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Jeff Clark Trader Review

Jeff Clark Trader Review
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Jeff Clark’s options recommendations have been stirring up a bit of buzz online, so I picked up a subscription to see if it lives up to the hype. 

In this review, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Jeff Clark Trader newsletter, which offers valuable insights and resources for those interested in options trading. 

We’ll dive into the expertise of Jeffrey Clark and take a closer look at the unique features that come with the service, such as the One Stock Retirement Masterclass. 

By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Jeff Clark Trader is worth your time and investment.

Check out my Jeff Clark Trader review for the full story.

What Is Jeff Clark Trader?

Jeff Clark Trader is an investment newsletter that specializes in options trading. Members gain exclusive access to trade ideas, bonus reports, an options education program, and much more.

Jeffrey Clark leads the service. He’s a well-established options expert with decades of experience.

The appeal of his options strategy is the flexibility to target opportunities in up or down markets. This is a big departure from many stock-picking services that rely on a hot market to capture gains.

Another major perk is its exhaustive options trading course: The One Stock Retirement Masterclass.

Members can learn the same investing secrets previously shared with only a select few of California’s wealthiest and Jeff’s investor education firms.

Before I dig into the details, let’s turn our attention to the mind behind the newsletter.

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lead editor

Who Is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark is an excellent options trader with a long track record in the financial world. He has been delivering solid stock recommendations and analysis for about 15 years.

Some popular newsletters include:

  • Delta Report
  • JeffClarkTrader
  • Jeff Clark Alliance
  • Earnings Trader

His most well-known trading strategies are the Money Multiplier and Single Stock Retirement Plan (more on that later).

According to his bio, Jeff ran an independent brokerage house and private money management firm out of San Francisco. Then, he began writing newsletters to share his knowledge with everyday folks.

He even worked as head editor for two successful trading letters at Stansberry Research, The Short Report and Pro Trader. Since then, he’s branched out on his own and now leads a range of investment subscriptions.

Jeff Clark is also the creator of the popular free newsletter, Market Minute. It’s chock-full of solid insights about fundamentals, technical patterns, and volatility.

Now that you know more about the service’s lead editor, let’s take a look at Jeff Clark Trader’s presentation.

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Jeff Clark Trader: What Comes with the Service?

This research service is packed with stand-out features — especially with the One Stock retirement deal.

Keep reading my review for a breakdown of each one.

Jeff Clark Trade Review

Annual Subscription to the Jeff Clark Trader Newsletter

The newsletter is the centerpiece of this stock market and options research service. 

On the third Thursday of every month, subscribers will get a new issue loaded with research, analysis, and stock market recommendations.

You also get real-time notifications that tell you when the time is right to pull the trigger on each potential trade, as well as sell alerts.

In today’s fast-paced market, timing is everything. A few minutes can sometimes make the difference between losses or double-digit gains.

If you want even quicker alerts, there’s a Jeff Clark Trader app available for download on the Google Play and Apple stores.

To provide a more comprehensive service, the newsletter aims to cater to various skill levels. 

By including both basic and advanced strategies, subscribers with different levels of experience can benefit from the provided information. This approach helps individuals build their confidence in the market.

Subscribers will have the opportunity to learn about diverse strategies and techniques used in the stock market and options trading. 

Jeff Clark Trader newsletter highlights a range of methods and tools that can be employed to make well-informed decisions in the ever-changing market landscape.

Jeff Clark Trader

Model Portfolio

You can access all the active recommendations in the model portfolio and get a bird’s-eye view of all the service’s latest stock picks.

The model portfolio includes each stock’s name, ticker symbol, and other pertinent information.

This is a snapshot of what the portfolio looks like:


To access it, simply click on the portfolio tab.

The site will present you with a detailed layout of all recommended holdings.

This layout is designed for user-friendly navigation, allowing subscribers to efficiently browse the selections. The organized presentation enables quick decision-making based on the provided data.

The service keeps the model portfolio updated to ensure that subscribers always have access to relevant information. Regular updates help users stay current with market trends and adapt their strategies accordingly.

The model portfolio can serve as a foundation for subscribers to build upon, allowing them to tailor their strategies to their unique objectives. This resource offers a starting point for developing a personalized approach to stock market decisions.

Jeff Clark’s One-Stock Retirement Blueprint

This featured report provides a step-by-step guide for getting started.

You’ll learn several proven strategies for capitalizing on moves in GDX, including trades that could benefit from up, down, and sideways movements.

If you want to put the One-Stock Retirement Blueprint to work in your portfolio, this report has everything you need to hit the ground running.

GDX, an exchange-traded fund (ETF), tracks the performance of gold mining companies. This unique investment vehicle offers the opportunity to diversify your portfolio, focusing on the lucrative gold mining industry.

The report delves into the world of GDX, exploring its intricacies and potential benefits. It demystifies the complexities of this ETF, making it more accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience.

Jeff Clark provides a thorough analysis of GDX’s historical performance, highlighting potential future trends. By understanding the past, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions moving forward.

