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BiopharmIQ Review 2024: The Best Way to Find Your Next Biotech Investment?

biopharmiq review ft
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Our BiopharmIQ review will tell you everything you need to know about this biotech and pharma research platform. Keep reading to learn if it has the tools to deliver valuable insights on biotech market moves.

If you’re interested in investing in the pharmaceutical industry and the biotech space, BiopharmIQ could be just what you need.

The company mines data with its team of information scientists and investors.

It utilizes research and analysis and looks into biopharma companies to help you find the most lucrative investments on the market.

But how valuable are BiopharmIQ’s insights?

Our BiopharmIQ review will give you more information about this emerging company within the biopharma industry to help you decide if it’s right for you.

BiopharmIQ review

BiopharmIQ Review: Overview

BiopharmIQ is based in Chicago, Illinois.

The company and its website were launched in 2019 by the father-son partnership of Manny and Dom Vacchiano.

Manny Vacchiano has been a biotech investor since the 1990s, and Dom has a master’s degree in biotechnology.

The duo has been investing in biotech companies since 2016 by using a series of tracking funds to test various strategies — particularly focusing on clinical-stage biotech companies.

BiopharmIQ was subsequently founded as a continuation of the internal work the pair had done.

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Who Is BiopharmIQ Designed For?

BiopharmIQ is mainly geared towards biotech traders and investors within the pharma sector.

Its website provides intelligence to help you perform due diligence on catalyst events, drug company histories, competitive advantage, and more.

As a data source for all things pharma, BiopharmIQ tracks and sorts a substantial amount of information regarding drugs and pharma companies, using SEC filings, press releases, biomedical conferences, and investor calls.

Once the company mines this updated information, the platform stores it all in one place so that biotech investors and traders have continuous access to it and can reap the benefits.

Currently, BiopharmIQ has data for more than 600 biotech companies and over 1,900 of their drug assets, including catalysts and drug histories.

BiopharmIQ review

The company’s extensive database covers biopharma companies with a market cap ranging from $100 million to $10 billion.

Furthermore, BiopharmIQ analyzes public mid-cap companies as well as clinical trials for its own investments.

Additionally, the company provides potential stock ideas, coined Run Up Picks, which are stocks that could run up into their major upcoming catalyst events. 

The portfolio, as well some analysis/thoughts on each holding, is provided to retail investors, aiding their due diligence so they can make sound investment decisions.

BiopharmIQ’s core product focuses on the catalyst events that drive these pharma companies, including clinical trial readouts and regulatory events.

Using the analysis and insights of these clinical trials and other pertinent information, it provides additional data on the most promising biotech investments on the market.

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How Does BiopharmIQ Work?

BiopharmIQ includes features such as Big Mover Stocks, Future Mover Events, and Run Up Plays to give investors valuable insights into potential biotech investments.

Its website helps investors move through a wide range of catalyst events and identify companies that are worth a deeper analysis.

With BiopharmIQ, you can discover new investment opportunities using its Big Mover Stocks and Run Up Plays.

You can also dive deeper into the stocks you follow on the platform using its Catalyst Calendar and Pipeline Screener.

It also has Drug IQ pages that provide you with more info on each drug listed, including current information, drug history, and mechanism of action.

Additionally, you can uncover new ideas with the company’s latest weekly posts on upcoming Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) updates, medical conferences, and more.

BiopharmIQ review

To access BiopharmIQ’s wealth of information on biotech investments, you need to set up a subscription.

You can get started online for free, signing up directly on the website or through Google.

With the subscription, you get an investor profile and access to your wallet, where you can make credit and debit card payments.

You can also track your posts and comments on the BiopharmIQ forum.

BiopharmIQ provides an analysis page where you can find articles about upcoming catalyst events and get diligence from premium analysts in the pharmaceutical space.

The company also has an extensive video library that provides: 

  • Biopharma stock education tips
  • Information on biopharma stock clinical trials
  • Investing basics
  • A look at key risks involving biopharma company stock prices
  • And more

The BiopharmIQ website also provides daily biotech stock updates to give investors insights into the daily pharma market.

Is BiopharmIQ Legit?

As with other start-ups and small companies, BiopharmIQ doesn’t have much of a track record to fall on.

However, the company does have a growing, positive reputation among clients and aims to make its platform accessible to all levels of investors.

Who Can Use BiopharmIQ?

The BiopharmIQ platform is for savvy investors looking to make smarter investment decisions by combining their expertise with the pharma platform’s range of tools.

You can find catalysts and big mover events that fit your criteria to uncover potential movements in the market and quickly analyze assets.

The platform is also suited to technical traders, helping bolster their watchlist.

Technical traders can spot catalyst events with set dates so they can be fully prepared before the market opens.

The educational videos also give expert advice and useful tips on fundamentals to help you improve your trading skills.

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What Is Included with BiopharmIQ?

BiopharmIQ offers a suite of exceptional features to help you find solid biotech stocks to invest in.

These features include:

  • Big Mover Stocks
  • Run Up Plays
  • Catalyst Calendar
  • Pipeline Screener
  • Drug IQ Pages

Keep reading our BiopharmIQ Review for a full breakdown.

Big Mover Stocks

Big Mover Stocks is arguably the biggest standout feature of BiopharmIQ. 

With this feature, you see what catalyst events are the biggest potential movers in the market based on fundamental analysis and options data.

By clicking on a Drug IQ card, you get expanded information like a bull/bear thesis.

