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Chaikin Power Gauge Report Review 2023

Power Gauge Report Review
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Chaikin’s newsletter and Power Pulse software are building up a bit of buzz online. But are they really worth your time and money? 

In this review, I’ll be exploring the ins and outs of Marc Chaikin’s Power Gauge system, examining its track record, and discussing the valuable insights it provides to subscribers. 

Furthermore, I’ll be delving into Marc Chaikin’s predictions for the 2023 “rolling crash” and how his tools aim to help investors navigate these potentially tumultuous times. 

Stay with me as I dive deep into this comprehensive analysis and help you make an informed decision.

Check out my Power Gauge Report review for the full scoop.

What Is the Power Gauge Report?

The Power Gauge Report is an investment newsletter packed with stock recommendations, bonus reports, a stock rating tool, and much more.

Wall Street vet Marc Chaikin is the lead editor. And it’s published by his company, Chaikin Analytics, LLC.

The newsletter’s name comes from the Power Gauge system: a unique rating tool that uses cutting-edge analytics to identify stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) with considerable profit potential.

The subscription to Chaikin’s Power Gauge Report also offers a wealth of additional bonus materials for even more value. This includes direct access to Marc’s “Power Pulse system.”

I’m going to dig into the entire package, but let’s start with a close look at the ratings software, as it’s the star of the show.

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What Is the Chaikin Power Gauge?

The Chaikin Power Gauge is a proprietary stock rating system that leverages 20 fundamental and technical factors to gauge the future outlook of more than 4,000 stocks.

Essentially, it measures factors that the team believes could impact price movement down the road.

The system’s ratings are the cornerstone of the newsletter’s recommendations. Though, they consider additional factors (more on this later).

Here’s an example of a Chaikin Power Gauge rating for a stock I was checking out in banking:

very bullish rating

Something to keep in mind is that my example pointed to a company that the system views favorably.

However, it could also warn about stocks and ETFs you might want to dodge.

How Does It Work?

Using the Power Gauge is surprisingly simple.

Enter a ticker or company name in the search box, and the software displays a rating based on its findings.

Depending on the stock or ETFs outlook, the system provides a Very Bullish, Bullish, Very Bearish, Bearish, or Neutral rating.

To calculate these ratings, it analyzes a combination of 20 technical and fundamental factors, which are broken down into four easy-to-digest categories: Financials, Earnings, Technicals, and Experts.

Here’s a look at the categories up close.

First is Financials:

  • LT Debt to Equity
  • Price to Book
  • Return on Equity
  • Price to Sales
  • Free Cash Flow

financial indicators

Second up is Earnings:

  • Earnings Growth
  • Earnings Surprise
  • Earnings Trend
  • Projected P/E
  • Earnings Consistency

earnings indicators from power gauge

Third on the list is Technicals:

  • Relative Strength vs Market
  • Chaikin Money Flow
  • Price Strength
  • Price Trend ROC
  • Volume Trend

technicals indicators chaikin

Last but not least is Experts:

  • Estimate Trend
  • Short Interest
  • Insider Activity
  • Analyst Rating Trend
  • Industrial Relative Strength

expert indicators power gauge ratings

The Financials and Earnings factors alone are a great way to get a snapshot of how a company is performing, but the Technicals and Expert factors are the icing on the cake.

One look at the overall rating could give you a good grasp of how a company stands.

If you want to know more about each indicator and why they’re included in Chaikin Power Gauge ratings, I recommend checking out the service’s research report, The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks.

Now that you know more about his software, let’s take a look at Marc’s credentials.

Marc Chaikin Power Gauge Report

Marc Chaikin Review: Who Is He?

Marc Chaikin is an excellent researcher who’s dedicated to technical analysis.

In fact, he’s considered one of the world’s foremost experts in applying technical indicators.

From his perspective, this strategy provides a potential pathway to building real, sustainable wealth.

Three of his most popular research services include Power Gauge Report, Power Gauge Investor, and the Chaikin Analytics system.

Marc also created the Chaikin Money Flow indicator and the Power Gauge.

He even collaborated with Nasdaq and IndexIQ to provide ETFs based on his groundbreaking stock-rating approach.

To celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the Chaikin ETFs, he rang the Nasdaq opening bell.

nasdaq iq index opening bell

That’s a rare honor typically reserved for only the most respected investment publishers and gurus.

All in all, Marc Chaikin is a solid stock picker and a living legend on Wall Street.

He’s also one of the few I’ve seen who has developed real technical indicators with widespread use across financial markets.

