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Fry’s Investment Report Review 2024: Worth Your Time?

  • By Noah Zelvis
  • Jun 04, 2024
Fry's Investment Report Review

Eric Fry claims an opportunity to invest in a transformative technology could be just around the corner. But is he really on to something, or is his analysis off the mark?

Get the full story on his investment report (and insights on Elon Musk’s New AI Venture) with my Fry’s Investment Report review.

Fry’s Investment Report Review: Overview

Fry’s Investment Report is an online newsletter with stock recommendations, bonus reports, and exclusive research archives.

This investment service is helmed by stock picker Eric Fry and published by InvestorPlace Media.

The newsletter’s trade ideas follow a conservative investment profile and global macro analysis.

It also focuses on tech companies that could deliver long-term returns by zeroing in on trends driving some of the fastest-growing segments of the US economy.

In InvestorPlace’s own words, this newsletter “will prepare you to survive — and thrive — in any market.”

So is Fry’s Investment Report legit?

Let’s find out, starting by looking at the mastermind behind the service.

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eric fry lead editor

Who is Eric Fry?

Eric Fry is an excellent stock analyst, who does a great job understanding the big picture.

He’s a macro investor, and this specialization is essential for identifying market trends, especially in tech.

Eric earned his stripes over the course of a lengthy career in finance trading stocks, options, and more.

Before teaming up with InvestorPlace, he spent time as a broker, entrepreneur, analyst, and professional portfolio manager.

He even helmed a high-powered hedge fund at one point.

His exploits don’t stop there:

Fry's Investment Report Review

“In 2016, Eric won the Portfolios with Purpose competition — Wall Street’s most prestigious investment competition — beating 650 of the biggest names in finance with a 12-month return of 150%.”

— InvestorPlace Media

There are a lot of budding technologies that look like they have potential. 

However, it takes someone with sharp focus and decades of experience to filter out the winners from the losers.

Eric says at least 40 of his recommended stocks have yielded opportunities for 1,000x returns.

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Eric Fry Review

Is Eric Fry Legit?

I am very confident that Eric Fry is legit.

He has an impressive track record, and his picks have consistently outperformed through both bull and bear markets.

Eric has a good eye for stocks. He can read the market like a book, and he’s proven it on several occasions in the past. 

These are exactly the types of credentials you want in your corner when scoping out big-picture trends in tech.

All in all, I think Eric is a solid lead for his namesake newsletter, and his background fits the bill.

Investorplace reviews

What Is InvestorPlace Media?

InvestorPlace Media is a publishing company with many solid stock market analysis services in its portfolio.

Founded by Tom Phillips over 40 years ago, it had a change in ownership in 2017.

It was bought by S&A Holdings, LLC, but still retains the same talent and quality it’s been known for throughout the last four decades.

Essentially, the company is a hub for top-tier investment gurus who target specific niches to help folks corner a new angle of the market.

InvestorPlace is a legit publisher that has been cranking out hit after hit for over 40 years.

And the firm houses some of the brightest minds in the investing space.

Elon Musk’s New AI Venture

We’re at the forefront of an AI revolution that’s advancing faster than we ever thought possible. The changes we’ve already seen in our world are likely just the beginning.

Folks getting in on the action at this stage are setting themselves up for massive gains as AI continues to take center stage. Anyone showing up late to the party could get left behind.

Among the biggest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence is a new device designed by none other than Elon Musk that could shake our world to its core. Luckily, Eric Fry has the inside scoop on how we can profit.

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The Dangers of an AI Apocalypse

I’ll never forget the day my dad brought home a massive computer fully upgraded to Windows 95. Technology has come such a long way since then, shrinking computers and even putting them in our pockets.

Everything we’ve experienced so far only sets the stage for the AI revolution that we’re in right now. ChatGPT and image creators like Dall-E are a far cry from AI’s true capabilities.

There’s finally something out there that’s smarter than the smartest human. This means software could overtake humans and make us obsolete.

Economists are already warning that over 300 million jobs could be lost. No one, even white collar professionals, are safe.

In fact, a new AI called Sora can analyze story patterns from popular movies and create entire scripts with nothing more than a few lines of text. Even the late physicist Stephen Hawking believed AI could leave humanity completely in the dust.

