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Bull and Bust Report Review: Is Christian DeHaemer the Real Deal?

Chris Dios - November 17, 2021

bull and bust report review
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Chris DeHaemer’s research service has been getting a lot of attention lately, but we wanted to know if it’s a good option for our readers. Our Bull and Bust report review will tell you if this up-and-coming advisory is worth your time.  

bull and bust report

Bull and Bust Report Review: Overview

The Bull and Bust Report is a research service and monthly stock-picking newsletter from Christian DeHaemer and Angel Publishing. It aims to lead members to hot growth opportunities in today’s uncertain market.

DeHaemer’s service is particularly emphatic about helping members counteract potentially damaging policies from market regulators and government authorities.

Here’s how DeHaemer describes the service on its About page:

When the most prominent people in the global financial industry — the central bankers — are lying to your face… When they are preaching safety and at the same time printing an unprecedented and overwhelming amount of debt… Then you know something is wrong… I created the Bull and Bust Report to let you know there are options. So you can not only protect yourself but also profit from Federal Reserve–created bubbles… and escape the subsequent busts. — Christian DeHaemer, Bull and Bust Report About Page, AngelPub.com

The service primarily revolves around a monthly newsletter from DeHaemer and his team. Each issue includes a new stock recommendation, market research, expert analysis, and more.

DeHaemer is also throwing in a slew of bonus extras with his latest deal, including a steep discount over the usual rate.

The current Bull and Bust Report deal has lots to offer, so we’re going to run through each feature in detail. First, let’s take a closer look at the man behind the service. Who is Chris DeHaemer and what are his qualifications?

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christian dehaemer review

Chris DeHaemer Review

Christian DeHaemer is a veteran financial analyst and the lead investment director for Bull and Bust Report. He’s been leading readers to breakout opportunities in the market since 1996. 

DeHaemer has developed a close relationship with his readers. They gave him the nickname “Hammer,” and many of them have been following his work for years.

DeHaemer’s hands-on research approach has served him well through the years. He regularly travels all over the world to get first-hand insights into market-moving trends for his readers.

In his bio on the Angel Publishing website, he details some of his travels and how they affected his research. For example, his boots-on-the-ground research led him to a Mongolian company that was virtually unheard of in the States, Petro Matad.

DeHaemer later recommended the stock to his readers, and they had an opportunity to earn up to a 759% gain on the call.

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bull and bust report review quote

DeHaemer was also one of the first gurus to recognize the potential in cryptocurrencies. His readers had the chance to earn profits as high as 2,528% in a year using a proven exit strategy that helped them protect their gains.

These are the type of calls that have earned DeHamer a reputation as a particularly insightful analyst. His outside-the-box research is uniquely independent, and he prides himself on discovering stocks that you will never hear about through mainstream financial media.

You don’t have anything to worry about with Christian DaHaemer at the helm. He’s a proven guru with a track record for unconventional research that produces results.

end of bitcoin review

End of Bitcoin Review

The cryptocurrency market has undergone unprecedented growth over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, the time for easy gains could soon come to a sudden, unexpected end.

In his latest presentation for Bull and Bust Report, DeHaemer details an emerging regulatory push that could decimate the flourishing crypto industry and shows you strategies that can help you make the most of the resultant turmoil.

The circumstances are complicated, and there are many powerful players involved in the effort. DeHaemer lays it all out in his presentation, but we’ll summarize it here in case you haven’t seen the full video.

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The Regulatory Push

Regulators have never been enthusiastic about the idea of decentralized finance, and why would they? It threatens the very structure which allows them to wield massive power of the world’s financial system.

In the crypto industries’ early years, the government was rather indifferent to crypto in general. After all, Bitcoin began as a very niche currency that was virtually unheard of outside of certain tech circles.

But that all changed in 2017 when Bitcoin broke into the mainstream with an epic rally. Ever since then, Bitcoin has been a key focus for many regulatory entities.

