M1 Finance Review: The Perfect Roboadvisor App?

M1 Finance Review: The Perfect Roboadvisor App?

John Parker - June 29, 2020

These days, Investing is more accessible than its ever been before. Aspiring investors have dozens of convenient options, but robo-advisors are quickly becoming an increasingly popular avenue for beginners. These computerized financial managers use advanced software to manage your funds automatically. The system automatically oversees your portfolio, so maintaining your investments is incredibly easy. Best of all, computers work for cheap, so robo-advisors tend to have low fees. Today, our M1 Finance review takes a close look at one of the most popular platforms for robo-investing.  

M1 Finance is a relatively new platform that combines hands-off investing with a more traditional format. The company has made some waves in the financial world for its convenience and low costs. The app is especially popular with Millenial users. However, is M1 Finance all it’s cracked up to be? Keep reading, and we’ll breakdown this platform from top to bottom.

m1 finance review

What Is M1 Finance?

M1 Finance is a robo-advisory firm that offers users more flexible investing options. CEO Brian Barnes founded M1 Finance in 2015 after noticing the financial field had a lack of innovation. Traditional investment formats were becoming obsolete, so Barnes wanted to create a platform where users could invest easily and affordably using the latest technology.  

Barnes’s vision led to M1 Finance’s focus on automated investing. The platform can automatically create an appropriate investment portfolio based on user response to a handful of simple questions. It picks investments according to user goals and risk preferences. Plus, M1 automatically rebalances your portfolio allocations in the event your asset ratios shift. Best of all, M1 offers more portfolio customization potions than competing robo-advisor firms. 

Ultimately, M1 Finance focuses on passive investing. Once you pick your investments and risk profile, the ‘robot’ manages your portfolio. The portfolio doesn’t need human oversight, but you can adjust your investments at your discretion. This user-friendly approach makes M1 Finance a perfect platform for a variety of investors. It’s especially well-suited for beginners, but it’s an excellent fit for anyone interested in automated investing.

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M1 Finance Features

M1 Finance offers a robust selection of features. Here are some of the headlines:

Account Types

M1 Finance offers brokerage accounts and tax-advantaged retirement accounts, including:

  • Standard taxable accounts
  • Joint taxable accounts
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Rollover IRA
  • Trusts

M1 Accounts have no minimum balance restrictions, and its management fees are 0%. That’s not to imply the service is free, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Portfolio Rebalancing

M1 automatically buy and sell assets to maintain that ratio as the market shifts over time. Automatic portfolio rebalancing is one fo the featured benefits of robo-advisor services.

Customizable Investments

You can choose individual investments with M1, giving you the power to build a custom portfolio if you’re inclined. Most robo-advisors don’t allow users to choose their positions, so it’s one of M1’s most noteworthy benefits. Experienced investors will appreciate the added control. 

Fractional Shares

Some stocks are expensive, but fractional share trading gives investors the ability to buy even the priciest companies. For example, you can buy $100 worth of AMZN instead of shelling out over $2,000 to buy one share. If you have a smaller balance, making such a large purchase would over-expose your portfolio to Amazon. However, M1 Allows traders to buy what they need through fractional share trading.

Dividend Reinvestment

M1 can automatically reinvest dividends from your investments. If you activate this feature, M1 will reinvest any dividends over $10. 

M1 Borrow

With M1 Borrow, you can take our a margin loan of up to 35% of your balance. However, you must have more than $10,000 in your account to qualify. M1 Borrow charges an annual percentage rate of 4.25% on loans. Margin trading is very high-risk, so beginners should exercise caution before using this feature. However, experienced traders will like that they can access additional funds if they need it. 

M1 Spend

M1 Spend is the platform’s cash management account. It’s a checking account that’s linked to your M1 account. Users receive a debit card so they can easily access their funds, and there are no account minimums or debit card fees.

M1 Plus Account

The M1 Plus Account is a premium subscription service that offers additional benefits and features. Subscribers can access extended trading hours and receive 1% APR interest on their checking funds. They also get 1% cashback on M1 debit card purchases. M1 Plus costs $100 for the first year and $125 for each subsequent year. 

m1 finance reviews

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How Does M1 Work?

M1 Finance’s built its portfolio offerings around “pies.” Each pie represents a pre-built investment portfolio, with ‘slices’ representing individual assets. Slices can correspond to stock, ETFs, or even other entire pies. The platform does not currently support bonds or mutual fund investing. 

Users can choose between 60 to 70 pre-built pies. M1 constructed its pies according to Harry Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), so there is proven science behind each option. Once you select your pie, you can then add whatever stocks or ETFs that you want. However, you can only choose exchange-listed assets, so you’re limited to the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq stocks. 

Here are a few examples of the kinds of pies offered by M1 Finance (source)

  • General investing
  • Planning for Retirement
  • Responsible Investing
  • Income Earners
  • Hedge Fund Followers
  • Industries & Sectors
  • Just Stock & Bonds

As you can see, there is a wide range of pies to choose from that cover many goals. You can also customize each pie, so you’re not locked into a portfolio structure. 

One caveat worth noting is M1’s unusual trading procedure. The firm only executes trades orders once per day during a single trading window (source). It sounds inconvenient, but this structure helps support M1’s super-low account fees. However, the delay makes it hard to execute short-term trades accurately. 

What Fees Does M1 Finance Have?

M1 doesn’t have any notable account fees, but they have to make money somehow. The firm primarily generates revenues through service fees associated with particular types of transactions. For example, M1 charges fees to convert IRA accounts, and it also earns subscription revenue from M1 Plus accounts. It also collects interest from margin loans. 

You should also take into account ETF fees. Each ETF has an expense ratio, and this number indicates the fund manager’s fee. ETFs have varying expense ratios, but most of the ones featured on M1 are surprisingly low.  

m1 finance reviewed

M1 Finance Review: Examples of M1’s investing “pies”.

Is My Money Secure With M1 Finance?

Yes, M1 Finance takes security seriously, and your funds will be safe with them. The firm is a registered FINRA broker, and its accounts have SIPC coverage. M1 uses 4069-bit encryption to store your data, and you can activate 2-factor authentication for even greater security. 

The SIPC protects up to $500,000 in investments and $250,000 for cash. This protection doesn’t extend to personal losses incurred through speculative investing. M1 Finance also has supplemental insurance to cover funds above the SIPC limits. (source)

M1 Finance Review: Advantages

M1 Finance offers a variety of high-value benefits, but these are the most notable:

Customizable Portfolios:

M1 Finance distinguishes itself by giving you full control over your investments. You can select a pre-built pie and modify it, or you can build one entirely from scratch. You have a lot of flexibility, but that also means you have little guidance. 

No Fees on Basic Accounts:

M1 Finance has no account or management fees. There are no fees for deposits/withdrawals, and they don’t charge trading fees or commission. The M1 Plus account has a $125/yr ($100 for the first year) subscription. 

No Minimum Deposits:

You can open an account with as little as $1. However, you have to have $100 in your account before you can start investing. 

Fractional Share Investing:

Fractional share investing opens up several investment possibilities and allows you to create a diversified portfolio easier. 

Extra Services:

The M1 Spend and M1 Borrow features are great recent additions that expand M1 Finance’s line of products and service. M1 Finance plans to add more traditional banking features soon. 

Full Protection and Insurance:

SIDC insures balances up to $500,000, but M1 Finance also has supplemental plans to cover any amounts that exceed SIDC limits. 

Final Verdict: Is M1 Finance Right for Me?

M1 Finance is an easy-to-use service with low fees and a wide selection of features. Beginners enjoy the structured portfolios for their ease of use, and experienced investors like the added control. 

If you know your way around the market, M1 Finance is a great platform. The flexible portfolios with fractional share investing and the extra bank services will appeal to savvy investors. All and all, It’s one of the best robo-advisor apps on the market. If you’re interested in automated investing, you should give M1 finance a close look.

That’s it for our M1 Finance review. Click here to open an account with M1 and start your building your nest egg today! 

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Fast Fortune Club Review: Worth It or Not?

Fast Fortune Club Review: Worth It or Not?

John Parker - June 22, 2020

Research services provide valuable insights that can help you get an edge on the market. However, the research industry is crowded, and it’s not always easy to tell the winners from the losers. A winning research service is worth its weight in gold, but sub-par services are usually not worth your hard-earned money. Today, we’re looking at a popular research service that is generating a lot of online buzz, Fast Fortune Club. As usual, our Fast Fortune Club review will tell you whether this service is worth your time.  

Fast Fortune Club Review: The Basics

Fast Fortune Club is an investment information newsletter. The service also includes an educational component that explains sophisticated trading strategies and shows you how to use them. Fast Fortune Club’s combination of actionable intelligence and high-level education can show you how to take your trading experience to the next level.

FFC is a subsidiary of Money Map Press. MMP is a popular financial publisher with a number of products, including Flipping Stocks Club, The Money Map Report, and more. 

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Fast Fortune Club: How Does It Work?

Subscribers receive regular updates about new opportunities in the market. Each issue is jam-packed with investment insights and stock recommendations from industry-leading experts. FFC breaks down advanced concepts into simple terms so you can make decisions with confidence. 

Fast Fortune Club uses sophisticated algorithms and technical analysis to identify prime trading opportunities. The FFC’s primary goal is to identify stocks that are preparing to make major upward moves. FFC says its picks can help you find winning trades every week. Each trade alert is called a “Payday Appointment”, and  FFC says its first set of Payday Appointments can make you $15,000 and it could happen within 30 days, all from the price of a subscription (source). That’s a pretty enticing offer if you are looking to make quick moves in the stock market. 

fast fortune club reviews

Fast Fortune Club Review: Who is Tom Gentile?

Fast Fortune Club is penned by best-selling author and investment guru Tom Gentile. Gentile is an extremely successful investing expert, and he’s written several books on the subject. Gentile claims that the strategies used in Fast Fortune Club helped him become a multimillionaire (source). 

Monthly Money Calendar 

The Monthly Money Calendar organizes all of the preset, potential payday appointments. Each appointment is a new trading strategy that is lined up for you to execute on the marked date if you want to. The Money Calendar shows you how to capitalize on trading strategies when the time is right. 

Payday Alerts

Payday alerts notify when a possible trading opportunity is available. Each alert is jam-packed with research, analysis, and step-by-step trading instructions. Fast Fortune Club can send you Payday Alerts via email and provide you with a text alert to check your email so you never miss a chance to earn.

Million Dollar Master Class

The Million Dollar Master Class is a monthly series of lectures that explain sophisticated trading strategies and concepts. Each master class focuses on a different topic or strategy. The lecture covers techniques that some of the world’s most successful traders used to build their fortunes. Subscribers receive a new Million Dollar Master Class every month. 

7-Part Training Series

The 7-part series includes detailed investing lessons for beginners. It’s a great incentive for folks who are just learning the game. These lessons make it easy for people with no trading knowledge to learn how to start building wealth in the market.

Fast Fortune Progress Reports

Every week, you will also get sent a copy of Fast Fortune’s progress reports. Each progress report is basically an information booklet that gives you all the relevant info about that month’s stock selections. FFC experts research every opportunity carefully, so each report is worthwhile. 

Fast Fortune Podcast

Subscribers will also get exclusive access to the Fast Fortune Podcast, a show dedicated to showing how the mission of Fast Fortune Club can be played out in your everyday life. Podcast episodes are hosted on a private page. The Club will email a private link directly to your inbox every Friday when the episode launches. This podcast is exclusive to Fast Fortune Club members so you can’t get access to it anywhere else. 

Fast Fortune Roundtables

Every month, you will get access to an online live discussion between you and other Fast Fortune Club members. These roundtable discussions are a good place to share trading insights, tips, strategies, and success stories in the group. 

Fast Fortune Club Community

Fast Fortune Club has a vibrant membership community. You can chat with other members in Fast Fortune Network’s private chat rooms at any time. 

fast fortune club reviewed

Fast Fortune Club Review: Price and Value

Fast Fortune Club isn’t cheap. A 12-month subscription typically retails for $599/year (source). That’s steep, but FFC is currently offering premium subscriptions at an incredible $560 discount. If you take advantage of this offer, you’ll pay only $39 for the Fast Fortune Club Founding Member package. At that price, a subscription costs less than $4 per month, and remember, that’s for the Founding Member package that comes with all the extra goodies 

The Founding Member invitation also includes tons of bonus extras that you wouldn’t get with a regular subscription. After you’ve been with the research service for two months, you’ll even receive a special gift box. Each gift box includes:

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The Fast Fortune Club Notebook:

The notebook is a convenient place to jot down notes and trade ideas.

The Fast Fortune Club Roadmap to Riches:

This ”roadmap” gives you a visual representation of your progress towards financial independence. 

A Fast Fortune Club organizer:

This organizer helps you organize your “payday appointments” and alerts. 

The Fast Fortune Club member black card:

A complimentary membership card you can keep in your wallet for easy reference.

FFC will also automatically enter you into Gentile’s yearly contest. Winners could get to vacation in Gentile’s private holiday home for a week. Winners might get the chance for luxurious facilities including a private chef, helicopter tour, and potentially more (source).

fast fortune club review

Fast Fortune Club Review: Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, the Fast Fortune Club offers a money-back guarantee. You can get 100% of your subscription money back in full for any reason. You have 60 days from purchase to request a refund. 

Keep in mind that this money-back guarantee will not cover any losses sustained from poorly performing investments if you decided to act on any of our recommendations.  

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Is Fast Fortune Club Legit?

Yes, Fast Fortune Club is Legit. The company is reputable, and you will actually get the things that you pay for. Moreover, Fast 

Fortune Club experts seem super knowledgeable and they have an excellent reputation in the research world. Gentile himself has written several books and made a name for himself as a successful investor. Add Newtom gentile quote

Fast Fortune Club Benefits

Here are some of the pros and benefits of joining Fast Fortune Club:

In-Depth Education:

Part of the package is the 7-part training course. It’s a good way for beginners to learn how to trade. 

Expert Research:

Fast Fortune Club’s experienced researchers find the best opportunities available. 

Regular Opportunities:

Fast Fortune Club provides a steady stream of red-hot opportunities, so you have lots of options. 

Fast Fortune Club Review: The Final Verdict 

That’s it for our Fast Fortunes Club review. So, is FFC worth it? The short answer is yes. A Fast Fortune Club subscription comes with a wealth of learning materials, and 12-months’ worth of trade recommendations sweeten the pot even more. Typically, a subscription isn’t cheap. However, you can get in for cheap under the current offer. At just $39 per year, it’s one of the most affordable research services on the market. Better yet, the money-back guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction. Otherwise, you can easily get your money back on your subscription. Investing takes practice, but Fast Fortunes Club can help you hit the ground running. It’s a great option for any beginner or intermediate investor that wants to get a leg up on the market.

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Empire Stock Investor Review: Buy or Sell?

Empire Stock Investor Review: Buy or Sell?

John Parker - June 15, 2020

An excellent investment research service can help you get the most out of your investments. They’re especially helpful for novices who want to put money to work in the market quickly. However, the industry is notoriously crowded, so it’s hard to separate the winners from the losers sometimes. Luckily, Stock Dork reviews are here to help you make sense of the mess. Today, our Empire Stock Investor review will take a close look at the latest offer from Whitney Tilson’s research service and tell you if it’s worth your time.