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Marc Chaikin’s Success Story

Marc spent 40 years on Wall Street before retiring, but he came back in 2008 after his wife lost a significant amount of money due to a poor financial manager. Marc Chaikin noticed that many Americans were not receiving proper guidance, leading to a negative impact on their financial independence.

Rather than catering to significant financial players as he did before, Chaikin decided to focus on providing the average person with the resources to make potentially better investment decisions. He recognized that everyday people need access to the same tools and data that large financial firms have to help them invest wisely.

That’s how Chaikin Analytics came to be. It provides users with easy-to-use tools that use market data to help them make informed investment decisions. 

Chaikin’s vision was to give ordinary people the chance to achieve financial success on their own terms, without having to rely on a financial advisor or investment firm.

His mission to provide accessible financial data and tools through Chaikin Analytics has helped countless people take control of their financial futures.

Track Record

Over the years, Marc and his Power Gauge have spotted several stocks with potential, as well as market-moving events.

Here are some of the opportunities and warnings his program has dialed into. 

In 2021, his team’s work identified four separate stocks with the potential to double an investment: Occidental Petroleum, NexTier Oilfield Solutions, CONSOL Energy, and Alcoa Corporation.

Power Gauge Report

While this is impressive, it’s important to note that the system also warns about stocks that could be in a position to plummet.

Back in April 2022, Marc Chaikin warned that he identified signs of an upcoming bear market just before the S&P 500 fell by 20%.

He and his team’s research also pointed to the 2020 stock market crash before Covid-19 was widely talked about by the press. This also included a warning around 21 different stocks that later fell by up to 81% in the aftermath.

Some include Beyond Meat, Draft King, Fiverr International, and RingCentral.

Power Gauge Report

Readings like this clearly demonstrate the potential of the Power Gauge and Marc’s keen eye.

It’s important to keep in mind that these results are not typical, and past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Still, these examples give an idea of what is potentially at stake with a talented researcher and powerful software in the mix.

Chaikin analytics publisher

What Is Chaikin Analytics?

Chaikin Analytics is a great research publisher that develops advanced rating systems.

Marc and his wife, Sandy Chaikin, originally founded the company under the banner Chaikin Power Tools back in 2011.

Since its inception, the company has earned a strong reputation for its stock and ETF screeners, ratings, and top-tier investment insights.

Chaikin Analytics’ services offer different styles of research to accommodate users with varying investing interests. However, all of them tap into the Power Gauge’s key indicators.

There’s also a free app, which provides additional insights into stocks.

The company’s proprietary indicators could be a great way to help improve trading performance.

No one can provide a stock market crystal ball, but it’s clear that Chaikin Analytics is set on developing strong tools.

Marc Chaikin’s Warning for 2023

Marc Chaikin’s Warning for 2023

Marc Chaikin has a shocking new warning for 2023, and, if he’s right, it could be disastrous for anyone who’s unprepared for the potential fallout.

We’ve already seen dozens of high-flying stocks crash over the past two years, and Chaikin says these dramatic collapses could become much more common in the months ahead.  

He calls this phenomenon a “rolling crash,” and he believes they could be the precursor to a historic stock market shakeup in 2023. 

Fortunately, Marc Chaikin has a plan that will help his followers turn the “rolling crash” phase into an epic growth opportunity. 

He reveals all the details in his latest presentation, and I’m going to breakdown everything you need to know in the next part of my Chaikin’s Power Gauge review. 

What’s a “Rolling Crash”?

What’s a “Rolling Crash”?

Most Americans don’t know it, but the stock market has been in a steep bear market for over a year. 

As of the time of Chaikin’s presentation, roughly 80% of major industries have declined 20% to 60%, but this devastating crash has been flying under most people’s radars.

Unlike history’s most infamous stock market crashes, the “rolling crash” is slowly washing over the market, snowballing from one industry into the next. 

Most people don’t look into the market any further than the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500, so it’s no surprise that most are unaware of how bad the situation really is. 

Even though many industries and individual stocks are down big, benchmark indexes like the S&P 500 have continued to chug higher, masking the severity of what’s really going on.

It’s not the first time America has experienced a “rolling crash.” In fact, we just experienced one a few years ago, and it could provide a road map of what’s to come next in 2023.

The “Rolling Crash” of 2018

The “Rolling Crash” of 2018

It was a rough year for the stock market in 2018. Investors were concerned about an ongoing trade dispute with China and the threat of interest rate hikes.

