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Companies That Had Their IPO in 2013: A Comprehensive Overview

The year 2013 witnessed a significant number of companies venturing into the public market through initial public offerings (IPOs). 

IPOs are crucial milestones for companies, enabling them to raise capital, gain market visibility, and fuel their growth strategies. 

In this article, we will explore the notable companies that had their IPO in 2013, analyzing their market impact, success stories, and lessons learned.

Overview of IPOs in 2013

In 2013, the IPO market experienced a resurgence after a relatively quiet period following the global financial crisis. 

A total of 222 IPOs took place in 2013, raising approximately $55 billion. This marked a substantial increase from previous years and signified renewed investor confidence in the market. 

The IPOs of 2013 covered various industries, including technology, social media, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Companies That Had Their IPO in 2013: All You Need To Know

Companies That Had Their IPO in 2013

Twitter IPO

Background of Twitter’s IPO: The highly anticipated IPO of Twitter took place on November 7, 2013. 

Twitter, a popular social media platform, offered 70 million shares at $26 per share, raising $1.8 billion. 

The IPO was met with significant investor enthusiasm, leading to a surge in Twitter’s share price during the first day of trading.

Impact on the social media landscape: Twitter’s IPO had a transformative impact on the social media industry. 

The IPO allowed Twitter to enhance its financial position, invest in product innovation, and expand its user base. It also paved the way for other social media companies to go public, thereby shaping the future of the industry.

Twitter’s market performance since going public: Following the IPO, Twitter faced challenges in monetizing its platform and attracting advertisers. The company underwent changes in leadership and focused on improving its ad targeting capabilities. 

Despite initial struggles, Twitter continued to grow its user base and revenue over time, gradually solidifying its position as a major player in the social media landscape.

Hilton Worldwide IPO

Overview of Hilton’s IPO: Hilton Worldwide, a leading hospitality company, went public on December 12, 2013. The IPO raised approximately $2.7 billion, making it one of the largest IPOs in the hotel industry. 

Hilton utilized the proceeds from the IPO to reduce its debt and invest in expanding its global presence.

Significance in the hospitality industry: Hilton’s IPO signaled the resurgence of the hospitality sector and demonstrated investor confidence in the potential for growth in the industry. 

The IPO allowed Hilton to pursue its expansion plans, acquire new properties, and strengthen its market position.

Hilton’s post-IPO growth and market positioning: Following the IPO, Hilton continued to expand its portfolio, focusing on emerging markets and strategic partnerships. 

The company’s performance improved significantly, with increased revenue and strong market positioning. 

Hilton’s successful IPO set a benchmark for other players in the hospitality industry.

Zoetis IPO

Introduction to Zoetis: Zoetis, a global leader in animal health, had its IPO on January 31, 2013. The IPO raised approximately $2.2 billion, marking it as one of the largest offerings in the pharmaceutical sector. 

Zoetis provides a wide range of animal health products and services, catering to both livestock and companion animals.

Impact on the veterinary and pharmaceutical sectors: The Zoetis IPO highlighted the growing importance of the animal health industry and the significant potential for innovation and investment in this sector. 

The IPO allowed Zoetis to focus on research and development, expand its product offerings, and strengthen its global presence.

Zoetis’ growth trajectory post-IPO: Since going public, Zoetis has experienced steady growth, driven by the increasing demand for animal health products and services globally. 

The company continues to invest in research and development, exploring new treatments and therapies for animals. Zoetis’ IPO set the stage for further advancements in the animal health industry.

CDW Corporation IPO

Analysis of CDW Corporation’s IPO: CDW Corporation, a leading provider of technology solutions, had its IPO on June 27, 2013. 

The offering raised approximately $395 million, allowing CDW to pursue its growth strategy and expand its market share. 

CDW offers a wide range of IT products and services, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Role in the IT solutions industry: CDW Corporation’s IPO highlighted the increasing demand for technology solutions in the business world. 

The company’s ability to adapt to evolving technological needs and provide comprehensive IT services positioned it as a key player in the industry.

CDW Corporation’s post-IPO performance: Following the IPO, CDW Corporation reported consistent revenue growth and strengthened its customer base. 

The company expanded its product offerings and entered into strategic partnerships to enhance its market presence. CDW’s successful IPO served as a model for other IT solution providers.

Noodles & Company IPO

Exploration of Noodles & Company’s IPO: Noodles & Company, a fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in noodles and pasta dishes, went public on June 28, 2013. 

The IPO raised approximately $96 million, reflecting investor interest in unique restaurant concepts and the growing demand for healthier fast-food alternatives.

Success in the restaurant industry: Noodles & Company’s IPO highlighted the company’s ability to combine convenience, taste, and quality in its menu offerings. 

The company’s focus on customization and a broad range of flavors appealed to a wide customer base, driving its growth in a competitive market.

Factors contributing to growth post-IPO: Following the IPO, Noodles & Company continued to expand its restaurant footprint and strengthen its brand. 

The company’s commitment to quality ingredients, diverse menu options, and a welcoming atmosphere resonated with customers, leading to its success in the restaurant industry.


Market Impact and Lessons Learned

The IPOs of 2013 had a substantial impact on the overall market sentiment and served as catalysts for innovation and expansion. 

They propelled the growth of industries such as social media, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, technology solutions, and the restaurant sector. 

The success stories and lessons learned from these IPOs provide valuable insights for investors and businesses planning to go public in the future.


The notable IPOs of 2013 showcased the diversity and potential of companies entering the public market. 

Twitter, Hilton Worldwide, Zoetis, CDW Corporation, and Noodles & Company exemplified success in their respective industries, attracting investor interest and driving market growth. 

The impact of these IPOs extended beyond their individual companies, shaping industry landscapes and setting the stage for future innovation. 

The lessons learned from these IPOs emphasize the importance of adaptability, market positioning, and customer-centric approaches in achieving post-IPO success.

Investors and businesses can draw inspiration from the experiences of these companies as they navigate the dynamic world of IPOs and seize opportunities for growth and value creation. 

The IPOs of 2013 serve as valuable case studies, highlighting the strategic decisions and market dynamics that contribute to a successful public offering and the long-term sustainability of a company in the public market.