Are Mutual Funds Still A Thing?

More than $49 trillion in assets are kept in global regulated open-end funds, according to data from...

Dividend Yield Explained

dividend yield
If you're interested in receiving passive income from the stock market, then dividend stocks might b...

Operating Margin and What You Need To Know

If you speak to most investors, they'll tell you that the fundamentals matter. The price of a stock ...

How Profit Margin Impacts Stock Moves

profit margin example
Analysts and investors can get a better grip on the financial health of a company by reading its qua...

Debt To Equity Ratio: Here’s What You Need To Know

debt to equity ratio
Leverage is a necessary yet risky aspect of corporate structure. For this reason, analysts and inves...

Everything You Need To Know About Net Present Value

net present value
Management's main job is to create value for shareholders. How do they know if a new project will cr...

What Does Earnings Before Interest And Taxes Tell You?

earnings before interest and taxes
Analysts use different methods of evaluating company performance. Earnings before interest and taxes...

What Are Profitability Ratios And Do They Matter?

profitability ratios
Companies today produce a tremendous amount of revenue, and consequently expenses. Profitability rat...

The Cash Conversion Cycle: Everything You Need To Know

cash conversion cycle
The cash conversion cycle estimates the time is takes for cash to flow through a company. Sales are ...

What Is An Oligopoly And Does It Affect You?

Before entering a business space, one measures risk and competition. An oligopoly offers tremendous ...

How Does The Equity Multiplier Measure Risk Of An Investment?

equity multiplier
Like other financial leverage ratios, the equity multiplier measures asset financing practices. Howe...

How Can A Stop Loss Order Protect Your Profits?

stop loss
To traders, profits are the life blood of business. Without them, business ceases and traders leave ...

How Can The Payout Ratio Put More Money In Your Pocket?

payout ratio
As a shareholder, ever wonder how much of the company's income returns to you? The payout ratio show...

Everything You Need To Know About Operating Income

operating profit
Analysts and investors measure companies in various ways, many relating to the amount of profit prod...

How Do Profitable Traders Use Limit Orders?

limit order
Order types are an edge that trades use in the market. A limit order guarantee trade execution at pr...

How Do Companies Use Accounts Receivable Turnover?

accounts receivable turnover
Like banks, companies extend credit to consumers. This allows for the immediate purchase of goods wi...

Will Cyclical Unemployment Affect You In The Future?

cyclical unemployment
Business cycles are an unshakable part of world economies. Cyclical unemployment trends repeat over ...

What Are Market Orders And Should You Be Using Them?

market order
Different order execution types exist in the market. This is to compensate for different trading sty...

What Is Simple Interest? Find Out Now!

simple interest
Simple interest exist on most short-term loans. such as a car loan. The payment calculation varies f...

What Does Retained Earnings Tell You About A Company?

retained earnings
Management decides how to spend surplus income in a number of ways. Retained earnings shows investor...

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