Empire Stock Investor Review: The Basics

Empire Stock Investor is a subscription-based investment research service that delivers monthly reports detailing emerging opportunities in the stock market. The service sometimes focuses on disruptive technologies that could have a tremendous economic impact. 

Veteran investor Whitney Tilson is the mastermind behind Empire Stock Investor. He says his service provides the same level of research usually reserved for hedge-fund clients and other elite investors. Tilson is so confident that his service can help you that he backs this promise with a 100% money-back guarantee, but we’ll talk more about that later. 

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Street Cred: Who is Whitney Tilson? 

Tilson has been a significant player in the financial services industry for decades. He’s a former hedge fund manager that turned a million-dollar investment from family and friends into a $200 million investing empire. Tilson has spoken at prestigious business schools across the country, and he’s even personally met with at least two U.S. presidents. 

He’s also been featured in many established financial publications, including the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. The man has a penchant for predicting significant events in the market. He correctly predicted the bitcoin bubble, the 2018 cannabis collapse, and more. His knack for seeing into the future earned him the nickname “The Prophet” on CNBC.

All in all, Tilson has as strong a background as just about anyone else in the finance world. He’s been an influential player for a long time, and he has the credentials to back up his claims. 

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Empire Stock Investor Review: The Latest Opportunity

Tilson’s latest focus is on disruptive technology. He thinks he’s spotted another multibillion-dollar disruptor that could create untold wealth for ground-floor investors. He calls it transportation-as-a-service, or “TaaS,” and he believes that it will change the world in the near future.

Uber and Lyft brought rideshare to the masses, but Tilson says that’s only the beginning of a much larger revolution. The real economic potential of TaaS rests with two promising technologies: electric-powered vehicles and self-driving cars. 

empire stock investor reviews

If you follow the stock market, you’ve probably heard a lot about these technologies over the past few years. However, don’t make the mistake of underestimating their ultimate potential. Electric cars constitute a 10x savings over gasoline vehicles, and self-driving cars could be the key to bringing affordable transportation to the masses, creating significant opportunities for investors. 

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Empire Stock Investor Review: Bonus Reports

Tilson wants to show you how to take advantage of the opportunities in TaaS stocks, so he’s including three bonus reports with this offer to help you get started. Each one focuses on a different approach for capitalizing on the TaaS disruptions.

  • “The #1 Way to Profit on the Electric Vehicle Boom”

According to Empire, sales of electric vehicles are growing at about 60% per year. That’s a fantastic growth rate, and the industry hasn’t even hit the tipping point yet. This report breaks down the best strategies for profiting off the EV boom. 

It focuses on a particular company that manufactures parts and components that every electric vehicle needs. Since the automobile market is so competitive, suppliers could be the best way to profit from the boom. The report identifies the stock and includes a complete analysis of the company.

  • “The Two Critical Driverless Technologies You Must Own Today”

This report focuses on self-driving technology, which is another critical component of the TaaS revolution. Tilson says his team has identified two companies that produce parts that are critical to autonomous vehicle production. These companies have existing relationships with some of the world’s largest automakers, so these firms have an established track record for success. 

Tilson says you could make a fortune by owning these companies as autonomous vehicles come into wide-scale use. He details all the specifics in the report. 

  • “TaaS Speculation – How to Quadruple Your Money in the Next Few Years”

In this report, Tilson reveals a speculative pick that could have tremendous upside potential. This is a “well-established, already profitable company” and it’s “in the exact right place at the exact right time.” According to Empire’s research, this company has a high chance of becoming more valuable or being bought out over the next few years. Either outcome would be a huge win for investors. This report breaks down the company and the best strategies for buying it.

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empire stock investor review

What Else Comes in the Package?

Under the current offer, Empire Stock Investor also includes:

One Year of Empire Stock Investor

Subscribers receive a new issue of Empire Stock Investor on the first Wednesday of every month. Each report focuses on a new high-upside investment idea. The monthly newsletter also includes any changes to the Empire model portfolio, so you’ll know right away if you should make a move with any of your holdings. 

Empire Financial Daily

Tilson’s team also pens a daily newsletter that he currently includes free with all new subscriptions. The newsletter details the latest news affecting investors, and it’s delivered every day that the markets are open after the closing bell. 

Whitney Tilson’s Daily

Tilson writes this daily newsletter personally. It also goes out on market days, but this one comes out during the trading day. It includes Tilson’s thoughts, notes, and recommendations based on what’s going on in the market that day. Each issue provides valuable real-time insights that can help you capitalize on the market’s every day swings.

Complete Access to Research and Recommendations

Once you sign up, you can go back and access the complete library of Empire analysis. The archives have tons of detailed reports on many of the hottest opportunities on the market. You can use this research to help you build a model portfolio designed to capitalize on the most disruptive technologies in the market. Best of all, it includes access to even more bonus reports.

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Empire Stock Investor Reviews from Customers

Empire gets excellent reviews from its members. According to Tilson, the company even has five billionaires that subscribe to the services. One of them is Joel Greenblatt, who manages $9 billion for Gotham Capital. He praised Tilson in a recent statement:

“I met Whitney in my class at Columbia Business School… We’ve become good friends. He’s an excellent investor and, most importantly, a great teacher… I’m going to enjoy being a subscriber to his new research service.”

Joel Greenblatt, Gotham Capital

John Petry, another established money manager with over $1 billion in assets under management, is also an Empire subscriber who speaks highly of Whitney: 

“Whitney is one of the most connected investors I’ve met. He’s been able to tap into an infinitely deep and unique network of people to come up with great insights into ideas and develop them that other people just can’t do because they don’t have the kind of network he does.”

John Petry, billion-dollar asset manager

How Much Does It Cost?

A full 12-month subscription to Empire Stock Investor costs $199. However, you can get a discount by using this exclusive offer. If you sign up now, you will get all the research reports mentioned above, along with a one-year subscription, for only $49 by taking advantage of this trial offer.

empire stock investor reviewed

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re still unsure whether Empire Stock Investor is right for you, you should know that each subscription comes with a “100% Money-Back Guarantee.” Tilson says, “If you take a look at my work and don’t think it is everything I’ve said, simply call and cancel in your first 30 days and receive a full and prompt refund – no questions asked!” 

That’s a pretty air-tight guarantee, and 30 days is enough time to get a feel for the service. You’ll have a chance to browse the archives of old reports, peruse the bonus reports, and receive at least one new alert. That should tell you enough about the program to decide whether you like it, so it’s a great way to explore the service without risking your hard-earned money. 

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Empire Stock Investor Reviewed: The Final Verdict

Our Empire Stock Investor review took a close look at this service, and we believe that it’s a great value. For only $49, you get tons of highly valuable investment research that can easily lead to massive market gains. If you’re flying blind and looking for a little direction, Empire Stock Investor is a great way to get started. 

Autonomous cars and EVs could be game-changing technologies in the future, so the bonus reports sweeten the deal immensely. Tilson’s reports explain the industry in simple terms so you can find the best opportunities. 

Best of all, the 100% Money-Back Guarantee gives you an out in case you don’t like what you see. If an investment research service isn’t up to par, you can usually tell within the first 15 minutes of signing up. The fact that Empire is even offering such a guarantee is an indication that it’s a credible company. You don’t even have to explain why you’re returning it.

All and all, Empire Stock Investor is an excellent value for folks of every skill level. The opportunities that Tilson is focusing on have enormous potential for long-term growth. At a price of only $49, you can quickly recoup your investment in the service with one successful investment. Plus, the satisfaction guarantee ensures that you won’t have an ounce of Buyer’s Remorse after you pull the trigger. 

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Stansberry Innovations Report Review: Buy or Sell?

Stansberry Innovations Report Review: Buy or Sell?

John Parker - May 26, 2020

If you’ve been tapped into the financial research world for more than a few months, you’ve probably heard of Porter Stansberry. He’s one of the most well-known figures in the research industry. His company publishes several research reports under various names, but the Stansberry Innovations Report is one of the most well-known. In his latest pitch for the Innovations Report, Mr. Stansberry says he thinks he’s found a major opportunity in the tech sector. Our Stansberry Innovations Report review will take a close look at his presentation and tell you if this research service is really worth your time. 

Who Is Porter Stansberry?

Mr. Stansberry earned his reputation by predicting some of the biggest growth opportunities in the tech sector, so it’s worth paying attention when he talks. Over the past 20 years, Stansberry built a small research company into a $500 million business. He’s a prominent futurist and he’s helped a lot of people have the chance to build small fortunes with his research. Stansberry Research has been so successful that over 80,000 subscribers have decided to become “lifetime” customers. 

stansberry research bio image

Porter Stansberry (pictured above) is the founder of Stansberry Research

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The Stansberry Innovations Report: America’s Huge Wealth Shift

Over the past 20 years, the tech sector grew into one of the most important pieces of the modern economy. Trillions of dollars in wealth are concentrated in just a handful of companies. Sadly, most people missed out on the Tech Boom that helped millions of Americans become wealthy. According to Stansberry, roughly 90% of the population isn’t taking advantage of what’s going on in the tech sector and they’re getting left behind¹.

Stansberry calls it “the transition”. He says the economy has been transitioning from the industrial age to the computer age for many years. Unfortunately, many companies didn’t survive the shift. For example, the rise of Amazon led to the so-called ‘Retail Apocalypse’. Thousands of stores have shut down over the past few years and malls across America are bleeding out.

The Transition

The rise of companies like Amazon, Uber, and other disruptors changed the way we live as consumers. They made things quicker, easier, more convenient. That’s “the transition” that Stansberry is talking about. The shift from old to new. On one hand, it seems great that these companies are innovating and improving our lives, but Stansberry warns that there is a dark side to The Transition.

In his presentation, Stansberry reminds us that thousands of people lost their jobs when Amazon took over the retail sector, and he believes that’s just the beginning. As technology improves, more and more jobs will be replaced. Pretty soon, millions of people could find that their jobs are obsolete. Artificial intelligence research is advancing rapidly, so not even high-skilled jobs are safe. 

The picture of the future that Stansberry paints is certainly bleak, but he’s not trying to scare you. He just wants viewers to be prepared so they don’t get left behind. Now is the time to start investing for your future while there is still time to capitalize on The Transition. If you invested $100 in Amazon in 1999, it’d be worth more than $130,000 today. Unfortunately, most of us didn’t get to ride that rocket ship, but Stansberry says the latest opportunity in tech could have even more upside. 

Innovations Report Review: The Future of Blockchain

That’s right, blockchain. Before you roll your eyes at the thought of another investment research service pitching Bitcoin, hear him out. Crypto is only a small part of the blockchain’s full capabilities. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, but it has the potential to totally transform the world. 

Blockchain is based on a highly-secure decentralized network that could ultimately lead to another economic ‘transition’ phase. While you may have missed out on Amazon’s meteoric rise, there’s still time to get your foot in the door with blockchain. Stansberry’s latest offer for the Innovations Report includes several bonus reports that provide an in-depth look at the opportunities in the blockchain sector. 

>>> Learn more about emerging opportunities in blockchain here <<<
innovations report reviews

The Innovation Report’s digital interface is user-friendly and the reports have a very clean design.

Blockchain Bonus Reports:

New subscriptions also include a variety of bonus reports, including:

Bitcoin and Blockchain Quick-Start Guide

If you’re a crypto noob, you’ll probably get a lot of value out of this report. It will walk you through everything you need to know to buy and sell crypto. It also explains the basic concepts behind cryptocurrency so you understand what you’re buying and why it’s valuable. The report also covers the  “ticking time bombs” that investors should avoid. Finally, you see Stansberry’s 2020 Doomed Companies list, which names the companies he thinks will get wrecked by the coming transition to blockchain.

How to Make a Fortune with the Masters of Digital Currency

In this report, Stansberry covers four companies that he believes will lead the charge into the digital revolution. These companies are already major players in the American economy, so Stansberry believes they could represent the safest route to seizing the blockchain opportunity. Best of all, these companies are trading at a discount due to the recent stock market downturn. 

2 Companies Revolutionizing the Digital Shift

Stansberry believes the two companies in this report could help you build a small fortune over the next few years. The first company is a leader in the fintech sector, and it’s already rolling out its payment systems in several of the biggest U.S. cities. The second firm is a major player in online advertising and ad-selling. Stansberry says this company has outperformed the overall market by roughly 50-times over the past two years.

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Innovations Report Review: What Else is Included?

All and all, here’s what you get when you sign up for the Stansberry Innovations Report:

12-Month Subscription to Stansberry Innovations Report:

Along with the three research reports, Stansberry is also offering a 12-month subscription to the Innovations Report. This year-long research service provides monthly reports that focus on the latest opportunities on Stansberry’s radar. You’ll get a new report immediately after the market closes on the third Friday of each month, you’ll have all weekend to look them over before the market opens on Monday.

Bonus Bundle

If you sign up now, Stansberry will also throw in access to several other bonus reports. Each examines a different strategy that will help you protect your hard-earned cash and build wealth.  The bonus bundle includes:


  • The Tax-Free Way to Make 500% Gains in America Today
  • The 3 Assets You (Legally) Do Not Have to Report to the Government
  • The Great Disruptor: How to Make 10 Times Your Money on the Medical Breakthrough of Our Lifetime.
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Innovations Report Review: How Much is It??

As part of this promotion, Stansberry is offering this bundle for $49. That’s a 75% discount off the normal rate of $199 per year, and that doesn’t include the bonus reports. With this package, you get a 12-month subscription to the Stansberry Innovations Report with the bonus reports included for no extra charge. It’s a solid deal when you compare it to competing products, and most of the other guys can’t match Stansberry’s record for customer satisfaction and longevity. 

innovations report review

The Verdict: Is Stansberry Innovations Report Worth It?

For the amount of professionally researched content you get in this bundle, you can’t really go wrong at just $49. The reports alone are worth that. If you want to get involved in blockchain and crypto, this is one of the best ways to get up to speed quickly. You could easily spend just as much money buying books on the topic, but the fact that you get 12 months of the Innovations Report makes this a better option. Plus, you get 12 months’ worth of Stansberry’s industry-leading research to help you discover even more opportunities.

If Stansberry is right, the cost of the subscription could easily pay for itself in a short time. Opportunities like the one we see today in blockchain only come a few times in the course of a lifetime. Do something proactive for your future today and take a close look at the Innovations Report.

That’s it for our Innovations Report review. All and all, we think the Stansberry Innovation Report is a great value for the price. Each issue is jam-packed with in-depth analysis, and the bonus reports sweeten the deal even more. If you’re in the market for an investment research service, you should definitely check it out. Ready to profit from the Stansberry innovation report? Click here to get started. 

Commodity Supercycles Review: Is It Worth Your Time? 

Commodity Supercycles Review: Is It Worth Your Time? 

John Parker - May 15, 2020

Bill Shaw has been a player in the investment research business for years, and now he’s turning people onto what he believes is a historic opportunity through his Commodity Supercycles investment research service. Our Commodity Supercycles review will put this investment research service under the microscope and tell you if you should trade or fade this major opportunity.

