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Dylan Jovine Behind the Markets Review (Stock Picks 2022)

Chris Dios - April 04, 2022

behind the markets review
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Dylan Jovine firmly believes we’re a short time away from China’s invasion of Taiwan. Prepare for War: China vs Taiwan aims to teach folks how this conflict will affect the stock market and ways to come out better on the other side. Read our Behind the Markets review to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Behind the markets reviews

What Is Behind the Markets: Prepare for War?

Behind the Markets is a subscription-based research service that leads subscribers to high-potential opportunities in the market.

An annual subscription gives you access to the Behind the Markets newsletter and a boatload of stock picks and market analysis.

With Behind the Market‘s new Prepare for War: China vs Taiwan deal, you get access to an exclusive research suite based on Dylan Jovine’s new presentation.

Jovine’s Prepare for War presentation takes a deep look at the conflict between China and Taiwan as well as the impact a Chinese attack would have on the economy.

The guide covers the repercussions of such an event on both United States and Chinese markets and how that impact could extend to other parts of the world.

Within its pages is a map revealing where to step to avoid the upcoming economic minefield and come out better financially on the other side.

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Dylan Jovine Review

Dylan Jovine grew up poor, wearing the t-shirts he could afford to his city college every day.

Although he had a desire to jump into the investment world, no company would hire such an outsider.

Fortunately, Wall Street veteran Peter Jaquith brought Jovine on board his boutique firm in 1991, where he fell in love with stock market research.

After three short years, Dylan had earned a reputation for calling stocks right before major takeovers.

At 24 years of age, Jovine began working as a broker-dealer, and he predicted the 2008 financial crisis an entire year before it happened.

He’s made many incredible picks since and continues to do so in his Behind the Markets newsletter.

dylan jovine reviews

Who Is Dylan Jovine?

Over the last 30+ years, Dylan Jovine has firmly established himself as a key figure on Wall Street.

Jovine has a thorough track record of proven investment successes that show he is a legitimate professional.

He now shares his findings in reports and his popular Behind the Markets newsletter.

Jovine’s presentations have garnered a reputation for tackling unique investment angles.

Some of his most popular reports include:

  • Past the Blood-Brain-Barrier: The Small Company Revolutionizing Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Bullet-Proof: How to Create the Ideal Small-Cap Biotech Stock Portfolio
  • Herbert Royalties: How to Collect Entertainment Royalties While You Sleep (included in this deal)

Now that you know more about Jovine, let’s take a look at his new presentation.

invasion quote

Behind the Markets Prepare for War: China vs Taiwan

Prepare for War: China vs Taiwan is a 40-page report explaining the steps an investor needs to get ready for the upcoming conflict.

It also covers the reasons why this invasion would put so much strain on the US financial market and how to avoid sinking with the ship.

Here are just a few key points included within the report.

Us chip shortage quote

USA’s Microchip Manufacturing Problem

The United States and other countries get two-thirds of their microchips from Taiwan.

A microchip contains the operating system that controls most of the world’s electronics, from computers and mobile devices to cars and hospital equipment.

A Chinese attack would effectively block the distribution of these components, reducing supply to 33% of what it once was.

Such an event would be catastrophic, causing the prices of devices we use every day to skyrocket as microchip supply chains crumble.

Consequently, this would spell disaster for manufacturers, many of whom would have to lay off workers and cut production due to chip shortages.

When the Coronavirus first took root in 2020, we all got a taste of the problems supply chain shortages can cause, but the pandemic shortages could be a walk in the park compared to what’s at stake in Taiwan.

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Taiwan’s Advanced Semiconductors Industry

Taiwan is home to one of the world’s most innovative and sophisticated semiconductor industries. In many instances, these cutting-edge chips are the best money can buy.

The technology used to make these tiny components is light-years beyond anything available elsewhere, and it could take eons for other countries to catch up to Taiwan’s chip-making prowess.

