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Flashpoint Trader Review (Is Garrett Baldwin Legit?)

flashpoint trader newsletter
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Garrett Baldwin is rolling out a brand-new investment research service, and many want to know if his insights really live up to the hype. Get the full scoop with my Flashpoint Trader review.

What Is Flashpoint Trader?

Flashpoint Trader is an investment research service led by expert trader Garrett Baldwin and offered under the Money Map Press banner.

Some perks include trade ideas, investment education, weekly breakdowns with live chats, and much more.

The research dials in on flashpoints: triggers for macroeconomic events where billions of dollars change hands.

These events aren’t just limited to the US markets. The team looks for short-term opportunities to extract wealth across the globe.

Aside from the unique focus, another stand-out feature is the sheer volume of quality trade ideas.

The team offers up to five a week, which is much more than the one or two a month you might typically find with competitors.

They also understand that more doesn’t always equal better. So if the team doesn’t have a trade idea they’re really bullish on, they’ll hold off on issuing a new rec.

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lead editor

Who Is Garrett Baldwin?

Garrett Baldwin is a top-tier analyst with a more fascinating background than many of his peers.

His story first follows some of the usual beats you’d expect. He’s an expert trader, consultant, financial writer, and political risk analyst.

Where Garrett’s resume gets really interesting is his decade-plus of experience as a corporate spy.

During this time, he built an extensive network of contacts to get the early scoop on market-moving events or industry news before mainstream media catches on.

He still has many of his sources tucked away in his rolodex. And Flashpoint Trader subscribers can tap into their insights.

Garrett even features members of his network in some of his analyses and weekly briefings.

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What Comes with a Subscription?

Flashpoint Trader is stacked with much more than just trade ideas.

Read on to find out everything on offer.

live show

The Biggest Flashpoints Around the World – LIVE

The live trading sessions are the centerpiece of the service. At 1pm, Monday through Friday, Garrett delivers market intel and, potentially, the day’s biggest trade.

Something to keep in mind is that each day provides a deep dive into the market, but there might not always be an investment idea.

The team is picky about selections. They just don’t throw any ideas at the wall.

There’s also a lot of variety in the recommendations.

Some days, Garrett might call out an options play ripe for the taking. On others, he could recommend a small cap that might be primed to pop off.

Each recommendation comes with:

  • The stock ticker
  • Risk analysis
  • Profit targets
  • Timeline and more

It’s important to evaluate each opportunity to see if it fits within your trading strategy.

For instance, small-cap stocks aren’t for everyone and generally carry more risks.

Also, if you miss the live show, don’t worry: written analysis is also available.

fortunes bonus report

Flashpoint Fortunes Report

This watchlist tracks the current flashpoint events that Garrett and the team have identified.

It is available the moment you sign up. So if you are in it for the trade ideas, this is a great place to start.

As mentioned, flashpoint events aren’t restricted to any one industry or country. The team scours the globe and taps into its extensive network of insiders to pinpoint opportunities.

If you’re new on the scene, it might be a better idea to put a pin in the report and visit the introductory materials first.

behind the scenes

Weekly Behind-the-Scenes Livestream

The team and members meet up once a week for a behind-the-scenes live stream.

During these 60-minute sessions, Garrett updates the portfolio and watchlists and shares his latest intel.

He might also feature members of his investing or research network on the show. This includes corporate spies, hedge fund insiders, white-hat hackers, among others.

The team also opens up the floor for a live QA, where members can pick the brain of an expert.

You can get Garrett’s take on the market, stocks you’ve got an eye on, or chat with other subscribers in the stream.

It follows a similar structure to his popular Money Morning Live broadcasts.

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Additional Features

This research service has even more going on under the hood.

Follow along for a breakdown of its extra features.

stock market deep dive

Weekly Deep-Dive Analysis on the State of the Market

This is another weekly resource that cues members into what Garrett refers to as some of the biggest flashpoint events in the world.

Where the other features identify individual macroeconomic events, this resource builds a coherent picture of how they all tie into one another.

If you’re a big-picture person, you’ll want to keep a close watch on these briefs.

