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George Gilder Report Review 2024: Is He Legit?

George Glider Report Review
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George Gilder Report is an investment research service that aims to pinpoint emerging trends in tech before they take off. But does it deliver? Read our George Gilder Report review to find out.

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George Gilder Report Review: Overview

The George Gilder Report is a research service from investor and tech expert George Gilder.

It specifically targets the tech sector, one of the fastest-growing fields in the market.

Each issue contains detailed research, analysis, and up-and-coming recommendations based on emerging technology trends.

The George Gilder Report primarily focuses on tech but also looks at other high-growth sectors like fin-tech, blockchain technology, healthcare, insurance, and real estate.

Each month, you receive a new report loaded with research and analysis.

The George Gilder Report is something like a spiritual successor to Gilder’s previous publication, the Gilder Technology Report.

Is the George Gilder Report Legit?

George Gilder Report is a legit research service.

It’s backed by a seasoned guru that has predicted major market moves in technology.

We’ll break it all down in our review, so stay tuned.

But first, who is George Gilder?

George Gilder ratings and reviews are positive

George Gilder Review

George Gilder is a long-time stock investor and expert at spotting tech trends.

Gilder also holds the distinction of introducing the first silicon microchip to President Ronald Reagan back in 1986, before the first home computers hit the market.

In addition to the George Gilder Report, he also edits:

  • Gilder’s Millionaire Circle
  • George Gilder’s Moonshots 
  • Gilder’s Daily Prophecy

George wrote Three Spectrum Millionaire Makers as well.

He has also been featured by a slew of reputable publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The American Spectator, Forbes, Wired, Fox News, and many more.

Basically, he’s the go-to guy for predicting technology megatrends.

What Did George Gilder Predict?

Gilder has made many successful predictions over his 50+ year investing career.

He was one of the first gurus to see the streaming boom coming, and he called out opportunities in Netflix and other streaming media early.

His predictions have earned him the name “The Technology Prophet” and “King George”.

Is George Gilder Legit?

George Gilder is legit.

He has built a solid track record identifying trends in tech for decades.

George Gilder Reviews

If you look around online, many folks have a lot of good things to say about him.

That being said, we could not find reviews of George Gilder on Trustpilot or Stock Gumshoe.

However, there are reviews for his George Gilder Report — more on that later.

George Gilder Net Worth

George Gilder’s net worth is estimated to be in the ballpark of $7 million.

That’s a respectable number, and we’re not surprised given his background.

Now that you know more about George Gilder, let’s take a look at the George Gilder Report’s publisher.

Who is Three Founders Publishing?

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three founders publishing reviews

Three Founders Publishing Review

Three Founders Publishing is a research firm that’s dedicated to spotting market moves well before anyone else, acting as a stock market crystal ball.

Three Founders Publishing’s forward-thinking investment philosophy is distilled in its investment research service that includes:

  • Altucher’s Investment Network
  • Secret Income 
  • Top 1% Advisory
  • Altucher’s Weekly Alphabrain Alert
  • Foundational Investment Research

Who Owns Three Founders Publishing?

Three Founders Publishing was founded by Doug Hill, Addison Wiggin, and  Bill Bonner.

We couldn’t verify it, but the firm may be a part of the Agora Group (a network of about 30 companies), as “Agora Financial” was signed in the Three Founders complaint on the BBB website.

Where Is Three Founders Publishing Located?

Three Founders Publishing is located in the Mt. Vernon district in Baltimore, Maryland.

Is Three Founders Publishing Legit?

Three Founders Publishing is a legit research firm that has earned a dedicated following over the years.

If you check online, most experiences with this firm appear to be positive.

Three Founders Publishing Reviews

While praise for Three Founders Publishing can be found all over forums, we couldn’t find customer reviews on Stock gumshoe or Trustpilot.

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Three Founders Publishing Complaints

We only found two complaints on the BBB website, and it looks like the Three Founders offered a resolution.

There are a lot of firms that ghost subscribers after they pay for a service, but Three Founders did respond and resolve the complaints we saw, which is a good sign.

George Gilder george Gilder Report Review

What’s Included with a George Gilder Report Subscription?

If you subscribe to this service, you’ll get access to vast very valuable features. Take a look

  • 12 monthly issues of the Gilder Report
  • Model portfolio
  • 6 Special bonus reports
  • Digital video series
  • Gilder 360
  • Q&A sessions & seminars

George Gilder Report Review

12 Issues of the George Gilder Report

Each month, you get a new issue of the Gilder Report sent right to your inbox that covers a wide range of market opportunities, particularly in emerging technologies.