Previously, the efforts to rein in this red-hot market stopped short of bans and major restrictions, but that doesn’t mean regulators are throwing in the towel.

On the contrary, many agencies have been working hard to gain control of the market, and the latest politically-charged push against Bitcoin could spell doom for the entire cryptocurrency market.

bull and bust bitcoin quote

The Financial Elite

Several prominent public figures and organizations have dramatically escalated their anti-crypto rhetoric over the past few months, and the media has supported the effort with favorable coverage of their views.

DeHaemer believes the wave of unfavorable coverage could be setting the stage for a major regulatory move against the crypto industry.

Several Biden appointees have publicly spoken out against crypto, including the Secretary of Treasury, the new SEC Chairman, and even a Federal Reserve Governor.

bull and bust report review

All signs point to a regulatory crackdown, but DeHaemer doesn’t believe it will lead to an outright ban because it would result in a massive political backlash.

Instead, the anti-crypto squad has developed a cunning plan to kneecap the crypto market without provoking a public outcry.

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bull and bust report chart

The Digital Dollar

The government wants a monopoly over its currency, and Bitcoin is a threat to that control. Cryptocurrency could threaten the US Dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency, and the government will do whatever it takes to keep the dollar at the top of the dogpile.

Rather than banning crypto outright, the government wants to seize the market and undermine Bitcoin’s dominant position in the crypto market with the “Digital Dollar.”

The Federal Reserve has been promoting the idea of a digital dollar-based currency for some time, but the idea could be on the verge of becoming a reality.

This, combined with efforts to undermine and discredit crypto in general, could ultimately lead to the End of Bitcoin. Unfortunately, the train is already in motion, and it looks like there’s no stopping it.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. This imminent transformation could result in massive opportunities for

The Opportunity

Anytime the financial system undergoes a major disruption, well-positioned companies could stand to reap massive benefits.

We’ve seen it before with cryptocurrency, credit cards, and other FinTech innovators. Many companies and their early investors saw massive returns as these trends took off, and the market could be in for a repeat once the digital dollar becomes a reality.

To give you an idea of what’s potentially at stake, let’s take a look at Mastercard stock over the past few years. The eCommerce revolution drove the stock to massive gains as online purchases exploded:

bull and bust report track record

Disruption is a recipe for opportunity, and the digital dollar is no exception. This time around, DeHaemer has identified one little-known company that could be the big winner in a potential $400 trillion market.

He details everything in his latest research report, The $400 Trillion Blockchain “Back Door,” and this groundbreaking research is the main feature of the latest Bull and Bust Report deal.

We’re going to cover this report and everything this deal has to offer in detail next, so keep reading our Bull and Bust Report review to get the full story on the package.

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Bull and Bust Report Review: Features

  • One-year subscription to the Bull and Bust Report newsletter
  • Unlimited access to the Bull and Bust Report Model Portfolio
  • Alerts and updates
  • The $400 Trillion Blockchain “Backdoor”
  • The 3 MVPs of the Tap-and-Go Revolution
  • Weekly news roundup
  • Top-rate member services team
  • Six-month money-back guarantee

Bull and Bust Report Newsletter

The main component of the End of Bitcoin deal is the Bull and Bust Report newsletter. This monthly research brief brings you the latest market insights and recommendations from Christian DeHaemer.

Each issue is loaded with in-depth research, analysis, and much more. DeHaemer will also give you a new high-growth stock recommendation every month and keep you up to speed on the latest news surrounding the Bull and Bust model portfolio.

DaHaemer will also update you on the latest news surrounding the digital dollar so you’ll be ready for the big news when it comes. He may also pinpoint additional digital dollar stocks during the course of your subscription.

The Bull and Bust Report newsletter is the foundation of Christian DeHaemer’s service. You’ll likely find yourself looking forward to his briefs every month.

Model Portfolio

You can access every active Bull and Bust Report recommendation in one convenient place with the handy model portfolio feature.

Your subscription includes unlimited access to the entire model portfolio, along with detailed data on every position.