Big Mover Stocks provides detailed reports on companies and includes PDUFA target action dates and Phase 2/3 data readouts.

The platform shows you which stocks are potentially the most volatile, even if the stock has low or no options data.

Scorecards are provided that list the current stock prices, the readout of data, and the relative percentage change within a specific timeframe.

You get insights into the trends with these stocks, upcoming catalysts, and important volatility data.

Big Mover stocks also allow you to see the quality of these volatile stocks and the key factors that influence them.

Typically, the price moves are negative.

BiopharmIQ review

Run Up Plays Review

Run Up Plays are specific companies that show strong potential to run up into upcoming catalyst events.

This feature is designed to offer ways to make solid investment returns in a low-risk fashion.

Though, no investment is risk-free.

Catalyst Calendar Review

The Catalyst Calendar offers a chronological calendar of potential catalyst events that could bolster or drive down the stock price.

Whether it’s clinical trials, commercial events, events tied to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulations, or anything involving regulatory authorities, the Catalyst Calendar keeps you up to date.

You can search for companies, review data about a drug, view the clinical stage and the catalyst date, and more.

The listed catalyst events are for drugs of companies in the pharma industry that have assets reaching stage 2 or greater. 

But BPIQ has already started rapidly expanding their database to include assets phase 1 or greater.

The Catalyst Calendar is tailor-made for long-term investors focused on analyzing the science behind catalyst events, and it also helps stay on top of your current holdings.

Additionally, you can uncover new readouts that could potentially give you a competitive advantage in the market.

Even better, this calendar is free to use.

BiopharmIQ review

Pipeline Screener Review

The Drug Pipeline Screener tables all of the drug assets that BiopharmIQ has in its system.

Each drug listed on the screener has its own linked page, and coined drug IQ cards.

There are links to historical data and events specific to the drug assets.

With this filterable screener, you spend less time searching and more time doing your due diligence.

BiopharmIQ review

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Drug IQ Pages Review

You will receive detailed drug information with Drug IQ pages, getting a look at drug development, which stage of development the drugs are at, plus other relevant information.

How Much Does BiopharmIQ Cost?

Pricing is broken up into two accounts, Basic and BPIQ Pro.

Basic Account

The basic account on the BiopharmIQ website is free.

You get full access to the educational videos and daily news posts on the website.

You also get a certain number of credits each to use on some of the premium features. 

This includes using the full search for the Catalyst Calendar and Pipeline Screener, and accessing the Drug IQ Cards.


The BPIQ Pro account gives you access to all the main features, including the Big Mover Stocks, Run Up Plays, Catalyst Calendar, Drug IQ Pages, and Pipeline Screener.

Plus, you get a detailed look at company profiles and pipelines.

In the near future, BiopharmIQ plans on offering users full access to a personal portfolio.

The BPIQ Pro account costs $25 a month and comes with a seven-day free trial.

With the BPIQ Pro account, you get unlimited access to detailed drug information for over 1,900 drug assets.

Furthermore, you can join its discussion community — where you get feedback on your analysis, interact with other BPIQ Pro members, and more.

BiopharmIQ review

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BiopharmIQ Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your BPIQ Pro subscription at any time by going to the My Subscription page on the BiopharmIQ website.

You are allowed to access the platform until your current billing cycle ends.

There are no additional fees or hidden fees charged when you request to cancel your subscription.

BiopharmIQ Pros and Cons

We found a lot to like in our BiopharmIQ review; however, there are some places that the service could improve on.

Read our pros and cons list to see what we found.

BiopharmIQ Pros

Detailed Information – BiopharmIQ provides extensive information that will be important to people investing in the biopharma industry.

Track Stock Trends – With Big Movers and Future Movers Stocks, you can watch stock trends and get a look at key catalyst events within the pharma sector.

Stock Price Insights – The company also provides information about drugs, clinical trials, the development stage, and other key factors that could influence the stock price one way or another.

Up-to-Date Data – Data is updated each day after the markets close.

Affordable Fees – It only costs $25, with no hidden fees or additional fees charged.

Educational Material – The company’s educational videos and tips can help investors and technical traders hone their craft, discover new stock information, and use valuable data to support their decision-making.

Comprehensive Database – BiopharmIQ allows you to see hundreds of micro to mid-cap companies within the biopharma industry, and it’s constantly adding more pharma companies to its database.

Credibly Sourced Data – BiopharmIQ sources its information from research on SEC filings, corporate slide decks, publications, meeting posters, and other communication materials.

BiopharmIQ Cons

Limited Track Record – Given that BiopharmIQ was only formed in 2019, there’s limited data on how valuable its insights are.

Technicality – While BiopharmIQ is trying to make the platform easy for everyone, it’s mainly suited for people who know the pharma world, including those with vast investment and technical trading experience.

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BiopharmIQ Customer Reviews

If you want to know what customers have to say about BiopharmIQ, check out these reviews.

BiopharmIQ review

BiopharmIQ review

BiopharmIQ review

BiopharmIQ review

BiopharmIQ Review: Is BiopharmIQ Right for Me?

BiopharmIQ is great if you want data-driven research that delves deep into the pharmaceutical industry and drug candidates as well as the ability to filter data to assess different catalyst events.

The data is very useful and regularly updated.

Plus, the educational videos are extensive and helpful in improving your investment prospects.

If you’re serious about investing in biotech, we recommend checking this service out.

You could always try out the free version and move to Pro down the road.

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Jessica is a published author and copywriter specializing in personal and investment finance. Her expertise is in financial product reviews and stock market education.