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Charlie Shrem Crypto Investor Network Review (Crypto Cash Calendar)

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Crypto Investor Network is making waves with its Crypto Cash Calendar, and I want to see if it lives up to the hype. Check out my Crypto Investor Network review to find out if Charlie Shrem’s service really holds up.

What Is Crypto Investor Network?

Crypto Investor Network is an online investment newsletter that focuses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Charlie Shrem helms the service, and it’s published by InvestorPlace Media.

Members get access to weekly crypto recommendations, the Crypto Cash Calendar, a model portfolio, and bonus reports.

Shrem is a seasoned computer programmer. He’s also an early Bitcoin pioneer who has backed blockchain technology since its inception.

Altcoins are Crypto Investor Network’s bread and butter, which means its recommendations have a riskier investment profile.

The COIN team also helps subscribers navigate the cryptocurrency market so they can stay ahead of the tokenization boom. It’s a great place to get a tokenization primer to understand the fundamentals of crypto and tokenized assets.

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Charlie Shrem Reviews

Charlie Shrem Review

Charlie Shrem is a great analyst, and I really appreciate how down-to-earth his insights are.

The crypto space is filled with a lot of big personalities and noise. It’s a refreshing change of pace to hear from someone with a more grounded understanding of altcoins and the blockchain.

Also, Shrem was an early adopter of Bitcoin, and he’s stuck with crypto during the ups and downs of the market. This makes him an excellent guru for navigating the blockchain in the short and long term.

There’s no denying that Charlie Shrem understands cryptocurrency technology better than most. In fact, many prominent media outlets call him “The Godfather of Crypto.”

Some of Shrem’s most popular crypto insights include:

  • Crypto Cash Calendar
  • The First Wave of Tokenization Wealth 5 Platform Cryptos Set to Soar
  • The Awakening Event

Shrem was also a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation. He also created one of the first-ever cryptocurrency exchanges, BitInstant.

These are some pretty impressive accolades for a guy who started as a humble computer programmer.

While Shrem is known for being bullish on Bitcoin before the boom, he’s not another one-hit wonder. Many of Shrem’s predictions have provided some impressive investment opportunities.

I’m going to look at some of Shrem’s biggest predictions, so stay tuned.

Charlie Shrem Track Record

Charlie Shrem is a respected name in the crypto world. He’s one of the crypto space’s earliest champions, and he’s made countless winning calls over the years.

I’ve zeroed in on some of Shrem’s successful calls to shed some light on the Crypto Investor Network’s ultimate potential.

track record of crypto investor and charlie shrem picks

Shrem and his team were among the first to sound the alarm on an altcoin called Enjin Coin. At the time, it was trading for just $0.14. The coin later soared to a 2,000% gain.

At that rate, an investment of just $250 could’ve grown to a whopping $5,000.

uniswap crypto currency performance after charlie shrem picks

Uniswap was another one of Shrem’s calls. It wasn’t long before the crypto coin delivered an opportunity for 400% returns.

monero price increase

Shrem also recommended the privacy coin Monero around the time it first made its public debut. This altcoin went on to generate an 896% gain — not too shabby.

As you can see, Shrem is no slouch. He has been picking winners at a torrid pace since crypto went mainstream a few years ago. 

Shrem’s expertise is an asset for every Crypto Investor Network subscriber. You can rest a little easier knowing that the service is led by such a respected industry pioneer.

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charlie shrem crypto cash calendar feature

What Is the Crypto Cash Calendar?

The Crypto Cash Calendar is an investment resource that pinpoints some of Charlie Shrem’s biggest predictions on the blockchain.

In his latest presentation for Crypto Investor Network, Shrem gives viewers a close look into his groundbreaking calendar and explains how his followers can take advantage of these opportunities.

This calendar cues you into potential crypto moves weeks in advance and marks down exact dates, so you can plan accordingly.

There’s a lot more going under the hood, and I’m going to review it in closer detail.

crypto cash calendar service

How Does the Crypto Cash Calendar Work?

The cryptocurrency industry has undergone unprecedented expansion over the past few years, and it’s slowly inching its way towards mainstream acceptance.

New cryptos hit the market every day. A lucky few produce extraordinary gains for their holders. Getting into the right crypto at the right time could create life-changing wealth.

Shrem says the best time to buy crypto is at the very beginning. He believes this is the moment when the potential upside is often at its highest.

However, tracking all the action can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. Fortunately, Shrem designed an approach that helps everyday folks tackle the crypto market head-on.

Shrem follows the latest crypto debuts closely, and he has an excellent nose for the market. The Crypto Cash Calendar is a simple tool that shares Shrem’s insights with his followers. Even better, it’s very beginner-friendly. 

crypto cash calendar opportunities

The Greatest Wealth Creation Events of the Last 100 Years

If you think you missed out on the crypto boom, Shrem says you are sorely mistaken. According to Shrem, “We’re still in the first inning of this huge trend!”