The model portfolio also gives you buy and sell targets for each holding so you refine your strategy down to the finest detail.

You get full access to the model portfolio as soon as you join Bull and Bust Report. You can even access DeHamer’s picks from before you signed up, giving you another handful of stock picks

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Alerts and Updates

DaHaemer makes sure you get the most out of your Bull and Bust Report subscription with alerts and notifications whenever something needs your attention.

You’ll receive DaHaemer’s “Take Action Now” email alerts whenever it’s time to make a move. The alerts go directly to your inbox, so you’ll always know when it’s time to take action.

The alerts go hand in hand with the Bull and Bust Report newsletter and model portfolio. These three components represent the foundation of DeHaemer’s stock-picking service.

Bull and Bust Report Special Reports

These special reports are included with your Bull and Bust Report subscription.

bull and bust report bonus

The $400 Trillion Blockchain “Backdoor”

This featured research report covers the top opportunity that could arise from the advent of the digital dollar. This could be the number-one stock to come out of this financial revolution.

The company could reap huge profits if the digital dollar unfolds as expected. It’s positioned at the forefront of the rapidly-growing blockchain industry, and the stock could skyrocket once the big news breaks.

You’ll get all the details behind this potential breakout stock in this featured report. It also covers everything you need to take full advantage of the emerging opportunity in the digital dollar.

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bull and bust report bonus

The 3 MVPs of the Tap-and-Go Revolution

The pandemic brought digital payments to the forefront of the financial services industry, and the trend continues to accelerate even as the pandemic winds down.

In particular, the rising popularity of Tap & Go payment services are throwing even more fuel on this sector’s red-hot rally. Wall Street is eager to capitalize, and there could be more big gains ahead.

DaHaemer identifies three of the Tap & Go sector’s top growth prospects in this exclusive research report. Each of these stocks could be a huge player in the years ahead.

You’ll get the full lineup of DaHaemar’s best Tap & Go fintech stocks in this report, plus supporting research, analysis, and more.

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Weekly News Roundup

Bull and Bust Report subscribers also get a brief summary of the week’s biggest market-moving news through an exclusive weekly report.

This curated news brief covers all the need-to-know stories from across the market to keep you informed on the latest market trends.

You can save hours of time every week with this handy report. It summarizes all the biggest headlines in a quick, digestible format so you can get the info you need without being bogged down by details.

bull and bust report review guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

The Bull and Bust Report refund policy offers a generous money-back guarantee with every new subscription.

When you join, you’ll have an entire six months to review Christian DeHaemer’s service and, if you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund on your purchase.

The trial offer is entirely risk-free. You have the entire six months to test drive Bull and Bust Report under this industry-leading guarantee. The guarantee covers your subscription costs, 100%.

This guarantee goes well beyond what you typically see. Similar services usually only offer a 30-day guarantee, at best.

DaHaemer’s industry-leading guarantee is a strong indicator of his commitment to his subscribers. It virtually ensures you’ll be satisfied with Bull and Bust Report or you’ll get a full refund.

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Bull and Bust Report Review: Track Record

Christian DeHaemer includes a list of some of his best plays with the latest Bull and Bust Report presentation. Here’s a copy of the list:

As you can see, those are impressive numbers. With a track record like that, you can expect high-quality research from Christian DeHaemer and Bull and Bust Report.

Bull and Bust Report Review: Pros and Cons

Here are the best – and worst- points about Bull and Bust Report:


  • Exclusive research into the End of Bitcoin and The Digital Dollar
  • Bull and Bust Report newsletter for 12 months
  • Experienced, proven guru in Christian DeHaemer
  • Unlimited model portfolio access
  • Take Action Now notifications directly in your inbox
  • Blockchain Backdoor report includes the #1 digital dollar stock
  • Get three additional stock picks with the MVPS of Tap & Go report
  • Air-tight money-back guarantee for six months
  • Affordably priced
  • Top-notch customer support team
  • Respected publisher in Angel Publishing


  • No community chat or social features
  • Excludes options and short plays

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Is Bull and Bust Report Right for Me?