What Is Commodity Supercycles?

Commodity Supercycles is a sophisticated research service brought to you by Stansberry Research that covers the latest trends in the commodity market. In their latest pitch, the analysts behind Commodity Supercycles are raising the alarm about a major opportunity developing in the gold market. This premium service is only available with a paid subscription, but a subscription includes monthly updates on the latest news in the commodity market plus tons of other extras.

Before we take a deeper dive into what’s included with a subscription, we’ll take a closer look at the minds behind Commodity Supercycles.

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Commodity Supercycles Review: Street Cred

The driving force behind Commodity Supercycles is its editor and research guru, Bill Shaw. Over the past two decades, Shaw grew his tiny investment research startup into a publishing powerhouse. Today, Shaw provides research services to more than a million readers in over 150 countries. Since 1999, the firm has earned a reputation for predicting some of the most consequential events in the history of global finance. Shaw correctly predicted the Dotcom Crash, the real estate bubble, the decline of General Electric, and several other major financial events.

Shaw is widely regarded as a financial expert, and his track record for success indicates that this guy knows what he’s talking about.  There are a lot of so-called experts in the financial research business, but Shaw isn’t one of them. He’s a qualified expert so, when he says he spots a major opportunity, it’s worth paying attention.

commodity supercycles reviewed

Shaw: “The Biggest Prediction of My Career”

Shaw sees a major opportunity in the commodity market. He even calls it the biggest prediction of his career. In a recent statement, Shaw said he has been sitting on this prediction for a while but, now, he finally feels like the timing is right. 

I’m not the kind of guy who gives in to hype and big predictions … that’s why I’ve waited nearly a decade to make sure the timing is right.” 

-Bill Shaw, Editor, Commodity Supercycles

According to Shaw, some of the world’s most influential investors are dumping cash and stocks for this hard asset. Shaw says it’s a “perfect storm” that will lead to a major opportunity for folks who take action now. 

So, what is this mystery asset anyway? Believe it or not, it’s actually one of the world’s oldest measures of value, Gold. In fact, Shaw says he believes that the price of gold could easily touch $5,000 before it’s over.

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Commodity Supercycles Review: The Case for Gold

It’s not hard to understand why Shaw sees an opportunity in gold. Equity valuations are inflated well above their historical averages, and the Federal Reserve has slashed interest rates to virtually zero. Not only that, but the Federal government is also borrowing hand-over-fist to pump money into the economy in response to the recent economic slowdown. The massive influx of dollars seems to be a textbook recipe for currency devaluation. As the U.S. dollar slumps, gold seems destined to increase in value over the next few years.

Interest rates also play a major role in setting gold prices. The major knock against gold is it doesn’t pay dividends or coupon yields. Therefore, many investors view gold as a safe haven asset. They see gold as a hedge against volatility and inflation, but that’s all. However, recent world events have led many insiders to turn bullish on gold. 

Debt is overtaking the world’s economies and many central banks are enacting negative interest rates to prop up their economies. If negative rates and massive government debt become the new norm, that’s bullish for gold. That’s where Shaw sees an opportunity, and he details it all in his latest pitch for Commodity Supercycles.

commodity supercycles reviews

How to Play the Gold Bull Market

Gold traders usually shop gold mining stocks, ETFs, coins, and other common gold holdings. However, Shaw says there’s a better way to play the expansion. He says the best way to capture the upside is to purchase companies that can best capitalize on the increase in gold prices. In fact, he says he’s identified a $7 stock that he thinks could be the number one gold play for 2020. Shaw is so confident that this pick will be successful that he’s even recommended it to his father and other close family members and friends.

That’s the basic pitch of the latest offer for Commodity Supercycles. If you sign up for Commodity Supercycles now, Shaw will send you a report that explains why he believes this $7 gold stock will be the best way to play the gold market in 2020. A subscription also includes a bunch of bonus goodies and 12 monthly issues of Commodity Supercycles. Here’s a complete breakdown of the offer.

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Commodity Supercyles Review: Bonuses

If you sign up now, a 12-month subscription to Commodity Supercycles includes a bunch of bonus extras.

Featured Bonus Report: “The #1 Gold Stock to Buy in 2020”

Shaw’s flagship report describes what he sees as the biggest opportunity in the gold market in 2020. This $7 stock could end up being the best way to play a bull market in gold. This report details everything you need to know about this opportunity. Shaw says this company has a low-risk, high-reward business model that could benefit tremendously if gold performs as expected.

Bonus Report #2: “The Silver Trade

Another one of history’s most popular precious metals, silver could also be a big winner in the near future. Shaw says silver could easily be as profitable – if not MORE profitable – then gold over the next few years. The Silver Institute recently reported that silver demand exceeded supply by 176 million ounces over the last five years. That kind of imbalance can’t last for long. Currently, the gold-to-silver price ratio is about 87-to-1. Historically, it averages 47-to-1, so there’s a lot of potential for a major move in silver in the near future. 

This report covers the silver market in detail, and it’s yours free when you subscribe.

Bonus Report #3: “The Secret Currency” 

In this report, Shaw reveals an under-the-radar investment. It’s favored by some of the world’s wealthiest families, including the Rothschilds and Morgans. Shaw says it’s like regular gold and silver, but it has the potential for much higher gains. This report explains the ‘secret’ investment in detail. It also shows you exactly how you can put it to work in your portfolio.

>>> Learn more about the complimentary bonus reports here <<<

commodity supercycles reviewed

Added Bonus: Model Portfolio

As part of your Commodity Supercycles subscription, you’ll also get access to Shaw’s model portfolio. The model portfolio lists all of Shaw’s active recommendations, along with price targets, predictions, and much more. It’s a great resource because it allows you to look back on all of Shaw’s latest recommendations. It gives you access to the alerts from before you subscribed. 

Commodity Supercycles Review: Subscription Options

If you’re sold on Commodity Supercycles, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get started for as little as $49 for a one-year subscription. The standard subscription includes 12 monthly issues of Commodity Supercycles, along with the aforementioned bonus reports and model portfolio. In comparison to other investment research services, it’s a very fair price. Other products can cost as much as $200 per month, so to access this kind of high-level research for $49 per year is a major bargain. 

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commodity supercycles reviews guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There are tons of investment research services out there, so it’s no surprise that many folks are skeptical about these types of offers. However, Commodity Supercycles is one of the few publications to offer a risk-free guarantee. New subscribers can take up to thirty days to see if Commodity Supercycles lives up to their expectations. If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, simply contact the U.S. based customer service team for a complete refund. Best of all, you get to keep the bonus reports just for trying out the service. This guarantee is rock-solid so you literally have nothing to lose by trying out the service.

Commodity Supercycles Review: The Verdict

Shaw makes a convincing case for gold and, if you have an understanding of economics, you can easily see why he is so bullish. Commodity Supercycles can provide the guidance you need to come out on top of the next bull run. It’s relatively affordable in comparison to other products. Plus, you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied. 

Other publications focus on growth stocks and other equity investments, but those markets are historically overvalued right now. Commodity Supercycles is focussed on precious metals and other commodity investments that could easily outperform the market over the coming years, especially given the current outlook for the U.S. economy. For $49 a year, a Commodity Supercyles could easily pay for itself with one successful trade. Shaw is a certified pro and, with the risk-free guarantee, there’s no reason not to give the service a try.

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The Ultimate WeBull Review – Is It Better than Robinhood?

The Ultimate WeBull Review – Is It Better than Robinhood?

Chris Dios - May 12, 2020

webull review logo

WeBull is a zero-commission brokerage firm that’s coming at Robinhood for its number one spot.  In this WeBull review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the app so you can see if its right for you. Plus, you’ll receive a free stock if you open an account using this promotional link.

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WeBull Review: Overview

WeBull Review Intl Mkts

Thanks to computers, brokers can execute trades much more quickly and cheaply than previously possible. Zero-commission brokers are becoming more and more common in the smartphone era. Robinhood is one of the first zero-commission brokers to develop a successful business model. Now that Robinhood has proven it can work, more brokers are offering zero-commission trades.

WeBull is an up-and-comer in the space that’s hungry for market share. Trading on WeBull is free, and tons of free research & analysis tools are built right into the app. WeBull doesn’t charge any account fees, and qualified users can access up to 4x of margin trading for no additional charge. Your money is safe with WeBull. It’s an SIPC insured broker, so users are covered on up to $500,000 worth of deposits.

WeBull Commissions & Fees

  • Equity Trades:  $0
  • Options:  $0
  • Crypto:  $0

If you want to trade different assets, WeBull has a lot to offer. Users can trade exchange-listed equities, ETFs, options and crypto-currencies like bitcoin.

WeBull Account Minimums

WeBull Doesn’t have any account minimums, but you do get a free stock just for singing up and another free stock for depositing $100. Just go to webull now through this link to get started.

Getting Started with WeBull

WeBull Review Community

Community Tab

The WeBull app is available on both Android and iOS. There’s also a desktop client that you can download from the WeBull website.  Once you download the app and create an account, the next step is funding your account.

You can fund your WeBull account with an ACH transfer from a U.S.-based bank account or a wire transfer. ACH transfers can take a couple of business days to process, but they are usually free. You can link your account for ACH transfers by verifying ownership with microdeposits, or you can verify your account in real-time by linking it to your bank account. When you choose an ACH deposit, make sure you keep funds available to cover it. There’s a $30 transaction reversal fee for bounced deposits.

If you want to transfer funds from a bank account outside of the U.S., you have to wire funds into your account. Wires are faster than ACH transfers but you’ll often have to pay a fee at your bank to send a wire. Plus, WeBull’s clearinghouse charges a $12.50 fee for incoming wire deposits.

Once you transfer funds, WeBull will release your deposit in the form of conditional buying power. You can access up to $1,000 in buying power instantly when you make a deposit. The incoming funds usually take about five business days to settle. Once the transfer is complete, your deposit will be added to your cash balance and unlock any remaining buying power.

Now you’re ready to trade. But, you should probably do some research first. Next, this WeBull review will explore research and analysis tools.

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WeBull Research & Analysis Tools

WeBull Review Markets

Markets Tab

Next, our WeBull Review covers analysis tools. WeBull has a variety of research tools built directly into the platform. Simply select the ‘Markets’ tab to get a complete overview of the equity market. You can also view the latest data on cryptocurrencies, FOREX, and global markets by switching tabs; although you can’t actually trade these assets on WeBull.

The ‘Market’ overview provides a wealth of information. The intraday charts of the S&P 500, DJIA, and NASDAQ  are right at the top of the page. Plus, you can easily access a stock screener; most shorted stocks; insider trading data and more.

Next is the IPO Center, where users can view the latest IPO news. Users can also find all the day’s earnings announcements in the Earnings Center.  WeBull even displays advancer & decliner distribution and net inflows. The rankings section allows users to sort stocks by performance and volume.

Our WeBull review found the app’s research tools to be extremely useful and easy to use. WeBull presents information very clearly and lays everything out in a very accessible manner.

WeBull Stock Quotes

WeBull Review Chart

Stock Quote

When you want to see more data on a particular stock, selecting it will open the stock quote menu. Quote pages display a ton of useful data. In addition to standard pricing info, you’ll find detailed information on order flow; analyst opinions; breaking news; and sentiment. There’s also a section where WeBull users can leave comments. Plus, the price alert function helps users stay on top of their favorite stocks.


webull review

You can also access charting tools from the quote page. WeBull charting tools scored highly on our review. Users can easily switch between a basic line chart and an ‘advanced’ chart that uses candlesticks. The chart has several preset time periods clearly displayed, so users can switch between daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly charts. WeBull even allows users to compare equities and charts.

webull review

Opening the full-screen advanced chart unlocks an arsenal of indicators and other technical analysis tools. Choose from commonly used indicators like MACD, RSI, Ichimoku Cloud, and many more. Users can customize indicators to fit their personal preferences too. For example, I like to use a 15/30-day MACD instead of the traditional 12/26-day model, and WeBull makes it easy to input these values. Users can customize just about any of WeBull’s technical analysis tools to fit their style of investing.

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Trading With WeBull

WeBull Review Trade

Trade Ticket

Next, our WeBull Review will cover trading on the mobile app. Once a user decides to buy a stock, they can simply press the ‘trade’ button and a trade ticket for the ticker you’re viewing will be displayed. Alternatively, users can open a trade ticket from the main menu and enter the ticker symbol manually.

Input a ticker symbol into the ticket to displays important pricing information on a stock.  WeBull users can view portfolio positions and open orders from the trade ticket by simply switching tabs. The user interface makes it easy to assess your portfolio on the fly, saving you precious seconds to make better snap decisions.

WeBull offers free extended hours trading. Users can make late and early session trades by selecting ‘yes’ on the ‘Extended Hours’ option before entering their trade.  Previously, the app did not allow you to enter GTC (‘good-til-canceled’) orders, but the developers must have been listening to user feedback. Now, you can enter GTC orders or set your order to expire at the end of the day. The stop-loss/take-profit feature is also very useful for setting entry and exit points in advance. It’s a great way to stick to your strategy and it prevents traders from making bad decisions in the heat of the moment.

Real-Time Price Quotes

webull review

By default, WeBull prices are set using real-time data from NASDAQ Last Sale, but there are additional options for users looking for more timely price insights. Users can easily upgrade to NASDAQ Basic or National Best Bid & Offer quotes directly from the app. NASDAQ Basic is an upgraded version of ‘Last Sale’ that offers enhanced quote information; including one set of national ‘best bid and offers'(BBO), enhanced transaction analysis, and more. You can upgrade to NASDAQ Basic for $2.99 per month or $31.99 annually.

NASDAQ National Best Bid & Offer is the premium quoting option available through WeBull. For $9.99 per month, users can access unlimited national best bid/offers. NASDAQ Basic only reports BBO information for one exchange, but National BBO includes data from all 13 major U.S. exchanges. It also offers data on time of sale and provides pre-market trading quotes.

This WeBull Review has to give props for the amount of data the app provides during the trading process. In-application access to premium NASDAQ price quotes is another feature that sets WeBull’s analysis tools in a class of their own. Even if you don’t use the app to trade, the analysis tools are good enough to make the platform your primary mobile research application. Research tools are WeBull’s strong suit.

Paper Trading with WeBull

WeBull users have access to a full-featured simulator where they can use real-time price data to sharpen their skills with paper trading. Users can enter their own purchase price, so it’s great for testing trading strategies and analyzing ‘what-if’ scenarios.

If you’re new to training or want to sharpen your skills, WeBull’s paper trading application is a great place to start. Paper trading helps investors improve their trading skills without risking any cash, so WeBull is great for beginners. Users can even participate in paper trading competitions for the chance to win real cash prizes.

Customer Service

WeBull customer service is available via email and phone. The home office is in New York City, in the Financial District. During the time I spent using the app, I had to reach out to customer service for an issue and I found them to be very polite and helpful. Surprisingly, my call went directly to a live human being. The representative was very helpful and addressed my issue quickly and satisfactorily.  Based on the dealings I’ve had with both Robinhood and WeBull customer service departments, WeBull takes the win in this review.

