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CryptoTaxPrep.io Review: The Best Crypto Tax Service?

Crypto Tax Prep Review
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Dealing with any kind of taxes can be a slog, but crypto taxes are an entirely different beast. There’s a new platform out there claiming to make the entire process a breeze. In this CryptoTaxPrep.io review, I investigate if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Blockchain crypto tax prep review

What is CryptoTaxPrep.io?

CryptoTaxPrep.io is a new service from Blockchain Crypto Tax Prep with a laser focus on cryptocurrency taxes and preparation. It’s based out of Annapolis, Maryland.

In a nutshell, the crew’s mission is to serve individuals and businesses needing help taking care of taxes resulting from crypto transactions. They’ve set up a tailored program you can use to simplify the entire process from beginning to end.

Best of all, CryptoTaxPrep.io allows you to streamline your filing while taking away the stress of wondering if you’re doing it right. It’s one of the few organizations of its kind to do so at this time.

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CryptoTaxPrep.io legit or scam?

Is CryptoTaxPrep.io Legit? 

CryptoTaxPrep.io is indeed a legit platform.

Founder Mike Ring has over a decade of public accounting experience under his belt. Accounting also runs in his blood – the expert has a family history of number crunching.

He’s served in a number of leadership roles in the firms he’s worked at that have given him valuable insights in the field. It didn’t take long for Mike to realize there’s a desperate need for crypto tax help.

Mike is just as passionate about crypto as he is about accounting. He’s been trading coins for the last six years and understands all too well the nuances of filing those taxes.

In fact, Mike has held multiple meetings with the IRS to discuss current crypto tax laws.

You’ll get all that expertise, along with skills from the rest of Mike’s team, when you use CryptoTaxPrep.io.

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The Problem with Tax Prep for Crypto Investors

Crypto is rapidly growing in popularity and is becoming a mainstay investment option. That’s great for those of us who want to make money off digital currency, but it introduces a slew of problems from a tax standpoint.

For one, there are few people who have the specialized knowledge to really understand how these coins and blockchain work. This holds especially true for the lawmakers trying to put policies and guidelines in place. 

Perhaps even more troubling is that cryptocurrency exchanges have no way of tracking what you paid for coins when you acquired them. When you trade or move them, any report you receive will likely be inaccurate.

crypto tax prep benefits for investors

CryptoTaxPrep.io Benefits for Crypto Investors

This is where CryptoTaxPrep.io steps in. All you have to do is give them the information you have from your wallets or exchanges.

The Blockchain Crypto Tax Prep team has a solid handle on the various transaction types that apply to crypto trading. From there, they’ll complete your tax forms for you.

crypto tax simplified

Once finished, you’ll have detailed tax reports you can use for record-keeping and as an overview of your crypto transactions for the year.

If you’ve been diligent about keeping tabs on your transactions, your piece of the CryptoTaxPrep.io puzzle shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes. You can pay in Bitcoin or Ethereum, so your credit card and personal information stay safe.

>> Simplify Your Crypto Tax Preparation Today! <<

Blockchain crypto tax prep vs other platforms

What Makes CryptoTaxPrep.io Unique?

I’ve yet to locate another tax preparation firm that has a specialized focus on cryptocurrency. This is particularly noteworthy since crypto tax laws are still quite ambiguous, and you want a specialist on top of the latest rulings.

Mike Ring has personally met with the IRS on several occasions to discuss those laws and regulations. I doubt you’re going to find someone as familiar with what’s going on than him.

CryptoTaxPrep.io also has a large pool of educational materials and guides you can read through for a better understanding of what crypto taxes look like. These articles are all free and listed on the website.

Finally, the team offers a free consultation so you know what you’re getting into before paying anything. That’s extra peace of mind you’re not throwing money away.

>> Claim your spot for a free, personalized 15-minute consultation <<

CryptoTaxPrep.io Service Options

CryptoTaxPrep.io offers just one service at this time, but it covers thorough tax planning and preparation. Once you’ve loaded your reports into the platform, the CryptoTaxPrep.io team takes over from there.

The work’s done by accomplished accountants and not automated software. That way, you can rest assured you’re getting the most accurate tax representation possible.

This saves the average client days of time wading through old transactions. A typical turnaround for your tax forms is just three business days.

Not only do you end up with completed tax forms, CryptoTaxPrep.io also hands you a detailed tax report in the event of an audit.

crypto tax prep pricing

>> Get your customized tax prep solution today! <<

CryptoTaxPrep.io Pricing and Plans

There’s currently a pre-tax special of $295 for individuals wishing to prepare crypto tax returns with CryptoTaxPrep.io. That’s $100 off the retail price and allows for up to four wallets, exchanges, or chains and up to 1,000 transactions.

Digging a little deeper, the site references four pricing tiers for individual clients in Bitcoin or Ethereum. It’s not clear what these tiers represent, but my guess is an increasing number of transactions as you move up the list. Check out the costs below:

Tier 1 (0.2 ETH/0.015 BTC)

Tier 2 (0.75 ETH/0.05 BTC)

Tier 3 (1.5 ETH/0.1 BTC)

Tier 4 (2.5 ETH/0.15 BTC)

CPA firms have a unique pricing structure depending on the number of clients they have. Each level comes with up to four transaction sources and 1,000 transactions per client. Here’s the rub:

0–5 clients: $95

6–10 clients: $195

11–15 clients: $295

crypto tax prep pricing for individuals

16+ clients: call for a quote

Most other crypto tax preparation services don’t list pricing on their websites. For the ones that do, these prices fall right in line.

>> Not sure what plan you need? Schedule a free consultation today! <<

CryptoTaxPrep.io Reviews by Real Clients

You won’t find many reviews on CryptoTaxPrep.io yet since it’s such a new service. That said, the ones out there on Google are overwhelmingly positive.

The overall consensus is that CryptoTaxPrep.io is fast, cheap, and secure. Customers were thrilled to not have to share personal information and were very happy with the end result.

cryptotaxprep.io review: is it worth it?

Is CryptoTaxPrep.io a Good Option for Crypto Investors?

CryptoTaxPrep.io is one of the best crypto tax service options for crypto investors wanting to avoid the hassles of the tax process. It requires very little effort on your part and you’ll have your forms in as little as three days.

You’ve got a team of crypto tax specialists dedicated to getting the job done correctly the first time. It’s a blessing to have actual people working on your forms instead of a computer.

Thankfully, the service doesn’t require any personal information that could end up in the wrong hands. You also have the flexibility to pay in USD, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

The pricing structure indicates that CryptoTaxPrep.io is suitable for any level of trader. Folks with large numbers of transactions just have to double or triple up on available plans.

With a free consultation just a phone call away, there’s nothing stopping you from seeing how CryptoTaxPrep.io can work for you. Call today and get a jump start on your taxes for next year.

>> That’s it for my review! Claim your 15-min FREE personalized crypto tax consultation HERE! <<


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