They provide an extra bit of insight that adds more context to the portfolio’s positions and investing strategy.

course modules

Market Intelligence Trading Course

This primer teaches members everything they need to know about the overarching strategy, as well as tips and tricks to spot their own flashpoints.

Anyone new to trading might want to make this their first stop.

The videos are brief but comprehensive, so you can quickly hit the ground running.

As mentioned, it offers much more than an introduction. Once you learn the ropes, you can branch out on your own and find similar trades.

If you’re still feeling shaky about committing to a position, the Weekly Behind-the-Scenes Livestream lets you connect with other members and the mind behind the service. 

Refund Policy

Flashpoint Trader provides new members with a 30-day refund window to test the waters and see if the service is a good fit.

If you aren’t a fan of Garrett’s insights, you can opt for a cash refund of the subscription cost.

There is a caveat, though. Members must have completed the Market Intelligence Training Course to qualify for a refund.

It would be ideal to have the refund available regardless. Still, this is a fair compromise for premium research.

Many similarly priced alternatives I’ve seen do not offer cash-back refunds.

So I’ll give the team points for providing the option.

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Is Flashpoint Trader Legit?

Flashpoint Trader is a legit research service.

The resources are comprehensive, and Garrett’s experience in corporate espionage offers a unique angle to his investing research.

And the heavy emphasis on community engagement shows a genuine effort to support members as they grow their skills.

There’s a common issue I see in many investment research services: they drop an investment idea on members’ laps and then leave them hanging for the rest of the month.

Trade ideas are great. However, they need to be executed properly for a chance to improve outcomes.

So it’s a big plus for an expert to walk members through the investment thesis live.

Flashpoint Trader Pros and Cons

Flashpoint Trader brings a lot to the table, but it does have a few rough edges.


  • Fantastic 57% discount on new memberships
  • Five vetted trade ideas a week
  • Cash-back refunds
  • Rock-solid trading education


  • Still on the pricey side with discount
  • Refund requires completion of the Market Intelligence Training Course

Flashpoint Trader Cost

An annual subscription to Flashpoint Trader typically costs $3,449. However, Garrett is currently offering a 57% discount on new memberships.

With the discount, the sticker price gets cut down to $1,499.

Even better, the discount carries over to the next renewal.

This is a big plus, as many discounts for similar research services only apply to the first year.


There’s also a lifetime membership that costs $2,499 for lifetime access.

The lifetime membership does require a $249 maintenance fee for recurring subscriptions, however.

Both subscriptions also offer the same refund policy, provided new members complete the Market Intelligence Training Course.

Is the Service Right for Me?

Flashpoint Trader is best suited for people in search of a steady stream of diverse trade ideas.

Garrett Baldwin has a well-rounded background in finance and his experience working in several industries gives him a unique vantage point.

While he tackles many investment approaches, I wouldn’t consider him a jack of all trades, master of none.

Garett’s true focus with each trade idea is capitalizing on flashpoint events. The varied investment vehicles just provide different ways to reach these opportunities.

Also, the trading education lays out a solid launchpad into the investing world, so it could be a good fit for fresh faces on the stock market.

Additionally, weekly deep dives could help members build up their skill sets.

service pricing

Flashpoint Trader Review: Final Verdict

Flashpoint Trader is an excellent service worth the sticker price. It offers a more impressive suite of features than many competing research platforms.

The investment analysis is great, but the real draw is the social components.

Many competitors just use newsletters to send out the bulk of their recommendations. So it’s a nice change of pace to have such an immersive package to learn market insights first-hand.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great newsletters out there. But some people are visual learners that need to see strategies in action.

Garrett goes out of his way to make sure that members receive real intel and strategies.

Plus, the opportunity to have questions answered live every week is a serious bonus — not to mention you can network with other members.

To top it all off, there’s a 57% discount and a 30-day refund window.

With so much going for it, Flashpoint Trader is definitely worth a close consideration. I recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for under-the-radar opportunities and a vibrant trading community.

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Jessica is a published author and copywriter specializing in personal and investment finance. Her expertise is in financial product reviews and stock market education.