WeBull Review: Closing Thoughts

WeBull has a ton of great research features and the app is very user-friendly. The comments and other social features make it easy for users to interact with a community of like-minded investors. It has everything you need to keep up on the market while you’re on the go. Robinhood has improved their analysis tools as of late, but WeBull still seems to have more.

Overall Webull is a great brokerage account for investors looking for zero commission trading while also being rewarded with two free stocks just for signing up.

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Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

John Parker - May 11, 2020

angels and entrepreneurs review banner

For decades, wealthy investors made multimillion-dollar private equity deals behind closed doors. Corporate titans like Elon Musk, Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates dominated capital markets, and their strength made them stronger. In this Angels and Entrepreneurs Network review, we’ll show you how this revolutionary investment program is changing the game.

Our Angels and Entrepreneurs Network review will tell you everything you need to know about this up-and-coming service. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have all the information you need to make an educated decision.

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Reviewed

These days, investors can buy equity in private corporations for as little as $50. Venture capital firms specialize in this type of investing, and they’ve taken over the market over the past few years. However, millions of retail investors are clamoring to get into the private equity market for themselves.

High-profile startups like Airbnb, Stripe, and Robinhood used private funding to fuel their early growth. Today, those companies are powerhouse startups and those early-round investors are sitting on massive gains. Retail investors want early access to the hottest companies too. Our Angels and Entrepreneurs network review will determine if the program deserves your attention. 

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Why Buy Private Companies?

The private-funding stage of a companies growth is the most lucrative for investors. Generally, private equity investors get the best returns on their investments. Publically traded companies tend to have more inherent value than private firms because of the added flexibility offered by public markets. 

IPO return chart

Many companies exhibit their most rapid growth in the periods between private equity funding and initial public offerings. By the time a new company hits public exchanges, its explosive growth phase is usually behind it. Let’s take a look at some examples of early-round private investors that came up big when their shares went public.

In 1968, Silicon Valley trailblazer Arthur Rock invested $10,000 in a small startup company that was trying to make a name for itself in a young computer processor manufacturer, Intel Corp. Today, that investment is valued at over a billion dollars.

If you bought made a $50 investment in Uber during its early funding rounds and sold your shares when the company was at peak valuation, you’d be sitting on over $799,950!

overnight millionaires chart

Need I say more? With that kind of growth potential, investors everywhere are looking for ways to access that closely-held market. However, for smaller-budget retail investors, breaking into the private equity market was nearly impossible. 

Now, that’s all changing. Thanks to new legislation, tapping the private market is easier than ever before, and A & E is one of the best ways for everyday traders to get access to these potentially lucrative opportunities through angel investing.

space x-bird-returns

>> Ready To Jump in?  Sign Up To Angels & Entrepreneurs Network Now <<

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Review: What Is It?

The A & E Network teaches its members how they can tap the lucrative angel investing marketing. The best part is anyone can participate! Private equity funding used to be restricted to ‘accredited investors’ who could drop at least $50,000 on company stock. Not anymore. Once Congress passed the JOBS Act and opened up the private equity markets to all investors. Now, over 240 million Americans can start angel investing with as little as $50. 

You may be saying, “okay…. now what?” The above-mentioned results are not typical. If you’re not an experienced investor, you have a better chance of losing a lot of money than making big profits.  Most people will require some guidance to get started.

That’s where the A & E Network comes in.

Founded by Robert Herjavec – of Shark Tank fame – and digital marketing superstar Neil Patel, the A & E allows regular people to ride the coattails of some of the world’s most savvy dealmakers. The program provides members with a steady stream of opportunities so they too can be angel investors. In addition, Angels & Entrepreneurs reviews how regular people can get in on these promising young startups for as little as $50.

  • Click Here to See a Video That Explains Everything You Need to Know About Angels and Entrepreneurs.

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Review: How Does it Work?

You don’t have to spend endless hours researching potential investments. Instead, Angels & Entrepreneurs reviewed the world’s most prolific private equity portfolios and you can use their hard work to your advantage as an angel investor.

The 1,000x Formula

A & E uses a special formula to find high-potential opportunities for angel investors. The team looks for smart companies that solve big problems for big markets. Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank explained the system, “This formula helps us target startups that are more predictable,” adding. “We believe we can count on them to pay a hefty return.

1000x chart

As a benchmark, the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network looks for investments that have the potential to generate life-changing returns! According to Neil Patel, “This isn’t the time to be shy. Angel investing is about swinging for the fences.

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Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Review: What to Expect

Neil Patel and Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank will discuss angel investing in detail. Every angel investor will be armed with all the info needed before they invest their hard-earned money. Plus, the program comes with tons of perks, including:

Exclusive Website Access

The A & E website is only open to members. You can interact with fellow members and know their thoughts on which startups will have the 1000x return. The website functions like a virtual boardroom where you can always engage with members no matter where you are in the world.

Angel Investing 101

Beginners will love Neil Patel’s Angel Investing 101 course. He’ll break down all the basics to help you get started. His tips will help you master the art of evaluating deals and investing strategically so you can make money in a smarter way.

Just a Little Bit

The A & E team shows angel investors why people don’t need a lot of money to make big profits in the angel investing space. 

Find the Best Deals

Don’t waste your time and money chasing losers. Spot the winners early and jump in. Learn how to avoid money traps and make smart investments. The team at A & E helps you find the best deals to put your money in. 

3 Windfall Exit Opportunities

This lesson will expose people to the secret techniques that “super angels” use to maximize the profits from their deals.

Two Pre-Selected Deals

Get a taste of what’s to come with two sample deals from A & E. It’s a chance to see what the program can offer before you get more involved and before you dish out the money. With these deals, you also get two due diligence packages which include a ton of information including each deal’s business plan, revenue projections, items in development, and official pitch deck. A due diligence package gives you all the basics you need on the featured deals so you really get the complete picture of what you’re putting your money on.

Deep Dive Videos

If you crave a more comprehensive explanation aside from what you’ve read, there are deep-dive videos to help you out. Along with all the data you’ve read on the featured deals, these in-depth videos with Neil Patel further discuss the deal in detail including the risks and whether the company would likely have the potential to go IPO, get acquired, or make dividends.

Founders on the Hot Seat

Of course, you would want to hear from the people who founded the startup themselves, no matter how convincing the charts may be. So, Patel does a live video chat with them. If you got burning questions you would like answered, you can submit questions before the live chat and the founders will respond during the session. Another great thing about the hot seat sessions is that Patel’s team releases a summary of what happened so you’d know the details even if you weren’t able to attend the live chat. A list of every question and answer during the session will be released, so you won’t be behind on anything.

As you can see, one membership really has that much to offer. If you decide to sign up after reading our Angel & Entrepreneurs Network reviews, you’ll receive a steady stream of new deals and recommendations. You’re definitely getting one of the hottest deals in America. It’s highly likely that you may not be able to get them on your own. However, with Neil Patel and Robert Herjavec on the team, the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network has the star power to land some of the most exclusive opportunities you would want.

Angels and Entrepreneurs Network Review: Is It Worth Your Time?

Now that our Angels and Entrepreneurs Network review is complete, we can answer the ultimate question: is it worth your hard-earned money? Well, if you’re the type of investor that wants to stay 5 steps ahead of the market, this is one of the programs that could definitely be for you. With Patel and Herjavec’s recommendations, it would definitely be much easier for you to make money on your investments and maximize your profits. You won’t be sitting on returns like this in the stock market. 

A & E members get tons of training materials and other valuable resources on one membership. However, the best part is, there’s no obligation for attending the summit. Also, it’s all digital, so you don’t even have to leave your house. That’s one of the best things about it. Once you see what the A & E Network has to offer, you’ll probably be saying, “where do I sign up?”

Money-Back Guarantee

With all the things we’ve discussed in our Angels and Entrepreneurs Network review, their money-back guarantee is the cherry on top. One of the things that let people know that the product or service is really of high quality is if the company has great customer service and is willing to give you your money back if you’re unsatisfied.

As for the A & E network founding members, there’s a two-part guarantee. If within the first 60 days you’ve decided it wasn’t the way you expected, you receive a 100% refund. Even after the 60 days, you can still get a refund on the unused portion of your membership with no questions asked. If you’re unsatisfied, you can easily get your money back.


Our Angels and Entrepreneurs Network review found that this service can be a great value for people looking for an introduction into the angel investing world. A&E combines private market access with expert insights, so it’s a great service for folks who are just getting started.

The Angels and Entrepreneurs Network allows regular people to pick the brains of the world-renowned experts. Plus, the A&E team of experts can help you figure out which companies have the most potential for success. You don’t have to conduct endless hours of research to pick winners. Angels & Entrepreneurs Network allows everyday people to be part of the action.

Most importantly, you can start with as little as $50.

If you’re a beginner, you’re starting in the right place. If you want to create wealth that lasts lifetimes, take the advice of Neil Patel and Robert Herjavec. The A & E Network has got your back.

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Outsider Club Review: Is the “Tesla Killer” Legit?

Outsider Club Review: Is the “Tesla Killer” Legit?

Chris Dios - February 27, 2020

The Outsider Club is back with the latest pitch for its flagship newsletter from Jimmy Mengel. In this episode, Mengel takes a deep dive into a revolutionary technology that could power the next generation of transportation. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with electric vehicles. Our Outside Club review covers this offer in detail. We’ll examine this new technology and tell you if this latest offer is worth your time. 

In the latest presentation from the Outsider Club, rising star Jimmy Mengel says Tesla investors should be very, very worried about a new technology that could power the next-generation of green vehicles.

Mengel believes that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reason to be nervous. This up and coming technology could easily displace EVs as the most likely successor to traditional combustion engine vehicles. In fact, Mengel believes this technology could be a ‘Tesla killer’.

Street Cred: The Crow’s Nest 

Jimmy Mengel is a senior analyst for the Outsider Club and writes The Crow’s Nest monthly investment research service.

In each issue, Jimmy Mengel shows readers how to safely and effectively grow their wealth through investments like dividend stocks, easy-to-use ETFs, alternative investments and easy-to-use tax loopholes.

Prior to joining the Outsider Club, Mengel was the former editor for Wealth Wire, where he covered mainstream financial news. Over the years he found thousands of unique and interesting ways for readers to protect and grow their wealth.

  • Learn more about Jimmy Mengel’s research service here.

blue gas van

Outsider Club Review: The Tesla Killer

The latest promotion by Jimmy Mengel for the Outsider Club makes a huge promise: Mengel says this new technology is so revolutionary that it could effectively kill Tesla’s electric car business.

Mengel lays out the bull case for this new technology he calls “blue gas”, and it’s ultra-compelling. The technology offers several benefits over EVs and combustion vehicles.

Later in the presentation, Mengel reveals that this ‘blue gas’ mystery technology is hydrogen fuel cells. This revolutionary tech uses hydrogen gas, the most abundant element in the universe, as an alternative to conventional fuels.  

Hydrogen fuel cells present the following benefits: 

  • Zero-emissions fuel
  • Inexpensive
  • Safe and non-explosive
  • 300% more potential energy than oil

Mengel says fuel cell technology is so disruptive, that America’s leading companies are lining up to take advantage of this massive opportunity.

blue gas

The Blue Gas Opportunity

Walmart, McDonald’s, and Amazon use this technology in their warehouses. DHL, FedEx, and UPS are already switching over to these next-generation vehicles. Anheuser Busch has already ordered 800 tractor-trailers powered by hydrogen fuel cells that will replace virtually all of their gas-powered delivery trucks. 

Anheuser Busch only ordered 40 trucks from Tesla, indicating a clear preference for hydrogen fuel cells.

However, the $14 billion in commercial vehicle orders are just the start. The passenger vehicle market for blue gas vehicles is absolutely mind-blowing and it could be the reason that the company behind this breakthrough technology could overtake Tesla.

Today, there are about 11,000 passenger vehicles using fuel cell technology. According to major automakers, as many as 10 million more vehicles that run on this technology could hit the roads in the next few years. If accurate, that represents a 90,900% sales surge!

We could be on the precipice of the biggest energy transformation in the history of the world.

  • Watch this presentation to learn more about the hydrogen fuel cell opportunity.

outsider club tesla spike

More Lucrative than Buying Tesla Pre-IPO

Jimmy Mengel says this means investors today are getting in on the ground floor of what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he has found a single stock, priced at $3 per share, that is at the epicenter of the hydrogen fuel cell revolution.

Mengel says buying this $3 stock could be “more lucrative than buying Tesla pre-IPO” by delivering earth-shattering gains of 11,666% in the next few months due to a massive catalyst.

For comparison, Tesla IPO’d at $17 per share and has now risen more than 1,288%.

In the Outsider Club promotion, Mengel says that he believes hydrogen fuel cell stocks could mint more millionaires than the 2018’s weed stock frenzy. In fact, he predicts that hydrogen fuel cells will be at the epicenter of the $1 trillion alternative vehicle revolution. In particular, he’s calling out a $3 stock that he thinks will be the biggest winner of them all.

Mengel even wrote a special dossier that examines the opportunity in detail. This special report, entitled “The Tesla Killer: Make 11,666% Gains on the Fuel Cell Revolution”, is included free with a 12-month subscription to Outsider Club. If you sign up now, you’ll also get a treasure trove of bonus items. 

blue gas better than wind

Outsider Club Review: What’s Included?

12 issues of The Crow’s Nest

Subscribers will receive a 12-month subscription to Mengel’s research report, The Crow’s Nest. Every month, you’ll receive a new issue with a featured investment. These reports are jam-packed with valuable insights and analysis. These research reports could pay for the cost of your subscription all by themselves, but it’s just a small piece of the complete package.

  • For more info on The Crow’s Nest in-depth research, click here.

Mengel’s investment research

Mengel is looped in on the market like few others. He’s onto all the trends, so he’s a good person to listen to if you’re on the lookout for opportunities. An Outsider Club subscription include complete access to his updates on the markets, breaking news, and world events

Exclusive 24/7 website access 

You’ll receive a private login to The Crow’s Nest website, putting a wealth of articles, research tables, and videos right at your fingertips. You can even review past alerts from before you signed up.

Bonus Report #1:
Buyout Frenzy: The 5 Small Cannabis Stocks That Could Make You 1,000% In the Weeks Ahead.” 

Mengel has made a name for himself as a cannabis stock expert. He picked a ton of winners during the 2018 Green Rush, and now he’s onto several new opportunities in the sector. This report highlights several pot stocks that are potential buyout candidates. If he’s right, these stocks could skyrocket. If you’re interested in cannabis stocks, this report adds a lot of value to the package.

Bonus Report #2:
The Uplist Bump: Proven Pot Stocks Join the NYSE and NASDAQ.

The cannabis sector has slowed down since their epic 2018 rally, but there are still plenty of opportunities floating around. In this report, Mengel details some of the most promising up-and-coming pot stocks on the market. Mengel has a lot of expertise in this sector, so he’s very familiar with the intricacies of the cannabis business. These companies could be on the path to big gains so, if you’re interested in pot stocks, you will definitely want to check out this bonus report.

Outsider Club Reviewed: How Much?