Now that the AI revolution is in full swing, there’s little we can do to stop it. It’s this very problem that Elon’s working so hard to solve.

Elon’s Breakthrough Innovation

Musk’s logic is actually quite simple. If you can’t beat AI, it only makes sense to join forces. The billionaire actually built a brain-machine interface to connect our minds to computers.

This sounds like something from the pages of a sci-fi book, but it’s actually happening in our day and age. His PRIME project — Precise Robotically Implanted Brain-Computer Interface, is already undergoing FDA trials.

Through his firm Neuralink, Musk developed a small implantable device in the region of the brain controlling the intent to move. Basically, it allows humans to control devices with the mind alone..

The first human trial in a person with quadriplegia allowed the individual to access an external computer with his thoughts alone. Ultimately, the patient was successfully playing chess with only his mind.

Elon wants to use the same technology to restore sight, speech, and even mobility in due time. Repairing physical disabilities could just be Neuralink’s first step.

By completely fusing our thoughts with AI, it would be possible to place an order for food or clothing just by thinking about it. The brain could also translate languages immediately as you’re hearing them.

Such tech would change the world, and anyone investing at this early stage could walk away with game-changing returns.

How to Profit on Neuralink

Neuralink is still a private company at the moment, but Eric Fry has located a way you could benefit from its growth. He’s found a lucrative investment that can expose you to all its future growth.

This strategy may not be front-page news yet, but big-name investors are already getting involved.

Warren Buffett has a little-known investment in this opportunity, perhaps so he can slowly increase his position without others finding out.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least, considering how much money folks have already made from the AI revolution. 

You can have instant access to this Neuralink opportunity by signing up for Eric Fry’s Investment Report. Join me as I investigate everything that comes with a subscription.

What Comes with Fry’s Investment Report?

Keep reading our Fry’s Investment Report Review for an in-depth look at the main features. 

Fry's Investment Report Review

Annual Subscription to Fry’s Investment Report Newsletter

A new issue of Eric’s flagship newsletter drops on the second Friday of every month, right after market closes.

Each issue features a new stock recommendation, along with market commentary and supporting analysis.

On occasion, the team will release up to two recommendations if they are especially bullish on an additional investment idea.

It might be best to view a second stock as a nice bonus rather than expecting them to double up each month.

Eric’s specialization in international and macro investment events means that members could tap into stocks that capitalize on opportunities outside the US.

The newsletter also focuses on multi-year positions, so long-haulers are in good company.

Fry's Investment Report Review

Model Portfolio

All of Fry’s Investment Report‘s open positions are logged into its model portfolio.

This means you don’t have to wait for the next newsletter to drop to get started.

You can hop into the model portfolio as soon as you join and check out the team’s recent entries.

Past issues of the newsletter are also accessible, so you can explore the team’s analysis and why a particular stock made the cut.

The newsletters are straight to the point, which makes staying up to date with all the current recs a breeze.

Access to Eric Fry’s Research Archives

Memberships to Fry’s Investment Report also include access to the team’s past stock picks and research reports.

Some of Eric’s past research reports scope out hidden gems off the beaten path, so it could be a good place to look for investments outside the mold.

Some reports cover ETFs and precious metals.

I recommend checking out these resources if you’re interested in even more recommendations to fill out a portfolio.

Another benefit of the team’s investment style is that it centers around long-term holding periods.

This means that an investment idea from a year back could still hold tremendous value today.

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Fry's Investment Report Review

Eric Fry Review: AI Bonus Reports

Under Fry’s AI deal, you can get four additional bonus reports highlighting promising artificial intelligence stock recommendations and other opportunities.

How to Profit From Elon Musk’s Neuralink

FEATURED REPORT: How to Profit From Elon Musk’s Neuralink

This special report reveals the name, ticker symbol, and Fry’s full breakdown of the company he believes will rise along with Neuralink. Its connections to Elon’s firm put it in the perfect position to profit any time Neuralink does.

You’ll get to read about why billionaire investors are already banking on this company’s success, and just how far they think it could go. It doesn’t take long to read through, but the outcome could change your finances for life.

The executive team behind this company plans to make an announcement in mid-July that could send shares higher than anticipated. Be sure to secure your investment before missing out on all those potential gains.

