The Best Cryptocurrencies to Trade This Week

The Best Cryptocurrencies to Trade This Week

Hassan Maishera - November 7, 2019

The cryptocurrency sector endured a torrid 2018, many coins lost over 80% of their value. However, the crypto space is showing signs of life. Bitcoin gained over 150% since the start of the year.

STill well-off their all-time highs, most cryptocurrencies are performing well over the past few months. They are expected to record even more significant gains before the end of the year.

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Latest Cryptocurrency News

This week has been an interesting one for the crypto space. China is famous for its tough stance against cryptocurrency activities and was planning to ban crypto mining in the country. However, the China National Development and Reform Commission scrapped the plan after it published its final catalog Guiding Industry Restructuring earlier this week. This is a massive boost for the crypto space as China continues to lead in terms of cryptocurrency mining.

Similarly, the number of Bitcoin buyers from Square’s Cash App doubled in the third quarter. According to the Square, first-time BTC buyers have almost doubled, a sign that cryptocurrency trading is becoming more mainstream.

There is other positive news coming out of the crypto and blockchain space, and it’s helped push the price of the cryptocurrencies higher in recent weeks.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Trade This Week

Although most of the cryptocurrencies are trading in the red zone over the last 24 hours, some of them have been recording substantial gains. Here are the top three cryptos for you to trade this week.

bitcoin news

Bitcoin rallied a few weeks ago after Chinese President Xi Jinping called his country to be a leader in the blockchain space.

Tezos (XTZ)

Over the past 24 hours, Tezos has been the best-performing cryptocurrency amongst the top 100. The cryptocurrency is up by roughly 29% against the US Dollar over the last 24 hours.

The market is reacting to Coinbase’s announcement that it’s expanded its Tezos stake program. Coinbase published a blog post last Wednesday revealing that it has launched staking rewards for all Tezos holders on its platforms. This latest development would enable eligible US customers to earn interest on their Tezos reserve for depositing and holding the token on Coinbase.

Tezos has been trading around the $0.80 mark over the past week, but it spiked to $1.39 on Wednesday. The price has since pulled back to $1.18. However, it’s expected to rebound as traders capitalize on the Coinbase opportunity.

DxChain Token (DX)

DxChain Token has been on an upward trend since the start of the week. The cryptocurrency gained over 25% in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, DxChain Token was trading at $0.000732 per coin but has gone up to currently trade above the $0.0009 mark. There is no latest announcement from the DxChain Token development team.

This crypto is rallying. With the token price still a fraction of a dollar, DxChain might continue its bull-run over the next few days. Overall, the cryptocurrency market is bleeding at the moment, but DxChain Token is one of the few cryptocurrencies still is trading in the green.

Swipe (SXP)

Swipe token is another cryptocurrency that is performing excellently over the last couple of days. The crypto is up by 12.23% against the US Dollar in the previous 24 hours, and it also recorded gains against Bitcoin and Ethereum. It was trading at $1.10 yesterday but has gone up to trade at $1.24 per coin currently.

The increase in the token’s price could still be a reaction to the recent announcements by the Swipe team. Two weeks ago, Swipe, which provides users with high-level security for their digital assets, revealed that it had added BitGo as a custody provider. The partnership will help Swipe safely store their crypto assets.

blockchain stocks

Swipe provides blockchain-powered data security services for business and enterprise clients.

Last month, the Swipe team also announced a partnership with Coinbase Custody. Under the terms of the deal, Coinbase Custody will provide custodial services on its customers Swiper deposits. The move boosted Swipe’s credibility and reassured users of the platform’s security.

More Hot Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have recovered some of their value since the start of the year, but they still have significant upside potential. Stay tuned to the Dork to keep track of the top cryptocurrencies to trade. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for trending stock market news. And, sign up for Dork Alerts to get all the hottest stock picks delivered right to your inbox.

Comerica Bank Disavows Alleged Crypto-Scammers

Comerica Bank Disavows Alleged Crypto-Scammers

Chris Dios - September 30, 2019

DALLAS, Sept. 27, 2019 / TheStockDork / — Comerica Bank (NYSE: CMA) is denouncing a group operating in Asia that is infringing on its brand.

The group, VRB, falsely claimed to have financial backing from Comerica, and now Comerica is biting back.

In a statement released Friday, the bank condemned VRB, calling the false affiliation claim  “an attempt to draw investment into a cryptocurrency scheme”.

VRB held events in which they falsely advertised support from Comerica in Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Japan. Comerica claims that VRB went to extreme lengths to propagate the lie, even hiring actors to portray Comerica employees at some of these events.

