new standard for social media safety.

The focus on hiring skilled content moderators underscores the importance of human expertise in enhancing content moderation efforts.

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