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Empire Stock Investor Review 2024 – Whitney Tilson’s AI Stock Picks

Empire Stock Investor Review
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Whitney Tilson claims that he’s spotted an artificial intelligence opportunity with enormous potential. But is he really on to something? Check out my Empire Stock Investor review to find out. 

Empire Stock Investor Review: Overview

Empire Stock Investor is an investment newsletter that provides members with monthly stock picks, trade alerts, expert analysis, and much more.

It’s led by former hedge fund manager and editor Whitney Tilson and published by Empire Financial Research. 

This newsletter’s investment strategy targets large-cap US growth stocks with long-term potential.

The typical investment horizon is about three to five years, and the newsletter does not cover short positions.

The team also recommends that subscribers have at least $1,000 to put toward each opportunity. However, it’s just a suggestion.

Empire Stock Investor‘s latest deal features Whitney Tilson’s #1 AI Stock for 2023, and it’s already generating a big social media buzz.

I’ll dig into everything included. But first, let’s take a look at the service’s lead man, Whitney Tilson.

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Whitney Tilson Review

Whitney Tilson Review

Whitney Tilson is a former hedge fund manager, an excellent analyst and the founder of Empire Financial Research.

He also leads the Empire Investment Report, an alternate Empire service that targets small to mid-cap stocks.

Before launching Empire Research, Whitney was a rockstar fund manager and investment advisor.

He worked with some of the most prominent investors on the planet during his financial career, and he brought all his experience and insights with him to Empire Research.

Kase Capital Management

He even launched a fund of his own, Kase Capital Management, and personally oversaw its investments. Altogether, he spent more than two decades working around the investment markets.

Eventually, his focus pivoted away from the lace-curtain Wall Street crowd. In 2019, he launched Empire Financial Research and dove headfirst into retail research. 

Today, more than 200,000 readers worldwide follow Whitney’s work. And he’s taken to his new retail research career like a natural.

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Empire Financial Research

What Is Empire Financial Research?

Empire Financial Research is the publisher behind Empire Stock Investor. Founded by Whitney himself in 2019, the company specializes in investment research.

In addition to Empire Stock Investor, the company has several other newsletters and analysts under its banner.

According to Empire’s website, its investment strategy leans to the contrarian side of the spectrum, and that’s precisely what many want out of a research firm.

After all, there’s no sense paying for premium research if they’re talking about the same old stuff shared on major finance networks.

Is Empire Financial Research Legit?

Despite being just three years old, Empire Financial Research has been very successful, thanks to Whitney and the company’s other veteran analysts. 

Wall Street’s top minds read the team’s work regularly, including Bill Ackman, Joel Greenblatt, and more.

You’re doing something right if you have names like that on your subscriber list.

What Is Whitney Tilson's AI Stock?

What Is Whitney Tilson’s AI Stock?

In his presentation titled “What Is Whitney Tilson’s AI Stock?”, Whitney discusses the potential of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the market. He believes that AI is the future and will create a market worth $87 trillion, potentially creating the world’s first trillionaires.

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The Artificial Intelligence Opportunity

The Artificial Intelligence Opportunity

Whitney Tilson’s presentation provides a glimpse into a future where AI is not merely a gadget, but a transformative power that will reshape industries and economies.

Tilson’s passion for AI is contagious. He discusses the potential of the technology with a sense of wonder, emphasizing its ability to automate tasks, streamline operations, and even make intricate decisions.

This, he contends, is why AI presents such an enormous opportunity.

Tilson also delves into the role of data in AI. He stresses that data is the engine that drives AI, and the companies that can effectively utilize this resource will be the ones to gain the most.

This is a vital point, as it underscores the significance of data management and analytics in the AI arena.

Another intriguing aspect of Tilson’s discourse is his emphasis on the disruptive potential of AI.

He discusses how AI could revolutionize sectors like healthcare, finance, and transportation, introducing new opportunities and hurdles.

This viewpoint is invigorating, as it transcends the typical discussions about AI’s technical abilities and explores its societal implications.

Tilson’s presentation also includes a discussion of the companies spearheading the AI revolution. He mentions tech behemoths like Google and Amazon, but also spotlights lesser-known entities that are making substantial progress in the field.

This balanced perspective provides a holistic view of the AI landscape, highlighting both established leaders and emerging pioneers.

Let’s examine some of them and the impressive gains they’ve achieved:

Smart Eye AB

The Trade Desk


However, it’s important to note that Tilson’s presentation is not just a celebration of AI’s potential. He also acknowledges the risks and uncertainties associated with the technology.

He talks about the need for regulation, the ethical dilemmas posed by AI, and the challenges of ensuring that the benefits of AI are distributed equitably.

This nuanced approach adds depth to his analysis and shows that he understands the complexities of the AI landscape.

what is an inflection point?