The crash started in the banking industry, and it eventually spread through other major sectors of the economy, one after another, like falling dominoes. 

By the time the “rolling crash” had run its course, it had dragged down the raw materials, automakers, and semiconductors sectors as well.

Power Gauge

On Christmas Eve 2018, the “rolling crash” reached the breaking point and sparked what would go down in history as “The Christmas Eve Massacre.”

Suddenly, the S&P 500 and dozens of the most popular stocks on the planet collapsed in spectacular fashion. 

The Christmas Eve Massacre.

Even though stocks later recovered, it was a rough time for the market, and we can draw important lessons from the way the “rolling crash” proceeded through the market in 2018.

Unfortunately, Chaikin sees many of the same trends unfolding in 2023, and he fears the gradual industry-level crashes could ultimately culminate in another devastating crash in the near future. 

Fortunately, Marc chChaikin believes his Power Gauge could help millions of people avoid the crushing losses that could result from the 2023 “rolling crash.” 

How to Navigate the Bear Market with Chaikin’s Power Gauge

The Power Gauge is most commonly known as a platform that can help everyday people identify stocks with breakout potential well before share prices start to climb higher. 

As we covered in the previous sections, the Power Gauge uses numerous data points to calculate the potential trajectory for each covered stock.

However, the Power Gauge can also predict which stocks are likely to crash in the near future with stunning accuracy. 

In 2022, Marc Chaikin issued formal warnings for the stocks he believed would underperform in the weeks ahead based on Power Gauge data, and many of his predictions proved correct. 

How to Navigate the Bear Market with Chaikin’s Power Gauge

As you can see, this list includes some of 2022’s hottest hype stocks. Many analysts were extremely bullish on these high-growth companies, but the Power Gauge wasn’t fooled. 

The Power Gauge uses sophisticated data analytics to identify potential winners & losers, so it can’t be fooled by hype, gimmicks, personal bias, or miscellaneous market noise. 

Instead, it solely looks at the facts and determines the most likely trajectory for the stock moving forward.


Chaikin Power Gauge: Recent Track Record

Thanks to objective data analysis, the Power Gauge successfully predicted the downfall of Zoom, Fiverr, Zillow, and many other popular tech stocks in March 2021. 


Zillow (Z)

Fiverr (FVVR)

If you had a large position in any of these stocks at the time, the Power Gauge could’ve saved you from taking tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of losses.

In 2023, the gauge has predicted the outcome of the “rolling crash” with similar accuracy. So far, roughly 20 industries have crashed into bear market territory at the time of writing.

industries that already crashed 20% or more

Incredibly, the Power Gauge successfully predicted all 20 of these sell-offs.

POwer gauge alert

With such an incredible track record for accurate forecasting, Marc Chaikin’s Power Gauge has earned a reputation as one of the most powerful analytical tools available to the public. 

Chaikin believes his Power Gauge could be a literal lifesaver for the millions of Americans who are unwittingly walking into what could be the most catastrophic crash of recent memory. 

Fortunately, Chaikin is taking drastic steps to help the public protect themselves against this looming threat. 

As an adjunct to his recent “Rolling Crash” presentation, he’s put together a jaw-dropping bundle deal to help raise awareness about his Power Gauge Report service.The deal includes full access to Marc Chaikin’s Power Gauge, and much more. I’ll cover each part of the bundle deal in detail below, so stay tuned to my Power Gauge Report review.

Power Gauge Report Review

Power Gauge Report: What Comes with the Service?

The Power Gauge Report service comes stocked with many excellent features. 

Let’s take a look at each one, starting with the monthly newsletter.

Power Gauge Report

Annual Subscription to Power Gauge Report Newsletter

The newsletter is the primary vehicle for monthly research updates. 

Each issue includes a new mid or large-cap stock recommendation, market analysis, and tons of other insights.

It’s also one of the best places to get the scoop on Marc Chaikin’s biggest predictions, warnings, and analysis.

After roughly five decades on Wall Street and beyond, hearing Marc’s latest take on the market is always worth your time.

The strategy also incorporates a 30% trailing stop for each pick. This is just a recommendation, however.

power pulse system and software

Power Pulse System

The Power Pulse system (AKA the Power Gauge) is a remarkable piece of software you get immediate access to when you sign up.

What I like most about the software is that it cuts through the bias you might typically find in the investing world.

Using its factors could help you make judgments based on data instead of wild hunches.

In fact, Marc Chaikin has stated that these ratings sometimes surprise him, as they have uncovered opportunities flying way under his radar.