This Jeff Clark Trader’s service offers detailed guidance on managing risk, ensuring that you can effectively balance potential gains and losses. This approach is essential for long-term success when dealing with GDX.

The guide presents several GDX-related strategies, catering to different market scenarios. These tactics empower you to capitalize on opportunities, regardless of market conditions.

The report’s step-by-step approach ensures that you’ll have the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of GDX with confidence.

Jeff Clark Trader

One Stock Retirement Video Masterclass

When you sign up for the One-Stock Retirement Blueprint bundle, you also get access to an in-depth video masterclass catalog.

This valuable resource includes several informative videos outlining options trading, as well as how to put the trading system into practice.

There are eight lessons in total, and each one ranges from about 25 to 40 minutes.

video series

I’m a big fan of the course. It provides one of the clearest and most succinct descriptions of trading options I’ve seen.

It’s possible to find some of the info provided by the Masterclass online through other sources, but it likely won’t be as organized and comprehensive. 

One small gripe I have with the course is that it doesn’t have the option to speed up videos.

That said, it’s probably not wise to try to learn complex options strategies at 2X speed, anyway.

One Stock Retirement Video Masterclass also doesn’t skimp on quality. The lessons are presented in an engaging manner, with clear explanations and visuals. This attention to detail helps make the information more accessible and easier to comprehend, even for complex topics.

As you progress through the eight lessons, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of options trading and learn to identify potential opportunities. The knowledge gained from the masterclass will help you make informed decisions and develop strategies that suit your specific needs.

Overall, this Video Masterclass is an excellent addition to the One-Stock Retirement Blueprint bundle. The comprehensive lessons, practical insights, and high-quality content make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to expand their options trading expertise.

bubble blueprint

The Bubble Investing Blueprint

Members also get an additional bonus report under the One Stock Retirement Deal.

With prices rising across the board, many experts see red flags on the horizon. We could be in the midst of another economic bubble, and the market could experience sudden, dramatic losses when it finally pops.

However, the shock could be an opportunity for folks who can think on their feet.

The Bubble Investing Blueprint aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate this potential scenario. By understanding the factors that contribute to economic bubbles, you’ll be better prepared to spot the signs and act accordingly. This insight can prove invaluable in uncertain times.

This bonus report delves into the history of past bubbles, providing valuable lessons from previous market downturns. By analyzing these events, you can learn from the successes and mistakes of others, helping you make more informed decisions when faced with similar situations.

In addition to the strategies and historical analysis, the report offers actionable tips for staying level-headed in a turbulent market. These suggestions can help you maintain a clear perspective and avoid making impulsive decisions that could undermine your financial goals.

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be better equipped to face any market uncertainties that may arise.

daily market analysis

Jeff Clark’s Market Minute

Market Minute is a free newsletter that informs subscribers of the latest market-making news.

This resource is completely free, and you don’t need a membership to access its insights.

Something I like about Market Minute is that it features analysis from other big names in the investing world. This is a handy resource for someone looking for input from a broad range of experts.

Some of the more recent contributors include Nomi Prins, Imre Gams, and Larry Benedict.

Nomi Prins is a respected financial journalist, author, and speaker, known for her expertise in global finance and economic policy. Her contributions to Market Minute provide readers with valuable insights into global economic trends, central bank policies, and the impacts of geopolitical events on the financial markets.

Imre Gams, a seasoned market analyst, brings his expertise in trading strategies and technical analysis to the newsletter. With his extensive experience in the financial industry, Gams offers readers valuable insights into market patterns, support and resistance levels, and potential trading opportunities.

Larry Benedict, a former hedge fund manager and experienced trader, shares his wealth of knowledge on risk management and portfolio diversification. His expertise in managing large portfolios and navigating volatile markets is invaluable for readers seeking guidance on managing risk and achieving long-term financial goals.

In short; the newsletter’s concise and accessible format ensures that readers can easily stay informed on the latest financial news and expert opinions.

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Digital Library of Research Reports

Members can access a vast library containing the entire collection of research reports.

Also, all reports can be viewed in PDF format.

Some notable entries include:

  • How to Trade Bitcoin for Huge Gains Over and Over Again
  • The Ultimate Guide to Generating INCOME with Options
  • How to Open an Options Account
  • Guide to Technical Analysis
  • And much more…

It’s a valuable addition to the One-Stock Retirement lineup, and you’re sure to find some excellent options trading ideas.

The information in these reports is clear, concise, and organized.

Here’s a quick snapshot of one of the PDFs:

newsletter monthly

Something I appreciate about the research library is that many of the reports still have value because they provide teaching tools for options and more.

Competing services offer research archives, but many of these focus on stocks that have moved past the original investment thesis.

On the other hand, many of Jeff Clark Trader’s reports are geared toward strategies that could work in a variety of market conditions.

A helpful research report to check out is the Options Bible. Its insights pair well with the One Stock Retirement Masterclass course.

Diving into the Options Bible, you’ll discover essential concepts, practical examples, and a wealth of information on options trading. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you master the art of options trading, regardless of your current skill level.