All and all, you get a lot of value for your dollar when you buy a subscription to The Crow’s Nest. A one-year subscription usually costs $199, but you can signup now for only $49. That’s an incredible deal given the number of bonus materials you get when you join. You can easily make that back on just one successful trade so, if you’re serious about trading, this research service is definitely worth checking out.

  • Click here to see the complete Outsider Club package.

The Crow’s Nest Reviews by Members

If you’re still not sold on The Crow’s Nest, you should check out these reviews from satisfied members. These folks got excellent results with their subscription to Crow’s Nest.

110%… in less than a month! You’ve proven that it’s never too late to try something new!”

-Anonymous Subscriber

I doubled my money in a week since joining. Well played. I look forward to the next one…”

-Sebastian G.

“I am really happy to continue my association with Jimmy Mengel, over the last 30 years I’ve tried a lot of different financial news letters and they have all lost me money. I started to read The Crow’s Nest in March 2015 and now have stakes in 18 companies that — thanks to The Crow’s Nest — show a very handsome profit!”

-Roy F. 

Those are some impressive testimonials. Obviously, The Crow’s Nest research has the potential to help you take your trading to the next level. Mengel’s insights have proven to be successful for lots of people, so this credible research service can back up its claims. 

Outsider Club Review: The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a research service, The Crow’s Nest is definitely worth a close look. With this special $49 per year offer, it’s one of the most affordable options available. One successful trade can easily pay for the cost of a subscription, so the price tag is only a minor consideration. Mengel has a track record for picking winners, so his research can help you get ahead of the market. Click here to see the 

That’s it for our Outsider Club review. If you want to learn more about “The Tesla Killer,” start with this video. It’ll tell you everything you need to know to sign up.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review – Worth It?

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review – Worth It?

Chris Dios - January 17, 2020

Motley Fool is one of the leading names in investor research, and this Motley Fool Stock Advisor review will tell you if it lives up to its reputation. Investors have been relying on Motley Fool research for over a decade, and The Fool is one of the leading voices in the investor education landscape. For our Stock Advisor review, we put the Fool’s top investment research service under the microscope. 

So sit back and strap in, because our Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review is about to take apart this world-class investor research service.

The Stock Dork: Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review

The Fool launched Stock Advisor in 2002 and, since then, it’s outperformed the market by a wide margin. Stock Advisor goes after quality companies, so the picks tend to do very well. Some of the Fool’s picks returned as much as 12,000% since their inception. Stock Advisor promises to keep the hits coming for their members, but is this investment research service all its cracked up to be? Stay tuned for our Motley Fool Stock Advisor review and see if this investment research service is a buy or sell. 

What Comes With a Stock Advisor Subscription

Stock Advisor members get a good value for their dollar. Subscribers receive a steady stream of monthly stock picks, but that’s just the beginning. A Stock Advisor subscription comes loaded with extra resources that can help investors build a winning portfolio.

Buy Case:

Subscribers get more than just stock picks. Included with every recommendation is a clear breakdown that explains the fundamentals behind every opportunity. The buy case explains the reasons behind the ‘buy’ call, including reasons why the stock is a worthy addition to any portfolio. 

Risk Profile:

Stock Advisor rates picks using Motley Fool’s ‘Risk Profile’. This rating system rates each stock using layman’s terms that even the most novice investor can understand. 

24/7 Monitoring:

The Fool will update you if they ever change their opinion on one of their ‘buy’ calls. If the time comes to make an exit, Stock Advisor will alert you. 

Plus, members get access to a library of premium investor resources.

Starter Stocks:

Start building your portfolio as soon as you sign up. Motley Fool provides a complete list of their top 10 picks for building a rock-solid portfolio, and it’s updated every month. It’s a great place to start for any new investor.

Best Buys Now:

The Fool’s top stock-pickers, David and Tom Gardner, reveal their picks for the best stocks to buy right now. These pros know their stuff, so when they call out a company, you’d be wise to pay attention.

Stock Advisor Knowledge Base:

A Stock Advisor subscription includes free access to a full library of proprietary research. The Fool has been compiling expert reports for over 15 years, and you can access the complete collection. Plus, it’s perfect for all investor skill levels.

Market News Coverage:

Get world-class stock market news from the pros at The Motley Fool. They follow all the most important news so you can get all the most relevant coverage in one convenient place.

The Fool Investor Community: Join the members-only Stock Advisory community, where you can connect with fellow members and the pros behind the Stock Advisor research.

Click here to learn more about the bonus resources that are included with a Stock Advisor subscription.

Stock Advisor Reviewed: Street Cred

Stock Advisor has been running strong for over 15 years. It’s one of the leading investment research services on the planet. SA’s top picks are some of the leading stocks of the last 10-years. This organization has a reputation for picking winners, so they’ve got plenty of street cred.

Click here to learn more about the Stock Advisor team.

Stock Advisor Review: Greatest Hits

Here are some of Stock Advisor’s most notable “buy” calls since its inception (According to

stock advisor reviewed -

stock advisor reviews - netflix stock advisor review - amazon

A record like that speaks for itself. If you put $5,000 in every one of these stocks, you’d be sitting on over $2 million today. That’s about as good as you can expect from an investor research service.

Click here to learn more about Stock Advisor stock picks.

How Much Does Stock Advisor Cost?

Stock Advisor usually costs $199 per year but you can get a one-year subscription now for only $99. Just click the link below to be directed to this special offer. With your subscription, you receive a full 12 months of Stock Advisor picks, along with all of the bonus extras mentioned above.

Click here to claim this special offer.

Stock Advisor Review: Satisfaction Guarantee

Just in case you aren’t convinced, Stock Advisor comes with a no-risk, thirty-day refund period. If you decide Stock Advisor isn’t working for you within 30 days of signing up, you can quit with no questions asked. You’ll be refunded 100% of your membership fee, and you can go on your way.

No games, just a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. With a guarantee like that, you can give Stock Advisor a try without risking your hard-earned dollars.

Stock Advisor Reviewed By Customers

Don’t take my word for it, just listen to these rave reviews from some satisfied Stock Advisor subscribers.

motley fool stock advisor reviews

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Reviewed: Closing Thoughts

Stock Advisor is one of the leading investment advisory services on the market today, and it’s available at a fraction of the price of some competing products. If you follow the link below, you can get one year of Stock Advisor guidance for only $99. It’s a minuscule amount of money compared to the returns you could generate from just one Stock Advisor pick.

During our thorough Stock Advisor review, we were constantly surprised by the quality of this product. This team has an incredibly consistent track record, so they have to be doing something right. If you’re shopping for an investment research service, you can’t go wrong with Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

Click here to sign up now and claim the special offer, before it’s too late.

The Best Thing About Stock Advisor…

Our Stock Advisor review found one answer to this question. The best thing about the Stock Advisor is the returns! This team has an uncanny ability to beat the market. Netflix and Amazon might seem like easy buys right now, but ten years ago they were practically penny stocks. These guys had the foresight to see what was around the corner, and their subscribers are a lot wealthier because of it. If you’re looking for an affordable way to pump up your portfolio, you can’t beat Stock Advisor. Click here to join now and get the special $99 per year rate.

Profits Unlimited Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Profits Unlimited Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Chris Dios - January 10, 2020

Paul Mampilly is at it again. In his latest pitch, the Wall Street maven says he’s onto something HUGE. This Profits Unlimited review will tell you the facts so you can decide for yourself.

If you follow the Dork, you know Artificial Intelligence is going to transform the world and generate HUGE returns for its investors. The tricky part is finding the right stocks. The technology is still in its infancy so, unless you have a full research team at your disposal, you’ll have a hard time finding and investing money for the winners in the stock market.

Enter Paul Mampilly with his latest pitch for Profits Unlimited. He believes everyone in the U.S. should buy his secret pick RIGHT NOW. It’s a tantalizing tidbit, especially when he walks you through the numbers. Check out his Caught On Camera presentation now to see what I mean.

Click Here to See Paul Mampilly’s Explain Why This AI Stock is Number 1

What Is Profits Unlimited?

Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s monthly investment newsletter published by Banyan Hill Publishing. It’s only one newsletter of the many published by Banyan Hill.

In every issue, Paul Mampilly gives readers his take on the current state of the market, including professional-grade insights and analysis. Each issue also includes a new strong-buy stock pick that Paul Mampilly breaks down in detail so you’d know before you invest.

If a monthly newsletter doesn’t sound like it’s worth it, just wait. The Profits Unlimited newsletter comes loaded with extra content and information. The gist is that you use Paul Mampilly’s financial advice and leverage that to invest and make money in the stocks he and his team recommend.

In addition to the Profits Unlimited newsletter, people also receive Mampilly’s daily newsletter, Bold Profits Daily for free when they sign up. Paul says he personally writes this newsletter every day, so people are getting the inside scoop directly from the source. 

After 60 days, Profits Unlimited subscribers find additional free newsletters as well from Paul Mampilly’s research firm. Great Stuff is one of the daily newsletters that provide a light-hearted take on the latest investing news. You can even get Money and Markets, a little more traditional newsletter. It provides daily insights that helps readers grow their nest egg, protect their retirement, and build wealth. 

All and all, you get four professionally penned newsletters with one subscription to Profits Unlimited. It’s a pretty solid deal but, it’s nothing compared to the other materials that Paul Mampilly is offering under his current promotion. This review of Profits Unlimited will cover them all but, first, just who is Paul Mampilly?

Click Here to See How Reading ‘Profits Unlimited’ Can Help You Get Rich!

Street Cred

Paul Mampilly of Banyan Hill Publishing made his Wall Street debut over 28 years ago as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. After stints at ING and Deutsche Bank, Mampilly finally landed as a hedge fund manager at Kinetics Asset Management in 2006. That’s where things get interesting. 

Paul Mampilly quickly grew the fund from $1 billion to $6 billion, and the Street took notice. Mampilly’s fund made Barron’s “world’s best” funds list shortly after. In 2008 and 2009 – during the peak of the Financial Crisis – Paul Mampilly participated in an investment competition hosted by a prestigious foundation and earned a 76% return on a $50 million principle. 

When Paul Mampilly retired from Wall Street, he started writing for Banyan Hill Publishing, one of the companies that write about investment content. Paul Mampilly had quite the career and his fair share of critics, but his personal stock picks are undeniably impressive. So even if there’s no hundred-percent guarantee that you’ll always make money when you invest in his recommendations, Paul’s credentials and investment advice would give you a much, much better probability.

In the video, Paul Mampilly lays out some of his best stock picks over the years, and it includes some that went on to become the biggest winners of the past few years.

Sarepta Therapeutics: 2,539% Gain

Netflix: 634% Gain

Universal Display: 1,591% Gain

Exact Sciences: 355% Gain

Olympus: 327% Gain

And a bunch more. To see them all, check out the video here.

What Are They Selling?

In addition to the investment newsletters, Profits Unlimited comes loaded with a bunch of other extras as well. These contain investment advice to help people make money from stocks. Premium subscribers get everything detailed above, plus a bunch of in-depth bonus reports for more advice on stocks. You also get access to the Profits Unlimited portfolio, which contains all the current buy recommendations, current gains, prices, etc.

The Profits Unlimited newsletter is a treasure trove of valuable information for making money from stocks. Its three bonus reports alone are valued at a price of $467. However, you can get them now for a price of only $79 per year with a Premium Subscription. It includes all of the special reports, Profits Unlimited portfolio, the newsletters, and more. Even better, you’ll find that it includes a 12-month guarantee. 

Click Here to see the deal for yourself.

profits unlimited review

Profits Unlimited Review: What’s Included

In addition to the usual content Paul puts out in the Profits Unlimited newsletter every month, they’re currently offering a special bonus report you’ll definitely like.

Special Bonus Report: The ‘Artificial Intelligence Action Plan’

This detailed guide includes four separate reports that go much deeper into stock investing.

“How to Ride AI’s 76,000% Surge to Massive Profits”

This is the report that reveals the number-one AI stock pick of Paul Mampilly, and it also provides a detailed analysis of why he thinks that stock is a winner. He teases that the stock is currently trading for only 5-times earnings and that buying it now could be like buying Amazon 20 years ago. Now you would be sitting in a lot of money!

“Blockchain Fortunes: The Company Leading a $3.1 Trillion Revolution”

In this report, Paul outlines an incredible opportunity in the blockchain space. He claims that this company already lays claim to over half the market and supplies over 250 corporate partners with blockchain hardware. Blockchain technology is expected to grow to a $3.1 trillion market in a few years, and Paul Mampilly thinks this company could lead the revolution.

“The Company Leading the Precision Medicine Revolution”

This report from Profits Unlimited features an innovative biotech firm that’s making a lot of noise in the precision medicine market. This company’s technology can custom fit medical care using revolutionary genetic diagnostics. Paul Mampilly thinks it could be a big winner and could make a ton of money for many!

“Real Wealth Strategist”

Through this special offer, Profits Unlimited patrons also get a 3-month trial subscription to Real Wealth Strategist. This includes bonus reports that detail some of the best value opportunities on the market to help you invest your money wisely. Paul Mampilly’s colleague, Matt Badiali, specializes in digging up obscure stocks in the mining, energy, and natural resources sectors. These little-known companies have the potential to increase as much as 100 times, and this newsletter is included for free as part of this promotion. And of course, you want to invest money in the right companies, right?? The subscription comes with automatic renewal so, if you love it, you don’t have to worry about your service being interrupted. And you can always call customer service if you decide you can’t commit to a full year.

Bonus Reports

A premium subscription in the Profits Unlimited newsletter also gives you three additional reports.

  • The Insider Code to Stock Market Riches
  • 5 Tech Stocks That Will Power the Next Industrial Revolution
  • 3 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid

These are only included with a Profits Unlimited premium membership. A one-year subscription is currently on sale for only $79.

Click here to see the full report line up and explore them for yourself.

Profits Unlimited: Model Portfolio

Members can access an online portfolio that shows all of the Profits Unlimited stocks, profits, price targets, and other pertinent information. New subscribers can immediately check in on all of the Profit Unlimited stock picks, including how well they’ve done since the call was initiated. After a quick look, you would find pretty quickly that these guys know what they’re doing.

You would be able to keep track of how well the recommended stocks are doing, so take some time and familiarize yourself first so you’re never confused. Having information like this essentially proves that the Profits Unlimited investment newsletter is not a scam. It’s a sign of legitimacy and how it’s one of the best in the trade compared to many others that just make money off of people.

In addition, you’d also find trade alerts, which are very much useful if Paul would suggest keeping an eye on a stock or completely exiting.

Learn more about the Profits Unlimited model portfolio here.

Profits Unlimited Reviewed: Is It Worth Buying or Is It a Scam?

