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Crypto Revolution Review: The Book for Crypto Trading Secrets?

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Many financial experts believe that cryptocurrency is the wave of the future. Those who want to ride that wave may not know where to look for reliable information to save us from sinking.

Fortunately, The Stock Dork pores through that information to let you know what floats and what doesn’t.

This Crypto Revolution review outlines what’s in the book and whether or not it’s a tool worth picking up.

Crypto revolution review

Crypto Revolution Review: Overview

With predictions of the biggest altcoin season just around the corner, crypto experts Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone decided to write a book showing how to cash in on this exciting time.

The two believe so much in the upcoming crypto surge that they’ve decided to share the book for a limited time at an insane price.

Crypto Revolution Review: What Is Crypto Revolution?

Crypto Revolution is a book that first hit the shelves in late 2019 but has been updated with the latest news straight from the top experts. It holds strategies and tips specific to 2021. In such a fast-changing market, staying on top of this information is essential.

Part history book and part instructional guide, Crypto Revolution will walk readers through different aspects of blockchain technology and the crypto world. It covers why cryptocurrencies are seen as the future of buying and selling.

The book includes information on how to get started and tips for success for new traders.

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Crypto Revolution Review: Is Crypto Revolution Legit?

Authors Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone published this book in December of 2019 to a worldwide audience. Since that time, the book has received high marks on sites like Amazon and Audible.

As you’ll see below, both Bryce and Aaron have illustrious histories with cryptocurrency investments and look to pass their knowledge on to others.

Bryce Paul Review: Crypto Revolution Author

Crypto Revolution review: Bryce Paul

Bryce Paul is well accomplished in business development and is no stranger to the cryptocurrency space. His knowledge has led him to establish blockchain partnerships in areas like artificial intelligence and smart cities. Bryce takes his experiences worldwide, speaking about blockchain technology and crypto at high-profile conferences.

Aaron Malone Review: Crypto Revolution Author

Crypto Revolution Review: Aaron Paul

Aaron Malone has spent over 20 years in emerging online tech. Aaron sits with eight companies under his belt and specializes in crypto investing and data mining. He has also frequented crypto conferences around the globe as a speaker and serves on the advisory board for several organizations. Crypto Revolution marks Aaron’s third published book in the crypto space.

Crypto 101 Review

Crypto 101

Crypto 101 is an award-winning podcast with over 370 episodes under its belt. Bruce Paul and Aaron Malone host the podcast and have done so since its inception in 2017. More than 7.5 million listeners have tuned in to the podcast. On the air, Bruce and Aaron have interviewed some of the top experts in the field.

Podcasts are free to listen to and closely follow crypto currencies out on the market. The hosts offer reviews, suggestions, and more that a trader can use to create a strategy for investments.

Smart Money Crypto Investing Secrets: Crypto Revolution Bonus Review

A $350 value, these in-depth videos are sent for free with the Crypto Revolution book. They reveal several secrets designed to teach traders how to invest in crypto the right way. Each video brings to light stories about some of the top crypto CEOs and actions they’ve taken in the market.

Five Hot Crypto Profit Guides: Crypto Revolution Bonus Review

These five guides are listed as a collection of the best secrets for investing in the hottest cryptos. Each guide shares information on often-overlooked crypto concepts and how you can capitalize on them. This set of five guides is worth $285 but comes as a gift with the book.

The Cryptocurrency Investment Picker: Crypto Revolution Bonus Review

The last free bonus gift that comes with the Crypto Revolution book, this guide details what makes cryptocurrencies so unique.

Listed as more than $290 in value, reading the pages unlocks the process and checklist carefully sculpted over the years to locate the big winners and avoid the big losers in the crypto industry.

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Crypto Revolution Review: What’s In the Crypto Revolution Book?

Crypto Revolution review

Among many other interesting tips, reading Crypto Revolution provides answers to the following questions and shares which cryptos to watch out for in the coming months.

Why the Bitcoin Halving Has Kicked Off a Massive “Sleeping” Bull Run

The book goes into detail explaining how reducing the number of Bitcoins entering circulation by half back in 2020 marked the beginning of the bull run that we’re seeing now. The guide goes on to state this is just the start and explains which cryptos will generate the most money.