Another interesting report in the library is “How to Trade Bitcoin for Huge Gains Over and Over Again.” This report focuses on the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies and provides an in-depth look at the opportunities and challenges that come with trading digital assets. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in exploring this rapidly growing market.

For those looking to learn more about the technical side of things, the “Guide to Technical Analysis” is a valuable resource. This report covers various techniques for analyzing market trends, such as chart patterns, moving averages, and trendlines. By understanding these methods, you’ll be better equipped when navigating the markets.

The research library is updated regularly, ensuring that you always have access to the latest information and strategies. This continuous flow of knowledge enables you to stay ahead of the curve and adapt your trading approach as needed.

Customer Service Team

When it comes to investing, it’s important to have a support system in place. That’s where Jeff Clark Trader’s customer service team comes in. 

They’re based in the US, which means you can expect prompt, reliable assistance when you need it most. Whether you prefer to communicate via email or phone, their team of dedicated professionals is standing by to help you resolve any issues that may arise with your subscription.

One of the benefits of having a human support team is that you can get personalized assistance that’s tailored to your unique needs. Email chains can be frustrating and time-consuming, but with Jeff Clark Trader’s customer service team, you can communicate with real people who are invested in your success.

In an industry that’s often focused on automation and technology, it’s refreshing to have a service that values human interaction and support.

refund policy

Money-Back Guarantee

New memberships come with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Most research services only offer a 30-day grace period, but this guarantee lasts for twice that!

In other words, there’s practically no risk in trying the service. If you don’t like the research, you can get a full refund within sixty days.

The team clearly stands by its research and recommendations.

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Track Record

Jeff Clark’s track record has been quite impressive over the years, with one of his picks providing the opportunity to land a 390% return.

The One-Stock Retirement Blueprint, in particular, has delivered a range of solid stock recommendations.

Some top opportunities include:

  • 390% in 27 days
  • 315% in 15 days
  • 373% in 8 days
  • 353% in 37 days

This chart gives a better look at how some recommendations performed:

track record

Such impressive results are undoubtedly noteworthy and make a strong case for considering Jeff Clark’s investment advice. However, it is crucial to remember that past performance is not a guarantee of future results. 

While the One-Stock Retirement Blueprint’s track record is impressive, it does not guarantee that all recommendations will be equally successful. 

As with any investment strategy, there are always risks involved, and it is essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before making any investment decisions.

That being said, Jeff Clark’s expertise and track record are impressive and suggest that his investment strategies and recommendations are well worth considering for those seeking to make calculated investment choices. 


Is Jeff Clark Trader Legit?

Jeff Clark Trader is legit.

While everything on offer is fantastic, one of the most impressive features of this trading service is the options education.

There are plenty of solid newsletters out there. But many have the same flaw: readers are too dependent on the investment analyst.

I appreciate that this one provides extensive educational materials to support members.

It piles on real trading insights and video courses that could teach you how to spot and execute options trades on your own. Gestures like this give the impression that the team has a genuine interest in your success.

>> See why so many trust Jeff <<

Jeff Clark Trader

Jeff Clark Trader Reviews

All of the users have only high praise for the services Jeff Clark provides. Here is a quick overview of reviews they had for Jeff Clark Trader. 

Jeff Clark Trader Reviews

Pros and Cons

There is plenty to like about the Jeff Clark Trader service, but it does have a few cons to consider.


  • Excellent price with a 90% discount
  • Unlimited archive access
  • Educational resources
  • 60-day refund window
  • Extensive options education: Jeff Clark Trader provides members with valuable educational materials, including video courses, to help them learn how to spot and execute options trades independently.
  • Impressive track record: Jeff Clark’s track record showcases solid stock recommendations that have delivered significant returns, such as the opportunity to land a 390% return in just 27 days.


  • No chat room or other social components
  • Only deals in options
  • Reliance on a single stock: The One Stock Retirement Strategy puts all investment funds into a single stock, which can increase risks associated with company-specific factors and market volatility.
  • Options trading complexities: Options trading can be complex and may not be suitable for all investors. It requires a solid understanding of the underlying assets, associated risks, and strategies, which may take time and effort to grasp fully.

Jeff Clark Trader: How Much Does the Service Cost?

A one-year subscription to the Jeff Clark Trader service usually costs $199, but members can sign up for just $19 with a limited-time discount.

This shakes out to a whopping 90% off the sticker price.

Best of all, you still get full access to newsletter and bonus materials, including The One Stock Retirement Blueprint, archives, and 60-day guarantee.

Membership is an excellent value at $199, but it’s a downright bargain at less than 20 bucks.


Final Verdict

Jeff Clark Trader is a great newsletter. The options education it provides is fantastic, and I’m also a fan of the price and 90% discount. 

For just $19, you get trade ideas and a complete guide to Jeff’s One Stock Retirement Blueprint, as well as an in-depth options trading course.

With new recommendations every month, you’ll never run short of opportunities. His research gives you plenty of stock picks to get started, and the monthly updates will help keep you on track.

The service covers all the bases with educational components, bonus research, regular updates, and monthly reports.

And best of all, an established and respected guru leading the charge.

>> That’s it for my review. Sign up now for just $19 <<



John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.