A New Inflection Point for the Market

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, launched in November 2022, has marked a significant inflection point in AI’s trajectory, amassing over 100 million users faster than any major app before it.

100M monthly users diagram

Inflection points, such as the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the creation of the first web browser in 1990, have historically led to massive market gains.

iphone inflection point

But AI’s potential extends beyond a single sector, promising to permeate every industry. This broad reach amplifies its economic impact, making this inflection point uniquely significant.

AI’s potential is already manifesting in various fields. In healthcare, it has been instrumental in detecting disease outbreaks and identifying new genes linked to diseases such as ALS.

Investors have reaped benefits from AI-related stocks. Companies like Lantheus, Butterfly Network, and Nano-X Imaging have seen significant stock price increases.

Butterfly Network

The automotive industry has also felt AI’s impact, with pioneers in self-driving technologies like Mobileye, Aptiv, and Luminar Technologies experiencing stock price surges.

The launch of ChatGPT is also expected to yield even larger gains in the years to come. This expectation is reinforced by significant investments in AI by industry titans like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, and Ma Huateng.

Mark Cuban’s assertion that AI will drive the biggest breakthroughs of the next 70 years reflects the optimism surrounding AI’s potential.

With billions already invested in AI and projections reaching into trillions within a decade, the confidence in AI’s future is evident.

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"The Next Big Wave of Profits"

“The Next Big Wave of Profits”

The AI revolution is here, sparking what Whitney Tilson calls “The next big wave of profits.” OpenAI’s ChatGPT has catalyzed a surge in AI investment, with $48 billion invested in AI startups in 2022 alone.

Startups like CloudMinds, Papercup, DataRobot, Delphia, and Owkin are just a few beneficiaries of this investment boom. They represent the burgeoning AI startup scene that’s just beginning to disrupt various sectors.

Tech giants are also integrating AI into their products and services. Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nvidia, Baidu, Meta, and CNET are pioneering innovative AI applications, from AI-enhanced search engines and browsers to AI audiobooks and lip-reading technology.

The next 36 months are expected to witness groundbreaking AI developments, presenting enormous opportunities for investors.

Fortunately, Whitney Tilson has assembled a special deal that includes everything you need to capitalize on this historic inflection point.

This is an opportunity to ride the next big wave of potential profits, powered by the transformative force of AI.

Empire Stock Investor Review: What Comes with the Service?

This deal offers much more than stock recommendations. Keep reading our Empire Stock Investor review for an in-depth explanation of every feature.

Empire Stock Investor Review

Annual Subscription to Empire Stock Investor

Empire Stock Investor is where you’ll find Witney’s latest stock recommendations, in-depth analysis, and more.

On the first Wednesday of each month, the team sends out its latest monthly stock pick, plus supporting research, trade guidance, and much more.

Whitney has a natural eye for growth stocks, so his monthly stock picks could lead you to some very promising opportunities.

By the time your first-year subscription is through, you’ll receive a total of a dozen stock picks from the newsletter alone.

Each stock goes into the Empire Stock Investor model portfolio. And the team will let you know if anything changes in the future through special updates and alerts.

The portfolio shows you the name of each stock, price, progress, and more.

Updates and Alerts

If it’s time to act on a trade, you’ll be notified with a timely alert explaining the circumstances and the recommended course of action.

You could also receive a notification if the team changes its outlook on a stock.

If they think it’s time to pull the plug on a pick, they’ll let you know. 

Empire Stock Investor‘s updates keep you informed, so you can react quickly to new circumstances.

And, Whitney’s guidance doesn’t end with stock picks. He also keeps an eye on the stock market and lets you know when new trends are developing.

You’ll also get regular updates on model portfolio stocks, so you can seamlessly track the progress of Witney’s investment ideas.

Empire Stock Investor Review

Whitney Tilson’s Daily

Your Empire Stock Investor subscription also comes with a subscription to a free bonus e-letter, Whitney Tilson’s Daily. .

It comes straight from Whitney’s desk. And you get a new issue every market day before the opening bell.

The newsletter includes insights into the latest market moves and short-term trends. It’s an asset, and following along could greatly expand your investing knowledge.

Empire Financial Daily

You’ll aslo enjoy access to another free daily newsletter with your Empire Stock Investor subscription, Empire Financial Daily.

This Empire Stock Investor team sends out this daily report before every opening bell, and it’s loaded with valuable info.

This brief is an excellent addition to the service. It will hold you over between issues of the monthly newsletter and keep you apprised of the latest stock market news.

This newsletter helps you make sense of the market and equips you to take on the trading day with confidence.

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Whitney Tilson’s AI Bonus Resources

Tilson’s artificial intelligence bundle adds even more value to the base membership.

