Angel Investment Network Review: Is It Legit?

Jenna Gleespen - March 12, 2021

Angel Investment Network Review featured
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Entrepreneurs have defined the business landscape of the early 21st century. However, for every good idea that finds investment, thousands more wipe out through lack of funding.

That’s a problem that Angel Investment Network aims to solve. AIN’s chief goal is to link entrepreneurs and investors. They work to address the discoverability problem that plagues start-ups.

AIN does this by offering a platform where investors and entrepreneurs can connect. Through its service, entrepreneurs and investors can link up via their mutual interests. This allows entrepreneurs to find funding partners and investors to find new opportunities.

In our Angel Investment Network review, we will look at what the service offers and how it all works.

Angel Investment Network: Overview

Angel Investment network review

Angel Investment Network’s name is the pitch: it’s a network targeted at linking entrepreneurs with angel investors.

AIN is a worldwide service with the ability to connect investors and entrepreneurs across the globe. Its goal is to solve the discovery problem that plagues entrepreneurs. With so many would-be start-up companies out there, entrepreneurs often struggle to attract investment. 

Likewise, many would-be investors struggle to find exciting projects for investment due to the signal-to-noise ratio.

AIN offers a simple yet effective solution to this problem. Entrepreneurs can create pitches on AIN containing the details of their start-up, their funding goals, and their mission statement. This enters AIN’s general listings, which investors can browse. At higher subscription tiers, entrepreneurs gain new tools to reach potential investors.

Entrepreneurs can also get in touch with investors directly by browsing the investor listings.

Investors can search the listings to find entrepreneurs who match their investment interests. Investors can also receive pitches straight from entrepreneurs at higher membership tiers by email, which proactively links entrepreneurs with matching investors.

To put it another way: it’s a dating app for entrepreneurs and investors.

For investors, AIN is a low-commitment free service. Entrepreneurs can opt for the basic free package or upgrade to paid membership tiers. Entrepreneurs at higher tiers can tap into more advantages that will give them a better chance of attracting investors.

As for the titular network, it spans over 90 countries and boasts 266,724 investors.

How Does the Angel Investment Network Work?

How AIN works

At its core, Angel Investment Network is simple. As an investor or entrepreneur, you make an account and create your profile. Also, entrepreneurs take the extra step of creating a pitch for their business concept, explaining their brand, goals, and setting a minimum investment level.

Angel Investment Network then attempts to pair entrepreneurs up with appropriate investors. At the free tier, entrepreneurs can expect their pitches to appear on searchable listings. On the investor’s end, these listings will match the investor’s areas of interest.

At higher subscription tiers, entrepreneurs gain access to elements of AIN that proactively connect them with investors. At the top level, this includes a direct email to any investors subscribed to this element of the service.

Angel Investment Network handles the initial connection between entrepreneur and investor. Once both parties have decided to team up, they can take their communications elsewhere to establish the details of their partnership. This means users don’t have to worry about AIN taking a commission fee, but AIN does offer some convenient portfolio tracking tools for those early steps.

Investors can establish their presence on AIN by completing a profile that highlights up to three industries of interest. They can then browse through AIN’s listings, with tools to filter results by location, industry, and investment size.

AIN also includes a few excellent features that help investors find opportunities. Its Explore function shows off a selection of spotlighted pitches, featured pitches from subscribed entrepreneurs, and top picks from each industry. These tools make it a breeze for investors to navigate available pitches to find a match.

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Is the Angel Investment Network Legit?

Is angel investment network legit?

As a networking tool, Angel Investment Network must live or die by its ability to retain entrepreneurs and investors. So the size of its network alone helps us judge its quality.

Additionally, AIN makes a solid showing. The network comprises a total of more than 1.5 million entrepreneurs and investors and spans over 90 countries. The service has a robust Trustpilot score and plenty of on-site testimonials.

Also, we can look at AIN’s engagement with its customers to give us an idea of its legitimacy. AIN agents are active on Trustpilot, frequently replying to customer reviews. They thank reviewers for their time and positive reviews and do their best to address the issues raised in negative reviews.

The site includes a detailed FAQ for both entrepreneurs and investors which makes important decision-making info easy to access.

Both user types can explore the service free of charge. Investors can sign up for free and with no commitment, and entrepreneurs can test out the service with the free Novice package.

Furthermore, Angel Investment Network has a refund scheme for entrepreneurs. That makes it easy for entrepreneurs to assess the service without making heavy commitments, and shows Angel Investment Network’s dedication to ensuring entrepreneurs find investors.

Together, this adds up to a strong reputation for AIN, so there doesn’t appear to be a scam here. AIN gives every indication that it’s a legit service doing its best to help its customers find success.

What Do You Get with the Angel Investment Network?

What you get with AIN varies depending on your status as either an entrepreneur or an investor. We cover the benefits of being an entrepreneur in more detail in the cost section. However, here are a few things you can expect to see as an investor.

Search for Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities
Investment opportunities

Investors can search the available listings for pitches that may interest them, while the platform will also attempt to match the displayed pitches to your investing interests.

Best Investing Matches

AIN’s most obvious benefit for investors is the ability to explore the projects on offer by entrepreneurs.

AIN features a few tools to make finding opportunities simple, including boosting subscribed entrepreneurs and spotlighting campaigns of interest.

Impact Investing

AIN has recognized the role that conscious consumerism plays in modern business trends. For that reason, AIN makes it easier for investors to connect with start-ups with ethical mission statements and goals.

Additionally, the Angel Investment Network is also home to the SeedTribe hub. This platform further aims to connect those who believe business to be a positive force for social change.


