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Does Harley Offer a Lifetime Warranty? A Definitive Guide

Does Harley Offer a Lifetime Warranty

Harley-Davidson is a brand synonymous with power, performance, style and quality. 

For riders, buying a Harley is not just a purchase, it’s an investment and also a reflection of their lifestyle. 

With such a hefty investment, of course, comes with some concerns and questions about warranties and protection for your ride. 

We’ll shed some light on Harley-Davidson’s warranty programs, which sorts of warranties you can get and help you decide if a lifetime warranty from Harley-Davidson is worth the extra investment.

Does Harley offer a lifetime warranty? Overview of Harley-Davidson Warranty Program

Before we deep-dive into a lifetime warranty, let’s overview the motorcycle warranty programs Harley-Davidson offers.

Harley-Davidson offers three types of warranties:

  • Limited Warranty
  • Extended Service Plan
  • Pre-owned Motorcycle Warranty

The Limited Warranty is included with every new Harley motorcycle. It includes up to two years of factory coverage that covers defects in parts, material or workmanship. 

The Limited Warranty covers every factory-installed part on the motorcycle except for the tires.

The Extended Service Plan is not the same as a lifetime warranty but it provides a wider range of protection beyond factory coverage. 

The plan extends coverage even beyond the Limited Warranty and can range from 1-5 years depending on what plan you choose. 

The ESP covers repairs and services due to mechanical breakdown and a wide range of part failures are eligible.

Lastly, the pre-owned motorcycle warranty is available to only those rider who purchased a pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycle from their dealer. This warranty covers up to one year of coverage for defects in parts, material and workmanship for the entire motorcycle.


Exploring the Lifetime Warranty Offer

Now let’s dig into the never-ending question, does Harley offer a lifetime warranty?

Yes, Harley-Davidson does offer a lifetime warranty but to be eligible for a lifetime warranty, there are some requirements.

To be eligible for a Lifetime Limited Warranty, you must enroll within 60 days of purchasing a new eligible motorcycle. You must also complete all the required maintenance which requires service receipts. 

This is unlike standard warranties that only require oil changes and other important maintenance work. The lifetime warranty plan requires each service to be performed on time and calls for a record-keeping solution.

If you are eligible for a lifetime warranty, this will provide you with peace of mind when you ride your Harley. 

The century-old company is well aware of both its heritage and its powerful image they have created. 

This is why the lifetime warranty is not for all models. It is only offered for certain models. Riders who are looking for a lifetime warranty must choose wisely and select a Harley that qualifies to ensure that the warranty is actually lifetime. 

Eligibility and Coverage

The Harley-Davidson lifetime warranty is certainly a unique feature. Let’s dive deeper and check the criteria and conditions for eligibility, and what the lifetime warranty coverage includes and excludes.

The lifetime warranty does have specific requirements that must be followed or the warranty will become invalid. 

It is important for eligible owners to take the necessary steps to register and maintain their new bike properly. 

The Warranty coverage begins from the bike’s warranty start date and is payable for the lifetime of the original registered owner.

The lifetime warranty offers the same coverage as the limited warranty but offers additional benefits:

  • Unlimited mileage for the duration of the warranty.
  • There is no need to pay a deductible for any repairs or replacements required.
  • Harley-Davidson original parts will be used for all repairs.
  • A guarantee that any defect resulting from inadequate work or materials will be handled at no charge.
  • The lifetime warranty is fully-transferable if the motorcycle is sold. This provides the new owners with the benefits of lifetime coverage.

However, the lifetime warranty does have exclusions or limitations, if you make any modifications to your motorcycle, the warranty will become void. 

Even if you take your motorcycle to an authorized dealer for service, if work is then completed at an unauthorized location of some sort, this may also reduce the validity of the warranty. 

Something as simple as allowing your bike to sit outside your home in extreme weather or leave it without proper care could possibly void the warranty as well.

Comparing Harley-Davidson’s Warranty with Competitors

So what else are Harley-Davidson’s competitors offering in terms of warranty?

It’s important to compare Harley-Davidson’s lifetime warranty program to others in the market. 

Some of the major players in the motorcycle industry like Yamaha, and Honda, for instance, offer only a one-year warranty. 

Kawasaki provides up to three years of coverage. BMW and Triumph do offer extended warranty plans at additional cost.

One benefit of the lifetime warranty is that some models are designed to have longer lifespans, which make this warranty more attractive. 

Although Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and BMW do not offer lifetime warranties, their motorcycles are known for lasting many years. 

Harley-Davidson’s lifetime warranty is truly unique in the industry and can’t be replicated by competitors.


Pros and Cons of Harley-Davidson’s Lifetime Warranty


  • The unlimited mileage included in the lifetime warranty can help owners keep their motorcycle on the road no matter how much they ride.
  • Unlimited warranty repairs are available at no additional charge
  • A guarantee of the use of authentic Harley-Davidson parts ensures quality repairs.
  • The lifetime warranty cost can be built into the bike loan, making it easy to manage future costs.


  • The lifetime warranty is only available for select models and the eligibility criteria are specific and strict.
  • Any modifications or changes to the original motorcycle may void the warranty, limiting a customer’s ability to customize or upgrade their ride.
  • Transfer of the lifetime warranty to a subsequent owner requires special documentation and verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Harley-Davidson’s lifetime warranty still valid if the motorcycle is modified?

Any modification to the motorcycle will void the warranty

Who is eligible for a lifetime warranty from Harley-Davidson?

Only the original registered owner of the eligible motorcycle is qualified and must register within 60 days of purchasing the new motorcycle.

Can I transfer my lifetime warranty to a new owner?

Yes, the lifetime warranty is fully transferable to a new owner which makes it a good selling point.


Harley-Davidson’s lifetime warranty is unique but also comes with some limitations and requirements to maintain. 

However, for the lifetime of the motorcycle, Harley-Davidson customers will have the peace of mind of comprehensive protection. 

Make sure to follow up with the required maintenance and stay on top of any required repairs. 

The lifetime warranty protection is only available on select models so be sure to choose wisely. 

If owning your Harley-Davidson motorcycle for many years to come is of high importance, then it is worth considering the lifetime warranty, but as with everything do your research and read the fine print.