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“You Just Went On Vacation”: Fox News Host Grills Republicans on Border Bill Delay

Fox News host Shannon Bream confronted Representative Nancy Mace, a South Carolina Republican, on Sunday about the House GOP’s decision to take a recess amid ongoing debates over a U.S.-Mexico border bill and foreign aid to Ukraine.

Senate Approval of Foreign Aid Bill

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The Senate had recently passed a bipartisan foreign aid bill, allocating $61 billion to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan in a 70-29 vote.

However, the bill faced hurdles in the House, where Speaker Mike Johnson opposed it, advocating for additional border security measures.

President Biden’s Call to Action

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President Biden urged House members to vote on the foreign aid bill, emphasizing its critical importance.

However, the House was on a 13-day recess, halting progress on the bill.

Mace’s Focus on Border Security

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Representative Mace emphasized the need to address the ongoing crisis at the southern border before allocating further aid to Ukraine.

She underscored the importance of international security in conjunction with domestic concerns.

Criticism from Biden and Haley

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However, Bream noted a criticism from Biden in regards to the stall in which the president previously said, regarding Republicans and the 13-day recess, “you just went on vacation” instead of staying to get the bill moving.

Nikki Haley’s Comments

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Bream also pointed out Nikki Haley’s criticism, where she said, “The problem is Congress should have gotten in a room and kept going until they could get a strong bill, instead they went home on break for two weeks and then [Donald] Trump goes and tells them to not get anything done until after the general election.”

Trump’s Influence on Republicans

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Bream also scrutinized former President Trump’s influence on Republican lawmakers, with questions about whether some Republicans prioritized blocking Biden’s agenda over addressing urgent matters like border security.

Immigration as a Key Election Issue

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With immigration emerging as a top issue for the 2024 presidential election, doubts lingered over Biden’s handling of the border crisis, while Trump promised tougher action if elected.

Bream’s Question to Mace

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Bream pressed Mace on allegations that Trump had directed Republican actions, suggesting that the delay in addressing the border crisis was influenced by directives from the former president.

Mace’s Response

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Mace refuted claims of taking orders from any individual, emphasizing her dedication to her constituents and her active role in addressing border security concerns.

Debating the Border Security Bill

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The bipartisan border security bill, alongside aid packages for Ukraine and Israel, faced scrutiny from conservative hardliners in the GOP-led House, who argued that the proposed measures did not go far enough to curb illegal immigration.

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