Much of this research is centered around what Gilder calls the “cryptocosm”.

That’s Gilder’s term for the opportunities he sees in blockchain and other decentralized systems used in technology like Bitcoin and cryptography.

Each issue of the Gilder Report also includes a highlighted stock pick.

The monthly issues often feature under-the-radar tech companies so readers can get in ahead of the herd.

Getting into positions early could make a huge difference in your overall return with tech stocks.

Model Portfolio

Like most investment research services, George Gilder Report provides you with a model portfolio full of current and previous stock picks. 

It could be a good starting point to start introducing tech into your current portfolio.

George Gilder Report Bonus Reports

When you sign up for George Gilder Report, you get six bonus reports. 

  • Life After Google
  • The Truth About Artificial Intelligence
  • Our Robot Future
  • The True 5G Revolution

Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy

Gilder’s new book, Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, focuses on the growth trajectory of Big Data and how it will change the financial landscape.

It explains how the new “Big Data” at modern information technology companies are transforming finance and shows readers how they can take advantage of these opportunities.

Life After Google also covers emerging trends like AI, self-driving cars, and more.

It has a 3.5 out of 5 on Goodreads with 1,800+ ratings, and a 4.3 on Amazon, with 2,000+ ratings.

The Truth About Artificial Intelligence

This special report provides Gilder’s take on the state of AI technology.

Gilder believes many experts are wrong about AI research, and he wants to set the record straight.

Inside, Gilder offers some unique insights and explains how to play the trend.

Our Robot Future

In this report, Gilder analyzes how this technology will affect the broader job market.

Gilder believes mass automation will cause widespread unemployment, so he introduces readers to strategies to help them stay ahead of the curve.

The True 5G Revolution

This report contains news and analysis about the 5G revolution.

The report explains everything there is to know about 5G networks and how they will change communication infrastructure, as well as good 5G companies to invest in.

This report is based on nearly four decades of Gilder’s personal research.

Gilder 360

This service provides members with advanced access to Gilder speaking events and industry conferences.

You get early-bird invitations to important events and, in some cases, discounted rates.

Some of Gilder’s speaking gigs can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a ticket, so it’s a significant value if you’re interested in seeing him in person.

george gilder report review

Convergence Video Series

This special video series covers Gilder’s idea of the “convergence”, an important economic event that will transform the global economy.

He thinks we’re on the verge of a new tech convergence, and this video series teaches you everything you need to know and steps you could take to capitalize on it.

The “Convergence” video series has a $199 value, but it’s yours free when you sign up.

Special Webinar “Check-Ins”

Each quarter, Gilder puts out a special “check-in” report to George Gilder Report subscribers.

This gives you the opportunity to have him answer any questions about the service or your portfolio.

Gilder is very clear that he cannot offer you personal investment advice, but he provides great insights.

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George gilder report pricing

How Much Does George Gilder Report Cost?

A year-long subscription to the Gilder Report costs $299.

As far as investment research services go this is more or less the standard fare.

George Gilder Report’s Refund Policy

George Gilder Report offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

This is a pretty solid offer and can give you enough time to test drive the service.

George Gilder Report Reviews

The general consensus is that George Gilder Report is a good service that provides quality investment research.

In fact, it has a 4.1 rating from Stock Gumshoe.

Check out what subscribers have to say.George Gilder Report Reviews

George Gilder Report Reviews

Here’s one of the complaints we found about the service. There were only a few of these negative reviews.

Remove featured imageGeorge Gilder Report Reviews

George Gilder Report Review: Pros and Cons

We found a lot to like in our George Gilder Report review, but the service still has some areas it can improve on.


  • Tech focus is an interesting take for an investment newsletter
  • Gilder has a firm track record of making good investments
  • Comes with several free reports on issues in the tech world
  • Free copy of Gilder’s new and informative book Life After Google
  • Great for cutting-edge investment recommendations with the potential for long-term returns


  • Heavily leans into the tech, which might not benefit someone with a lot of exposure to this sector
  • Publisher Three Founders Publishing has received BBB complaints about changes in pricing and a member not receiving full access to the service; but the firm appears to have resolved these issues
  • Complaints about upselling on Stock Gumshoe

Is the George Gilder Report Worth It?

The George Gilder Report has an interesting tech-oriented slant and the insights of an experienced and practiced investor.

George Gilder earned a strong reputation over the years and is credited for catching many market moves by spotting innovations, like the streaming boom.

This service will likely appeal to people looking to add some high-powered tech stocks into their portfolios.

That being said, because the picks are tech-heavy, if your portfolio already has a lot of tech exposure, you might want to check out another service.

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John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.