Comerica emphatically stated that it has no relationship with VRB. “Those involved with VRB cryptocurrency have sought to use the Comerica brand name to lend their operation legitimacy, and individuals attempting to make that association are not Comerica employees,” the bank said in last Friday’s statement.

Comerica’s promises that its legal team “continues to aggressively pursue takedown of VRB web domains that make reference to Comerica.”

Representatives from VRB Corporation were commented for comment on this story, but haven’t replied as of this writing. The group’s website,, appears to be offline.

Stay tuned to for all of the latest crypto and stock market news.

US FDA to Hold Meeting on Blockchain and AI in Food Traceability

US FDA to Hold Meeting on Blockchain and AI in Food Traceability

John Parker - September 19, 2019

The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is now all set to hold a much needed public meeting for discussion of its new initiative termed “A New Era of Smarter Food Safety”.

In the official announcement made on 17th September, the FDA mentioned that the consultation to be carried out with the international stakeholders that is designed to talk about the health challenges of the public & implementation of this Food Safety Modernization Act, shall occur on 21st October.

In essence, the FDA has aims to establish system that is more traceable, digital, as well as safer. This will help protect the consumers from the contaminated food. This initiative proposes the deployment of technologies like AI, blockchain, sensors, and IoT for development of the digital system. This helps trace the original food source as well as assess the associated risks.

This latest approach was originally announced during the late half of April by Dr. Ned Sharpless, the Acting FDA Commissioner and Frank Yiannas, the Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy & Response. According to this announcement, the emerging technologies can massively reduce the overall time required to trace origins of the contaminated food.

Cryptocurrency Payments Processor BitPay Adds Support for Ether

Cryptocurrency Payments Processor BitPay Adds Support for Ether

John Parker - September 18, 2019

Key cryptocurrency payments processor BitPay now has added support for Ether, the second-biggest cryptocurrency by market cap.

As per a media release on 16 September, firms which have subscribed to BitPay will be able to make payment in bitcoin ether, cash, bitcoin, as well as with a few stablecoins.

Launched in the year 2011, BitPay processes crypto and fiat payments in more than 200 countries. The cryptocurrency service provider has purportedly settled almost $3bn in payments over the years.

Talking about the new addition, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder as well as creator of Ethereum said that it was fascinating to have BitPay integrating ether into worldwide payment systems. This opens a new doorof potentialities for the ether ecosystem, he continued.

To put it in simple words, Stephen Pair, the CEO of BitPay said that Ethereum was a logical choice because of its strong market base currently.

Ether is utilized by several companies and offers wide support for real-word use.

Previous week, the HKFP (Hong Kong Free Press) claimed that BitPay was delaying bitcoin donations towards the company.  HKFP, a free, non-profit online news website has been reporting about the present civil unrest prevailing in Hong Kong. BitPay is yet to respond back to these allegations.

Uber offers $750-mn junk bonds to help finance acquisition of Careem

Uber offers $750-mn junk bonds to help finance acquisition of Careem

John Parker - September 15, 2019

Uber Technologies Inc is selling its junk bonds in order to help finance its purchase of Careem in its 1st dept offering being a public firm. The company is seeking to issue the sum of $750mn junk bonds due in the year 2027, as per a statement released on Thursday.

The proceeds will be utilized to enable funding for its acquisition of Careem, Uber’s ride-hailing rival based in Dubai. It is the 2nd sale of bond in Uber’s decade long history while being the first one since the company went public previously this year. The company issued debt worth $2bn during its debuting offering previous October, boosting the volume of the 2-part deal because the orders swelled.

Uber is now promoting its recent offering widely to the investors. It said that it might purchase Careen next year March, denoting the biggest agreement of CEO Dara Khosrowshahi’s Uber tenure. It is expected to complete in 2020’s first quarter. It might have to extend cash for notes if the shareholders of Careem don’t elect to turn Uber stock to $55 predetermined price within ninety days of its issuance.

The bond sale is being managed by Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs Group,HSBC Holdings, Barclays, Royal Bank of Canada and SunTrust Banks, as per a person having knowledge on the matter.

Non-Custodial Exchange KyberSwap Launches Fiat-to-Crypto Gateway

Non-Custodial Exchange KyberSwap Launches Fiat-to-Crypto Gateway

John Parker - September 15, 2019

Crypto exchange KyberSwap has become the first ever non-custodial exchange to introduce its own fiat-to-crypto gateway in partnership with crypto exchange Coindirect.

As per a blog post released on 13 September, the users of KyberSwap will now be able to purchase digital currencies by using fiat currencies directly. However, the exchange supports the trading of ERC-20 tokens and Ether based coins only currently.

The collaboration with Coindirect helps KyberSwap to but cryptocurrencies by using MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards.