Profits Unlimited could be one of the best values in the investor newsletter market that will help improve your income per month like you’ve never imagined. It’s updated every month so you’re always ahead of the game. If you’re in doubt if it’s a scam because you’ve had your fair share scam newsletters in the past, the Profits Unlimited newsletter is absolutely not one of those. Here’s everything you get for a reasonably low price:

profits unlimited reviewed

$79 Premium Package

  • One-year Digital and print subscription to Profits Unlimited
  • The Artificial Intelligence Action Plan
  • 3 Bonus Reports
  • Four additional free newsletters, written by top investment pros
  • Model Portfolio
  • 12-Month guarantee

$47 Standard Subscription

  • One-year Digital Subscription to Profits Unlimited
  • The Artificial Intelligence Action Plan
  • Four additional free newsletters, written by top investment pros
  • Model Portfolio
  • 12-Month guarantee

This deal speaks for itself. A Profits Unlimited subscription includes a ton of valuable financial resources to help you invest in the right stocks. Just one successful trade out of many could cover the cost of a subscription a hundred times over. Plus, you’ll get a steady stream of high-powered stock picks for a year, and it’s less than the cost of an Xbox game.

If you want to get serious and make money investing, you may need a little guidance to get started on investing in the stock market especially if it’s your first time. Profits Unlimited is an excellent product that will help you bump up your profits per month. It’s ultra-affordable, so just about anyone can afford to get started. Best of all, if you don’t like it, you have a FULL YEAR to cancel. It seems like there is no way to lose with this current promotion on the website. If you don’t want the newsletter, it won’t take much of your time to cancel your subscription.

How to Get Started

That’s it for our Profits Unlimited review. If you want to learn more on how to make money from stocks with Paul Mampilly’s advice, start with this video. It’ll tell you everything you need to know to sign up.

Click Here to learn how to turbocharge any portfolio with Profits Unlimited and the Artificial Intelligence Action Plan. 

Trade Ideas Review: Is It The Best Stock Scanner Around?

Trade Ideas Review: Is It The Best Stock Scanner Around?

Chris Dios - January 10, 2020

These days, traders can’t get far in the stock market without a reliable stock screener. However, sifting through all the data can feel like an endless endeavor. The Trade Ideas scanner is one of the best tools that can help you out. It’s an AI-driven stock screener that automatically finds new trade ideas and setup opportunities. Having been established for more than ten years, it’s definitely one of the greatest options today. Our Trade Ideas full review puts this revolutionary system under the microscope to see if it’s really worth buying.

Stock Scanners: What Are They?

Stock scanners are extremely helpful tools for traders. If you’re a trader and you’re not using one, you should be. They can save you a lot of time researching stocks and observing charts. You can use scanners to search through thousands of different stocks to find stock options that fit your criteria. Scanners are totally customizable, so you can adjust them to fit your investing style.

For example, let’s say you’re searching for value penny stocks with solid revenue growth. You could set a screener for:

  • Price: Under $5
  • Price-to-Book Ratio: Under 3.0
  • YoY Revenue Growth: Over 10%

The possibilities are limitless. However, some screeners are more powerful than others. Some high-quality screeners offer free versions of their tools, but the free variants are almost always stripped of some of their functionality compared to full ones. When it comes to great results in trading stocks, you can’t really get a super valuable tool for free.

 >> Get Started With Trade Ideas Now <<

Trade Ideas Review: Scanner

Before we can dive into our Trade Ideas review, let’s start with the basics. What is Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is a sophisticated stock screener and research platform that offers a host of unique features that most screeners can’t match. It doesn’t just screen for stocks, it uses artificial intelligence to point you towards the trade opportunities with the highest statistical likelihood of success. That’s in real time.

Sifting through stocks can be an overwhelming task. Poring through financial data is tedious and time-consuming. It can take hours to make sense of all the available information, observe the stock price, and other processes like backtesting. If you’re new to stocks, it can be downright confusing. The sheer volume of data is so enormous that it’s impossible to peruse every detail without help, even for pros.

That’s why the Trade Ideas scanner is so effective. It combines the research utility of a screener with advanced AI-based analytics to help you find many new stock options in real-time. Most screeners just put the data and charts in front of you, but Trade Ideas helps you make sense of it all through alerts and features. And as mentioned, it has the powerful Holly AI. 

There are actually 3 different Hollys. The first Holly is called the Holly Grail. As the name suggests, it’s considered to be the Holy Grail of financial technology, the Holly Grail successfully ran for two years until eventually the Holly 2.0 and the Holly Neo came out. Who knows what’s coming in the years to come?

The Trade-Ideas scanner settings are totally customizable. For example, the channel bar allows you to organize your chosen themes like premarket, after hours, cryptocurrency, and the like. Just being able to have this option in the channel bar makes it easier to use, even for those doing it for the first time. Plus, the channel bar graphics are self-explanatory too.

The software monitors the market in realtime so you can get actionable trade ideas that you’d never find with a regular scanner. It also includes pre-built scans that are programmed to discover the best setups. Since it works in real time, it’s a great day trading scanner. It’s also an excellent pre-market scanner. However you want to use it, Trade Ideas scanner settings can be adjusted to fit your needs and trading strategies.

The scanner software is impressive, but we’re going to break this review down feature by feature.

>> Ready To Start Finding The Best Stocks To Trade? Join Trade Ideas Now <<

Charts for Stocks 

Trade Ideas users can access charts right inside the app. Depending on your subscription, you can view up to 20 charts at once, right inside the platform. Keep in mind, this isn’t a charting platform, so you will probably still need to rely on your primary charting app for more advanced charts research. However, the charts are serviceable and it’s convenient to be able to pull them up from within the platform. 

trade ideas reviews

Trade Ideas Strategies

The TI software also has built-in trading strategies and scans that can help traders find ideal setups. Plus, you can also adjust a strategy to fit your preferences. The built-in options range from basics like premarket gap scans to complex technical parameters like “Short Overextended Up Move for 45 Minutes with 67.7% success”. Users can tweak all these settings, so the possibilities for great results are practically endless.

Real-time Trade Alerts

When a stock hits one of TI’s screens, the results show up the alerts section. This section is fully customizable, so you can change the layout to fit your preferences. You can also set up your preferences for alerts and filters. Users have access to all the usual quote information, like current price, daily gain/loss, and more. Trade Ideas even analyzes StockTwits data to produce a sentiment score. Alerts make it easy to access results and the best trade ideas strategies on the go, so you can maximize their effectiveness. Should you want to view your previous alerts, simply scroll down the alert window and you’ll see a history of your alerts.

Through chart windows, you can confirm alerts without leaving the Trade Ideas platform. Yes, you don’t have to leave the platform just to view alerts.

trade ideas reviewed

News Scanner

Unfortunately, TI doesn’t have any built-in news streams available for you to use, but that’s not a major problem. After all, TI isn’t intended to be a stand-alone stock trading system. It’s a research platform that works best in conjunction with another brokerage platform.

There are plenty of tools that can help you monitor the latest stock market news, and thus help you form the right strategy. Most brokers have some kind of news scanner included on their trading platform, so check with yours to see what they have available.

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Investor Education

Trade-Ideas also comes with valuable educational tools that can help every trader improve his trading skills and strategy. Trader education is a lifelong process that takes years to perfect, so traders can get something out of these valuable resources. TI has dozens of educational videos available on their YouTube channel, and there are even more helpful guides available on the website. Each and every resource is organized to be very user-friendly and easy to understand, so it won’t take long to get a good understanding of how everything works.

Trade Ideas Chat Room

Active traders might want to consider joining the Trade Ideas chat room, where they can share and interact with a community of like-minded traders of all skill levels. It’s good for bouncing your ideas of other traders and picking up new ideas. Being an active part of an investor community can help you make smarter trades, so chat rooms are an excellent resource for any investor who wishes to improve their strategy.

Training Webinars

TI subscribers can also access a catalog of on-demand videos and live webinars that cover a variety of investor education topics. Every week, there are several live webinars to choose from, and you can access recorded versions at any time.

TI University

If you really want to dive into trader education, you need to check out Trade Ideas University. These video courses provide valuable insights that can help you get the most out of the platform. If you watch them all, you’ll be well on your way to successful trading.

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Trade Ideas Broker Integration

TI users have the option to connect their broker so they can input orders directly from the platform. Connecting your broker eliminates the need to switch back and forth between TI and your broker’s trading platform. It’s easier to concentrate on your research and quickly implement trades. It’s especially helpful for day traders who have to make split-second decisions.

Can I Use Any Broker With Trade Ideas?

No, not any. However, Trade Ideas can connect with Interactive Brokers and eSignal

Trade Ideas Pro

For a few extra dollars per day, you can upgrade to Trade Ideas Pro. This premium version includes all the basics, plus a few premium extras. Here’s what you get when you upgrade to pro.

Backtest Your Trades

If you decide to upgrade to Trade Idea Pro, you can also get unlimited backtesting via TI Oddsmaker. You can use Oddsmaker as a backtesting tool to examine all of your trade ideas hypothetically so you can see the potential results. Simply input the entry and exit criteria of any strategy like long/short and stop loss. You can also adjust things like share size and starting equity. Afterward, Oddsmaker will tell you the success probabilities of your strategy. Use it to play around with any strategy and test how the changes affect your results and profit. The Oddsmaker is a great way to take your new trade strategies on a test run before risking your hard-earned capital.

AI Stock Trading Software

Pro also includes access to Trade Ideas Holly, a revolutionary artificial intelligence engine automatically scans millions of data points to find trade opportunities. This robotic stock picker uses advanced statistical analysis to pinpoint the highest-potential trades, so Holly stock picks are definitely worth paying attention to. For the passive trader, it’s great to watch this AI trade in real-time rather than just looking at charts yourself.

Trade Ideas Holly Review

Holly actively tracks the market to find trades with the highest statistical chance of profit success. It uses 35 long and short strategies to identify trades that historically average success ratios over 60% with at least 2:1 profit ratios. It also looks at everything that is volume driven. Holly’s results are updated in real-time throughout the trading day, so you can track them throughout the session. 

The system keeps working overnight, Holly scans millions of potential trades while the market is closed and assembles a list of strategies and stocks with the highest chance for success. Holly’s list goes into the AI Strategies window, so users can follow them throughout the day.

Trade Ideas Holly Performance

So far, performance has been excellent. In 2016, Holly picks were up 52% by the end of the year, that’s over five times more than the S&P 500 index returned that year. 

Learn more about AI trading and Holly’s performance Click Here.

Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus

Trade Ideas Premium subscribers can also access TI Brokerage Plus. This revolutionary system allows users to fully automate their stock trades. You can connect Holly to your broker, and then let it manage your portfolio automatically. Once you connect Trade Ideas Broker Plus, your portfolio is pretty much on autopilot, and Holly will use millions of statistical data points to identify trades with the highest potential for success.

TI Brokerage Plus with Interactive Brokers

Currently, Brokerage Plus only supports Interactive Brokers accounts. Hopefully, they’ll add more soon but, for now, you’ll have to open and fund an Interactive Brokers account to automate your portfolio with Brokerage Plus.

As of June 2019, basic TI subscribers can also access some Brokerage Plus features. TI-Standard subscribers can connect their Interactive Brokers (IBKR) account and manage their portfolio through the TI interface. Connected users can place trades, view a strategy, and manage positions directly from Trade Ideas. However, you’ll need a premium subscription to access auto trading and watch Holly AI’s trades.

Brokerage Plus Costs and Fees

To access fully automated trading with Brokerage Plus, you must have a premium Trade Ideas subscription. Then, you have to purchase a lifetime license for fully-integrated Holly AI trading. 

How Much Does Trade Ideas Cost?

The Trade Ideas platform sounds great, but what’s the price tag? In this section, our review will cover trade-ideas cost and value. There’s no arguing that this platform offers an incredibly stockpile of resources but, for many investors who are trading on a budget, price is important.

Trade Ideas Reviewed: Standard Subscription

The first type of subscription is the standard one. It comes in two different forms, monthly and annual. An annual subscription averages out to have a cheaper price than the monthly option, but it costs more upfront.

It costs only $2.90 per day for an annual plan, or you can purchase a monthly plan for only $3.90 a day. In case you don’t have a calculator handy, that works out to $1068 per year for annual and $118 for monthly access.

Trade Ideas Reviewed: Premium Subscription

The pro version of Trade Ideas is more expensive, but it includes all the extras mentioned above, including access to Holly AI.

An annual subscription costs $6.20 per day, and a monthly subscription comes to $7.50. In total, that’s $2268 per year and $228 per month.

Trade Ideas Standard Vs. Premium

In case you forgot what each subscription offers, let’s rehash all the major points we’ve covered in this review.

Standard Subscription Includes:

  • The best Trade Ideas strategies.
  • Real-time Trade Ideas
  • Simulated Trading
  • View up to 10 Charts Simultaneously
  • Chart Based Visual Trade Assistant
  • Monitor up to 500 Price Alerts
  • Share up to 10 Price Alerts
  • Channel Bar – “Curated Workspaces by TI”
  • Manage your IBKR portfolio in Brokerage Plus 
  • One-click Ordering with Participating Brokers
  • Includes the Open Positions Tab
  • Access to Live Trading Chat Room Hosted by Barrie Einarson

Premium Subscriptions Include

  • All the features of TI-Standard, PLUS:
  • View up to 20 Charts Simultaneously 
  • TI Holly Artificial Intelligence Trading Analyst
  • Entry and Exit Signals
  • Oddsmaker Risk Assessment
  • Unlimited Price Alerts
  • A.I. Trade Assistance Chart Integration
  • Trade Idea Backtesting
  • Autotrade on Interactive Brokers with Brokerage Plus

Fully Automated AI Trading with Brokerage Plus

If you want to let Holly manage your portfolio, you’ll have to purchase a software license for the integration program. Click Here to learn more about automatic trading with Holly.

Trade Ideas Reviewed: The Verdict is In….

The Trade Ideas premium stock scanner is one of the best options you can buy on the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this platform offers tremendous value for traders of all skill levels. A TI subscription might seem expensive at first, but if you plan on the platform’s full potential, it could easily pay for itself in a matter of days. It’s definitely worth the price. Veteran stock traders understand the importance of accurate and timely research, so a good scanner with features like this is an invaluable resource. You’ve got chart windows, backtesting, alert windows, customization options, and more. It’s a great day trading scanner among the many different options you see in the market. If you’re serious about making money in the stock market, you need to consider purchasing a subscription to Trade Ideas. Go to the Trade Ideas website and do some research yourself. That’s it for this review, but remember that the best investment you make this year might not be shares of stock at all. Trade Ideas can help you maximize your portfolio so give it a try with a free demo account today.

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Best Day Trading Platform for Beginners

Best Day Trading Platform for Beginners

Hassan Maishera - January 9, 2020

Intraday trading is intense. Day traders need to make split-second decisions, and they need software that can keep up. Finding the best day trading platform is imperative to success. However, there are countless options to choose from. Choosing the right one can be a matter of preference, but the best day trading platforms for active traders have a few things in common.

What Is The Best Day Trading Platform for Beginners

To know the best day trading platform for active traders, you have to consider a few things. Day traders pay attention to platforms with speed, are reliable, and have a low cost. The features that usually appeal to long-term investors are not typically useful to day traders.

Day traders don’t hold stocks overnight, so they start the trading day with no positions. All trades take place within the course of a market session. Therefore, day traders need quick and easy access to research tools on the fly. This is especially important for beginners that are still getting adjusted to the fast-paced nature of day trading.