How to Invest in Crypto on a Budget

According to this book, you don’t need a lot of funds to invest in cryptocurrencies. The key factor is knowing which coins to put your money on so that it increases quickly. You’ll find strategies for which cryptos to look into inside.

List of Tokens the Smartest People Are Personally “All-In” on Right Now

When it comes to any new venture, it’s important to watch what the brightest minds are doing. This book contains the shortlist of tokens that these people are investing in for 2021.

Why Cryptocurrency Can’t Be “Shut Down”

Crypto Revolution shares jaw-dropping stories of how the biggest governments in the world have tried and failed to shut down the trade of cryptocurrencies. The book also outlines why these governments tried to do so and what the result was.

What You Must Do the Second After You Buy Crypto on an Exchange to Keep It Safe

There’s a secret tip this book shares with those reading it on how to keep newly acquired cryptos safe. Not following this simple tip has cost some traders over one million dollars, but following these guidelines assures it will never happen to you.

How to Buy Crypto at Its Lowest Possible Point

The book does not shy away from explaining how you can carefully watch the industry to catch cryptos at their lowest possible cost, based on the authors’ expert experience. It also shares which red flags to watch out for when buying at these lows.

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Crypto Revolution Review: How Much Does Crypto Revolution Cost?

The Crypto Revolution book and the goodies that come with it are completely free. You’re only required to pay the shipping and handling cost to get the book to your door. This cost is $7.95 in the United States and $24.95 for traders anywhere else on the planet. Shipping within the United States typically takes 3-5 business days.

Crypto Revolution Review: Money-Back Guarantee

Crypto Revolution review

This cryptocurrency book is already free, but the authors really want you to give it a try. If you do not love the book, they will go so far as to refund the $7.95 fee for shipping and handling in the United States. Even if you don’t care for the content, you’ll get to keep the book to use as you see fit.

Crypto Revolution Review: Pros and Cons

It’s hard to find fault with a free book that has the potential to make you a successful cryptocurrency trader. The book can be a bit long for some, but most state it’s an easy read.

Crypto Revolution Pros

  • Book is free after shipping and handling
  • Information from top crypto experts
  • Comes with bonus guides and videos
  • Impressive cash-back guarantee
  • Easy for traders of all skill levels to pick up

Crypto Revolution Cons

  • A bit lengthy for some at 227 pages

Crypto Revolution Review: Is Crypto Revolution Right for Me?

Crypto Revolution is a good read for anyone who is even the slightest bit curious about the world of cryptocurrency. The book is written in an easy-to-understand format with stellar content that make it a powerful education source.

Beginning traders will learn a plethora of information on the crypto industry, while the more advanced group of traders can use this knowledge to take their assets to the next level.

Crypto Revolution Book Reviews by Readers

Reviews on sites like Amazon, Audible, and Goodreads testify to the quality of the book. Here are just a few of the recent rave reviews:

A good starter read. Even if you have already started to “dabble”, in Crypto – this book is helpful as an educational resource – ground floor terminology. As one gains experience and understanding with Crypto – higher level reading will be required; however, this book is perfect for the novice’s first read.

-David, on Amazon Reviews

If you’re looking to get into crypto this book is a must. Don’t miss out on this newest investment to create wealth.

-Sam, on Amazon Reviews

If your looking to get into crypto or need a refresher or maybe learn something you didnt know before this book is for you! It is worth every penny and is put together by 2 guys that are tops in the crypto industry! I know, I’m part of cryptnation which is a private group that gets you access to all the knowledge of Aarone Malone aka Pizzamind and Bryce Paul! I have a better understanding and feel more confident in crypto because of this book and those 2 guys! Grab yourself a copy you will thank me later!

-Frank, on Amazon Reviews

Final Review: Is Crypto Revolution Worth It?

With the opportunity to pick up a $27 book and nearly $1000 in bonus materials for only the cost of shipping, there’s no reason not to pick yourself up a copy of Crypto Revolution right now. Even if you somehow dislike the book, the no-risk guarantee means you’ll even get the cost of shipping back.

The information between the covers comes from some of the sharpest minds in the crypto market who have studied cryptocurrency for a number of years. Between free podcasts and this book, it’s clear they want to help people catch hold of the bull before it really takes off.

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