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Credit Fix Guy Review 2022: Can They Really Fix Your Credit?

Noah Zelvis - May 29, 2021

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We all want to keep our credit rating healthy, but life happens. Once your credit score is low, it can feel like an impossible task to build it back up.

The good news is that there are companies out there whose sole goal is to help you improve your credit score. These companies are not all the same, and some certainly are better than others.

The Stock Dork is here to review these different companies to help you make an educated decision about what will work best for you.

This Credit Fix Guy review covers what the service has to offer.

Credit Fix Guy Review

Credit Fix Guy Review: Overview

With Credit Fix Guy, the name really says it all. A.M. Jackson started the company out of Chicago, Illinois, in 2016 to provide an affordable way for people to improve their credit scores.

Since that time, Credit Fix Guy has helped thousands of people raise their credit scores. All it takes to be successful is a little patience and a willingness to work.

Credit Fix Guy Review: What Is Credit Fix Guy?

Credit Fix Guy Review

Credit Fix Guy is a unique approach to improving credit scores by utilizing custom dispute letters to challenge claims on your credit report. Using these dispute letters, individuals can remove accounts that hinder their credit score, paving the way for improved credit.

Their mission is to keep quality credit repair available to anyone who needs it with the goal of helping each customer bring their credit score up to 700 or higher.

Credit Fix Guy also helps clients maintain this score in the future.

Credit Fix Guy Review: A.M. Jackson Review

Credit Fix Guy Review: A.M. Jackson

A.M. Jackson IS the Credit Fix Guy. He took a look at the expensive credit repair services and built a program to accomplish the same results for a fraction of the cost.

His mission is to provide affordable credit repair to help those who could not otherwise afford it.

A.M. Jackson took his personal struggles and combined them with what he’s learned in school to create a service that can help anyone improve their credit score, no matter how bad it may be.

In addition, Jackson has also written several guides on various topics designed to eliminate bad credit, build good credit, and learn how to work with the three Credit Bureaus.

With A.M. Jackson’s years of experience helping people with their credit woes, he’s become quite the expert at understanding credit reports.

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Credit Fix Guy Review: How Does Credit Fix Guy Work?

Credit Fix Guy review

Credit Fix Guy takes an interest in your personal credit report and looks for ways to boost your score.

To start, you send your credit report to Credit Fix Guy, who then analyzes it to determine which accounts should be disputed and in what order. Over the next few days, Credit Fix Guy creates custom dispute letters for the Credit Bureaus to challenge those accounts.

The dispute letters are sent to you within three days with detailed instructions on how to send those letters off to the Bureaus.

Credit Fix Guy Review: Is Credit Fix Guy Legit?

Credit Fix Guy has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and has been in the business of helping others with their credit scores since 2016. There are many reports of success on the Credit Fix Guy site and sites like the Better Business Bureau.

Unlike similar companies, Credit Fix Guy does not ask for your Social Security number.

Perhaps best of all, Credit Fix Guy offers a guarantee that if their service doesn’t get deletions or positive updates, they will do the work again at no cost to you or simply issue a complete refund.

Credit Fix Guy Review: Does Credit Fix Guy Really Work?

If positive reviews are any indication, many individuals have found success through Credit Fix Guy. The site has a list of over 1000 success stores from users who have obtained deletions and brought their credit scores back into the green.

The Better Business Bureau site has Credit Fix Guy rated as an A with over 200 positive reviews.

Before it was taken down, the company had over 160,000 followers on Instagram. There, A.M. Jackson would encourage people to post their positive reviews.

Credit Fix Guy Review: Free Equifax Credit Sweep Method Revealed Guide

Credit Fix Guy Review

This book specifically targets ways to improve your credit rating results with Equifax.

The guide goes into detail about how to delete all your previous addresses with Equifax. It also explains how to remove the majority of your negative credit within 90 days. Credit Fix Guy states that this book contains the same techniques that credit repair companies use to clear up accounts.

Although focusing on Equifax, these same tips can be used to help delete previous addresses on all three bureaus to increase the deletion rate.

Credit Fix Guy has a print copy of the Equifax Credit Sweep Method on their site for $20.00, but the guide can also be downloaded as an eBook for free!

Can Credit Fix Guy Remove Collections?

As the Credit Fix Guy himself says, any bad credit on your report can be deleted. This includes repossessions, tax liens, late payments, evictions, and collections as well.

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What Do You Get with Credit Fix Guy?

Here’s a list of the guides and services that Credit Fix Guy offers:

  • Fico Dominator: Never Get Denied Again! Powerful DIY Credit Repair Guide
  • The Master Plan: Build Credit Like a Pro Guide
  • Equifax Credit Sweep Method Revealed Guide
  • Credit Fix Guy’s Right to Report Letters: Dispute System Guide
  • Credit Reports
  • Custom Dispute Letters

Credit Fix Guy Review: Fico Dominator: Never Get Denied Again! Powerful DIY Credit Repair Guide

Credit Fix Guy Review

Credit Fix Guy’s Fico Dominator: Never Get Denied Again! is a book written by A.M. Jackson and is designed to delete any negative credit that you have.

Within its pages, you’ll learn tricks on how to stop bill collectors from calling, tools for getting out from under the ChexSystems check verification service, and ways to begin building positive credit.

In addition, the book comes with a few extras to make the process even easier:

  • A 120-day step-by-step work schedule to keep you on the right path
  • A process log that you can use to make a note of your results and deletions each round
  • Several dispute letter samples with 46 different legitimate dispute reasons that will help you get deletions
  • A log to keep track of all of your disputed claims, when you disputed them, and what credit bureau you were working with.

Credit Fix Guy includes all of these tools for a total of $19.99.

