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Credit Saint Review: The Answer to All Your Credit Problems?

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Based in the New Jersey borough of Oakland, Credit Saint is considered one of the fastest-growing credit repair companies in the United States. It can help users transform their credit history or help them slowly eradicate bad credit to get the credit scores they need.

But does this credit repair company live up to its reputation? Our Credit Saint review will give you enough information to decide!

Credit Saint Review

Credit Saint Review: Overview

Launched in 2004, the private Jersey-based credit repair service was created to help Americans fix their credit score or recalibrate their credit history when facing serious debt. The credit repair service offers a 90-day money-back guarantee with all of its credit services.

Credit Saint’s reputation has grown considerably over the years. The credit repair company has received a perfect rating from the Better Business Bureau since 2007, a notable achievement considering the complexities involved in the credit repair process. Credit Saint has also won awards from The Credit Review for its credit restoration services.

Credit Saint Review: How Does Credit Saint Work?

Credit Saint Review

Contrary to other credit repair companies, Credit Saint doesn’t charge you for credit consultation. When you engage the company in this consultation, it looks at your credit report before explaining the report to you in detail. This is a valuable service, considering credit reports are often hard to analyze.

Once Credit Saint looks over your credit report, it will tell you how to remove some negative items from the report. Then, it will suggest how you can repair your credit and discuss the best credit plan for you to build up positive credit.

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Credit Saint Review: Is Credit Saint Legit?

Yes, it is. As evidenced by the good reputation, it has with the major three credit bureaus, Credit Saint is a completely legitimate provider of credit repair solutions and other services. It is one of the best-rated credit repair companies around.

Credit Saint is a limited liability company run by CEO, Ross LaPietra, and COO, Ashley Davidson. Credit Saint LLC has been accredited since 2007 and has been ranked as the top credit repair company by many insiders.

Furthermore, as with any credit report company, it ensures your security by requesting that you show proof of identity when applying for a credit repair plan.

Wait for Credit Saint’s approval and verification of your personal information before accessing your online account page. From there, you can decide the credit plan you want to use and begin the credit repair process.

Another attractive feature of the company is that it charges a lower first work and monthly fees than other reputed credit repair companies such as Lexington Law. It also doesn’t hold you to a contract like other companies that offer credit repair services do.

Credit Saint Review: Does Credit Saint Really Work?

If, after getting a free consultation and your free credit evaluation, it’s been determined you have only a few negatives on your credit report, it will recommend credit repair plans such as the Credit Polish Plan to boost your credit score. Credit Saint offers a Clean Slate Plan if you have many negatives on your credit report or disputes regarding your credit score.

Once you’ve signed up for the credit plan you want, Credit Saint does all the work on your behalf. Credit Saint will take over your credit score and improve it by removing any negative items or inaccuracies, which will improve your credit score.

You’ll have to wait a while to get a full progress report on your credit once Credit Saint has taken over. It assesses reports in 45-day cycles. But, customers can ask at different points how things are progressing until the 45-day cycles have been completed.

Credit Saint Review: Can Credit Saint Remove Collections?

Credit Saint doesn’t remove collections itself, but it can help you to do it. It challenges collections agencies with each of the credit repair plans it offers. It also challenges bankruptcies and repossessions as well as account charge-offs.

Ultimately, credit bureaus bear the responsibility of removing collections from a credit report, only doing so when required by law. You can send a dispute letter to challenge a collection and have it removed.

On its website, Credit Saint offers suggestions on how to remove your collections. It suggests that you can pay to have the collections removed from your credit report.

Alternatively, it suggests you can send a goodwill request to try and have it removed, though it concedes that succeeding with such a request is unlikely.

Credit Saint Review: What Do You Get with Credit Saint?