My Top Three A.I. Healthcare Stocks

My Top Three AI Healthcare Stocks for 2024

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the technology of this century. Fry’s Neuralink connection isn’t the only stock he expects to benefit.

There are a handful of healthcare stocks set to reap the rewards as AI and biotech continue to mesh. This guide shares the names and details of three such companies.

One of them uses AI to discover new drugs faster and cheaper than any method we use today. Another should receive results on 24 clinical trials this year alone. The final opportunity translates massive amounts of patient data into usable information in record time.

After a quick read through, you’ll know exactly how to invest in all three.

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The A.I. Moonshots: 3 Speculative Plays That Could Make You 1,000%

The AI Moonshots: 3 Speculative Plays That Could Make You 1,000%

Eric Fry also has his sights set on three small caps with potentially disruptive technologies of their own.

The first is a tiny company using AI to redefine the energy sector. It’s already partnered with Fortune 500 companies like Walmart and Amazon.

Next is a software company creating real-time 3D content for video games with nothing more than AI. Finally, Fry covers the details of an AI company able to locate underground metals without any drilling.

They’re all speculative and could just as easily fail as they could succeed. If you’re willing to play the risk, any one of them could make you 1,000% gains or more.

The Top 3 A.I. Losers: The “Landmine Stocks” You Must Avoid

The Top 3 AI Losers: The “Landmine Stocks” You Must Avoid

As with any new trend, there are companies that don’t get on the bandwagon fast enough. Like Blockbuster and Borders, they’re doomed to fail and disappear into the pages of history.

The Top 3 AI Losers lists three such organizations set to be replaced by recent innovations in AI. They’re big enough names that they might be sitting in your portfolio right now.

Eric recommends jettisoning these stocks as soon as possible, lest your investments deliver you major losses in the coming months or years. The last thing you need are crashing shares pulling away at your hard-fought AI earnings.

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Eric Fry's Money-Back Guarantee

Eric Fry’s Money-Back Guarantee

Eric’s so confident in his research that he’s offering an incredible 90-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with Fry’s Investment Report at any point during your three months of membership, you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

As thanks for trying out the service, you’ll get to keep all the newsletters and bonus materials you’ve received up to that point.

Fry's Investment Report Review

Eric Fry’s Track Record: Stock-Pick Performance

While working on our Fry’s Investment Report Review, we’ve found out that Eric Fry has led his readers to dozens of promising stocks over the years, and 41 of his picks went on to deliver potential gains exceeding 1,000%. Check out the chart above for the complete list.

He’s also been ahead of the curve on some of the most promising investment opportunities in the modern era, including the rise of Bitcoin, the dot-com collapse, and others. 

He recommended Bitcoin back in 2015, and its value soared shortly after. Eric’s readers had a chance to generate as much as 200X returns from this single recommendation.

eric fry bitcoin recommendation chart

When he called the top of the dot-com boom, it wasn’t long before the booming tech sector collapsed in spectacular fashion.

fry dotcom crash prediction

These were major trends that shook the financial world to its core. Many missed out on these opportunities, but Fry saw them coming a mile away.

Some of his most successful recommendations include:

minor international chart westpac bank chart valero energy chart

As you can see, each of those recommendations gave readers the chance at extraordinary gains. Although these results aren’t typical, they give you a good idea of Eric Fry’s forecasting ability.

It’d be next to impossible to find a more qualified research guru than Eric Fry. He has demonstrated his investing ability time and time again, and he’s shown his readers several massive winners in the past.

You can’t argue with results, and that’s exactly what Fry delivered with the recommendations mentioned above.

If you’re interested in high quality stock picks, you’d have a hard time finding a more qualified guru than Eric Fry.

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Pros and Cons of Fry’s Investment Report

We found a lot to like during our Fry’s Investment Report review, but it does have a few rough edges.


  • Great price with 75% discount
  • Excellent 90-day money-back guarantee
  • One to two recommendations a month
  • Archive access with special reports
  • Eric Fry is a reputable guru with a track record for success
  • Average annual gain of 52% since its inception (as of time of presentation)
  • Comes with extensive research on several promising AI stock picks


  • No community forums
  • Only covers stocks

Frequently Asked Questions About Fry’s Investment Report

Here are some common questions I get from readers about Fry’s service, along with my answers to them.

