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Biden Admin’s Title IX Revision is a potential threat to Women’s Rights and Protection

The Biden administration is on the verge of redefining sex in Title IX, a law that has been in effect for 50 years, to align with the current transgender movement.

With the final rule expected to be released soon, there is an opportunity to pause this risky reform or at least make changes to safeguard all students from sexual harassment and discrimination.

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However, a recent incident in a Wisconsin public school locker room sheds light on the potential consequences of such changes, especially for girls.

The Department of Education, under President Biden, announced its plan on June 23, 2022, to expand the scope of Title IX significantly.

Implications of Title IX amendment shrouded in uncertainty

While the existing rule already protects all students from sex discrimination and harassment, the new law will additionally prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity.”

The implications for students remain uncertain, but the impact will be felt in public schools nationwide when the final rule is issued in October.

The Biden administration has introduced other measures that have confused Title IX.

Unwelcome preview of consequences of proposed rule

In April, the Department published a separate set of proposed rules related to athletics, preventing districts from adopting policies that categorically exclude transgender students from participating on teams according to their gender identity.

Wisconsin, the author’s home state, experienced an unwelcome preview of the unintended consequences of the proposed Title IX regulations.

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A distressing encounter in Sun Praire

In Sun Prairie, four freshman girls encountered a distressing situation in the women’s locker room after a swim class.

While the girls were showering with their swimsuits on, an adult male student entered the locker room, undressed, exposed himself, and proceeded to shower next to the girls, casually disclosing that he identified as transgender.

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The district administrator’s ‘disconcerting’ response

Apart from the alarming incident, district administrators’ response is equally disconcerting.

When one of the girls informed student services and the assistant principal, there was no outreach to offer support, gather information, or file a complaint.

No follow-up was conducted when parents discovered the incident and contacted the school.

No clear policy established by Sun Prairie

In April, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, represented by the author, sent a letter to the school board demanding answers.

Sun Prairie has yet to establish a policy regarding the use of district locker rooms by males and females, despite practicing gender ideology as part of the school’s mission.

Locker room controversy spreads nationwide

Regrettably, the Sun Prairie incident is not isolated, as similar incidents have been reported nationwide, with many likely going unreported.

For example, in Vermont, a father and daughter filed a lawsuit in October 2022 after the district punished the daughter for speaking out against the presence of a biological male in the girls’ changing room.

Another case was filed in 2016 by 51 families against a suburban Chicago school district that allowed a biological male to change in the girls’ locker room.

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Proposed changes set to undermine Title IX fundamental purpose

The primary responsibility of a school is to educate and ensure the safety of students, with Title IX specifically designed to protect girls and women from sexual harassment.

However, if the Biden administration proceeds with the proposed changes, the Title IX fundamental purpose will be undermined.

Many school leaders and government officials have attempted to portray this fight as about providing rights for marginalized transgender individuals.

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Title IX revisions jeopardize women’s rights, urgent call for Biden’s intervention

However, this perspective is entirely misguided.

As mentioned earlier, the proposed changes to Title IX and the schools’ policies strip away women’s and girls’ hard-fought protections and rights, placing the entire female student population at risk.

The Biden administration still has an opportunity to rectify this situation and take a stand to protect women.

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