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Dchained Review: The Crypto Trading Info You Need

Dchained Review
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Cryptocurrency is a complete unknown for new and experienced investors alike, which is why many are looking for a solid crash course on everything crypto. Our Dchained review provides a deep dive on what you need to know about this crypto education platform and whether its tools and insight can build your cryptocurrency competency.

Dchained Review

Dchained Review: Overview

Dchained is a crypto education site and community platform that delivers easy-to-understand cryptocurrency guides, tutorials, newsletters, an online video course, and other crypto-related information.

Launched in the middle of 2020, it’s the first site to provide a complete overview of the world of blockchain, crypto, and more.

New Crypto Investors and Advanced Crypto Investors Welcome 

This platform is best for a beginner or casual crypto investor who wants to get into BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

While the service mostly appeals to a casual crypto investor, it’s packed full of value that can elevate an advanced trader’s crypto investing strategy.

Here are some of the core features that Dchained offers members:

  • Crypto literacy/crypto investing educational guides for new crypto investors and everyday investors
  • Expert analysis
  • Insiders live Q&A
  • Latest crypto news, expert articles, and newsletters (Week in review newsletter is very popular among users)

Keep reading our Dchained review for more information on this crypto investing education platform.

Edmund McCormack
McCormack, founder of Dchained

Edmund McCormack Spotlight

CEO Edmund McCormack has been at the forefront of new technology and services that have become essential to our daily lives for the last 15 years.

He started with internet services but recently moved his attention to something he feels is even more transformative: cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

He built the very first educational platform with the sole purpose of helping anyone and everyone get a foot in the door on Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies.

McCormack’s goal is to continue growing his platform by providing a personal approach to crypto education for new investors.

Dchained Quick Start Course

The Dchained Quick Start Course is a brand-new class that rolled out at the end of 2020.

The online course contains videos designed to help new investors get started and understand the basics of blockchain, crypto, and more.

The program includes details like what Bitcoin is, how to start trading, how to minimize trade risk, and how to keep each investment safe and secure.

Dchained Online Video Course

Each online video course comes in an easily digestible format to help traders learn how to earn cash quickly, which is explained by CEO Edmund McCormack.

These videos rank high with Dchained users for being a great way to jump into the crypto market.

The program typically costs $49 on its own, but it’s included in the Advanced Investor membership.

What’s Included in Dchained?

The service makes it easy to find information through guides, forums, and analysis from experts.

Dchained Educational Guides

Dchained is packed with online tools that will send you down the path of trading cryptocurrency.

These are all easy to click through and provide traders with all the information they need to understand how to be successful when trading crypto.

Dchained Investing Platform

The area known as the Investing Platform is an online forum where traders can communicate with each other about the latest information in the crypto world.

Dchained Analysis

Membership also gives access to careful analysis from Dchained’s top experts, including Edmund McCormack himself.

Newsletters with the latest crypto recommendations and the Week-in-Review newsletter will keep you at the top of the trading game.

Dchained Insiders Live Q&A Sessions

Even at the lowest membership investment tier, Dchained offers weekly live question and answer sessions.

These sessions are an hour long, and Dchained tutors offer answers to as many questions as they can during that time.

Members-Only Discounts

By having a membership with Dchained, you will receive members-only discounts on many crypto sites around the internet.

These discounts could be deals on introductory site offers, discounts on trading Bitcoin, or related ways to save money while trading on the market.

>> Already sold on Dchained? Become a member today by clicking here! <<

Cancellation Policy

The platform offers a 14-day cancellation policy to cancel without penalty.

If you cancel in the middle of the month on a month-to-month plan, you can still access the service until the end of the month.

With a yearly plan, you would get a prorated refund based on the amount for the rest of the year. 

How Much Does Dchained Cost?

Even though each tier has some savings built-in, you can always check around for a discount code to save even more money.

In addition to a discount code, the site also offers specials from time to time.

