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Jeff Clark Trader Review – One Stock Retirement Blueprint

  • By John Parker
  • Jul 17, 2022
Jeff Clark Trader Review Featured

Jeff Clark Trader’s options service is stirring up a bit of buzz online, and I want to see if its insights are legit. Get the full scoop on what I found with my full Jeff Clark Trader review.

What Is Jeff Clark Trader?

Jeff Clark Trader is an options-focused newsletter loaded with stock picks, trading education, a model portfolio, and bonus reports. It’s led by options investor Jeff Clark and published by his namesake company, Jeff Clark Trader.

Subscribers get direct access to the same investing secrets Clark previously only shared with a select few of California’s wealthiest.

Unlike most stock-picking services I’ve seen, this newsletter puts a heavy emphasis on trading education.

It offers a range of options video courses that tackle timing your trades, calls and puts, reading charts, etc. This could make this subscription a great fit for folks new to options.

Jeff Clark’s investing system is more conservative than many other options programs. He also focuses on short and midterm trades to mitigate risk and maximize gains.

One of the biggest draws is that Jeff Clark designed his trading system to reap gains if the market is either up or down.

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jeff clark trader reviews newsletter

Who Is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark is an expert options trader with a lengthy track record in the financial word. He has been delivering solid stock recommendations and analysis for about 15 years.

Some of his most well-known trading strategies are the Money Multiplier and Single Stock Retirement Plan (more on that later).

According to his online bio, Clark used to run an independent brokerage house and private money management firm out of San Francisco. Then, he began writing newsletters to share his knowledge with everyday folks.

Clark even worked as head editor for two Stansberry Research newsletters, The Short Report and Pro Trader. Since then, he’s branched out on his own and now leads a range of investment subscriptions.

Some of Jeff Clark’s publications include:

  • Jeff Clark’s Delta Report and Delta Direct
  • Earnings Trader
  • Delta Report
  • Jeff Clark Alliance

Clark is also the mind behind a popular free newsletter, Jeff Clark Market Minute. It’s chock-full of solid insights about fundamentals, technical patterns, and volatility.

As we touched on above, he’s very passionate about financial education. Clark has developed curricula for international Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) programs, founded an investor education firm, and more.

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What Is Jeff Clark’s Strategy?

Jeff utilizes a balanced approach to stocks that integrates conservative and speculative trading strategies. It’s a different, data-driven approach than many of the speculative strategies you see from competing options trade services.

All the strategies in the Jeff Clark Trader newsletter are ones that Clark picked up during his time at a San Francisco-based brokerage house and private money management firm.

However, Clark is adaptable. He admits that he will modify his approach if he sees an opportunity to earn massive trading profits.

This willingness to pivot when necessary is something I really appreciate about Jeff Clark.

Clark’s trades take advantage of short to intermediate-term market moves. That makes Jeff Clark a swing trader from a traditionalist perspective.

What Is Jeff Clark’s Net Worth?

Jeff Clark’s net worth is estimated at around $8 million. That said, these are just estimates, and his real net worth is not publicly disclosed.

Given his track record in trading options, multiple revenue streams, and 15 years in finance, Clark could be worth quite a bit. There’s no way to tell, though, unless this info comes straight from Clark.

I’ll keep you posted if we ever get a hard number.

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one-stock retirement blueprint reviews

What Is The One-Stock Retirement Blueprint?

The one-stock retirement plan is built around one stock in particular. Jeff Clark is generous enough to reveal the ticker in his presentation. The stock is VanEck Gold Miners ETF, ticker symbol GDX, and Clark says it’s the most predictable stock he’s ever seen.

This exchange traded fund holds a basket of gold stocks with a market cap of about $13.2 billion, and its moves are tied closely to the price of gold and investor sentiment toward the market.

Clark uses an arsenal of simple but highly effective options trading strategies to capitalize on movements in GDX, regardless of which direction the stock is going.

