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Fry’s Investment Report Review: Is This Research Service Legit?

Chris Dios - February 10, 2021

Fry's Investment Report Review featured
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The market is buzzing with Eric Fry reviews and reviews of his research service, Fry’s Investment Report, and a lot of our readers want to know if this guy is the real deal. In this Fry’s Investment Report review, we cut through the clutter to see if the service is legit!

We were eager to write a Fry’s Investment Report review to answer their questions, and our team picked this service apart to get the facts.

After an extensive examination, we’ve got answers, and our findings might surprise you.

Stay tuned to our Fry’s Investment Report review to see if it’s the real deal or just another run-of-the-mill stock picking service.

Fry’s Investment Report Review: Overview

Eric Fry claims his namesake research service can show you how to regularly identify tech companies who have excellent chances of generating long-term returns.

In his latest presentation, Fry explains how the economy is consolidating into a handful of powerful companies that are on pace to become even more influential over the coming years.

Eric Fry stock picks in technology are bullish, because he believes they will play a pivotal role in the stock market over the next few decades.

In fact, he expects these sectors of the economy to continue consolidating and growing over the next few years, and history indicates that most retail investors will miss out on the action.

These companies focus on trends that drive some of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. economy, and Eric Fry believes every American should strive to get a piece of the action.

Eric Fry Investment Report: The Next Tech Disruptors

Self-driving cars, 5G, virtual reality, and other technology could transform our world over the next few decades, and many historically-strong companies will go bankrupt before it’s all said and done.

These events would most likely exacerbate the wealth disparity problem, but Eric Fry has a plan.

The Eric Fry Investment Report aims to narrow the U.S.’s historically-wide wealth gap by introducing retail investors to these potential investments.

Generally, Fry says his investment report has a stated goal to “go for the safest ways to get massive investment returns.”

Eric Fry believes many of the stock recommendations his newsletter covers could ultimately produce substantial long-term returns, and one could even be the next 1,000% winner.

Sounds like a promising program, but does it really live up to its promises? Our readers wanted to know the truth. But who is Tom Fry, and can you trust his investing insights?

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fry's investment advisory review

Eric Fry Review

Eric Fry is the mastermind behind Fry’s Investment Report. He’s earned his stripes over the course of a lengthy career in finance.

Mr. Fry worked in various positions over the years. He spent time as a broker, entrepreneur, analyst, and professional portfolio manager. He even helmed a high-powered hedge fund at one point.

Eric Fry achieved dozens of notable successes during his investing career, making himself and his clients ridiculous sums of money in the process.

Over the years, Eric Fry claims at least 40 of his recommended stocks eventually yielded 1,000x return. He also found 20 stocks that returned 500%+ profits.

Supposedly, you could’ve put together an entire portfolio of 1,000% stocks if you bought every recommendation. Don’t kick yourself for missing out though, because the bull market has a lot of gas left. The biggest gains could still be ahead.

Plus, Fry isn’t shy about sharing his track record. In the latest Eric Fry Investment Report presentation, Eric Fry boldly claims he will put his investing track record up against anyone on Wall Street.

Eric Fry Review: Mission Statement

His main reason for launching the Eric Fry Investment Report is to show average individuals how they can take the first step towards financial freedom by investing in the stock market.

He believes financial education can fix many of America’s problems, including the quickly-expanding disparity between rich and poor.

Sounds like a great plan, but how does the Eric Fry Investment Report propose getting it done? Keep reading to find out how this research service can take you to the financial promise land.

who is eric fry
Eric Fry (pictured above) is the mastermind behind Fry’s Investment Report, and he has one of the most impressive stock-picking track records on Wall Street.

Fry’s Investment Report Reviews: What’s Included?

Eric Fry is currently offering his Investment Report at a pretty decent rate. The package includes a wealth of special reports and other extras.

Here’s a summary of everything that’s included with an Eric Fry Investment Report subscription.

  • 12 Monthly Newsletter Issues of Fry’s Investment Report
  • “The Portfolio Purge” Special Report #1
  • “The Next 1,000% Winner” Special Report #2
  • “The 3,000% Technology Revolution” Special Report #3
  • Instant around-the-clock access to the Eric Fry library of special reports and recommendations
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This is an impressive collection of investment resources, but we’re going to explore each item in detail to get to the bottom of the matter.

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Fry’s Investment Report: Monthly Newsletter

On the second Friday of every month, there’s a new issue sent of his monthly newsletter, the Eric Fry Investment Report.

Each issue comes loaded with stock market analysis and updates on hot stocks. Plus, Fry includes a brand new recommendation with every report.

This is really the Eric Fry Investment Report’s main entrée, and it’s where you’ll find the highest potential stocks.

Eric Fry reviews various types of investments for his recommendations. Eric Fry’s stock picks include tech stocks, Asian stocks, Russian stocks, and other international stocks.

The newsletter primarily focuses on long recommendations, so none of the trades require short selling.

The Eric Fry Investment Report also keeps readers updated on recommended stocks and emerging market trends

portfolio purge special report fry's

Bonus Report Reviews: The Portfolio Purge

The first bonus report is called “The Portfolio Purge,” and it covers the first step in Fry’s portfolio-building process.

This report shows readers how to eliminate underperforming stocks from their portfolio so they don’t run into major losses when these companies hit an inevitable wall.

Fry says you can’t afford to throw money at these losing stocks anymore. It’s time to cut and run on the companies of yesteryear so you can focus on new technological opportunities.

According to Fry, these companies are destined to lose because of their outdated business structures, so it’s time to bail.