These special reports include in-depth analysis on what could be Whitney Tilson’s most promising investment ideas yet.

Empire Stock Investor Review

How to Profit From the $87 Trillion AI Wave

This report is invaluable as it offers a deep dive into a company that’s at the forefront of AI, used by 4.5 million websites worldwide. It’s a unique opportunity to understand how this company uses AI to create targeted marketing campaigns.

This year it’s set to grow to an incredible 700 million customers.

700 million customers

The report’s value lies in its potential to guide investment decisions in the AI space. It provides a roadmap to the company that’s not only leading the AI wave but also expected to see an exponential increase in its customer base.

By leveraging the insights from this report, readers can position themselves to potentially profit from the burgeoning $87 trillion AI industry. It’s a golden ticket to understanding and investing in the future of technology.

Empire Stock Investor Review

Buy the Platforms: Your Best Shot at a 500% Winner

The special report, “Buy the Platforms: Your Best Shot at a 500% Winner,” is like a treasure map for investors. It takes you on a journey through the landscape of AI platform companies, similar to the likes of Google and eBay.

These companies are the architects of systems that other businesses use to build their own projects. Just as Google and eBay have rewarded their investors handsomely, these AI platform companies hold the promise of substantial returns.

The report shines a spotlight on three such companies. The first one is a heavyweight in the AI arena, serving clients as diverse as Disney and T-Mobile, showing its wide appeal.

The second company, despite its advanced AI capabilities, is currently undervalued. This is like finding a hidden gem at a yard sale – a high-value item at a low price.

The third company is an underdog in the AI race, but it’s making waves with its groundbreaking chips. Even Forbes has sung its praises, adding to its credibility.

This report isn’t just a collection of facts and figures. It’s a guide to potential high-return investments in the AI sector.

By using the insights from this report, readers can position themselves to potentially ride the wave of the AI revolution. This could be their chance to see a 500% return on their investment.

Empire Stock Investor Review

Discover the exclusive special report, “The 20X AI Moonshot,” which highlights a speculative AI stock with the potential for significant returns.

This report provides valuable information on a biotech company at the forefront of the AI industry, involved in next-generation vaccines, living medicines, enzyme discovery, product development, and synthetic biology.

With its recent multi-million-dollar deal with the U.S. Department of Defense and its role in driving the $4 trillion bioeconomy, this company offers a unique opportunity for investors.

Don’t miss out on this valuable report that uncovers the potential for 5X, 10X, or even 20X returns in the AI space.

Empire Stock Investor Review

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Under the AI Stock deal, new memberships to Empire Stock Investor are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you feel that the service doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can get a full refund of the subscription cost.

This is money back — not in-house credit.

It also lays out three promises:

  1. The team will provide the same insights reserved for hedge-fund-level clients.
  2. Members will receive regular updates from Whitney, Enrique Abeyta, and Herb Greenberg.
  3. Customer support will be available to support you every step of the way.

The triple guarantee is a nice touch that shows that the team stands behind its work.

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Is Whitney Tilson Legit?

Whitney Tilson is legit.

His foresight and predictions for the market have been stunningly accurate in the past.

After more than 20 years in finance, he has seen it all, including the dot-com bubble and subsequent crash, the 2008 financial crisis, and more.

He has been around the block, and he’s survived and thrived through some of the most devastating financial episodes in recent memory.

Empire Stock Investor Review: Pros and Cons

Empire Stock Investor looks like a great service, but nobody’s perfect.

Take a look on the list of the prons and cons we found during Empire Stock Investor review.


  • Monthly newsletter with a new stock pick
  • Led by a 20-year finance veteran
  • Empire Financial Daily before every market day
  • Updates and alerts keep you informed


  • No community chat room or forum
  • No short selling or options trading

Empire Stock Investor Review

How Much Does the Service Cost?

A full 12-month subscription to Empire Stock Investor typically costs $199. However, our readers can get a special discount with this limited-time offer.

If you sign up now, you’ll get all the research reports mentioned above, along with a one-year subscription for only $49.

At that rate, your average cost breaks down to a little more than $4 for every month of service.

Empire Stock Investor Review: Is It Worth It?

Empire Stock Investor is a great newsletter with an excellent price. I recommend giving it a close look if you’re in the market for long-term plays.

The current deal saves 75% on a subscription, and it includes a boatload of bonus research and stock picks.

Even at the full price of $199, Empire Stock Investor is a solid value, but it’s an absolute steal at the discounted first-year rate of $49.

Remember, you’re covered for 30 days under the 100% money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to think twice about giving it a shot if you’re on the fence.

Empire Stock Investor Review – Conclusion: Empire Stock Investor provides a ton of value.

The subscription cost is more like an upfront investment in great stock market research.

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John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.