These advanced semiconductors have fueled years of innovation across the world, and they’ve been especially important to America’s thriving tech sector.

Reverting to older chips would spur a dramatic step backward in America’s technological capabilities and place a premium on the price of high-tech electronics.

It could also cause extensive disruptions in seemingly unconnected industries like automobile production, industrials, military & defense, and many more.

Simply put, disrupting the supply of Taiwanese chips is a disaster scenario for the US economy, and Jovine believes the day of reckoning is closer than many experts suspect.

Is a Chinese Invasion on the Horizon?

Jovine fears that a Chinese attack on Taiwan could be imminent, and the campaign could end with outright Chinese control of one of America’s most vital supply chains.

China already claims ownership of the self-governed island, and the government has been itching to take back the lucrative territory for decades.

However, recent world events and global economic weakness resulting from the pandemic may embolden the Chinese and make the likelihood of an invasion much greater.

On their part, Taiwan and the United States appear to be preparing for the worst. Taiwan just negotiated a $1.75 billion defense contract just last year, but American policymakers have stopped short of pledging direct military support in the event a hot war breaks out.

Perhaps most worrisome is the prospect that other Pacific powers, like Japan and South Korea, could be dragged into a conflict, and potentially ignite World War III in the Pacific.

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Behind the markets bundle

What’s Included with Behind the Markets Prepare for War?

  • 12-Month VIP membership to the Behind the Markets newsletter
  • Alerts and updates from Dylan Jovine
  • Model portfolio
  • Hypersonic Missiles: The Small Defense Contractor Quietly Revolutionizing Warfare featured special report
  • Income Collapse: How to Buck the Trend and Boost Your Monthly Income with Alternative Investments bonus report
  • Herbert Royalties: How to Collect Entertainment Royalties While You Sleep bonus report
  • 100% Money-back guarantee

Behind the Markets Newsletter

Dylan Jovine’s flagship firm, Behind the Markets, has a namesake newsletter that you receive immediate access to upon signing up.

The Behind the Markets newsletter seeks to discover growth opportunities that aren’t obvious winners on the stock market.

Often, these are stocks with low share prices and small market caps that consistently exceed revenue expectations.

You’ll also receive 1-2 stock recommendations each month, along with a detailed report on the company.

Jovine also shares sell alerts, so you can maximize profits instead of getting caught in a stock market roller coaster.

A subscription gives unlimited access to the members’ website, plus support from a VIP member services team that can address any questions or issues you may run into.

Most importantly, a VIP membership gives you access to Dylan Jovine’s stock recommendations and insights that can only come from more than 30 years of stock market experience.

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Prepare for War: Special Reports and Bonuses

Alongside Behind the Markets and the exclusive Prepare for War report, Jovine is throwing in three additional reports to sweeten the pot further.

Each of these reports contains in-depth research on the China-Taiwan situation, including step-by-step game plans for avoiding the worst consequences.

Featured Report: Hypersonic Missiles

Hypersonic Missiles brings to light a United States defense company that’s paving the way for revolutionary weaponry.

These missiles are fitted with a laser glide system that gives the US an edge in combat and a chance for you to get in at the ground floor of a company set to make waves.

Since this technology is in its infancy, most people aren’t even aware of it yet. However, it could be a hot military commodity once it’s in full production.

Jovine believes that this laser stock could jump over 2,400% in the very near future.

This report explains in detail the logic behind this stock pick, its ticker, and how to capitalize on its growth for a chance at massive profits.

Income Collapse Bonus Report

Income Collapse documents the tired investment strategies involving bonds, dividend stocks, REITs, and more.

The United States has suffered through financial woes due to a collapse of income that shows no sign of rebounding.

These factors significantly limit where the retirees of this era and the next can go for stable future income for the golden years.

This report answers the question by sharing solutions that go against the old way of thinking and instead embrace new trends.

