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Nomi Prins Distortion Report Review (The Great Distortion)

  • By Chris Dios
  • Sep 12, 2022
distortion report bonus reports
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Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report is generating massive buzz online, and many want to know if her stock picks live up to the hype. Stick around because we’re going to do a deep dive into the service with our Distortion Report Review to find out.

What Is Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report?

Distortion Report is a monthly newsletter that provides members with stock recommendations, a model portfolio, bonus reports, and much more. It’s led by former Goldman Sachs Executive Nomi Prins and publisher Rogue Economics.

Nomi Prins is a Ph.D. and best-selling author with decades of stock market experience. Her impressive resume includes stops at Bear Stearns, JPMorgan Chase, and other prominent firms.

Prins leverages her extensive finance knowledge to pinpoint “distortion” events.

When there’s a disconnect between expectations and reality (market distortion), a price correction will likely occur when the market finally catches on to its mistake.

If you can spot distortion as it happens, you have the opportunity to get in a favorable position and potentially capitalize on an eventual correction. And Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report could help you do just that.

The newsletter’s current focus is on what Prins calls “The Great Distortion”, which she believes is an economic disaster that could ignite a massive transference of wealth between financial elites and everyday folks.

Prins’ stock picks are geared toward helping portfolios profit during this transfer.

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distortion between the real world economy and fake economy

What Is the Great Distortion?

The Great Distortion is a $150 trillion transfer of wealth that Nomi Prins claims will deepen the divide between everyday folks and financial institutions. Rogue Economics and Prins warn that this could spark a global economic crisis that will fundamentally reshape financial markets.

This potential wealth redistribution is strikingly similar to what we saw when Nixon dropped the gold standard as well as with the 2008 bailouts and 2020 pandemic. But Nomi Prins’ Great Distortion prediction could be far worse — especially given the US’ rapidly growing money supply.

The Fed’s money printing sugar high could be in its final stages, and many experts believe an unprecedented crash could be around the corner.

Nomi Prins the Great Distortion

In fact, intergovernmental organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have lowered their global economic growth forecast for the upcoming years.

Prins warned of an imminent crash in 2018 in her book, Collusion, when she wrote, “asset bubbles that central banks have created and fueled [are] setting the scene for a disastrous fall.”

However, the game has changed since then, and Prins now believes the economy is headed for a much more peculiar turn of events.

This is why Prins’ most recent iteration of the Distortion Report membership is geared toward stock recommendations and analysis to help you come up better on the other side. The research focuses on disruptive companies in energy and finance.

But who is Nomi Prins, and does she have the bona fides to back up her claims?

Nomi Prins Reviews

Who Is Nomi Prins?

Nomi Prins is an excellent analyst who provides quality investing insights. She is also a world-renowned investing expert and the mind behind Distortion Report newsletter and 25 Cent Trader.

As a stock picker, Prins’ is best known for her insights into geopolitical and economic frameworks.

You may recognize Prins from the best-selling books she’s written or her frequent appearances on CNN, CNBC, Fox, PBS, and other prominent television networks.

Prins entered the world of finance shortly after graduating from college with a PhD in International Strategic Studies, a Master’s in Statistics, and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics.

She began her career as an analyst at Chase Manhattan Bank and also spent seven years at Bear Stearns as well as another two at Goldman Sachs before leaving Wall Street.

After her Wall Street career, Prins leveraged her experience and education into several best-selling books, including All the Presidents’ Bankers and Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World.

Distortion Report is Prins’ latest effort to help everyday folks get more out of the market, and it has the potential to be her most consequential venture yet.

nomi prins featured on fox business

Is Nomi Prins Legit?

Nomi Prins is a legit investing analyst, and she has an impressive understanding of complex financial systems and how they interact with the global economy. Many newsletter services focus on US markets, but Nomi has an uncanny ability to predict events that unfold on the world stage.

Arguably, Nomi Prins is at her best when looking at global economics and how shifting trends could impact everyday folks. And the Distortion Report is packed with these types of insights.

Subscribers can rest assured knowing her investing newsletter is a high-quality publication with a leading investing mind like Nomi Prins at the helm.

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rogue economics review

What Is Rogue Economics?

Rogue Economics is the research publisher behind Distortion Report and several other well-regarded research services.

According to its “about” webpage, the firm believes “financial independence is the most important step on the path to personal freedom.”

Rogue Economics offers several services aimed at advancing its core mission, including Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report and its elite portfolio-tracking service, Rogue Portfolio. The firm has an impressive roster of qualified experts in its network, including Prins, trading superstar Jeff Clark, and many more.

Rogue Economics’ services are dedicated to helping people improve their market outcomes, and they’ve done admirable work advancing this mission so far.

The company boasts prominent experts, insightful research publications, and stellar satisfaction guarantees that leave us with little doubt that this firm is on the level.

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What’s Included with Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report?

  • One year of Nomi Prins stock picks
  • Distortion Report model portfolio
  • Updates and alerts
  • 3 special reports
  • 60-Day satisfaction guarantee

Nomi Prins Stock Picks

Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report newsletter is the centerpiece of this investment research package.

Every issue includes a new stock recommendation from Nomi Prins. These recommendations zero in on emerging Great Distortion opportunities and global economic reactions.

Nomi Prins’ stock recommendations are also packed with supporting research. She’ll give her buy case for the stock as well as market analysis. 

