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Fry’s Investment Report Review – Eric Fry Stock Picks 2023

  • By Chris Dios
  • Dec 18, 2022
Fry's Investment Report Review featured
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Eric Fry claims an opportunity to invest in a transformative technology could be just around the corner. But is he really on to something, or is his analysis off the mark? Get the full story with my Fry’s Investment Report review.

What Is Fry’s Investment Report?

Fry’s Investment Report is an online newsletter with stock recommendations, bonus reports, and exclusive research archives.

This investment service is helmed by stock picker Eric Fry and published by InvestorPlace Media.

The newsletter’s trade ideas follow a conservative investment profile and global macro analysis.

It also focuses on tech companies that could deliver long-term returns by zeroing in on trends driving some of the fastest-growing segments of the US economy.

In InvestorPlace’s own words, this newsletter “will prepare you to survive — and thrive — in any market.”

So is Fry’s Investment Report legit?

Let’s find out, starting by looking at the mastermind behind the service.

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lead editor

Who Is Eric Fry?

Eric Fry is an excellent stock analyst, who does a great job understanding the big picture.

He’s a macro investor, and this specialization is essential for identifying market trends, especially in tech.

Eric earned his stripes over the course of a lengthy career in finance trading stocks, options, and more.

Before teaming up with InvestorPlace, he spent time as a broker, entrepreneur, analyst, and professional portfolio manager.

He even helmed a high-powered hedge fund at one point.

His exploits don’t stop there:

“In 2016, Eric won the Portfolios with Purpose competition — Wall Street’s most prestigious investment competition — beating 650 of the biggest names in finance with a 12-month return of 150%.”

— InvestorPlace Media

There are a lot of budding technologies that look like they have potential. 

However, it takes someone with sharp focus and decades of experience to filter out the winners from the losers.

Eric says at least 40 of his recommended stocks have yielded opportunities for 1,000x returns.

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Investorplace reviews

What Is InvestorPlace Media?

InvestorPlace Media is a publishing company with many solid stock market analysis services in its portfolio.

Founded by Tom Phillips over 40 years ago, it had a change in ownership in 2017.

It was bought by S&A Holdings, LLC, but still retains the same talent and quality it’s been known for throughout the last four decades.

Some of the research firm’s biggest hits are:

Essentially, the company is a hub for top-tier investment gurus who target specific niches to help folks corner a new angle of the market.

InvestorPlace is a legit publisher that has been cranking out hit after hit for over 40 years.

And the firm houses some of the brightest minds in the investing space.

eric fry prediction

“The Law of Accelerating Returns”

The focal point of Fry’s Investment Report’s latest presentation and research package is the “Law of Accelerated Returns.”

What Eric’s referring to is a concept coined by Google’s past director of engineering Ray Kurzweil — one of the biggest tech investors in America.

In its most distilled form, the idea is a simple explanation for the tech sector’s sudden spurts of explosive growth, which is typically connected to the mass adoption of a new product.

Eric offers a succinct description of this law, so I’ll let him take the floor:

“Technology does not progress in a linear, step-by-step manner…

Instead, the speed of progress… and the speed at which people adopt new technologies… actually accelerates (dramatically) over the years.”

He points to some examples, including the internet adoption rate:

chart about internet

In the case of the internet, mass adoption occurred within a small window — not steadily over time.

“The Law of Accelerated Returns” can also be viewed throughout history with other innovations, such as HDTV, social media, cell phones, and more.

mutliple industries

Another important element outlined in the presentation is that technological disruptions are often sparked by tiny firms.

Good examples are companies like Netflix or Airbnb.

Both businesses came out of nowhere and quickly altered the landscape of their respective industries — with much fewer workers and resources.

Eric believes he’s spotted under-the-radar firms in autonomous vehicles that could benefit from the “Law of Accelerating Returns.”

He and his team have developed a research package that could take full advantage of this opportunity.

This includes three premium bonus reports.

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What Comes with the Service?

The latest package offers a comprehensive lineup of investment analysis and more.

Read on for the complete breakdown. 

newsletter issue

Annual Subscription to Fry’s Investment Report Newsletter

A new issue of Eric’s flagship newsletter drops on the second Friday of every month — right after market close.

It offers a stock recommendation along with market commentary and supporting analysis.

On occasion, the team will release up to two recs if they are especially bullish on an additional investment idea.

It might be best to view a second stock as a nice bonus rather than expecting them to double up each month.

Eric’s specialization in international and macro investment events means that members could tap into stocks that capitalize on opportunities outside the US.

The newsletter also focuses on multi-year positions, so long-haulers are in good company.


Model Portfolio

All of Fry’s Investment Report’s open positions are logged into its model portfolio.

This means you don’t have to wait for the next newsletter to drop to get started.

You can hop into the model portfolio as soon as you join and check out the team’s recent entries.

Past issues of the newsletter are also accessible, so you can explore the team’s analysis and why a particular stock made the cut.

The newsletters are straight to the point, which makes staying up to date with all the current recs a breeze.

Past Eric Fry Stock Picks and Special Reports Archive

Memberships to Fry’s Investment Report also include access to the team’s past stock picks and research reports.

