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Bulls on Wall Street Review: Is The Trading Service Legit?

Noah Zelvis - April 27, 2021

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Whether knowledgeable or otherwise, every trader can use some additional education from time to time. The problem is, the internet is full of sites claiming to be experts on every topic. How does anyone know where to turn?

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Fortunately, The Stock Dork is here to sift through these services and provide feedback on what’s good and what’s not.

This Bulls on Wall Street review will give you the low down on everything you need to know about this trading education platform.

Bulls on Wall Street Review

Bulls on Wall Street Review: Overview

Bulls on Wall Street (BOWS) is a day trading education and alerts service founded 13 years ago, back in 2008. The site has evolved during that time to feature the many educational courses available today.

With his team of experts, Kunal Desai offers several courses to work directly with traders on the nuances of the trading world. The team has created hands-on content and are very actively involved in the classes they offer.

Bulls on Wall Street Review: Kunal Desai Review

Kunal Desai

Kunal Desai is the founder of Bulls on Wall Street. He creates and delivers most of the educational information on the platform.

Kunal got his start back in 1999 by trading during the dot com boom. He’s surfed the wave over the last 20 years of ups and downs and has placed all that knowledge into the training courses he now offers on BOWS.

Calling himself a day trader by day and an industry-leading instructor by night, Desai has taught all over the world and has been featured in many prominent magazines.

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Bulls on Wall Street Review: What Products Does Bulls on Wall Street Offer?

BOWS has four main areas that a trader can get plugged into:

  • Live 60-Day Trading Boot Camp
  • Day Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Events and Workshops

Bulls on Wall Street Review: Live 60-Day Trading Boot Camp

Bulls On Wall Street review: Bootcamp

The 60 Day Trading Bootcamp is a literal 60-day university-style course put together and taught by Kunal Desai himself. The Bootcamp is the Wall Street Bulls flagship trading education course and is packed full of information for traders.

Bulls on Wall Street Review: What Does Live 60-Day Trading Boot Camp Include?

The Bootcamp includes 28 different live classes shown through their website via a webinar setting. This is not a pre-recorded trading course. Kunal and his team teach it live each time to keep content fresh and up to date. Classes are even recorded so that traders can play them back at any time.

The trading course includes question and answer sessions, quizzes, and homework to ensure each trader absorbs the teaching. Classes also have daily market recaps and access to a trading simulator to put that knowledge to the test.

Mentors work with each trader individually to help walk traders through the trading process from start to finish in hopes of turning each student into a profitable trader.

Live 60-Day Trading Boot Camp Cancellation Policy

In their terms and conditions, BOWS mentions that all customer purchases are under a no refund policy. The good news is that even if you miss a class, or ten, traders will have access to the education material for life.

How Much Does Live 60-Day Trading Boot Camp Cost?

In order to sign up for the 60-Day Trading Bootcamp, a trader must first apply to join on the website. The course price isn’t disclosed until a bit further in the process, but traders state the price sits somewhere around $3000 for the entire program.

Who Is Live 60-Day Trading Boot Camp For?

The 60-Day Trading Boot Camp is for any trader who wants to learn all the tools they need to succeed in investing. The course assumes a day trader has little to no knowledge of trades. Kunal states that he teaches traders everything he knows about trading right.

The course requires a trader to put in time and effort, but anyone looking to make the serious leap into trading should get a lot of value from this program.

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Bulls on Wall Street Review: Day Trading

Bulls on Wall Street Review

The Day Trading course effectively condenses the 60-Day Boot Camp with 18 different classes and over 20 hours’ worth of content. Kunal Desai leads and teaches this comprehensive educational course and gives his best tips on how to make money on the market.

Bulls on Wall Street Review: What Does Bulls on Wall Street Day Trading Include?

In addition to the 18 classes, Kunal Desai meets with traders virtually three nights per week to discuss what’s happening in the market and explain how it relates to the material covered in class. Kunal also discusses his trading style for the week and his thoughts going into the next day of trading stocks.

Sundays are set aside for a time to go over market and sector conditions as a group. The team scans the market for exciting stocks that may be big movers for the week. It’s the perfect way to work with an expert like Kunal to create a solid game plan for the upcoming week.

This course also enables access to the Bulls Vision chat room. The chat room is a place to review trade ideas with the community and catch the latest day trading chat. Kunal Desai also frequents the chat room, where he calls out his trades and provides technical analysis.

The chat room also posts trade alerts with time stamps right in the room so users can see updates in real-time.

If that wasn’t enough, Kunal Desai and the team send out a nightly trading watch list with each stock they have on their radar.

Bulls on Wall Street Day Trading Cancellation Policy

As with all their trading courses, Bulls does not offer refunds on any of their purchases. Any course day traders subscribe to will always be accessible.

How Much Does Bulls on Wall Street Day Trading Cost?

A subscription to the Day Trading course can either be done monthly or on an annual basis.

The price for everything listed above runs $199 monthly. A day trader who wants to access feedback from Kunal Desai and the team for an entire year can pay $1499 and save nearly 40% on the monthly price.

As a bonus, yearly subscribers also get a trading toolkit coursebook, a personalized strategic account executive, and an invitation to one live event included in the fee.

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Who Is Bulls on Wall Street Day Trading For?

The Day Trading course is excellent for all but the most self-sufficient of traders.

There’s a lot of educational training material for those who want to learn more about specific topics. Having Kunal provide his technical analysis and thoughts behind his day trades for the upcoming live trading day are invaluable insights for all traders.