With GDX and Clark’s options trades, you could build a comfortable retirement with just one stock.

Clark’s One-Stock Retirement Blueprint shows you how to use these techniques in your portfolio, but you’ll get much more than that when you sign up under this special deal.

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jeff clark gains

Profits in Any Market

Typically, folks are betting the price of a stock is going to go up when they buy.

However, stocks don’t tend to go straight up, and many traders are tempted to move into other positions when a stock they buy starts to slow down.

Unfortunately, this understandable impulse causes many to start chasing gains in the latest hype stocks, and they end up losing out.

Clark believes his One-Stock Retirement Blueprint offers a better way. This strategy could produce gains with just one stock, whether prices are going up, down, or sideways.

Clark’s approach isn’t just a theory, either. It’s proven itself in the real-world market.

During the ’08-’09 crisis, Jeff Clark’s recommendations produced big gains while the market tanked.

jeff clark performance

It’s hard to argue with results. And as you can see, Clark’s strategy has the potential to be extremely effective.

The #1 Financial Myth of All Time

Clark’s strategy might sound crazy to some. After all, most of us have been indoctrinated with the idea that a diversified portfolio is the most reliable way to grow wealth.

However, Clark calls that widely held belief, “the #1 financial myth of all time,” and following that advice has screwed over millions of Americans over the years.

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jeff clark warren buffett chart

According to Clark, “the game has changed, it’s transformed,” and this once well-intentioned concept is simply no longer viable in today’s fast-moving, growth-fueled market.

I’m not hating on … any other billionaire investors who preach long-term investing. But the simple truth is they have all the time in the world… a team of PhDs behind them… virtually unlimited capital… and a slew of other resources. Most people don’t have any of that.

— Jeff Clark, One-Stock Retirement Blueprint presentation

In short, Clark believes diversified portfolios grow too slowly and generate returns that are too underwhelming to make a substantial difference for everyday folks.

So, his strategy takes a different approach. Clark prioritizes immediate paths to profits and aims for holding periods as short as just eight days.

That’s a much quicker return arc than you’d get with a diversified portfolio, which can take decades to mature into significant profits.

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jeff clark trader products

What’s Included with a Jeff Clark Trader Membership?

The One-Stock Retirement bundle includes a wealth of resources and bonuses. Here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Jeff Clark Trader newsletter
  • Jeff Clark Trader Portfolio
  • Alerts and trade notifications
  • Jeff Clark’s One Stock Retirement Blueprint: How to Close Gains of 100%… 273%… and 390% in as Little As 8 Days
  • One Stock Retirement video masterclass series
  • Fast Action Bonus Report: The Bubble Investing Blueprint
  • The Jeff Clark Trader Complete Digital Library
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

jeff clark trader newsletter

Jeff Clark Trader Newsletter

The Jeff Clark Trader newsletter is the centerpiece of this stock market and options research service. 

On the third Thursday of every month, subscribers will get a new newsletter issue loaded with research, analysis, and stock market recommendations. Clark’s deep experience and expertise help him identify what he believes are some of the best growth stocks and options.

The Jeff Clark Trader newsletter is your primary source for the latest research and stock recommendations from Clark, and it includes Jeff Clark Traders’ predictions.

When you add it all up, the newsletter provides everything you need to navigate the market like a pro.

Jeff Clark Trader Portfolio

You can access all of Jeff Clark’s active recommendations in the model portfolio and get a bird’s-eye view of all the service’s latest stock picks.

The model portfolio includes each stock’s name, ticker symbol, and other pertinent information.

To access it, simply use your Jeff Clark Trader login and click on the portfolio tab. The site will briefly present you with a detailed layout of all the service’s recommended holdings.

You can easily keep tabs on Jeff Clark’s recommended stocks with this handy feature. It also includes stock picks from before you joined, so you can go back and see other recommendations you might’ve missed.