Some of Eric’s past research reports scope out hidden gems off the beaten path, so it could be a good place to look for investments outside the mold.

Some reports cover ETFs and precious metals.

I recommend checking out these resources if you’re interested in even more recommendations to fill out a portfolio.

Another benefit of the team’s investment style is that it centers around long-term holding periods.

This means that an investment idea from a year back could still hold tremendous value today.

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New Member Bonuses

Under the latest deal, a new Fry’s Investment Report subscription comes with three bonus reports.

There are investment ideas and research to grow and protect portfolios based on The Law of Accelerating Returns mentioned earlier.

bonus portfolio

The Portfolio Purge

As Eric explains in his latest presentation, the Law of Accelerating Returns doesn’t just produce big winners: it also creates losers.

A good example is Blockbuster.

Netflix didn’t just unseat it as #1. Blockbuster was totally wiped off the board.

And the team anticipates that the same might happen to the companies in this special report.

Eric even goes as far as saying that “you simply can’t afford to hold these businesses in your portfolio any longer.”

Even if you are building a new portfolio from scratch, it could pay off to hit this resource first to avoid adding a potential dud in the making.

special report

The 1,000% Portfolio

This research report provides members with roughly eight additional stock picks.

The team believes that these companies could represent “the most disruptive and fastest-growing technology stocks in the world today.”

Even better, they are tiny firms with plenty of room to grow than many of the big tech behemoths dominating the news cycles.

And these companies are already making waves in their industries despite their small stature.

Each opportunity comes with its own write-up detailing why now might be the time to get in.

These are similar to the standard buy rec, but they can be even more comprehensive.

bonus report

The 3,000% Technology Revolution

The Fry’s Investment Report team reveals three additional investment ideas that they claim could benefit the most from a radical technological shift transforming the world.

These are more than disruptors in their industry

Eric says that they are durable enough to weather an economy moving in any direction.

He also believes that these three stocks could rise individually as much as 1,000% in the next five years: hence the name The 3,000% Technology Revolution.

This research is the centerpiece of the latest research package.

So you might want to start here if you’re searching for tech companies that the team is especially bullish on.

investment report products and services

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Under the latest deal, new members have 30 days to test the waters. If you feel the insights aren’t a good fit, you can request a full refund on the cost of a subscription.

Thirty days is the industry average, so the team isn’t breaking new ground here.

But it’s still a fair window to check out the research and decide if it’s a match.

Even if you choose not to stick with Fry’s Investment Report, you could still learn a lot from the team during this time.

Plus, while the typical refund period is around a month, it’s still great that the option is available in the first place.

Not every service is confident enough in its research to provide the opportunity.

So I’ll give the Fry’s Investment Report team credit here.

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fry report

Is Eric Fry Legit?

Eric Fry is legit.

He has built up an impressive track record over the years and executed during bull and bear markets with uncanny precision.

Some of his exploits include buying Asian stocks at the floor during the late 90s currency crisis, as well as scooping up Russian stocks during its debt-currency crisis.

Later on in 2000 and 2001, he successfully shorted tech stocks briefly before they bankrupted.

Eric’s got a good eye and has read the market like a book during some of his most successful runs.

These are exactly the types of credentials you want in your corner when scoping out big-picture trends in tech.

All in all, I think Eric is a solid lead for his namesake newsletter.

And his background fits the bill.

Pros and Cons

Fry’s Investment Report has a lot going for it, but it does have a few rough edges.


  • Great price with 75% discount
  • 30-day refund period
  • One to two recommendations a month
  • Archive access with special reports
  • Lead editor has a great track record


  • No community forums
  • Heavy focus on tech

Is the Service Right for Me?

Fry’s Investment Report is best suited for people looking for long-term plays in tech with a conservative tilt.

Eric Fry’s more cautious approach is a breath of fresh air in an industry packed with purely speculative, high-octane growth plays.

Also, as he mostly suggests tech stocks, this could help a portfolio that needs more exposure to this sector.

You’ll receive a minimum of 12 investment opportunities during your subscription. So this could be enough to satiate those searching for a steady stream of long-term positions.

That said, one to two picks a month isn’t ideal for day trading.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Fry’s Investment Report typically costs $199 for the year.

However, the new deal knocks the price down to $49 for an annual subscription (a 75% discount).

Even better, there’s no trade-off for opting for the discount.

New members receive all the bonuses mentioned in the review.

This includes the 30-day money-back guarantee.

There’s another big plus with the price. If you decide to continue throughout the next cycle, the price is locked in at $49.

Usually, these discounts are introductory rates (only applicable for the first year).

But the team is going above and beyond by locking the price to the discounted rate.


Is Fry’s Investment Report Worth It?

Fry’s Investment Report is a great service that’s worth the price.

For a little more than $4 a month, you can tap into expert analysis and receive highly vetted trade ideas.

Eric Fry is a strong lead, and his radar is fine-tuned to find investment trends in tech before the broader market catches on.

Plus, he and the team offer additional recommendations to the line-up with two of the three bonus reports — not to mention access to the archives.

So you’re getting much more than the standard 12 investment ideas a year.

And it’s all backed by a solid 30-day refund policy.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to hop into the next big tech trend early, I recommend giving Fry’s Investment Report a close consideration.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.