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Xi Jinping’s Regime Faces Internal Struggles Amidst Faltering Chinese Economy

China’s political landscape is undergoing significant changes, as Premier Li Qiang’s decision to cancel yearly press conferences after the National People’s Congress (NPC) sent shockwaves through the country.

The move marks a departure from a longstanding tradition and comes amidst growing concerns about China’s internal challenges and external aggression.

Economic Turmoil Threatens Stability

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Amidst the cancellation of press conferences, China faces mounting economic challenges.

Despite official reports of robust economic growth, experts have been estimating much lower figures.

Deflation and Debt Defaults

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The economy grapples with a spiraling decline in prices, a persistent decline in real estate valuations, a default on credit obligations, a steep drop in demographics, and a fall in the value of the Yuan, raising concerns about its long-term stability.

Premier’s Silence on Economic Issues

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The Chinese Premier’s avoidance of discussing the above challenges through press interactions has fueled speculation about the extent of China’s woes.

Lack of Way Out

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The lack of specific plans by the leadership to address economic concerns during the NPC might be a sign of the government’s reluctance to confront pressing issues.

Opaque Leadership Under Xi Jinping

Credit: DepositPhotos -RHODES,DODECANESE/GREECE – JUNE 13: President of the People Republic of China Xi Jinping visits the Old Town, on June 13, 2014 in Rhodes, Greece. — Photo by thelefty

Xi Jinping’s leadership has intensified the lack of transparency in China’s administration, making it difficult for outsiders to understand what’s happening.

Greater Centralization

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Not holding these annual press conferences underscores a shift towards greater centralization and decreased transparency within the Communist Party.

Inward Focus

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The regime’s inward focus departs from the previous narrative of China’s rise without engaging in geopolitical conflicts and its internal leadership being made of capable and knowledgeable administrators.

Aggressive External Policies

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Amidst internal turmoil, China’s external policies have also been confrontational, particularly in regions that are close to its borders.

Provocations in Neighborhood

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Recent provocations near Taiwan and the Second Thomas Shoal indicate heightened tensions and assertiveness, challenging regional stability.

Internal Disunity and Infighting

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Signs of internal disunity have also emerged as key personnel appointments, including the foreign minister position, remain unresolved.


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Prominent figures suddenly dropping out of public view and wholesale changes in the military suggest intense power struggles within the leadership.

Uncertainty Surrounding Xi’s Leadership

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Debate persists over Xi Jinping’s control over the regime, with some viewing his actions as a tightening of his grip while others speculate about his vulnerability.

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