As mentioned, the system offers ratings for 4,000 companies and other valuable information.

model portfolio power gauge

Model Portfolio

A subscription includes ongoing access to the model portfolio.

This handy resource tracks the team’s open positions and is updated every Wednesday.

It covers the ticker, ref. date, ref. price, dividend yield, and more.

By clicking on the company name, members are directed to the initial buy recommendation.

Model portfolios are a fairly standard feature in the industry. However, this service offers a unique twist.

By clicking on the ticker symbol, the page redirects you to the complete Power Gauge Rating.

It’s a small touch that makes checking in on the current ratings a breeze.

Access these features and more TODAY

New Member Bonuses

A membership also comes with these additional resources.

top stocks to avoid

Top 5 Stocks to Avoid Now

Chaikin has identified five stocks that could be positioned to take dramatic losses this year, and he’s sharing his findings in this deal’s featured research report, Top 5 Stocks to Avoid Now.

The report includes details on the most bearish stocks on the market, as ranked by the Power Gauge system.

March Chaikin says “these are the stocks you absolutely must sell or avoid right now,” and “I believe catastrophe awaits all five of the companies listed in this new report.”

If you own any of these five stocks, this report could save you from taking huge losses in the weeks ahead. Even if you don’t own them now, you’ll know to avoid them like the plague. 

Making money is great, but losing money is the worst. This report could be the most valuable part of the package because it could save you from huge losses in the weeks ahead.

Power gauge report review

Rolling Crash and Rolling Runup Updates

It’s not all doom and gloom in 2023. Rolling crashes are the unfortunate reality we’re faced with in 2023, but there could also be “rolling runups” that will deliver huge gains for early movers. 

Fortunately, the Power Gauge can deliver on both sides of the spectrum, and Chaikin has his finger on the market’s pulse like few others. 

Your Power Gauge Report membership also includes updates on developing “rolling crashes” and “rolling runups” from around the market, so you can position yourself accordingly. 

Chaikin’s alerts will help you avoid “rolling crash” stocks – and capitalize on “rolling runup” stocks – for as long as you’re a member. 

This is yet another valuable addition to the Power Gauge Report service, and it could be the final piece of the puzzle you need to dominate the market in 2023. 

Power Gauge Report review

Marc Chaikin Research Archives

Power Gauge Report members will also get access to an extensive library of Marc Chaikin’s research reports, monthly issues, daily insights, and much more.

You’ll find countless pieces of valuable research in this vast archives of work. Chaikin is a prolific research writer, so there’s no shortage of things to explore.

These resources will show you the market through the eyes of a proven expert, so you can sharpen your trading IQ and learn to navigate the market’s ups and downs more effectively.

Although some of these works are dated, the library is a valuable resource nonetheless, and it makes the “rolling crash” deal even sweeter.

bonus report 1


Marc Chaikin’s Four “Power Picks” for Retirement

This special report introduces four exceptional stocks that Marc Chaikin has been watching closely.

He believes these are the types of investments that could provide fantastic growth for the long haul.

The reason is that these companies have two distinct characteristics:

  1. They maintain a major competitive advantage
  2. Newcomers in the market cannot easily overcome this advantage

It’s a simple concept that makes a lot of sense when searching for solid retirement stocks. But spotting opportunities with this type of potential is easier said than done.

Fortunately, the team has done all the heavy lifting and provided members with a complete breakdown of their top “Power Picks.”

This resource also includes insights on timing an entry into the opportunities listed.

bonus report 2

The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks

Marc’s second research report zeroes in on the methodology behind the Power Gauge system.

It’s an exhaustive look at the tool and how to put it to work finding companies and stocks with potential.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to anticipate where a stock could go next
  • Timing an entry or exit
  • What “the Smart Money” on Wall Street looks for in a stock 

Marc Chaikin also shares some interesting tidbits about why he prefers technical analysis, as well as his evolution as an investor.

If you want a top-down view of the ratings system and practical applications for research, this report is definitely worth a close look.

mystery gift

Special Mystery Gift

The latest deal also includes a special mystery gift, and you’ll get this free gift as soon as you sign up.

I can’t reveal the mystery gift in this review, but I can offer a few insights…

Marc says he’ll send the gift in the confirmation email as soon as you join.

If he’s sending it via email, it could be a digital product, like an additional research report or other similar content.

refund policy

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

New Power Gauge Report members receive a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So you have about a month to test drive the service with full access to every feature — this includes the Chaikin Power Gauge.