It breaks down in detail ways to double your monthly income for the present and future by using a secret system to pursue safe outcomes that consistently provide 10-15% returns each year.

You won’t find these investment tips just anywhere, and they could save the future you’ve been planning.

Herbert Royalties Bonus Report

Herbert Royalties dives into the world of royalties once only available to the rich and famous.

Royalties are a gold mine since you can get paid in perpetuity for something that has already been created.

This article explains in detail how anyone can get involved in the royalty space and capitalize on income that continues to pile up over time.

Best of all, it’s not a long or labor-inducing process to obtain these benefits.

behind the markets money back guarantee

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re on the fence about whether to give these materials a try, don’t hesitate.

All the content you see here comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with what you receive.

At any point during the first 30 days of purchase, simply contact Behind the Markets for a complete refund, no questions asked.

Because he feels so strongly about it, Dylan Jovine allows anyone seeking a refund to keep Behind the Markets: China vs Taiwan as a gift.

>> Sign up now under the 30-day money-back guarantee. <<

Is Behind the Markets Legit?

Behind the Markets is a legit newsletter service that offers fantastic investment insights.

Jovine makes a compelling case for his stock picks in his Prepare for War deal.

Dylan Jovine Behind the Markets Pros and Cons

Prepare for War is chock-full of information on how to avoid upcoming financial pitfalls, but it is not without fault. Here are the pros and cons of the service.


  • Nearly $2,000 worth of information for $79
  • Contains several bonus reports
  • 12 months of Behind the Markets VIP access included
  • Behind-the-scenes tips on low-key stocks slated to make it big
  • List of stocks to sell
  • Backed by investment guru Dylan Jovine
  • 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee


  • No video resources are included
  • Information is dependent on global events

Behind the Markets Reviews

These quotes are reported to come from actual Behind the Markets users.

Let’s see what they have to say.

behind the markets reviews by membersAnd here’s another one from Dennis W. in Michigan:

behind the markets stock gumshoe

How Much Is Behind the Markets: Prepare for War?

There are two current offers if you want to get your hands on a copy of Prepare for War.

  • Best Offer: $79
  • Great Offer: $79

The Best Offer contains everything we’ve covered in this article so far.

That includes 12 months of Behind the Markets: Prepare for War report, and the three bonus reports.

Listed as a $1,871 value, this package currently costs $79.

Interestingly, the Great Offer includes Behind the Markets, Hypersonic Missiles, and Prepare For War for the same price point.

There’s honestly no reason to pick up this offer when you can get more for the same price.

Should you wish to just pick up Behind the Markets and Hypersonic Missiles, you can do so for $39.

Is Behind the Markets Worth It?

With the Ukraine-Russia conflict still fresh in our minds, it’s abundantly clear how the repercussions of war can affect the stock market across all categories.

The onset of battle almost always has a negative effect on trading, resulting in share price drops and a need for more tentative investment research.

It would be grievous to forget how an invasion of Taiwan could wreak havoc on microchips and the technologies we use daily.

In Prepare for War: China vs Taiwan, Jovine lays out very clearly 43 stocks that will get hit hard immediately after fighting begins, and you’ll also get strategies for generating positive gains from this potential catastrophe.

Every single piece of information included in this package is worth more than the $79 you’ll pay for all these materials, including immediate access to Behind the Markets for 12 entire months.

If you’re still on the fence, remember, your purchase is covered with an airtight money-back guarantee, so there’s no way you’ll walk away from your purchase unsatisfied.

Dylan Jovine is one of the few gurus directing his followers’ attention to this important issue, and this package includes a complete game plan that can protect you and your wealth from the worst possible consequences of a potential conflict.

At just $79, you can’t go wrong with Behind the Markets’ Prepare for War China vs Taiwan. Buy in today to get a head start on your preparations for this potential disaster in the making.

>> That’s it for our Behind the Markets review. Click here to join now for as low as $39 <<



Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.