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Does a Bankmobile Have Zelle? A Complete Guide to BankMobile and Zelle Integration

In today’s fast paced, digital world, seamless money transactions have become a necessity. Keeping pace with this trend are financial tools like Zelle, a peer-to-peer money transfer service, and BankMobile, a mobile-centric banking service. 

Zelle allows users to send money swiftly and securely whereas BankMobile delivers a fully digital banking experience. This integration promises a smooth and efficient banking experience. So, does a Bankmobile have Zelle?

This article will shed light on the relationship between these two services, discussing whether BankMobile supports Zelle and the benefits users can reap from their integrated usage.

Does BankMobile Integrate Zelle Into Its System?

Contrary to the expectations of many, as of current information, BankMobile does not have Zelle incorporated into its system. 

This lack of integration may seem odd given most banks and financial institutuions have incorporated Zelle into their services. 

Despite BankMobile’s lack of Zelle’s built-in support, customers can continue enjoying the features of Zelle by connecting their BankMobile account to Zelle’s standalone application.

Does a Bankmobile Have Zelle? Complete Guide

Steps to Combine Zelle With BankMobile

Connecting your BankMobile and Zelle accounts, while currently requiring some extra steps due to lack of direct support, is a simple process. Start off by downloading the standalone Zelle app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Upon installation, you’ll be guided through a few steps to create your Zelle account. This will involve providing basic personal information such as name and contact details. 

Upon setting up the account, the next phase is to connect your BankMobile account to your new Zelle account. Simply enter your BankMobile details when prompted during the set-up process.

It’s important to note, due to the lack of direct support from BankMobile for Zelle, you’ll need to use the standalone Zelle app for transactions instead of the BankMobile app.

Zelle Alternatives For BankMobile Customers

If you find the lack of direct Zelle integration within BankMobile inconvenient, there are several alternatives that offer similar functionality. 

Money transfer apps like Venmo, Square Cash, and PayPal have also gained traction among users due to their simplistic interfaces and safe transactions. 

Functionality of these apps is quite similar to Zelle, enabling you to send or receive money with just a few taps on your smartphone.


Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal, and with millions of users, it is a popular choice for seamless transactions. It enables users to send money instantly to friends and family through its intuitive interface.

  • Social Features: Venmo has a unique social media-like interface. It allows users to interact by including messages with each transaction and viewing recent transactions within their network.
  • Payment Request Feature: Venmo contains a convenient function that lets users send payment requests to friends or split bills. This can be particularly useful while dining out or paying for event tickets.
  • Business Payments: An increasing number of businesses now accept Venmo for online purchases, providing users with more flexibility in their transactions.

Cash App

Cash App is another popular P2P payment platform developed by Square Inc. Like Zelle and Venmo, users can easily send and receive money, but Cash App provides additional unique features.

  • Cryptocurrency Support: Cash App stands out for its Bitcoin support. It allows users to buy, sell, and hold the cryptocurrency within the app.
  • Cash Card: Cash App users can obtain a free Visa debit card linked to their account balance. This card can be used for purchases both online and in-store, like a regular debit card.
  • Investments: Cash App supports the buying and selling of fractional shares of stocks. Users can invest as little as $1, making it an accessible investment tool for novices and experienced investors alike.



PayPal is a well-known payment platform supported globally. It has a large user base and is recognized for both personal transactions and online shopping.

  • Global Reach: PayPal’s global support makes it ideal for international transactions. Users can send money to friends and family in more than 200 countries and 25 currencies.
  • E-commerce Integration: PayPal is a trusted payment processor for online retailers. By linking it to your BankMobile account, you can enjoy a seamless shopping experience across numerous websites.
  • PayPal.Me: This feature creates a personal link that can be shared with friends or customers to receive payments. It simplifies the process of transferring money without having to input email addresses or phone numbers.

By considering these alternatives, BankMobile customers can still enjoy efficient money transfers with robust features and flexibility. These apps cater to diverse user needs, ensuring a convenient financial experience even without direct Zelle integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if my bank supports Zelle?

You can check if your bank supports Zelle by visiting Zelle’s official webpage. It gives a comprehensive list of partner banks and credit unions.

Can I use Zelle without an existing bank account?

To use Zelle, you must have an account with a U.S. bank or credit union. However, if your bank isn’t partnered with Zelle, you can still use the app provided you have a Visa or Mastercard debit card.

Do banks charge for Zelle?

A majority of banks provide Zelle as a service within their mobile and online banking systems free of cost. However, it’s better to confirm this with your bank as charges may apply in some situations.

How do I get in touch with Zelle’s customer service?

For assistance regarding Zelle’s services, you can reach out to their customer service through their official website or through the mobile app. They have established a dedicated support team ready to assist you.


Despite the lack of direct integration with Zelle, BankMobile provides options for users to enjoy the benefits of quick and secure money transfers. 

It’s a simple workaround to download the Zelle standalone app and connect it to your BankMobile account. And, remember, you always have alternatives like Venmo, Square Cash, and PayPal if you prefer a more direct connection. 

Regardless of the path you choose, in today’s digital age, sending and receiving money has been made easier than ever.