Credit Saint’s services are extensive, and its plans cover these services for the most part. The main services you get to help you repair your credit include:

  • Challenges to Credit Bureaus
  • Score Analysis
  • Creditor Interventions
  • Score Tracker
  • Inquiry Targeting
  • Experian Monitoring
  • Private Dashboard

Credit Saint Review: Challenges to Credit Bureaus

Whether you have the Clean Slate, Remodel, or Polish credit repair plan, Credit Saint will help you send a limited or unlimited number of challenges to each of the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

The credit repair company will send these challenges to the bureaus to ensure your credit score is the same for all three. Some of the negative items that Credit Saint’s users challenge include:

  • Inaccuracies
  • Late Payments
  • Identity Theft
  • Repossessions
  • Judgments
  • Collections
  • Misleading or Unverified Negative Items on Credit Reports

Credit Saint Review: Score Analysis

Credit Saint Review

Credit Saint will conduct a free credit score analysis while it does its credit review. This analysis will help you determine how much credit repair will be needed.

Credit Saint Review: Creditor Interventions

Credit Saint will contact creditors directly using this service. It will try to convince the creditor in question to remove negative items or dissuade them from sending information about late payments to credit bureaus.

This is a very serious intervention and should not be underestimated by clients of the service.

Credit Saint Review: Score Tracker

Using an Experian score tracker, Credit Saint allows its users to track credit card repair progress until the 45-day cycle has concluded.

Credit Saint Review: Inquiry Targeting

Using the inquiry targeting service, Credit Saint can address hard and soft inquiries on credit reports for comprehensive analysis.

The hard inquiries are the ones that show up on your credit report, the ones that come as a result of a credit application, whether it be for a mortgage or a car loan. Soft inquiries, on the other hand, don’t show up on your report. These can be generated if you go to an aggregator site to generate bank and lender offers. They also are triggered through unsolicited credit card offerings as lenders will look at countless credit reports to determine who they should send offers to.

Credit Saint Review: Experian Monitoring

A customer service representative will explain that your credit report will be refreshed and available for consistent monitoring through your Credit Saint online account.

Credit Saint Review: Private Dashboard

Credit Saint review: Private dashboard

You get access to a private online dashboard once you’ve created an account, allowing you to check on every aspect of the credit repair process. You will get a full analysis and progress reports whenever you use the dashboard.

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Credit Saint Review: Credit Saint 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee Review

Credit Saint money back guarantee

The money-back guarantee Credit Saint offers is one of the more flexible in the credit repair industry.

If, after 90 days or two 45-day cycles, no negative items have been removed from your credit report, you can cancel anytime and claim a full refund. It cannot guarantee your credit will be fully repaired throughout the 90 days due to the Credit Repair Organizations Act. But, it assures customers that some items will be relieved, or else the 90-day money-back guarantee can be exercised.

This 90-day money-back guarantee, however, is subject to some terms and conditions. You must complete a refund application and make a phone call to a service specialist to verify your identity. Eligibility for a full refund doesn’t kick in until you’ve reached 90 days. Any cancellation or failure to pay throughout the 90 days automatically voids the guarantee.

You must have paid all money owed to Credit Saint during the period. You should mail/email/fax the credit repair company your proof of identity (driver’s license or social security card) within five days of the money-back agreement. Credit Saint then has 30 days from the day you made the refund request to review your credit report and complete an audit of your account to verify that no negative items have been removed from your account.

Additionally, the refund is limited to 90 days of service. This means that if you’ve been in service for longer, you can request a refund. But that refund applies only to the first 90 days rather than for the entire service period.

Credit Saint Review: How Much Does Credit Saint Charge for Credit Repair?

Credit Saint offers three credit repair packages to help you tackle a wide range of negative items on your credit report. It doesn’t use a one size fits all model as each service, according to the company, is best tailored to your personal situation.

Clean Slate Tier

Credit Saint review: Pricing

This is the most aggressive of Credit Saint’s packages while also being the most popular one. The first work fee for the Clean Slate Tier is $195, while the Credit Saint cost per month for the package is $119.99.

This package is for customers who either have a very checkered credit history or want their credit repair done faster. The plan includes:

  • Judgment challenges
  • Dispute Avalanche (Where several negative items are addressed at the same time to accelerate the credit repair process)
  • Escalated Information Requests (Sent after a credit dispute has been rejected, including letters and supporting documents)
  • Identity Theft Repair
  • Challenges to bankruptcies and repossessions
  • Challenges to late payments
  • Challenges to account charge-offs
  • Phone Support
  • Debt Validation
  • Online access to the company’s resources

The best part about this tier is that there is no limit on how many negative items can be removed during each cycle.