The Master Plan: Build Credit Like a Pro Guide

Credit Fix Guy Review

The Master Plan: Build Credit Like a Pro is a Credit Fix Guy exclusive book with a three-phase system to boost credit. The guide will teach anyone in a step-by-step format how to add positive credit to your score in 60 days. It doesn’t even matter where your credit currently stands.

The three phases that will put you on the path to better credit are as follows:

  • Phase 1: How to establish new credit with guaranteed approvals
  • Phase 2: How to strengthen and diversify your credit profile
  • Phase 3: How to obtain approval for unsecured credit

According to Credit Fix Guy, you’ll also gain access to two different $5000 lines of credit without the risk of denial. These lines of credit, along with multiple other little-known sources, can be used to create a better credit score easily. After all, it’s positive credit that you need in order to get approved.

The Credit Fix Guy lists The Master Plan for $37.00 on their website.

Credit Fix Guy’s Right to Report Letters: Dispute System Guide

Credit Fix Guy Review

Credit Fix Guy reveals the way to get more deletions with their Right to Report Letters: Dispute System Guide.

The book by A.M. Jackson contains a multitude of Right to Report letters specifically addressed to Credit Bureaus. It reveals how to use these letters to challenge their ability to report the information contained in your file. Paperwork not filed correctly can lead to more deletions and less for you to worry about.

The Right to Report Letters book is currently $29.99 on the Credit Fix Guy site.

Credit Reports

Credit Fix Guy partners with SmartCredit to offer a series of features to keep track of your credit score and make smart money decisions.

The SmartCredit downloadable app has a built-in SmartCredit Report where you can view your credit report as needed. The app also lets you ask questions about your report and can further be used to resolve problems.

The ScoreTracker lets you follow your credit score over time and see how it is improving. There’s even a ScoreMaster feature that enables you to see how applying for credit or spending money may affect your credit score.

The SmartCredit service has two membership tiers with varying levels of benefits to suit your needs.

Custom Dispute Letters

The all-star service of Credit Fix Guy is their custom dispute letters.

In order to have Credit Fix Guy create custom dispute letters for you, you’ll first need to obtain your credit report. Credit Fix Guy recommends using their partner SmartCredit for this.

After you send your credit report to Credit Fix Guy, the company will analyze your report and draft dispute letters specific to your needs.

Within three days, Credit Fix Guy will email you a file with your dispute letters and detailed instructions on how to use them.

In addition to whatever fees you may incur for obtaining your credit report, Credit Fix Guy charges $50.00 for this service.

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Credit Fix Guy Review: Credit Fix Guy Refund Policy

Should you change your mind about picking up a guide or using a service, Credit Fix Guy makes it easy to get a refund. All that’s required is to send the company an email within three days of your purchase letting them know that you want a refund.

How Much Does Credit Fix Guy Cost?

Credit Fix Guy’s bread and butter is their custom dispute letter service, which costs a flat fee of $50 each time you ask them to write dispute letters.

The company also has several books and guides, that range between $20 and $40, which feature tips on how to get more deletions and further elevate your credit score.

Is Credit Fix Guy BBB Accredited?

Credit Fix Guy has an A rating on the Better Business Bureau site, with a 4.99 rating out of 5 and over 200 positive reviews. That being said, the company is not Better Business Bureau Accredited at this time.

Credit Fix Guy Review: Pros and Cons

Credit Fix Guy takes a unique approach to improving credit scores. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the service:

Credit Fix Guy Pros

  • No need to supply social security number
  • Works with any credit score
  • Creates custom letters specific to your needs
  • Provides tools to improve and maintain your credit score
  • Affordable price
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Credit Fix Guy Cons

  • Need to supply your own credit report
  • Requires some effort on your part to be successful
  • Not BBB Accredited

Credit Fix Guy Review: Is Credit Fix Guy Right for Me?

Credit Fix Guy is an excellent tool for anyone who desires to improve their credit score and is willing to put in some effort to do so.

The service is very affordable, so its cost should not be a roadblock. There’s also no minimum credit score needed for their method and strategies to work. Credit Fix Guy states they can improve anyone’s credit standing.

The caveat is that users have to supply their own credit report for Credit Fix Guy to analyze. For safety reasons, Credit Fix Guy does not ask for your social security number. This means that individuals are required to send dispute letters to the Credit Bureaus themselves.

Credit Fix Guy Reviews by Customers

Credit Fix Guy has positive reviews aplenty. Here are a few from the BBB site:

I have been working on my credit for about 8 months on and off with Credit Fix Guy I will definitely recommend his services to everyone in the past 8 months my scores have gone up over 70 points from all the disputes, hard inquiries removals and updating correct information to my profile that has been provided through his team I am very grateful and will continue to use him for all my credit needs.

-Nicole, on the Better Business Bureau site

I just would like to tell you thank you for all that you do. When we 1st started this program our credit score was 400s to 500s now we are in the 650s …Your program has helped my husband and I get the the closing table of buying out 1st home. You have helped us complete our biggest goal for 2021. Thank you again and hopefully soon we will be at 700 club.

-Shaniquia, on the Better Business Bureau site

Final Review: Is Credit Fix Guy Worth It?

Credit Fix Guy is well worth a look if you need to increase your credit score. The service is available for a very reasonable fee compared to the other credit repair services out there. It is backed by a money-back guarantee should your credit score not improve, so there’s no risk involved. Furthermore, Credit Fix Guy does not ask for a Social Security number, so your personal information is safe.

In addition to getting your credit score back into a healthy range, Credit Fix Guy offers guides to build and maintain strong credit scores. These guides also include tools to keep you organized and on track with your financial goals.

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