If you decide it’s not a match, simply cancel within the first 30 days to receive a full refund on the subscription cost.

This company stands by its products, and its refund policy is a testament to its commitment to quality service.

Sign up under Marc’s guarantee

marc and jim cramer

Is Marc Chaikin Legit?

Marc Chaikin is legit.

He’s been dishing out top-tier insights for decades, with no sign of slowing down.

Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money, once raved about Marc’s stock-picking prowess:

“I learned a long time ago not to be on the other side of a Chaikin trade… I want to explain why I love Marc’s stuff. It’s simple, it’s understandable, it’s rational, it’s not emotional, and I use it constantly and I almost never want to go against it.” 

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money

I’ve reviewed plenty of noteworthy figures in the research space. However, Marc is easily one of the most impressive of the bunch.

Here are just some of his exploits:

  • He developed computerized stock selection models and technical indicators that have become industry standards 
  • His Power Gauge Ratings are the basis for two Nasdaq ETFs
  • He created comprehensive stock research tools

Few folks in the industry check one of these boxes — let alone all three.

Power Gauge Report Reviews by Members

Stock market veterans are no strangers to Marc Chaikin and his Power Gauge. Chaikin has become one of the most respected names on Wall Street.


Since launching the Power Gauge, countless Chaikin followers have used the tool to tremendous success in the stock market.


Here are some of the most notable Chaikin Power Gauge reviews from actual users.


Chaikin Power Gauge review from actual users

Trading guru John Carter is most famous for making $1 million in two days by trading Tesla, but he’s also an avid fan of the Power Gauge.

Chaikin Power Gauge review from actual users

Power Gauge user Annie G. jokingly admits becoming “addicted” to Chaikin’s system once she saw what it can do. 

Chaikin Power Gauge review from actual users

Cheryl D. said Chaikin’s Power Gauge gives her the info she needs to trade effectively and saves her from wasting countless hours on scouring the market for promising stocks. 

Chaikin Power Gauge review from actual users

Finally, Bob Lang, a veteran equities trader and a regular on CNBC’s Mad Money, said Chaikin’s system “stands out, head and shoulders, above the rest.”

Clearly, these users were impressed by the value that Marc Chaikin’s Power Gauge Report delivers.

They’ve used the Power Gauge to achieve tremendous success in the market, and there’s no reason to think you can’t do the same. 

Power Gauge Report

Pros and Cons

Chaikin’s Power Gauge Report is an excellent newsletter, but it does have some drawbacks.


  • Great price with a 75% discount
  • Comes with a solid stock rating tool
  • Airtight 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee
  • Respected publisher


  • No options or short trades
  • No community chat room or forum

Power Gauge Report: How Much Does It Cost?

An annual Power Gauge Report subscription typically costs $199. However, we’ve secured a special deal for our readers that can help you save substantially. 

For a limited time, you can join for $49. That discount saves 75% off the full sticker price.

So if you want to join, now could be the best time.


Is the Service Right For Me?

Power Gauge Report is a surprisingly accessible service that could appeal to a wide audience.

First, the stock picks feature mid-cap to large-cap stocks. This means there’s a good blend of companies that could experience less volatility and others that might have more room to grow.

Secondly, the Power Pulse system could help members gauge the potential of stocks and ETFs outside the recommendations. This is an added bonus if you’re a fan of the rating system and want to analyze other opportunities on your radar.

The Power Pulse also covers some small caps, so folks interested in applying it to smaller companies aren’t left in the cold.

Keep in mind that the system does not provide ratings for every stock or ETF under the sun. Still, 4,000-plus stocks is a pretty impressive number.

While the service does have broad appeal, one monthly recommendation is not ideal for day trading.

Is Power Gauge Report Worth It?

Power Gauge Report is an excellent service, and it’s a bargain at just $49 (13 cents a day). Plenty of newsletters are priced much higher and don’t offer a fraction of the value.

The Power Gauge alone is worth the sticker price, but Marc and Chaikin Analytics offer even more.

Between the newsletter and special reports, there’s quite a bit of investing insights to pore over.

This includes the team’s four “Power Picks” for retirement, a trading strategy primer, and ongoing model portfolio access.

In addition, you can tap into ratings for more than 4,000 stocks through the Power Pulse software.

Finally, your purchase is covered with Chaikin’s rock-solid money-back guarantee.

All in all, this is a solid service. I recommend checking it out if you’re looking for quality analysis and a powerful stock rating tool.

That’s it for my review. Claim your 75% discount HERE


Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.