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jeff clark trader notifications

Alerts and Notifications

Whenever a model portfolio stock needs your attention, Jeff will notify you of the situation by sending a special breakout alert directly to your inbox.

When you’re a Jeff Clark Trader member, you also get real-time notifications that tell you when the time is right to pull the trigger on each potential trade.

In today’s fast-paced market, timing is everything. A few minutes can sometimes make the difference between losses or double-digit gains.

Jeff Clark’s One-Stock Retirement Blueprint

This featured report provides a step-by-step guide for getting started.

You’ll learn several proven strategies for capitalizing on moves in GDX, including trades that can benefit from up, down, and sideways movements.

If you want to put Clark’s One-Stock Retirement Blueprint to work in your portfolio, this report has everything you need to hit the ground running.

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jeff clark options trading masterclass

One Stock Retirement Video Masterclass

When you sign up for the One-Stock Retirement Blueprint bundle, you also get access to Jeff Clark’s in-depth video masterclass catalog.

This valuable resource includes several informative videos outlining the system and demonstrating how to put it to use.

jeff clark trader options skills

According to Clark, he’s helped teach more than 170,000 students how to trade in any market condition, and these materials could help you develop the same skills.

You’ll learn how you can generate returns as high as 4X with simple options trades.

Any new subscribers might want to hit this video training series first to make sure that they’re up-to-speed.

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jeff clark bubble investing blueprint reviews

The Bubble Investing Blueprint

For a limited time, you can also get an additional bonus report when you sign up under the One Stock Retirement Deal.

With prices rising across the board, many experts see red flags on the horizon. We could be in the midst of another economic bubble, and the market could experience sudden, dramatic losses when it finally pops.

However, the shock could be an opportunity for folks who can think on their feet.

This report will introduce you to trading techniques for cashing in when the bubble bursts. You’ll learn how to spot warning signs, tips for reacting accordingly, and much more.

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Digital Library of Research Reports

Jeff Clark Trader members can access a vast research library containing Clark’s entire collection of in-depth reports for the service.

It includes every special research report he’s written for Jeff Clark Trader, including these blockbusters:

  • How to Trade Bitcoin for Huge Gains Over and Over Again
  • The Ultimate Guide to Generating INCOME with Options
  • How to Open an Options Account
  • The Jeff Clark Trader Guide to Technical Analysis
  • And much more…

It’s a valuable addition to the One-Stock Retirement lineup, and you’re sure to find some excellent options trading ideas if you read through just a portion of the collection.

>> Join now for instant access to Jeff’s digital library <<

Customer Service Team

Jeff Clark Trader has an excellent US-based customer service team that’s eager to assist members. If you ever run into an issue, they’re standing by to address your concerns via email or phone. 

Hopefully, you’ll never need them, but it’s nice to know there’s a qualified team of customer support professionals at your disposal if there’s ever a problem with your Jeff Clark Trader subscription.

With dedicated Member Services, Jeff Clark Trader​ is a cut above many trading resources on the market.

It’s a nice touch for anyone who wants to communicate with real humans outside lengthy email chains.

jeff clark trader refund policy

Money-Back Guarantee

The Jeff Clark Trader program has a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Most research services only offer a 30-day grace period, but Jeff Clark Trader‘s guarantee lasts for twice that!

In other words, there’s practically no risk in trying the service. If you don’t like the research, you can get a full refund within sixty days.

Clearly, Clark stands by his research and recommendations, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is with this airtight, no-questions-asked guarantee.

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Jeff Clark’s Track Record

Jeff Clark’s track record has been quite impressive over the years, with one of his picks providing the opportunity to land a 390% return.

Clark’s One-Stock Retirement Blueprint, in particular, has delivered a range of solid stock recommendations.

Some top opportunities include:

  • 390% in 27 days
  • 315% in 15 days
  • 373% in 8 days
  • 353% in 37 days

This chart gives a better look at how some of Clark’s recent recommendations performed:

jeff clark trader performance

Numbers like that speak for themselves. Jeff Clark has been winning the market for a long time, and he could help you improve your trading outcomes.