Bull and Bust Report can be a great option for anyone who wants to get a leg up on the market. However, these types of people seem like particularly good fits for the service:

Blockchain Bulls

Bull and Bust Report is a picture-perfect match for anyone whose bullish on blockchain technology’s potential. DeHaemer was an early supporter of the space and he has extensive expertise in to this rapidly-growing space. You’ll get expert insights on all things blockchain with this service.

Growth Chasers

It’s no secret that Wall Street is crazy about growth, and this service can turn you on to some of the most powerful growth trends in the market. Christian DeHaemer has his fingers on the market’s pulse like few others, and he can lead you to huge growth opportunities well before they explode.


Tech has been one of the market’s hottest sectors for decades, and the industry is still running strong. Bull and Bust Report keeps you informed on the hottest emerging opportunities surrounding the tech sector, so you’ll be in the know when the next tech trend is ready to take off.

Macro Trends

DeHaemer is laser-focused on the biggest opportunities sweeping through the market. The digital dollar is a perfect example of a game-changing trend that could have massive implications for the entire economy. DeHaemer has a keen eye for macro trends like these, and he could lead you to many similar opportunities over the course of your subscription.

More Bull and Bust Report Reviews

Bull and Bust Report has a lot going for it, but don’t take our word for it. Here are some additional Bull and Bust Report reviews from members:

bull and bust report reviews

These Bull and Bust Report reviews came from Christian DeHamer’s latest presentation, so take them with a grain of salt. However, they offer valuable insights into other subscribers’ experiences with the service. 

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How Much is Bull and Bust Report?

Bull and Bust Report typically costs $199 per year. However, we’ve secured a steep discount for our readers.

For a limited time, you can get this entire End of Bitcoin package at a reduced rate of just $49. That’s more than a 75% discount over the regular price.

The deal brings your average cost down to slightly more than $4 per month. It’s an excellent discount and you still get all the features covered in this review.

bull and bust report pricing

Is Bull and Bust Report Worth It?

At just $49 per year, Bull and Bust Report looks like an excellent deal. The newsletter alone more than justifies such an affordable price, but it’s a real steal when you factor in all the bonuses.

In addition to the newsletter, the bonus reports include detailed information on a total of four stocks that could produce huge gains over the coming months. You’ll also get 12 additional stock recommendations throughout the course of the year from the newsletter.

The model portfolio also gives you access to DeHaemer’s picks from before you joined, so you’ll have a wealth of stock picks to explore as soon as you join.

Plus, it’s all covered with a stand-out guarantee that covers you for a full six months. There’s virtually no way you’ll walk away satisfied with such a strong guarantee.

Bull and Bust Report is definitely worth it. $49 is a small price to pay for access to this kind of exclusive, cutting-edge research.

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bull and bust report review

Bull and Bust Report Review: Final Verdict

Bull and Bust Report checks all the boxes you’d like to see in a top-tier research service. It has a qualified guru, a respected publisher in Angel Publishing, an excellent money-back guarantee, and a wealth of bonus reports.

This Blockchain Backdoor report is particularly intriguing because of the company’s massive potential. If the digital dollar takes off, this stock’s future could be incredibly bright.

The second bonus report, 3 MVPs of Tap & Go, is no slouch either. FinTech is an extremely lucrative industry, and these stocks could lead the next high-octane phase of the growth cycle.

Christian DeHaemer’s track record speaks for itself. He’s a sky-high perspective on the hottest tech trends are worth the cost of admission. Having access to his latest research for an entire year could have game-changing results.

At just $49 per year, Bull and Bust Report is a hands-down bargain. If you want to take advantage of the digital dollar boom, this is the research service that can help you meet your goals.

That’s it for our Bull and Bust Report review. Join now to get DeHamer’s No.1 Digital Dollar Stock

Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris studied accounting at Drexel University and first started investing back in 2018. He currently resides just outside Billings, Montana. Chris specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.