Is Fry’s Investment Report Good for Day Trading?

Eric Fry’s Investment Report isn’t the best choice for day trading, since the platform only rolls out one or two picks per month. They’re definitely not designed for purchase and sale on the same market day.

Instead, the team takes more of a long-term approach to these recommendations, covering positions that you could potentially hold for years at a time. In theory, you could ride out these gains for as long as the AI industry continues to grow.

Swing traders may stand to benefit from these opportunities, given the inherent rise and fall of the markets over days or weeks. Trade cautiously though, knowing that this is not what these securities are intended to do.

Does Fry’s Investment Report Offer Personalized Financial Advice?

No, Eric Fry and his Investment Report team do not offer any kind of personalized financial advice.

The recommendations you receive here are solely based on research reports from the latest happenings in the tech world. Whether they’re the right fit for your portfolio is not a decision anyone at Fry’s Investment Report is qualified to make.

If you are looking for investment advice, turn to a certified financial planner near you, so they can study your unique circumstances. They’ll be able to offer personalized recommendations based on your goals, risk tolerance, and budget.

What Can I Expect From Eric Fry’s Stock Picks in the Investment Report?

Past Eric Fry stock picks have handed readers 41 unique chances to see 1,000% gains or more over the years. These big wins come from Eric’s ability to forecast upcoming trends before they take off.

This is Fry’s goal for each new recommendation in the Investment Report, but of course the guru suffers losses too. Even his past wins are in no way any indication of future gains.

The market is by nature uncertain, and there’s never a sure thing when investing. Like any other opportunity, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of an investment before buying in.

Is Fry’s Investment Report Right for Me?

Fry’s Investment Report is best suited for people looking for steady growth in tech-focused stocks.

You’ll get a total of 12 monthly picks throughout your subscription, which is plenty to keep most readers busy.

However, the AI stock picks included in the bonus research is the real crown jewel in this deal.

If you’re on the hunt for the next big AI stock, Eric Fry can help you get there. His picks are sure to lead you to some promising stocks.

This service has broad appeal, but based on our review, Fry Investment Report is an especially excellent fit for anyone interested in macroeconomic trends, long-term growth, and groundbreaking tech opportunities.

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How Much Is It?

Fry’s Investment Report typically costs $199 for the year.

However, the new deal knocks the price down to $49 for an annual subscription, a 75% discount, and you’ll also get all the bonuses mentioned in my review.

There’s another big plus with the price. If you decide to continue throughout the next cycle, the price is locked in at $49. There are no bait-and-switch price hikes here.

The Fry’s team once again goes above and beyond by locking in the discounted rate.

Fry's Investment Report Review

 Is Fry’s Investment Report Worth It?

After a thorough Fry’s Investment Report review, I have to giv jaw-dropping track record is a testament to his skill.e this service a lot of praise.

Eric Fry is one of the most talented gurus in the game, and his

This opportunity around Elon Musk New AI Venture is especially compelling, so now is an excellent time to get on board with the service.

You’ll get 12 months of Fry’s monthly newsletter at 75% off the normal rate if you join now, plus tons of in-depth research on the AI boom, including bonus stock picks.

If that’s not enough, it’s also covered with a 90-day guarantee that ensures you’ll walk away from your purchase satisfied.

This is a great deal — It has everything I want to see in a high-quality, entry-level research service at an excellent price.

If you want to capitalize on the AI boom, check out Fry’s Investment Report. It could be the final ingredient you need to strike it rich on AI stocks, especially if you sign up in time for the Elon Musk New AI Venture deal.

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Noah Zelvis is a writer with more than 18 years of experience under his belt. He started out by blogging his adventures overseas and quickly found success creating paid content thanks to his ability to convey his articles in a clear and concise manner. Equipped with an engineering background and an analytical mind, Noah has a passion for all things business and finance. His personal investment journey began at a young age, helping his grandma with her portfolio. That spark blossomed into a never-ending search for the best stocks Noah still carries today. He’s thoroughly researched the corporate financial world as well and has an innate understanding of the banking and credit sector. Other published works also include travel, running, video games, product reviews, and more. Now, Noah uses his expertise to share his financial and investment know-how here at Stock Dork. When not at his desk, you’ll likely catch Noah traveling or running.