Shrem isn’t alone, either. Anthony Scaramucci, a former Goldman Sachs banker, said, “We’re so early… we haven’t even broke spring training yet.”

quote about cryptocurrency market

Dozens of new crypto projects are expected to hit the market in the coming weeks and months. Some of these could have the potential to provide a massive growth opportunity.

However, you need to be selective in the crypto market. Many projects provide no utility and operate solely on hype.

“In fact, I’d say 9 out of 10 newly listed cryptocurrencies are complete garbage.”

— Charlie Shrem, Crypto Cash Calendar presentation

Fortunately, if you can avoid these landmines, you could tap into one of the most noteworthy wealth generation opportunities of the past century.

The Crypto Cash Calendar shows Crypto Investor Network members the exact dates when these high-potential cryptos are making their market debut, so they can decide whether they want to jump on the opportunity and make preparations well in advance.

Shrem’s Critical Crypto Rules

Charlie Shrem has three critical criteria for recommending a crypto play:

  • It Must Have Inherent Value
  • They Must Tackle a BIG, Addressable Market
  • Visionaries and Innovators

Basically, it comes down to utility, addressable market, and the team behind the project. If a crypto scores high points in these three categories, it has the potential for success.

Crypto Cash Calendar cuts out the fluff and points you to the most promising coins to hit the market in a given month based on their launch dates.

As a result, your likelihood of buying a low-quality crypto coin could be substantially reduced, and you’re in a much better position to capitalize on the real opportunities.

You’ll get full access to Shrem’s Crypto Cash Calendar when you sign up for Crypto Investor Network under the current deal, plus an assortment of valuable bonus extras.

Next, we’ll put Shrem’s Crypto Cash Calendar deal under the microscope, so you can see what you are really getting when you sign up for Crypto Investor Network.

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Crypto Investor Network Review: Features

Crypto Investor Network offers a range of exceptional features.

Keep reading for the full scoop on each one.

Crypto Investor Network Newsletter

Each week, you’ll get a brand-new issue of Crypto Investor Network featuring the latest cryptocurrency recommendations, news, and analysis.

Each issue is loaded with in-depth market research, cryptocurrency recommendations, and much more.

Better yet, the Crypto Investor Network research service prioritizes recommending early positions to potentially maximize subscriber gains.

Here’s a quick look at an issue:

crypto investor network charlie shrem newsletter


Thanks to its weekly send schedule, the newsletter will give you advanced warning of emerging trends so you can stay ahead of the game.

Crypto Investor Network serves up the majority of its late-breaking research through the newsletter, so it’s a must-read if you sign up.

Its cryptocurrency news and expert analysis make it an indispensable resource for folks of all knowledge levels.

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Crypto Cash Calendar

You can access Shrem’s Crypto Cash Calendar for as long as you’re a Crypto Investor Network member.

The crypto calendar tells you exactly when the hottest cryptos are debuting. This lets you plan your approach days or even weeks in advance.

Here’s a quick look at the calendar:

charlie shrem cash calendar

The names are censored out of respect for the service and paid members. As you can see, it’s easy to follow.

All in all, this is a valuable resource and an excellent addition to the Crypto Investor Network service. The calendar could point you to dozens of cryptos throughout your 12-month subscription.

The Crypto Cash Calendar Trading Primer

You’ll also get instant access to the Crypto Cash Calendar Trading Primer when you join. It was authored by Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango.

This handy resource includes basic and advanced strategies for trading crypto coins as well as using the cash calendar. The primer is packed with valuable insights and easy to follow.

I especially liked the section about tokenomics. I think this topic gets a little muddled online. So it’s nice the team lays out the system in plain English.

It’s a very comprehensive doc and a fantastic resource for understanding the blockchain in and out.

With the crypto calendar and the trading primer, you’ll get all the ingredients you need for success as soon as you join, so you can hit the ground running in the crypto space.

Model Portfolio

Charlie Shrem’s Crypto Investor Network has a sample model portfolio that lists all of its recommended cryptocurrencies, so members can easily check up on the latest recommended positions.

The model portfolio lists each crypto, along with notes on price targets, ideal entry points, current recommendations, and more.

Here’s a quick look…

crypto investor network model portfolio

You can instantly access the model portfolio when you join and see every crypto that’s on the Crypto Investor Network’s radar.

It’s a great reference resource for readers. Members can also go back and see previous recommendations you might’ve missed.

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crypto's next blockbuster coins charlie shrem

Crypto’s Next Blockbuster Coins

This special report highlights two of the most promising crypto opportunities currently listed on Shrem’s crypto calendar.

You’ll find extensive research on both Crypto Cash Calendar coins in this special research report, along with trading instructions that will help you make the most of each opportunity.