KyberSwap received support for the DEX token versions when crypto exchange Binance showed interest to team with Kyber Network. Binance arrived at a deal where its Trust Wallet would enable KyberSwap to support the DEX tokens. On the other hand, Kyber Network already offers supports to over 70 tokens which includes USDC, DAI, USDT, TUSD, MKR, KNC, WBTC and LINK.

Sunny Jain, KyberSwap’s Head of product, found a key reason behind the rejection that cryptocurrency till date had been experiencing. According to Jain, not many people could easily acquire cryptocurrency. They faced difficulties in purchasing a token and later saw that the exchange would not let it turn into fiat. He thus saw an opportunity in this situation and collaborated with Coindirect to become the first non-custodial crypto exchange offering a fiat-to-crypto choice.

InnfiRAT malware lurks in your machine to steal wallet data

InnfiRAT malware lurks in your machine to steal wallet data

John Parker - September 14, 2019

The researchers have discovered a new trojan which expertises in stealing cryptocurrency-associated data.

The malware, referred to as InnfiRAT, includes several standard trojan capabilities; however, will particularly lurk on the infected machines to steal credentials of cryptocurrency wallet.

As per a blog post by zScaler cyber-security company on Thursday, InnfiRAT, mentioned as .NET, most probably spread via a drive-by download or phishing mails comprising of malicious attachments.

The malware makes copies itself onto the vulnerable system and hides it into the machine’s AppData directory. It then writes one Base64 encoded portable executable (PE) file in the memory in order to begin the trojan’s main functionality.

InnfiRAT first will look for signals of sandbox environment, which is a standard setup utilized by researchers when they reverse-engineer malware samples. The malware would terminate itself if found. But, if not discovered then would continue executing the payload.

The system data, which includes the processor type, PC vendor, cache size, name and origin of the system, is scraped.

The InnfiRAT malware will then connect with its C2 server, transmit the stolen information from the machine and wait for further instructions.

Recently, PsiXBot has been upgraded in order to incorporate DNS of Google over the HTTPS service. Once it hits the target system, PsiXBot will scan the wallet credential clipboard that is utilized to store Ripple, Etherium, Monero and Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Has ‘Long-Term Potential,’ Says Apple Exec

Cryptocurrency Has ‘Long-Term Potential,’ Says Apple Exec

John Parker - September 14, 2019

Apple is keeping an eye on cryptocurrency, as per an executive working with the America tech giant.

While talking with CNN, Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay said that the company thinks cryptocurrency is interesting and has a long-term potential.

Bailey didn’t explain about the potential uses of cryptocurrency that Apple may pursue. She spoke about the future of the payments at the private CNN event which was help in San Francisco.

With Facebook preparing to introduce its own Libra stablecoin in 2020, it may be surprising if Apple wasn’t watching the technology. However, Bailey’s comment might come as a confirmation that something more may be going on behind the curtains at the company’s Cupertino headquarter.

Apple had submitted a new filing with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in February which contained unseen details related to the company’s interest in the blockchain technology.

The document signalled that the computing giant was working on drafting ‘Blockchain Guidelines’ meant for the Responsible Minerals Initiative of the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance).

Apart from this, Bailey also said the company is working to resolve the issue which makes it difficult for the users of the Apple Pay to tip. She further explained why Apple suggested the new Apple Credit Card users to keep the card away from denim, leather and any other of their credit cards.

US E-Cigarette Ban Stokes Fears Trump Could Target Bitcoin

US E-Cigarette Ban Stokes Fears Trump Could Target Bitcoin

John Parker - September 13, 2019

BTC (Bitcoin) proponents are yet again pondering the potential of the US imposing a ban on cryptocurrency as the law regulators move to ban flavoured vaping.

The White as well s FD both confirmed the sudden restrictions on 12 September, which means that flavoured e-cigarettes will soon disappear from the country’s market in the coming days.

The manufacturers might get their products back in future, after proper safety checks that prove the products aren’t responsible for the reported outbreak of a vaping-related lung disease which caused the government measure.

The administration of Trump has made it clear that the market needs to be free from flavoured vaping products in order to stop the youth from inculcating e-cigarette use which is impacting families, kids, communities and schools, said Alex Alaz, the Health and Human Services Secretary.

Though not directly relating to cryptocurrency, a few from the industry raised concerns sating that such kind of executive orders might just extend towards BTC easily.

According to Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, while this move is unrelated, but it still shows that the White House might issue a ban on possibly anything, including bitcoin.

As per a report by Cointelegraph, Trump earlier has commented negatively regarding cryptocurrency which worried the markets. Though no change in policy has taken place yet, but the regulatory approach of the US towards bitcoin continues to send shivers through consumers and businesses.