Credit Remodel Tier

This is the medium-level package that the company offers. The Remodel plan comes with a $99 first work fee and a $99.99 monthly fee.

Like the Clean Slate tier, this option is for customers with more serious issues to correct on their reports. You can remove up to 10 inaccurate items with this plan during 45-day cycles. Escalated information requests are among the standout features with this tier, allowing clients to directly contact lenders for issues that can’t be solved by issuing letters to credit bureaus.

The Remodel Tier offers most of what the Clean Slate does bar the dispute avalanche and unlimited challenges to the credit bureaus.

Credit Polish Tier

This is the cheapest plan offered by the credit repair company. For work fees costing $99 and monthly fees of $79.99, you will get things such as:

  • Challenges to the three credit bureaus
  • Online access to the company’s resources
  • Debt validation
  • Late payment challenges
  • Identity theft repair
  • Challenges to account charge-offs
  • Challenges to collections agencies

The drawback with this plan is that you won’t get Experian monitoring or inquiry targeting. You can remove or correct up to five credit report inaccuracies for each cycle. It’s mainly a package for those with milder credit issues or who are looking for a bump up in their credit score.

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Credit Saint Review: Pros and Cons

With the wide range of services it offers, its reputation in the credit repair industry, and mostly positive customer reviews, Credit Saint has its fair share of advantages. However, there are a few notable things to consider before deciding to work with it.

Credit Saint Pros

90 Day Money Back Guarantee – This is one of Credit Saint’s better features, assuring clients that they’ll always have a helping hand if there are no changes to your credit report after the 45-day cycles expire.

You Can Cancel At Any Point – Cancellation can happen at any time without incurring additional fees. Whether you are satisfied with your credit score, don’t have any additional disputes, or want to cancel your credit plan for any other legitimate reason, you can do so without financial repercussions.

In particular, Cheaper Plans – The Credit Polish plan requires a cheaper financial commitment compared to similar plans from other credit repair companies. Each plan caters to specific needs, offering the flexible services Credit Saint has become renowned for within the industry.

Quality Service – You get unlimited phone call service when engaging with the credit repair company. Whenever you have queries regarding your credit, you can call, email, or chat online at any time. You don’t even have to call the company to get updates, as advisors will call you each month to help you stay on track with the credit repair process.

Credit Saint Cons

Work Fees – Credit Saint’s minimum work fees are $99. This is regarded as a high setup fee within the credit repair industry. However, you may find some financial benefit by using the Credit Polish plan in the long run.

Not Available Across All States – You cannot access Credit Saint’s services if you live in the following states:

  • South Carolina
  • Kansas
  • Georgia

Credit Saint Review: Is Credit Saint Right for Me?

If the company agrees to work with you, it can definitely address many of the concerns you have and know the best measures to help you achieve credit restoration.

After a few months, you may access low-interest rates or borrow without hassle for a new car or something personal.

You can potentially save thousands of dollars on interest on your next loan depending on the credit repair plan you choose, in conjunction with your improved credit score.

Add to that the money-back guarantee and easy availability of services, and this credit repair service may be the most ideal for you.

Is Credit Saint BBB Accredited?

Credit Saint is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ BBB rating.

There have been 49 complaints made via BBB about Credit Saint. However, most have been resolved in the last year, and its high responsiveness has helped it maintain a strong reputation with its clients while boosting its excellent BBB rating.

Credit Saint Reviews by Customers

David, New Jersey

“Credit Saint is great and I’m not just saying that lightly. I didn’t have a lot of collection stuff, mostly late payments from the past, but they were able to clear one of my whole reports! Their customer support is great, always there to answer questions.”

Final Review: Is Credit Saint Worth It?

Credit Saint is very viable if you feel your credit scores are inaccurate and need a service that will handle all the leg work on your behalf without you needing to go above and beyond.

Considering all of its features and the fact you can cancel anytime and get your money back so easily, it’s worth your time and investment.

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