The newsletter provides a full year’s worth of valuable market insights and guidance, so you’ll have plenty of ideas to explore long after you work through the special reports and other bonus resources.

Prins’ insights will help you better understand the market, and her recommendations could lead you to even more winners throughout your 12-month subscription.

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Distortion Report Model Portfolio

Prins’ model portfolio for Distortion Report showcases the service’s active recommendations along with their name, ticker, price action, and more.

Whenever Prins picks a new stock, it gets added to the model portfolio, so you can easily check in on its progress.

The model portfolio includes all of Prins’ active recommendations, and you get unlimited access to the entire lineup as soon as you join Distortion Report.

Updates and Alerts

Prins doesn’t leave you hanging once she highlights a promising stock. As you know, the stock market moves quickly, so Prins and her research and editorial team track each recommendation’s progress closely.

When something needs your attention, you’ll receive an alert informing you about the change in circumstances, along with a recommended course of action for responding to the news.

You’ll receive alerts when it’s time to buy, sell, modify a position, and more, so you can respond quickly without constantly having to monitor the market. Prins updates and alerts save you time and, more importantly, provide some much-needed peace of mind.

You can go about your day without worrying about the market because Prins will let you know when something big is going down.

the distortion report bonus reports

Distortion Reports Special Reports

Prins’ bundle includes several in-depth research reports detailing numerous opportunities that could emerge from America’s Great Distortion.

Here’s what you get:

  • The #1 Stock for America’s Great DistortionThis report includes Prins’ in-depth research into a company that could be the biggest beneficiary of America’s Great Distortion. This small-cap stock could be uniquely positioned to disrupt and conquer a critical American industry.
  • The Electric Car MythPrins has identified an overlooked company that could reap tremendous benefits from the EV boom, and its current valuation still shows the potential for significant upside. She shares all the details you need to get on board this overlooked EV opportunity to help you cash in on this red-hot trend with an under-the-radar stock.
  • Bank to the Future Prins sees another disturbing trend resulting from America’s Great Distortion that could have shocking consequences for America’s banking industry. In this report, Prins shares details on a company that’s playing a pivotal role in advancing this transition by acting as the bridge between legacy banks and the new financial system.

Each report is great, but I recommend starting out with The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion. This is to help prime you for the rest of the research regarding distortion events.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Nomi Prins stands by her work with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on your America’s New Abnormal purchase.

You have 60 days from your purchase date to “test drive” Distortion Report and the included bonus resources. And if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get a full refund.

Simply contact Distortion Report’s Florida-based customer service team within 60 days and request your refund, and you’ll be fully reimbursed with no questions asked.

If you have any remaining reservations, the Distortion Report refund policy should dispel them.

Is Distortion Report Legit?

Nomi Prins’ newsletter Distortion Report is a legit research package that’s stacked with an impressive array of market insights and stock recommendations. It offers a genuine look at The Great Distortion and provides valuable insights on bridging the gap between the real economy and manipulated markets.

The newsletter is great, but where the service really shines is its exclusive bonus reports. Prins lays out a strong case for the stocks featured, and it’s hard to argue with her analysis.

We’re going to dig deeper into The Great Distortion, so stay tuned for the full breakdown.

Distortion Report Pros and Cons

Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report is one of the most exciting new services we’ve seen in a long time, but nobody’s perfect. Here are the pros and cons we found during our review.


  • Highlights promising opportunities resulting from America’s Great Distortion
  • Unlimited model portfolio access
  • Updates and alerts from Nomi Prins
  • Special report featuring Prins’ #1 “New Energy” distortion stock
  • 2 Bonus reports featuring Prins’ top-rated FinTech and EV stocks
  • Highly respected guru in Nomi Prins
  • Reputable publisher in Rogue Economics
  • Affordably priced with a substantial discount
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 12 months of the Distortion Report newsletter
  • New recommendations from Nomi Prins every month


  • No community chat or forum
  • Recommendations don’t include options, futures, or shorts

How Much Does Distortion Report Cost?

A one-year subscription to Distortion Report sells on Rogue Economics’ website for $199. However, Prins is offering a substantial discount to raise awareness about her America’s New Normal presentation.

She wants as many people as possible to take advantage of the fast-moving opportunities presented by America’s Great Distortion, so she’s offering the entire package for just $49.

At that rate, your average cost comes out to just over $4 per month, and you still get everything covered in this review, including all three bonus reports and the 60-day guarantee.

distortion report review

Is Distortion Report Worth It?

The Distortion Report is an excellent newsletter, and it’s a great value at just $49 for an annual membership (about 13 cents a day). Plus, it’s the only service we’ve seen that covers distortion opportunities in detail. Dr. Nomi Prins’ stock picks could prove profitable if events unfold as expected.

Prins’ professional and academic credentials are stellar, and she’s proven herself to be a keen market observer through several best-selling books.

The current deal reduces your subscription cost by a whopping 75%, and it includes several bonus reports featuring promising distortion stocks. Top it all off with a 60-day guarantee, and you’ve got one heck of a value.

Nomi Prins and Distortion Report look like a winning combination, and we can say confidently that this deal is definitely worth it, especially at such a low price.

The uncertainty facing the US economy is concerning, but Distortion Report could be the key to protecting and growing your wealth through it all.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.