This report provides a step-by-step plan for exiting these stocks, and it’s probably the most important part of the Eric Fry system.

1,000% portfolio special report fry's

“The 1,000% Portfolio”

The second report shows readers how to organize their investments in the most efficient way possible for long-term gains.

Contrary to the first report, this strategy aims to bring in companies with cutting-edge technology and modern business models.

Altogether, the Eric Fry stock picks contain only eight stocks in this “fully allocated” model portfolio.

He recommends buying four of the featured equities right away and easing into the other ones over time.

The 1,000% Portfolio also includes a detailed analysis of each recommendation so you’re not buying blindly.

“The 3,000% Technology Revolution”

Eric Fry is adamant technology stocks are the future. In this report, he explains why readers need to go “overweight” technology as soon as possible.

The 3,000% Technology Revolution particularly focuses on one emerging technical shift that almost no one is paying attention to.

He believes these businesses will continue to earn lucrative profits in any economic climate. These firms can whether almost any financial storm.

The report includes three recommended companies, and Eric Fry believes each recommendation has the potential to skyrocket in as little as 12 months.

According to Eric Fry, “These are technology trends you want to be in on… right now… when essentially no one is paying attention. I strongly, strongly suggest you go “overweight” on these technologies in your portfolio right now.”

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Eric Fry’s Stock Picks: Members-Only Access

You will start getting Eric Fry stock picks through the Fry’s Investment Report as soon as you sign up, but the subscription also includes an added bonus.

You can access practically every issue of Fry’s Investment Report through the Investment Report’s online member portal.

The library also includes more of Eric Fry’s special bonus reports covering a variety of topics, including more Eric Fry stock picks. The library includes two of Fry’s most popular reports: “Three ETFs You Must Own Today” and “Two Gold Stocks Every American Should Own”

This additional content adds tons of value to your Fry’s Investment Report subscription, and, because it includes Eric Fry stock picks, it makes for some serious dollar-for-dollar value.

Money-Back Guarantee Review

You can tell Eric Fry stands by his work, because a subscription to Fry’s Investment Report includes a competitive satisfaction guarantee.

In fact, Eric Fry says, “There’s simply no better deal in the investment world — and if you disagree . . . let us know in the next 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund.”

That’s a bold promise but it should be a massive reassurance for skeptical investors.

Thanks to this air-tight satisfaction guarantee, you can try Fry’s Investment Report without risking a dollar.

How Much Does Fry’s Investment Report Cost Review

Fry’s Investment Report typically costs $299 per year for the deluxe package, which includes an additional bonus report and access to Eric Fry’s Spring webinar series, too.

However, under the current limited-time offer, you can access all the above-listed benefits for a basic membership for just $49 per year.

You can get even more value for your money if you opt to upgrade to a V.I.P. membership. Typically, this package costs $249 per year, but you can get in now for just $79.

That’s more than a 68% discount off the original purchase price, an incredible value given the amount of information that’s included.

V.I.P. members enjoy enhanced benefits and an additional ebook from InvestorPlace CEO Brian Hunt that provides an exhaustive playbook for making money in tech stocks.

You can access this limited-time deal on Fry’s Investment Report using any of the links on this page.

So, if you’re interested in signing up, take advantage of this limited-time offer before it’s gone.

fry's investment advisory review basic membership

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Fry’s Investment Report Reviews by Members

Several members reported having a positive experience with the Eric Fry Investment Report on online forums.

Here are a few examples of the best reviews from members.

“I’ve bought DQ and FCX because of his reports and they are doing well.” —- tkers70, StockGumShoe

“His is one of those who makes the most sense and he does not mix it with Politics.” —- bcarrot, StockGumShoe

“I have been a customer only for a short while here, but going though the archives and the portfolio and the advice, seems to make a lot of sense and the picks are actually doing pretty well except for the copper (Which is now caught up ) and Brazil plays.” —- Jay, StockGumShoe

Overall, it seems most reviews by members cast this research service in a positive light.

Fry’s Investment Report Review: Top Benefits

You get a lot for your money with Fry’s Investment Report, and it scores top marks in these areas:

  • Outlines a complete portfolio strategy
  • Subscription is covered with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund available
  • Balances a fast-money strategy with sound risk-management principles
  • Includes extensive collection of bonus reports and back issues through the membership portal
  • Access three cutting-edge bonus reports as soon as your sign up
  • Build a foundation for your new portfolio with the 1,000% Portfolio bonus report
  • Avoid major losses by dumping stocks in the “Portfolio Purge” report
  • Extremely affordable under current limited-time offer

Fry’s Investment Report Review: The Final Verdict

After an extensive review, we believe the Eric Fry Investment Report the real deal. According to our review, Eric Fry has an excellent track record. With just one winning trade, you can cover the subscription cost.

Eric Fry stock picks are mainly focused on tech, and many experts believe tech will be a major growth sector for years to come.

Fry breaks down every piece of advice in clear and simple terms so traders of all experience levels can get in on the action.

At a price of just $49 per year, you pay less than $4 per month to tap into Eric Fry’s game-changing expertise and insights.

Best of all, you’re guaranteed to walk away satisfied thanks to the 30-day cash-back guarantee.

Don’t miss out on the next bull run. Check out Eric Fry’s reports to get your portfolio prepared for the next tech rally.

That’s it for our Eric Fry review and Eric Fry’s Investment Report review. If you’re sold on this tech-centric advisory service, click our links to claim a limited-time 75% discount.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris studied accounting at Drexel University and first started investing back in 2018. He currently resides just outside Billings, Montana. Chris specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.