The report includes names, ticker symbols, and much more, so you can act fast to take advantage of these fast-moving crypto opportunities if you choose.

first wave of tokenization report

The First Wave of Tokenization Wealth

Shrem says some projections anticipate the tokenization boom could produce a $544 trillion growth opportunity by the time it reaches critical mass, and this report aims to help you stake your claim on a piece of the potential pie.

Inside, you’ll find FIVE promising cryptos that could generate 10x returns as the tokenization boom hits its stride.

Each of these coins could be a key player in the tokenized assets sector. In fact, Shrem says owning these five coins puts you in a “prime position to get a cut every time a tokenized asset gets bought, sold, traded or exchanged.”

Adding NFTs to your crypto strategy could be an excellent means of diversifying your approach and capitalizing on all avenues of potential growth in the blockchain technology boom.

charlie shrem blockchain cryprocurrency picks

27 Cryptos to SELL Before They DIE

As of the time of Shrem’s presentation, there are 15,931 cryptocurrencies on the market. More coins are being added every day.

Unfortunately, Shrem says 99% of these newly listed coins are “destined to be total losers,” and he’s sounding the alarm to help his followers avoid the potential pitfalls.

The report contains exhaustive details on 27 cryptos that show significant red flags. If you’re holding any of these coins, you could be at risk of major losses if they implode.

Making money is great. However, losing money is as bad as it gets.

Shrem is keeping an eye out for his followers on both sides of the spectrum thanks to this report.

crypto investor network altcoins

Altcoin Investing for Beginners

Altcoins are lesser-known cryptos with tiny market caps and relatively small followings, but, when one takes off, it can produce outrageous gains for early holders.

The growth opportunities could be so immense that altcoin investing opportunities shouldn’t be ignored, despite the potential risks.

However, if you’re gonna play around with altcoins, you need to understand the industry.

Shrem wrote this report to demystify the altcoin sector and show his followers the right way to approach the market.

Inside, you’ll discover how to get started with altcoins on the right foot. The report includes detailed info on buying, selling, the risks involved, and much more.

refund policy

Money-Back Guarantee

Crypto Investor Network comes with a 12-month 100% money-back guarantee. That’s one of the best in the business, and it has no stipulations or fine print.

If you’re not happy with the service, you can call customer support and receive a full refund at any time during your first-year subscription. No questions asked.

Most research services don’t offer any type of guarantee whatsoever. If you’re lucky, you might find some that offer thirty-day guarantees with tons of fine print.

It’s uncommon to see a 12-month guarantee at all in the research service industry, but it’s especially rare to see it from a crypto service.

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Is Crypto Investor Network Legit?

Crypto Investor Network is a legit cryptocurrency newsletter.

Charlie Shrem has been around the blockchain longer than most folks in the business. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin and has an impressive track record.

The Crypto Cash Calendar adds another wrinkle of value to this service by cueing members into genuine opportunities on the blockchain.

All in all, I’m impressed by Shrem and the Crypto Investor Network team.

Crypto Investor Network Review: Pros and Cons

Charlie Shrem’s Crypto Investor Network has a lot going for it, but there are some areas that could be improved on.

Check out my pros and cons for the service.


  • Seasoned crypto trader at the helm
  • Includes Crypto Cash Calendar
  • Excellent bonus reports
  • 12-month refund policy


  • No chatroom
  • Altcoins are high risk

Crypto Investor Network Reviews

Crypto Investor Network has earned a solid rep online and as locked in a 4/5 rating on Stock Gumshoe.

Here’s a look at its rating…

reviews crypto investor network

Something to note is that this score is based on 15 reviews. While I’d prefer a larger sample size, I think it’s still a good sign.

Another caveat to this rating is that there are no written reviews. So I might be a good idea to take this score with a grain of salt.

That said, I’m very impressed with what I have seen from Crypto Investor Network and rate the service highly.

How Much Does Crypto Investor Network Cost?

A Crypto Investor Network membership typically costs $199, but the service is currently running a limited-time 50% discount. You can get your hands on Charlie Shrem’s market analysis and predictions for $99.

Many of the crypto-picking services I’ve reviewed tend to be pretty pricey, so I’m going to give Crypto Investor Network high marks for its pricing.

At that rate, you’re paying less than $9 per month for professional-grade cryptocurrency research, which can sometimes cost thousands of dollars.

It’s one heck of a bargain considering the high-quality crypto insights and expertise you’ll get from this service.

Is Crypto Investor Network Worth It?

Crypto Investor Network is a great newsletter service that delivers solid trade ideas. Plus, under the latest deal, you get a full year of crypto recommendations, special research, plus several other bonuses.

The bundle also includes the trading primer and other educational resources that can help you master the crypto market’s many nuances.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, Crypto Investor Network provides an ideal introduction to the space.

Finally, Shrem’s outstanding 12-month guarantee ensures you’ll walk away satisfied or your money back.

All in all, Crypto Investor Network offers enormous value at an excellent price, and it’s an ideal option for anyone looking to capitalize on the e

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.