You can pay for your subscription to Dchained by PayPal or a major debit or credit card.

Follow along for a rundown of the cost for each membership as well as their features.

Dchained primary investor

Dchained Primary Investor Tier

The Primary Investor Tier lets you explore the software a bit and get your feet wet.

You get a taste for what Dchained has to offer including access to the latest expert analysis, the private user forum, weekly updates including information about the week in review, and a chance to participate in the weekly live Q&A session.

This tier does give access to some mini-course videos on learning about crypto, but you will not have access to the full library.

This introductory investment package will cost you $19 per month.

A yearly membership costs $197, which will save you $31 per year versus a month-to-month plan.

Dchained advanced investor

Dchained Advanced Investor Tier

The Advanced Investor Tier is Dchained’s bread and butter package. 

This tier contains all the material and up-to-date news from the Primary tier but also unlocks all of the courses.

This includes access to the Dchained Academy and Getting Started With Crypto.

As mentioned above, the Quick Start Course is also yours to explore.

Signing up for this tier also enables you to receive a list of weekly investment picks from Edmund McCormack.

The Advanced Investor Tier is currently listed at $97 per month, which is half off the regular per month rate of $197.

While there is no annual offering at this time, subscribing to the monthly plan now will keep the rate locked in each month — as long as you don’t cancel your plan.

Dchained premium investor

Dchained Premium Investor Tier

The Premium Investor Tier is the complete package.

In addition to everything included in the previous tiers, you receive one-on-one coaching on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing each month with Dchained’s CEO himself, Edmund McCormack.

To become a Premium Investor, visit Dchained’s site and apply for this lucrative opportunity.

Is Dchained Legit?

Although relatively new, Dchained has already made a name for itself as the first site solely designed to provide information on learning about crypto.

It’s also a place for many to share and obtain information on the best trades, eliminating the need to scour the internet for the same information.

The service has held firm through the events of 2020 and continues to grow in 2021 with new information added regularly.

>> Ready to start using Dchained? Click here to sign up today! <<

Dchained Review: Pros and Cons

Dchained is a solid source of information, but it still has room for growth.


  • Many easy-to-use courses for everyday investors
  • Great for beginners or experienced traders to build crypto literacy
  • Online forum for sharing information
  • Weekly Q&A and live Q&A sessions with access to expert analysis
  • Member discounts on other crypto sites
  • Access to up-to-date news, expert articles, and newsletters
  • Community platform
  • Live, real-time investing alerts to find investment opportunities


  • No way to trade cryptocurrencies on the site
  • Platform is still new
  • Can feel like a significant investment upfront

Is Dchained Right for Me?

Dchained is specifically for casual crypto traders who don’t want to or don’t have the time to do deep research into crypto trading.

The various membership plans allow access to expert knowledge and the latest happenings in the crypto world.

It is also for new investors who want to see what crypto has to offer.

With so many tutorials and how-to’s, a new trader can easily click through information and quickly learn how to begin trading cryptocurrencies.

>> Think Dchained is right for you? Great! Click here to get started with the crypto service today! <<

Dchained Reviews by Members

These comments from members come from video reviews featured right on Dchained’s website:

“I used to turn to social for news & what to invest in but you never know who to trust. I now use Dchained, and they’re super helpful, easy to use, and it’s been night & day.” – Evan

Another Dchained Review reads:

“I’m new to crypto and news sites are often too technical. Dchained lays out the info in a way that’s easy to understand.” – Marcus

Final Review: Is Dchained Worth It?

The sheer volume of information provided by Dchained is worth more than the price to invest in this platform.

Even traders who do not know much about cryptocurrencies can use the platform’s educational resources to start trading quickly and effectively.

With access to top news and frequent analyses from peers and experts, the boost you could receive in your investing strategy might pay for itself.

>> Ready to learn more about cryptocurrency? Click here to start your membership with Dchained now! <<


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