The best day trading platforms for beginners can monitor liquidity, price volatility, breaking news, and more. Most traders also want quick access to the margin so they can quickly juice up their buying power if needed.

It’s also important to consider commissions and fees. Most brokers transitioned to a zero-commission model, but there can be hidden fees that you might not spot off hand. If you’re interested in trading on margin, even though it’s NOT recommended for beginners, you should consider how much interest the platform charges for margin loads.

These brokers represent some of the best day trading platforms for beginners. They have excellent features that help new day traders improve their skills and trade execution.

Best Day Trading Platforms: Our Top Picks

Interactive Brokers

This is one of the leading trading platforms for active traders. You can open an account for $0, but there is a fee of $0.005 per share for their standard platform. Interactive Brokers rate is one of the lowest on the market.

Interactive Brokers day trading platform is called Trader Workstation, or TWS. TWS includes over 120 technical indicators and research tools. It also supports advanced features, like algorithm-based auto-trading and more. The market scanner and stock screener are also exceptional. They make it easy for day traders to follow the market.

Interactive Brokers has tons of advanced capabilities, but it’s still an excellent day trading platform for beginners.

best day trading platforms for beginners

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is another leading platform for active traders. Similar to Interactive Brokers, you can open an account with them with $0. Trading stocks and ETF on TD Ameritrade are free. However, they charge $0.65 per options contract.

The platform has a wide range of resources that makes it perfect for even beginners. You can follow multiple stocks using the tile charts feature on the platform. The real-time streaming price quotes power the intra-day charts.

best day trading platform for beginners

For those who wish to automate trading, the thinkScript language enables traders to use one of the 300 built-in strategies. Traders also have access to the over a hundred technical indicators available on TD Ameritrade’s platform.


The minimum account balance here is $0 for TSgo and $2,000 for TS Select platforms. You can trade stocks and ETFs for free on TradeStation. However, they charge $0.60 per contract and $0 per trade options on TS Select. For the TSgo account, they charge $0.50per contract and $0 per trade

Their trading platform is downloadable and comes with a wide range of technical indicators and other features to help day traders. It allows traders to route orders by themselves, choose the trading venue, or utilize their smart order routing engine.

TradeStation supports the automated trading strategy. The excellent charting and technical analysis capabilities make TradeStation a top trading platform for active traders.


Lightspeed has a considerable account minimum; $10,000 for web and $25,000 for software. They charge a maximum of $4.50 per stock trade and $0.65 per options contract. Its fees are higher than the other platforms mentioned in this article.

Despite its high fees, Lightspeed is an exceptionally stable platform that provides traders with several features. The platform is customizable and provides traders with real-time quotes on all available assets. The charts update rapidly to ensure you keep up with the latest market information.

The security at Lightspeed is exceptional. The login procedure includes a virtual private network (VPN), especially for those using WiFi. The flexible order routing is another robust feature of Lightspeed.


Tastyworks has an account minimum of $0 and doesn’t charge traders anything for stock trading on their platform. They, however, charge $1.00 to open options trades $0.00 to close the options. These fees are low, making Tastyworks an attractive platform to day traders.

Their platform is fast, reliable, and has a customizable dashboard. The watchlists on Tastyworks are sortable by up to 50 data points. Price quotes also load faster since they are not throttled. They provide users with scanners that help them find stocks that are becoming more volatile.

With such innovation and low cost, it is no surprise that Tastyworks has become a leading day trading platform for active traders.

Best Day Trading Platform: Closing Thoughts

The best day trading platform differs depending on your needsHowever. However, the platforms mentioned above are some of the best options for beginners who are just getting started. Sign up for Stock Dork alerts now to get more trading trips and the best take on stock market news. Click here to join now and get our 2020 Growth Stock Guide for free.

Motley Fool Rule Breakers Review

Motley Fool Rule Breakers Review

John Parker - December 16, 2019

Motley Fool Review: Does Rule Breakers Live Up to They Hype?

Motley Fool is one of the leading websites in the investor education space. The team at The Fool has been monitoring the market for decades, and the firm offers a wide selection of investor research products. Our Motley Fool review series takes a close look at the Fool’s best investor research services, so you can find the best product for your money. 

rule breakers review

The Stock Dork: Motley Fool Rule Breakers Review

The Motley Fool Rule Breakers investor research service promises to deliver a steady stream of market-beating growth stocks. Fool’s research targets businesses that could be future leaders in the stock market. Naturally, these high-growth companies are the best stocks to invest in today. By following the Fool’s recommendations, you can build a high-powered portfolio of growth stocks with excellent long-term potential.

What Comes With a Rule Breakers Subscription

Subscribers receive two new stock recommendations every month. These regular alerts help investors hone in on the hottest growth stocks on the market. Each report comes loaded with valuable intel that can help you with your other investments so, even if you don’t buy the recommended stock, each issue of Rule Breakers is loaded with intangible value.

A subscription also includes:

  • Best Buys Now: This section highlights the top Rule Breaker stock picks and all the way back to when the service first started.
  • Starter Stocks: A collection of hand-picked stocks that are solid core investments for anyone who is building a portfolio.
  • Community: Get support from a community of like-minded investors.
  • Knowledge Base: Access to an extensive library of investor resources.

Click here to get access to these resources now.

Rule Breakers Reviewed: Street Cred

Lots of investment research services promise to deliver big returns, but The Fool has a track record to back up its claims. The Fool’s research services regularly make the Wall Street Journal columnist Mark Hulbert’s top investor research service rankings. In fact, The Fool took the top three spots in 2013.

Rule Breakers Review: Greatest Hits

The best Rule Breakers stock picks include some of the top-performing companies of recent memory. These stocks earned crazy returns for their investors that beat the average market return by a wide margin.

Baidu – 1,296% Gains

This Chinese eCommerce platform is one of the leading companies in China. Share prices gained significantly since Rule Breakers first sounded the alert. 

Intuitive Surgical – 3,804% Gains

Rule Breakers recommend this cutting-edge healthcare stock a few years ago, and share prices are 39 times higher than they were when the Fool first made their call.

Tesla Motors – 1,021% Gains

Today, Elon Musk is a household name but that wasn’t the case just a few years ago. Rule Breakers pointed readers towards Tesla when it was still a young company.

  • See more of the Fool’s top picks here.

How Much Does Rule Breakers Cost?

A one-year subscription to Rule Breakers costs $99 per year. That’s slightly more than some other services, but that’s because the Fool is one of the top players in the business. Just one Rule Breakers stock can easily generate enough returns to cover your subscription cost, so Fool’s award-winning research services are worth every penny.

Rule Breakers Review: Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re skeptical of Rule Breakers, you can give it a try without risking your hard-earned money. The Fool offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all of their products, so you won’t be stuck holding the bag if you’re not happy with the service. Canceling is quick and easy, and the Fool will return 100% of your membership fee. 

Thanks to the 30-day satisfaction guarantee, Rule Breakers is absolutely risk-free. If you’re even the least bit curious, you might as well give it a try. If you don’t like it, you have 30 days to cancel. It’s that easy.

Click here to learn more about Fool’s 30-Day, No-Risk Guarantee.

Rule Breakers Reviewed By Members

The ultimate gauge of a product’s quality is its user testimonials. These brief Rule Breaker reviews come from actual subscribers. Most of them have pretty good things to say.

rule breakers review

Motley Fool Rule Breakers Reviewed: Closing Thoughts

The Fool is one of the most credible names in investing. Their investor research services have been leading the industry for years. While Rule Breakers costs slightly more than some bargain-bin research services, it’s still much cheaper than other products. This is a highly visible and reputable company, so you know can rest easy knowing you’re getting a legit product. Plus, it comes with the peace of mind offered by a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

The Best Thing About Rule Breakers…

The returns! The Fool picked some of the hottest companies on the market over the past few years. It’s almost like they have a crystal ball over there. In all seriousness though, the accuracy of their picks is astounding. If they hit even one homerun pick during the course of a year, it could change your life. Imagine getting buying Intuitive Surgical and getting that 3,000%+ return? Those are INSANE returns, and this team has a reputation for consistency.

Stop trading in the dark. An investment research service like Rule Breakers can make all the difference. It’s absolutely risk-free for 30 days, so click here now to sign up now. When you’re watching your portfolio gains sky-rocket, you’ll be happy you signed up!

The Best Penny Stocks Apps with Zero-Fees

The Best Penny Stocks Apps with Zero-Fees

Hassan Maishera - December 6, 2019

Smartphones and trading apps changed the way investors make trades. You now have the freedom to manage their holdings from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Stocks can move at a moment’s notice, so active traders need to be ready at any time, especially if they trade cheap stocks. You can buy and sell a penny stock for less than a dollar per share, as they have a low price. After rigorous research and review, we came up with this list of the best penny stocks apps and, best of all, they all offer zero-commission trading.

Key Features 

Several apps have been developed to make it easy for you to access and trade the penny stocks. The penny stock apps have made it convenient for traders to trade stocks using their computers or mobile devices.

However, with the several options available, it is tough to know the best penny stocks app. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a penny stocks app.

Customer service

You would want to have an excellent customer service whenever you encounter a problem. The best penny stock apps have excellent support teams and offer several contact options for all kinds of services needed by customers.

Availability of stocks

It is recommended that you go for a penny stocks app that offers several penny stocks for you to trade. Some penny stock apps limit themselves to penny stocks on major exchanges. However, if you can get a penny stocks app with all penny stocks listed, that would be better.

Order execution speed

Speed is essential when it comes to trading penny stocks, especially for day traders. When choosing the best penny stock apps, you would want your trades to be executed quickly so you can get the best buy and sell prices.

Ease of use

The best penny stock apps have a user interface that’s friendly and easy to navigate. That way, you don’t have to waste time on the technical aspect of trading.

Operating system support

It is not advisable to go for a penny stock app that doesn’t support various operating systems. The best penny stock market apps are those that can be used on iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux devices. Otherwise, you would find it hard trying to use the penny stock app on your device.

Top Apps for Active Traders

Now that you know what to look for in the best penny stock app, here are the five best we could find:


Robinhood allows users to trade penny stocks with no fees or minimum balance. While it is best suited for novice traders and small portfolios, experienced traders can appreciate its ease of use and simple design. Plus, it has loads of technical analysis tools built-in.

One downside of using the Robinhood penny stock app is that you can only access exchange-listed penny stocks. Users can only trade NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange stocks, they can’t trade pink sheet stocks or other over-the-counter stocks.

Unfortunately, most penny stocks are not listed on major exchanges. As a result, Robinhood users have only limited access to penny stocks.

penny stocks apps robinhood

Robinhood kicked off the zero-commission revolution but, now that all the other major brokers followed suit, the competition is coming hard from all sides

For a limited time, Robinhood is offering a free share of stock to our readers who sign up using this link. You could get a share of Microsoft, Facebook, or other stocks for free just for signing up, so take advantage of this offer before its gone.

Ally Invest

Ally Invest is similar to Robinhood and offers similar features, including commission-free trading on stocks, ETFs, and options.

Unlike Robinhood, OTC listed stocks can be traded on Ally Invest. Thus, it has a larger pool of penny stocks available to you. Ally Invest has other good features that are useful to traders, including the banking capabilities added as part of the penny stock trading experience. You also get research and tools within reach wherever you are.

The Ally Invest mobile app is available for Android and iOS mobile device users. The InvestLIVE platform can be accessed via the mobile browser. The InvestLIVE platform streams real-time prices of stocks and supports multi-leg options trading.

Although trading on the Ally Invest penny stock app is not free, the availability of several penny stocks is useful. If you’re an active trader and you trade more than 30 times per quarter, the price per trade can go down from $4.95 to $3.95.

Interactive Brokers

Similar to Robinhood, trading is absolutely free on the Interactive Brokers. There is zero commission trading for US-listed stocks and ETFs, including penny stocks. Also, there are no activity fees or account minimums when you use their penny stock trading app.

A great feature of Interactive Brokers is the IBot. The bot works with Amazon’s Alexa, which enables you to trade by voice command. Thus, you can give your hands a rest and tell Alexa to make your penny stock trades for you.

If you are interested in trading OTC stocks, then Interactive Brokers could be an excellent choice. They offer more trading options than most of the other brokers. You can even trade options, including commodities and forex. They have fixed-rate plans, tiered plans, and flat-rate per share plans. Trading fees on this best penny stock app is as low as $0.0035 per share.


E-Trade also recently removed retail commissions for US-listed stocks, ETFs, and options. Now, you can trade penny stocks on E-Trade for free, including OTC stocks.

Its OptionsHouse app allows you to quickly find and execute their penny stock trades. In addition, the E-Trade mobile app allows you to both invest and manage funds, so it’s easier to move funds into an account for a trade.

The initial charge per trade in this penny stock app comes at $6.95, but this can drop to $4.95 if you trade more than 30 times in a quarter.

penny stock apps e-trade

E-Trade’s user-friendly mobile app is simple and easy-to-use.

E-Trade’s platform comes with several technical indicators and trading tools to help make trading stocks (penny) more simple. E-Trade tools allow users to effectively manage their portfolios and their account balances.

The E-Trade mobile app also provides free access to late-breaking news, including Bloomberg TV, and other third-party research. Serious traders know how important it is to stay in the know. Having that information built into the penny stock app can help traders make more informed trading decisions.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers zero-commission trading for US-listed stocks and ETFs. Traders can access the complete universe of penny stocks, including OTC stocks and pink sheets stocks, although these may charge a $4.95 commission per trade.

Schwab also offers access to bonds, mutual funds, and other types of investments.

Schwab users can also trade via desktop software or web browsers. For  active traders, StreetSmart Edge is Schwab’s excellent desktop trading software. It offers a robust selection of features and it’s available on desktop or mobile.

These apps are easy to use and responsive. They could make an excellent choice for day traders and other active investors. The penny stock app has everything investors need to make trades on the go.

Penny Stock Apps: Closing Thoughts

These are just a few of the excellent penny stocks apps available to active traders. There are lots more quality apps you can research that are great for trading penny stocks. Subscribe to the Dork to follow all things stocks (penny and others). You can get even more stock market news and information by following the Stock Dork on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t miss another update, sign up for mobile Dork Alerts now to get hot stock picks, insights, and analysis delivered directly to your phone.

Casey Report Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Casey Report Review: Is It Worth The Money?

John Parker - December 2, 2019

Doug Casey is sounding the alarm on socialism and, if he’s right, we should all be worried about our financial futures. In our Casey Research review, we’ll provide detailed coverage of the report, including whether his warnings are warranted.

The Casey Research is backed by Doug Casey, a long-time Wall Street insider who is predicting that left-wing politics will be the cause of the looming crisis in the financial world.

It’s not as outlandish as it sounds. Many Democratic candidates are strong proponents of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), a whacky economic theory that says established countries can carry unlimited deficits because they can always print and make more money to pay their debts.¹ 

I don’t have a doctorate in economics, but that sounds like a recipe for runaway inflation to me. 

Like it or not, the U.S. is swinging left, but what does that mean for your company and money? Doug Casey says he’s got the key to surviving the socialist-sparked financial crisis that seems like an inevitable eventuality. The Dork’s Casey Research review will tell you if we’re trading or fading Casey’s latest newsletter pitch.

