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Does Bass Pro Have an Affiliate Program? Unlock the Potential

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking to monetize your passion for hunting, fishing, or camping? Do you have an online platform where you can share your expertise and recommend quality outdoor products to your audience? 

If yes, then joining the Bass Pro Shops affiliate program could be an excellent opportunity for you to earn commissions while promoting outdoor gear, apparel, and accessories. So, does Bass Pro have an affiliate program?

In this article, we will explore the details of the Bass Pro Shops affiliate program, including the commission structure, cookie duration, application instructions, available promotional resources, and pro tips for success. 

We’ll also address some frequently asked questions to help you gain a better understanding of the program. So let’s dive in!

Does Bass Pro Have an Affiliate Program?

Before we explore the Bass Pro Shops affiliate program, let’s quickly define affiliate programs and their benefits. 

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where companies partner with individuals or other businesses to promote their products or services. 

In exchange, the affiliates earn a commission for each sale they refer to the company.

Affiliate programs are advantageous for brands as they allow them to reach a wider audience and increase sales without spending much on advertising. 

For affiliates, joining an affiliate program is an opportunity to monetize their online platforms and earn passive income through their website, blog, social media channels, or email newsletters.

Does Bass Pro Have an Affiliate Program? All You Need To Know

Overview of Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is a leading outdoor retailer that caters to hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and other outdoor activities. 

Established in 1972, the company now has over 200 locations across the US and Canada, showcasing a vast array of products that cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Bass Pro Shops is known for its quality products, exceptional customer service, and dedication to the outdoor lifestyle. 

They offer a wide range of products, including fishing & marine gear, camping & hiking equipment, hunting & shooting accessories, boating & watersports gear, and much more.

Introduction to the Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program

The Bass Pro Shops affiliate program is a well-established program that allows affiliates to earn commissions by promoting Bass Pro Shop’s wide range of outdoor products. 

Affiliates can apply to join the program and gain access to various promotional resources, including banners, product feeds, and other marketing materials.

The affiliate program is free to join, and there are no hidden fees or start-up costs. Affiliates can start earning commissions immediately upon approval and sharing their unique affiliate links with their audience.

Commission Structure and Earning Potential

Bass Pro Shops offers a competitive commission structure that rewards affiliates for their promotional efforts. 

The commission rate varies based on product category, and the standard commission rate is 5% per sale. However, with increased sales, the commission rate might increase.

The commission rate may be tailored for a specific affiliate level, such as premium affiliates, top earners, or niche-specific affiliates, to help boost their earnings.

With an average order value of around $100, commission rates can range from 4% to 10%. This commission rate could result in significant earnings for affiliates over time.

Cookie Duration and Tracking

To ensure that affiliates receive proper credit for referrals, Bass Pro Shops provides a 7-day cookie duration throughout the affiliate network. 

This cookie duration means that if a user clicks on an affiliate’s unique link and makes a purchase within seven days, the affiliate would receive the commission for that sale.

It’s essential to remember that cookies can expire sooner if the user clears their browsing history or cookies intentionally or inadvertently.

Application Process

The application process for joining the Bass Pro Shops affiliate program is easy and straightforward. 

First, navigate to their website, or you can look for other affiliate networks or marketplaces that offer Bass Pro Shops as an option.

Once on their website, locate the affiliate program page, and click the “apply now” button. The page should redirect to a sign-up form, where you’ll need to supply your personal details, website details, and log-in credentials.

The application process is straightforward and requires that you provide only necessary information about yourself. 

Most applications are approved immediately, giving approval as soon as you fill in your details correctly. If there is a delay, the affiliate team may reach out for additional information or clarification.

Promotional Resources for Affiliates

Bass Pro Shops provides a range of promotional resources for affiliates to effectively promote their products. 

Upon approval and joining the program, affiliates would receive a welcome package containing the following resources:

  • Banners – Professionally designed banners are available in a range of sizes, formats, and designs to help maximize your exposure and promote outdoor gear, clothing, accessories, and much more.
  • Product feed – Affiliates receive product feeds featuring the latest products, pricing, and inventory information that can easily be integrated onto the affiliate’s website.

Bass Pro Shops

Pro Tips for Success as a Bass Pro Shops Affiliate

As an affiliate, maximizing your earning potential would depend on your ability to promote Bass Pro Shops products successfully. Here are some tips for success:

Authenticity and Niche Promotion

To maximize the impact of your promotional efforts and create a devoted following, affiliate promotion must be genuine, original, and relevant to your audience. 

Your audience should feel like you have some expertise to offer in the niche of outdoorsmanship

By creating unique content that resonates with your audience, you increase the chances of converting leads into sales.

Diversify your Marketing Channels

To maximize your reach, consider leveraging different marketing channels to promote Bass Pro Shops. 

Use a combination of platforms such as website content, videos, social media, email newsletters, and others that help you reach the broadest audience possible.

Engaging your Audience

Engage with your audience by mostly responding to comments on your content, addressing questions, and highlighting products you’re passionate about. 

By actively building connections with your audience, you can establish your authority in the niche genre and earn their trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program?

To join the Bass Pro Shops affiliate program, visit their affiliate application page or look for the program through other marketplaces. Follow the instructions on the page and provide all the necessary information. Approval for the program only takes a few business days, and once accepted, affiliates would receive their welcome package, providing access to all the resources mentioned above.

Is there a cost to Join the Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program?

No, it’s completely free to join the Bass Pro Shops affiliate program. There are no hidden fees or start-up costs to become an affiliate.

How often are commission payouts made?

Commission payouts for the Bass Pro Shops affiliate program are typically made on a monthly basis. You can expect to receive your earnings consistently, ensuring a continuous stream of income.


The Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts and content creators looking to monetize their platform. 

By joining the program, affiliates can earn a decent commission by promoting quality outdoor products ranging from hunting gear to camping equipment.

To succeed in the Bass Pro Shop program, members must ensure authenticity, diversify their marketing channels, and engage with their audience effectively. 

By following these tips, affiliates can maximize their earnings and establish themselves as an authority in the niche genre. 

Join the Bass Pro Shops Affiliate Program today to start earning commissions while promoting the outdoor lifestyle.