As expected of an investment platform, AIN provides some tools to help investors browse and manage their portfolio. This helps investors navigate through the early set-up phase of an opportunity. It also allows you to set statuses to manage your portfolio on an investment-by-investment basis.

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Angel Investment Network Cancellation Policy

AIN’s refund policy attempts to offer entrepreneurs the best possible shot at securing investment.

As an entrepreneur, if you fail to secure funding after 90 days of posting your pitch, you can get your listing continued for another 90 days without charge. Additionally, one of AIN’s experts will help you tweak your listing to strengthen its appeal to investors.

This policy does come with a couple of requirements. Entrepreneurs need to show their active engagement with investors by replying to all investors who wish to connect. Entrepreneurs will also need to keep an eye on their service period to give AIN its required 7-day notice.

There’s no refund or cancellation per se for investors, as AIN is a free service from the investor’s perspective. Investors should note that AIN acts as a matchmaking service only—it’s up to investors to communicate directly with their partner once the relationship has progressed further.

How Much Does the Angel Investment Network Cost?

Angel Investment network costs

For investors, the Angel Investment Network is free to use.

Additionally, Entrepreneurs can access AIN for free through its Novice package, but paid subscribers can access more advanced features. There are three paid tiers above the free Novice tier.

Here’s a breakdown of the tiers. Subscription costs vary by region, but we’ve listed the USD fees here:

  • Novice: Free membership allowing 30-day anonymous basic listings
  • Pro: $199, allowing 90-day listings with branded pitches. Email matching service to investors. Pitch boosted in AIN’s internal rankings
  • Global Pro: $299, allowing pitches to reach AIN’s worldwide network of 90 countries, plus pitches emailed to all matching 200,000+ investors on AIN’s service
  • Executive: $1,499, pitch emailed to all US investors using a dedicated email channel, plus pitch appears at the top of all worldwide networks. Also includes expert support to help optimize pitch for investor interest

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Angel Investment Network Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at some of AIN’s biggest pros and cons.

Angel Investment Network Pros

  • Improves discoverability for entrepreneurs.
  • Worldwide network connecting entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Entrepreneurs can choose from multiple service levels.
  • Satisfaction guarantee for entrepreneurs with refund policy.

Angel Investment Network Cons

  • Subscription costs for entrepreneurs may inflate funding needs, requiring larger commitment from investors
  • Entrepreneurs at the free tier may struggle with discoverability
  • AIN is a matchmaking service only. Therefore, investors and entrepreneurs will need to communicate directly after initial contact

Is Angel Investment Network Right for Me?

Angel Investment Network will be right for two groups of people: entrepreneurs seeking funding and investors seeking new investment prospects.

For investors, AIN has a lot to offer. It’s a low-commitment platform that helps investors discover new investment opportunities with no overheads. Investors don’t have much to lose by joining AIN to find new start-ups. One drawback for investors may be the subscription costs that entrepreneurs face. Especially as these are likely to drive up the minimum investment cost for a listing.

Also, AIN will appeal to a particular subset of both parties. Additionally, through its impact investing initiatives, AIN will appeal to entrepreneurs and investors who care about sustainable business solutions. This makes AIN an appealing platform for any business. 

Angel Investment Network Reviews by Investors


Angel Investment Network has a strong reputation, with a 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot. A good 67% of reviews rate the service as “Excellent.” Many of the reviews on Trustpilot share their success stories. AIN engages with their reviewers on the site, demonstrating a personal touch.

AIN’s site hosts a diverse set of testimonials from its many angel investors. The sheer number of investors active on AIN is something of a testimonial itself.

Here’s a selection of testimonials direct from AIN’s site:

“I just wanted to pop you a personal note of thanks. The process has been excellent right from start including feedback on the pitch and the design of the mailout. Scott is superb by the way! However, the biggest result is that we’ve hit our investment target within 48 hours so decided to overfund. Plus the people we’ve engaged with have been at a really stellar level. We’ll shortly be taking down our listing which has been live for less than a week. Amazing stuff guys!”

-Lee Sharma @ Simply Do Ideas

“The guys helped us put together an effective proposition to send out to their curated angel network. We were overwhelmed by the response and ended up getting introductions and useful calls with 10-15 angels and taking in investment alongside our VC’s and existing angels. Thanks again chaps”

-Michael Wilkinson @ billx

“An excellent network of (very) high quality, international angel investors. After a fairly simple process to list our pitch on their portal, our company was successful in raising Seed funding from investors who contacted us within their platform. The email notifications when an investor had viewed our pitch were also very useful. Thanks AIN!”

-Rav Roberts @ PharmaSentinel

Final Review: Is Angel Investment Network Worth It?

For investors, Angel Investment Network is a no-brainer. It’s a path to finding more entrepreneurs looking for investment. The platform requires nothing from the investor in the form of subscription fees. It’s a straightforward matchmaking platform offering access to start-ups around the globe.

On the entrepreneur side of things, AIN offers an attractive suite of benefits. It tackles the inherent discoverability problem faced by entrepreneurs, helping to match them with likely investors.

Entrepreneurs will need to consider the subscription costs to figure out if AIN is right for them. However, there are a variety of subscription tiers on offer, including a free option. As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely find a level to suit you.

The biggest drawback of AIN is that it acts purely as a platform to connect investors and entrepreneurs. Once you’ve established that connection, all further communication is on your own terms off-platform. Still, AIN’s service is a powerful tool for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

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Jenna Gleespen is a copywriter specializing in finance and investment finance. Originally from the United States, she now calls London, England home.