Before we get started, you should check out Casey’s presentation here.

The Casey Report Reviewed: The Basics

The Casey Report is a monthly investment advisory service that provides regular research reports and market analysis of trends and investment opportunities. Subscribers also get unlimited access to Casey’s model portfolio, which tracks the report’s stock picks, price targets, gains, and recommendations. 

The Casey Research is clearly a bargain (especially when you consider the prices of comparable products), but is it worth it? Do subscribers get value for their money? Most importantly, just who is Doug Casey and is the Casey Report credible in giving investment advice? 

Other Casey Research reviews might not tackle these questions, but we’re digging in. Moving forward, we put this deal under the microscope. Kindly read our review below.

Street Cred: Who Is Doug Casey?

casey report reviewed

High praise for Casey’s financial acumen.

Doug Casey is an economist, investor, international speculator, and best-selling author.² He wrote the book Crisis Investing in 1979, which became a consistent New York Times Bestseller in the years that followed. He’s kept company with a long list of international VIPs, including 12 presidents. Central bank governors and intelligence officials have also been known to pick his brain from time to time. He’s even rubbed elbows with Fidel Castro.

Casey’s research firm is one with a long track record of correctly forecasting political and financial crises using rational analysis and cold hard facts. Given the team’s history of success, the team’s latest warning should be given good and serious consideration. 

The Casey Team correctly predicted: the fall of the Soviet Union (Vol. 05 No. 05 – May 1985); the Savings & Loan collapse that preceded the Financial Crisis; the Dot-Com bubble burst (XXI, No. 9 – September 2000), and Brexit.

Those are some of the most momentous market-moving events of the last 30 years. If the team at Casey Research saw all that coming, there’s a good chance that the company is doing something right.

While a regular advisory service may focus solely on technicals or price action, Casey Research looks at the big picture, unlike many research services. These Black Swan like these occur once in a decade and, if you’re not prepared, they could have a devastating impact on your portfolio. 

Casey Research is a company that looks at research from a wide perspective. They’re experts in many areas like geopolitics, finances, and economics. These people are a top-level team so every single recommendation they make carries a lot of weight.

Casey Research Review: What Are They Selling?

The company has a ton of free information on their website, but what you get with a newsletter subscription is unbeatable. A premium subscription to the Casey Research usually costs $199 for 12 months but, if you order now, you can get a 1 year subscription for only $49

That’s one hell of a deal. In fact, it works out to less than $5 a month. If you’re serious about making money, that’s chicken scratch for a year of really good info.

It’s the best price (especially in comparison to similar products) but it won’t be around forever. If you buy now, you’ll get a bunch of extras with your newsletter, including:

  • The Casey Report members-only portal, where subscribers can access all back issues and special reports. Each issue includes information on stock picks, market analysis, and portfolio updates.
  • Unrestricted Access to The Casey Report model portfolio. Track all of Casey’s investment advice and recommendations, including current information on their gains and price targets.
  • Action Alerts. Buy and sell alerts lets readers know when its time to get in or get out.
  • Concierge Customer Service. Call your customer service rep if there’s ever an issue with your subscription.
  • The Casey Report Investor Manual. A complete overview of Casy’s investment strategy in basic terms that help beginners know the basics and get started in no time.

You can access this special promotion by using this link.

Included Bonus Reports

That’s not all, the website says you’d also have access to the full library of Casey’s special reports. You’ll find that this special offer includes five different bonus reports that promise to help readers with information to best prepare them for the socialist financial crisis. Next, our Casey Research review dives deep into these special reports.


Casey Research’s Survival Handbook: Sidestep and Profit from America’s Socialist Financial Crisis

This featured report breaks down the socialist financial crisis in chilling details. It can be scary stuff to read, but it’s not all doom and gloom. These step-by-step financial plans let people know how to survive – and prosper – through even the worst crises imaginable every year.

Casey Research Perpetual Income Report

Casey teases that this rock-steady investment has been providing income for its owners for over 100 years. It could be one of the only surviving asset classes left after the rest of the market implodes.

Decisive Profits from the Collapse of Bonds

The bond market is the next bubble, says Casey. Read this report and learn how to best position yourself so the collapse of the bond market will be in your favor.

The 500% Gold Investment

Perhaps the best hedge against inflation, gold tends to sky-rocket when financial markets go into crisis mode. Casey is introducing readers to The Gold Book, an information source that provides a new way to play this safe-haven asset that has the potential to net gains of 500% or more. Read this book so you’ll know what to buy, when to store, and what strategies work.

The Casey Research Review: Is It Worth Buying?

The Casey Research is one of those services that provide people with a unique perspective on global markets. Unlike any other website or advisory service, you’ll find Casey’s research covers all of the major influences on the markets. The stock market isn’t just affected by day-to-financial stuff, there are many major macroeconomic forces at work.  Aside from the Casey Report, there are also other good subscriptions on the website including International Speculator and the Casey Crisis Speculator.

In order to truly understand the market, it’s important to see the entire field. Politics, global economics, sociology, and a variety of other factors have a tremendous influence on the market. 

While other market research products only provide a one-dimensional view on the market, The Casey Research analyzes it from every single angle for readers to know the best strategies. 

Money-Back Guarantee

On top of all the bonuses, the Casey Report also comes with a serious money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund with no questions asked. You’ll find this a real Game-Changer. Subscribers have absolutely nothing to lose. If you’re not happy, get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

See for yourself:

casey report reviewed guarantee

Source: Casey Research, LLC ©2019;

When it comes to the money you make, you can’t afford to be short-sighted even just a bit. The Casey Research provides readers with actionable insights and a proven plan for protecting your savings. Just take a look at some of the feedback from Doug’s subscribers:

  • “Made 500%. I admire what Doug’s done with his life, and what a guide he’s been to me.” -J. Bordner
  • “Doug’s picks have made me tons of money over the years, enough so that I have been “retired” since 1992… I “work” at home sitting in a recliner… My life consists of enjoying myself to the max. It may sound strange to some, but I have found my calling in life because Doug Casey showed me the way to do it.”  Robert O.³
  • “I owe much of my retirement security to taking a small [stock] at $0.27 per share and watching it climb to about $16.”Will M.

Casey is a proven winner, and he’s got a take on the market that no one else can match. If you’re shopping around for a market research service, The Casey Report should be on your shortlist.

How to Get Started

Thanks for reading The Casey Research Review. To start preparing your portfolio for the looming crisis, check out the official offer here. If you use this link, you can purchase a 1 year subscription to The Casey Report for only $49. 

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I encourage you to check it out. At the very least, The Casey Report offers valuable insights that can help folks protect their wealth. Hurry and get it while you can still take advantage of this new offer. 

Remember, the information you learn could one day save your life savings, so get started today.

The Near Future Report Review: Is it worth the money?

The Near Future Report Review: Is it worth the money?

John Parker - November 21, 2019

Jeff Brow’s Near Future Report newsletter promises to lead its readers to the hottest new tech trends, but does it deliver? Our Near Future Report review puts this research service to the test.

What Is the Near Future Report?

Tech trends move at the speed of light, so folks need to buy early if they want to ride the wave to the top. Imagine if you could get a jump on some of the hottest tech trends before they took off?

Beating the market isn’t easy for everyday folks. Professional traders have many resources at their disposal than the average investor simply can’t match. Most traders don’t have the time or resources to get an edge in the tech sector, but that’s where Jeff Brown’s report says it can help.

We’ll lay it all out in our Near Future Report review, so you can make your own call.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is a former tech executive who has over 26 years of experience working with some of the hottest startups in the Valley. He’s also spent time working overseas in Japan. This guy is a true insider, he has his finger on the pulse of the technology market and he has a knack for seeing the hottest tech trends coming from well a mile away. 

If you followed Brown’s advice over the past few years, you’d be sitting on some impressive gains. Some of his most notable calls include Nvidia in early 2016, which turned out to be the number-one performing S&P 500 stock for the remainder of the year. During the 12 months following the call, Nvidia gained 373%.,¹ and it’s gone even higher since then.

Future Report Review

In 2015, Jeff Brown also predicted the Bitcoin rally, back when it was going for only $292 per coin.² Two years later, the price of Bitcoin spiked to nearly $20,000 before falling back down the Earth in dramatic fashion. Traders that took Brown’s advice could’ve racked up as much as 6,406% gains on a well-timed investment.

Now, Jeff Brown is back with his latest push for his “Near Future Report” newsletter. This time, he claims that he has a hot lead on a 5G device that will be installed in every single 5G-capable smartphone sold globally over the next two years. Best of all, one company is the primary supplier of these devices and Brown predicts its value will sky-rocket very soon. This information alone is a huge selling point for the newsletter.

near future report review

Jeff Brown displays the tiny RF chip that he thinks will make this company one of the big winners of the 5G Revolution.

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The Near Future Report Review: What Are They Selling?

The Near Future Report is a premium research subscription service by Jeff Brown. Found at the Bonner and Partners website, it provides subscribers with a steady stream of the hottest up and coming tech stock information on the market. As such, they get to know the newest recommendations from the expert. 

Brown’s 5G pick might be the highlight of the program, but subscribers get a whole lot more information instead of a single, lonely stock pick. In fact, you’ll find the subscription jam-packed with research as well as actionable advice and top picks.

Best of all, the Near Future Report is available at one of the lowest rates ever offered. Unbelievably, it’s only $49 for a one-year membership.

To be perfectly honest, that’s an INSANE deal, especially when you consider how much information you get in return. Here’s a brief rundown of the many things included with a subscription.

Special Reports

Near Future Report subscribers get immediate access to the latest research reports by Jeff Brown. The aforementioned 5G report is headlining the group right now, but a subscription includes three other special research reports that are must-reads for anyone seriously interested in the hottest companies in the tech market. These reports cover some of the latest segments of the tech market.

near future report reviews

Special Report #1: “Phase Two: The 5G Device Every American Will Need”

This is the part that everyone is talking about in the Near Future Report review. Inside, Jeff Brown reveals the name of the company that he discusses in this video.

5G is rolling out in major U.S. cities as we speak, and the service could be introduced nationwide as soon as next year. However, the phone you’re holding in your hand right now can’t access this next-generation network. Well, practically none of the over 266 million smartphones in the U.S. are 5G compatible. Globally, there are over 3 billion devices that need to be upgraded in order to utilize 5G.

One company is the leading provider of the hardware that allows mobile handsets to hook into 5G networks, and Brown believes it could be the best performing tech stock of 2020. Inside, he examines this company in detail, including his recommended buy price and complete analysis of the stock. In addition, Brown highlights two other companies that he believes could benefit tremendously from the 5G revolution.

Special Report #2: “Phase Three: The Future of 5G Profits”

It’s not too late to get involved in 5G. In fact, Jeff Brown predicts the next growth market is right around the corner. In this report, he covers information about the top companies in the 5G services sector. Jeff Brown predicts the 5G services market could be booming shortly after the device market hits full speed.

Combined, the first and second reports provide a comprehensive analysis and in-depth information on the long-term trajectory for 5G stocks. It’s an interesting take on the market that’s worth reading. 

Special Report #3: “The Future of Cars is Now”

Brown seems to be locked in on the most disruptive technologies. From the many innovations happening in the tech section, one of the things he’s tuned in to is the self-driving car. According to him, self-driving cars will transform society as we know it, and they also factor into 5G’s big-picture potential. Basically, the financial newsletter says there will be thousands of self-driving cars flooding the roads in just a few months. 

It’s hard to pick winners in this space since we find the industry still in its infancy. Plus, the competition is intense. However, Brown knows which companies are winning the race.

Special Report #4: “Amazon Coin: Two Ways to Profit From the Next Blockchain Revolution”

Could the eCommerce giant really make its own cryptocurrency? Jeff Brown thinks so. He says that he first stumbled across an obscure website last year that caught his attention: 

The website interested him enough to make a few phone calls to his contacts in the Valley, and whatever he heard led him to believe that Amazon is going to issue its own crypto. In this section, he explains how a company like Amazon Coin could affect the market and gives readers his top stocks to buy to profit on the trend. If you’re interested in cryptocurrency, this is one of the many investment options Brown predicts is going to be big. 

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Access to Previous Special Reports and Back Issues

Aside from new financial reports, Near Future Report subscribers also get access to all of the back issues, so you can read back on all of Brown’s advice from before you signed up. It’s one of the great things we like about the subscription.

These reports go back for quite a while and, even though the market has changed since then, it’s interesting to see how Brown’s brain works when it comes to investment analysis. Folks can garner lots of advice from reading Brown’s past reports, so it’s an excellent source of information for Near Future Report subscribers.

Portfolio Management

The Near Future Report maintains a digital model portfolio that tracks picks, price targets, new investment recommendations, and more. The staff monitors the model portfolio daily and share impactful financial news, advice, and recommendations with subscribers.

Subscribers can easily view all the latest picks, breaking news, and more, all in one place. It’s the best way to track any portfolio. Since the NFR team monitors the model portfolio regularly, they’ll alert you if they recommend it’s time to stop buying or if you should sell any positions. You’re going to be consistently ahead of the investment game with new and timely info. 

Portfolio Management is a game-changer. It’s an easy way to know all of the NFR picks. Best of all, you can see past picks too. The record is right there in front of you, you can see for yourself that the NFR team has a history of consistent success.near future report reviewed

60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Yes, it’s true. If you decide at any time within the first 60 days that you’re unsatisfied with the Near Future Report and it’s not right for you, you can get back your money with one phone call. Not only will they return your subscription fee, they will let you keep the special reports as their free gift just for trying NFR. It’s a pretty solid guarantee, which should give you some indication of the product’s credibility.

You literally have nothing to lose. Try it for 59 days and, if you feel like you got flim-flammed, give them a call and get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

Near Future Report Reviewed: Good for Beginners?

The Near Future Report review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the skill level needed from users. Unfortunately, it’s not good for beginners; It’s GREAT for beginners. Even if you don’t know much in the scene, this newsletter has got your back. This is exactly the kind of setup someone who is new to learning about trading needs. Even the full-service financial advisors would have a hard time picking a portfolio that comes close to the Near Future Report’s lineup. 

The team at NFR makes it incredibly easy to follow the hottest new companies and it’s the perfect option for beginners who need a helping hand. 

At only $49 per year, you absolutely can not beat this research service. Comparable services cost as much as $5,000 a year, and many of them do not offer the comprehensive features that Near Future Report offers. The four special reports alone easily worth $50 but, when you consider the portfolio management and back-issue access, this thing is an absolute steal. 

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Near Future Report Review: How To Get Started

There are tons of investment newsletters on the market, but I challenge you to find one that offers this much for such a good price. When you consider Jeff Brown’s credentials as discussed in the near future report review, it’s downright baffling to know that it only costs $49 a year.

Motley Fool Rule Breakers costs six times as much.

Why pay that much when you can get a good, steady supply of financial research from one of Silicon Valley’s leading innovators for less than $5 a month? You’ll get top-notch recommendations, find the latest news, and learn from the many experiences of a credible expert.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to Jeff Brown say it for yourself.

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