Receiving nightly trade ideas can help full-time or part-time traders form their own stock strategies. Any trader can ask for free stock feedback in the chatroom community to help with those difficult trade decisions.

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Bulls on Wall Street Review: Swing Trading

The Swing Trading service is a similar service to the other trading courses but is led by Paul Singh. Paul has over 18 years of experience in the trade industry with a stellar track record.

The Swing Trade program features 16 different on-demand classes with over 20 hours of educational material and much more.

Bulls on Wall Street Review

Bulls on Wall Street Review: What Does Bulls on Wall Street Swing Trading Include?

The accelerated training course is full of information on trades and tips for making money. Quizzes and a trading simulator will test students to see how they are grasping the material.

In addition to the course, Paul Singh takes his group through his strategy of focusing on momentum stocks with catalysts on a part-time basis. Paul teaches strict risk and trade management principles through bi-weekly group mentorship sessions.

The Swing Trade Alerts Service provides alerts in real-time to cue traders into hot stocks for potential investment in their account.

Each member will also receive daily swing trade watchlists to plan out their future trades under Paul’s watchful eye. A swing trading chat room is also available for traders to use.

Bulls on Wall Street Swing Trading Cancellation Policy

In the same vein as other courses, there is no cancellation or refund policy for subscribers. Services are unlocked for users as long as their subscription is active but lose access to Paul’s guidance if they cancel.

How Much Does Bulls on Wall Street Swing Trading Cost?

A subscription for this service can either be per month or annual.

The monthly fee to enroll in the trading program costs $199. Access to these services for a year is $1499, which is al 40% off the monthly rate.

Subscribing on a yearly basis comes with a few additional perks. Members get a personalized strategic account executive, a trading toolkit coursebook, and an invitation to one live event as a free bonus.

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Who Is Bulls on Wall Street Swing Trading For?

The Swing Trade program is set up for individuals who trade on a part-time basis. With all the educational material, tips, and insights from Paul Singh, anyone who doesn’t trade full-time can benefit from this service.

Daily stock suggestions are helpful for anyone looking to put together a portfolio or come up with a new trade plan.

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Bulls on Wall Street Review: Events and Workshops

Bulls on Wall Street workshops

BOWS has workshops and live events throughout the year.

What Are Bulls on Wall Street’s Events and Workshops?

The Bulls website has free on-demand workshops that anyone can access at their leisure. These workshops cover topics like “7 Deadly Training Sins” and “Trading Momentum Stocks for Beginners”.

The platform also has multi-day in-person workshops where traders learn a complete trading education and get the chance to network with beginner and experienced traders. Kunal Desai hosts these events and shares his strategies.

Bulls on Wall Street Events and Workshops Cancellation Policy

While the online workshops are free to check out, in-person events are subject to the same no refund policy as the rest of the services on the site.

How Much Do Bulls on Wall Street Events and Workshops Cost?

Although it’s not clear how much the in-person events cost, they are listed at a $3000 value on other parts of the site. Interested parties can expect to pay up to that amount for the multi-day training.

Who Are Bulls on Wall Street Events and Workshops For?

Anyone looking to learn more about the stock market, trades, and risk management might benefit from attending an in-person multi-day session.

Those looking to build a network of traders while learning how to make money through trading will have the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals.

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Bulls on Wall Street Review: Pros and Cons

The BOWS platform has several excellent features for traders to sink their teeth into. Here’s a list of the pros and a few cons to consider about the service.

Bulls on Wall Street Pros

  • Good for new and experienced traders
  • Each course offers a large amount of content
  • Chat room is great for ideas and community
  • Lots of technical analysis from experts
  • Free online workshops
  • Clear trade alerts in real-time

Bulls on Wall Street Cons

  • Courses may be financially out of reach for some
  • No trial period or refunds

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Bulls on Wall Street Reviews by Members

Bulls on Wall Street reviews

There’s a lot of stellar feedback on sites like Trustpilot, with a 4.7 rating from individuals who use the service. Here are a few recent posts from those who left a Bulls on Wall Street review:

I love this day trading/swing trading site. Currently enrolled in the 60 Day Bootcamp course with Kunal Desai. Fast paced, but this is the real deal and this I can see even being a novice trader! Customer support is top notch also in setting up the discord chat room access for day trading chat + other various essential site support issues! Kevin is beyond stellar! Well organized trading teaching resource here!

-James, on Trustpilot

Everyone on the BOWS team is very knowledgeable and helpful. Other members in the chat are also extremely knowledgeable and professional. Everyone is working together to help each other out finding leading stocks to trade. Highly recommended for new traders learning how to trade Or experienced traders who need the extra set of eyes on more stocks. Thanks guys

-Bobby, on Trustpilot

Final Review: Is Bulls on Wall Street Worth It?

Now that you’ve read our Bulls on Wall Street Review, are the products the service offers really worth it?

While the fee might seem steep, consider the fact that you’re getting access to educational material that you’ll be able to review for a lifetime. If that isn’t enough, having an expert work personally with you on trade setups and strategies may make the expense worth it.

If you’re not a trading beginner or the $3000 60-Day Boot Camp just isn’t financially possible, have a look at one of the other courses that offer similar interaction and training materials. It’s possible to spend less money and invest in these at a lower monthly price. You can still reap the benefits while you decide if a yearly commitment is right for you.

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