It’s important to note, however, that past performance is not an indicator of future results.

jeff clark track record

Is Jeff Clark Trader Legit?

Jeff Clark Trader is a legit service that delivers exceptional insights into trading options on the stock market. Each feature packaged with this investment newsletter is a great value.

While everything on offer is fantastic, one of the best features of this trading service is the educational materials.

There are plenty of solid newsletters out there, but many have the same flaw: readers are too dependent on the investment analyst. I appreciate that Jeff Clark provides extensive educational materials to support members.

Clark piles on real trading insights and video courses that could teach you how to spot and execute options trades on your own. It’s gestures like this that give the impression that Clark has a genuine interest in your success.

jeff clark's jeff clark trader newsletter

Pros and Cons of Jeff Clark Trader 

There is plenty to like with the Jeff Clark Trader service, but it does have a few cons to consider.


  • New stock and/or options picks every month
  • Entry and exit alerts when it’s time to make a move
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use Clark’s The One Stock Retirement Blueprint
  • Access to Clark’s in-depth video masterclasses
  • Top-rate research and editorial team
  • Clark has an excellent reputation and a proven track record


  • No chat room or other social components
  • Doesn’t recommend short trades

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Jeff Clark Trader Reviews

Many Jeff Clark Trader reviews paint a very positive picture of this newsletter. Some feedback from members highly rate Jeff Clark’s insights, while other testimonials share success with the options trading service.

These reviews we’re pulled from Jeff Clark Trader’s most recent presentation. There is no rating system in place, but it’s clear they have a high opinion of Jeff Clark.  

Let’s jump in and see what reported subscribers are saying about this investment research package:

jeff clark trader reviews by members

Mr. Jefferey’s testimonial shared that Jeff Clark’s trading strategy helped him bag some substantial returns.

Something to keep in mind, though, is that the results showcased in these reviews of Jeff Clark Trader might not be typical, as trading performance can vary. He also doesn’t specify what trade he made or how much he put up.

Here are a few more words of praise. 

jeff clark trader reviews

While all of these reviews have a positive thread running through them, what really stood out to me was Patrick W.’s testimonial about Clark providing sensible and financially sound insights.

Many investing analysts and gurus make bombastic claims and market their service as a way to get rich fast. Jeff Clark, on the other hand, has a grounded approach that focuses on consistency.

How Much Does Jeff Clark Trader Cost?

A one-year subscription to the Jeff Clark Trader service usually costs $199, but members can sign up for just $19 with a limited-time discount.

Jeff Clark is knocking off a whopping 90% of the sticker price. Best of all, you still get full access to newsletter and bonus materials, including The One Stock Retirement Blueprint, archives, and Jeff’s 60-day guarantee.

A Jeff Clark Trader membership is an excellent value at $199, but it’s a downright bargain at less than 20 bucks.

>> Sign up for Jeff Clark Trader now and pay just $19! <<

jeff clark trader $19 pricing

Jeff Clark Trader Review: Final Thoughts

Jeff Clark Trader is a great newsletter, and I think the options education it provides is fantastic. I’m also a big fan of the price and 90% discount. 

For just $19, you get trade ideas and a complete guide to Jeff’s One Stock Retirement Blueprint and an in-depth options trading course.

With new recommendations from Jeff Clark every month, you’ll never run short of new opportunities. His research gives you plenty of stock picks to get started, and the monthly updates will help keep you on track.

Jeff Clark Trader covers all the bases with educational components, bonus research, regular updates, and monthly reports.

Best of all, you have Jeff Clark, an established and respected guru leading the charge, and the 60-day money-back guarantee ensures you’ll walk away satisfied.

>> That’s It for Our Jeff Clark Trader Review. Click Here to Join Now for Just $19! <<



John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.