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InsideBitcoins.com Review – A Comprehensive Guide to the Crypto News Website 

InsideBitcoins.com Review

Since crypto arrived, most crypto watchers and investors have got a taste of what market volatility looks like. Tokens went up in price and hit rock bottom within a day, and some grew so parabolically that traders who invested in them turned into millionaires. 

Many experts emerged among those who thrived through crypto trading. However, they often portray their luck when trading crypto or engaging with the blockchain ecosystem as an actual “skill”, which gives nothing to their supposed followers. InsideBitcoins.com is different. 

Designed by crypto developers and traders, InsideBitcoins.com is a crypto and blockchain news website that offers up-to-date updates about the crypto market in a comprehensive language. 

However, does the platform do enough to keep people abreast with the happenings of the blockchain space? This review explores why multiple crypto watchers come to this site for their blockchain updates. 

What are the Origins of InsideBitcoins – A Brief History 

InsideBitcoins.com first came into the picture in 2015. It was a time when the interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was just rising. Awareness related to the crypto and blockchain space was comparatively low at that point, which is why this platform started as a way to provide users with comprehensive how-to guides to give them an inside scoop on the crypto industry. 

The project soon evolved and started covering news stories, focusing on the latest happenings in the crypto space. After the website started to gain renown in the crypto space for its in-depth analysis of some of the biggest cryptocurrencies, a team of crypto analysts joined up. 

These financial analysts were traders who, to this day, offer a complete analysis of cryptocurrencies and provide insights about the market’s latest performance. Currently the editorial staff numbers over 50 writers.

What Does Inside Bitcoins Cover?

What Does InsideBitcoins.com Cover?

InsideBitcoins.com is about “all things crypto”. Crypto investors and watchers often find this site at the top of search results when seeking the latest news about cryptocurrency. Following is the complete breakdown of the topics that InsideBitcoins.com covers: 

How-to-Buy Guides

InsideBitcoins.com is best known for its how-to guides. These guides are broken down into multiple sections that highlight where the token can be purchased, the significance of the cryptocurrency project, and its future prospects. These guides go deep into analyzing the niche of the cryptocurrency project as well as the potential of that asset to succeed in that niche. 

Assessment of Crypto Exchanges

InsideBitcoins.com gives a thorough review of cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto trading platforms. In these reviews, the website covers the features, the pros and cons, the current state of the platform, and the cryptocurrencies they support. 

This deep analysis of cryptocurrency exchange highlights the exchange’s perks and shortfalls. Upon reading it, users get a complete view of why they should use the platforms – and why they shouldn’t. 

Crypto Price Assessments

One of the best niches that InsideBitcoins.com covers is price prediction. These long-form articles give a complete overview of the current state and the future state of a particular cryptocurrency. It does a deep dive into the token’s fundamentals and weighs it against the macroeconomic factors of the time to forecast where it might land on the price chart. 

Not only does InsideBitcoins.com take the latest sentiments and technological developments into account to analyze the asset, but it also dives into technical indicators. More than 5 indicators are often used to assess a token’s future value. These include Fibonacci retracements, moving averages, Bollinger bands, RSI, Histograms, and others. 

Presale Assessment 

InsideBitcoins.com started to dive heavily into presales by the end of 2021. The bullish wave in the crypto space of that time led to the development of many cryptocurrency projects. These projects needed a voice and experts who could market them properly.

InsideBitcoins.com is often one of the first choices, along with the likes of Forbes and Bloomberg, for the marketing of these projects. The presale assessment does a deep dive into a token’s tokenomics, perks, factors that could push its value, and future potential. 

Crypto Gambling Platforms 

The rise of cryptocurrency has also led to the emergence of cryptocurrency gambling sites. Insidebticoins.com covers most of them. It takes a deeper look into thei strengths and weaknesses, including the markets they cover, the RTP of games, the game providers, the UI, and license and security. It also assesses the platform’s customer support. 

Assessment of Automated Trading Platforms 

InsideBitcoins.com gives an unbiased review of automated trading platforms. Many have emerged over the past years, and many of them have dubious traits. Considering these factors, 

InsideBitcoins.com does a complete rundown of the features available on these trading platforms and independently tests the website. It also analyzes whether these platforms are legitimate and looks into customer testimonials to get a better insight into what an automated trading platform is providing. 

News Articles

InsideBitcoins.com also offers news articles for its regular readers. These articles cover the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency market. 

InsideBitcoins.com Review - News Articles

Many of them are about keeping the readers abreast of the sudden developments in the blockchain space. It also takes a dive into first-hand accounts of major players and does thorough reporting. 

Another type of news that InsideBitcoins.com provides is related price predictions. These articles go into the latest news and price actions of these assets and often end with a technical analysis and price forecast of those assets. 

The best performing cryptos of the day is another news roundup piece that is often covered by InsideBitcoins.com. 

Quality Analysis of InsideBitcoins.com 

Below is the quality assessment of different elements of InsideBitcoins.com:

Information Access

The platform itself has made the navigation intuitive. It is easy to go from one article to the next. The how-to-buy guides, price predictions, and other evergreen articles can be found at the top of the screen. At the center lies the list of news articles. 

The only issue is that there have been repeated changes to the navigation as of late. Earlier, the project used to cover all major tokens in alphabetical order. Now, you will only find information related to trending tokens. Details pertaining to other cryptos can be found in the “best of year” guides. These rapid changes, while not big, can be a cause of annoyance to some readers.   

Article Coverage

Here is the analysis of each type of article that it covers: 

Coverage of New coins – 9/10

InsideBitcoins.com’s coverage of new coins is through. All the key points are covered, and at no point do these guides take a marketing tone. Furthermore, even though many fo these new projects tend to be affiliate articles, InsideBitcoins.com has made a point to be transparent. 

The in-depth review of new projects goes deep into the perks, as well as the risks of those tokens. The neutral tone mostly is there to provide information and some of the analyst’s views of these assets. It is able to give a thorough view of a token completely, thanks to its testing policy. 

The testing policy dictates:

  1. The makers should be transparent
  2. The project shouldn’t have a blacklisting feature
  3. Most developers of the projects should be doxxed
  4. The tokenomics of the project should be customer-friendly 
  5. Also, the project should bring real value to the crypto space. 

Going through the content, we found that the site does take this neutral route when it comes to covering new cryptocurrencies. There are no marketing terms, and there are no words imploring readers to invest in the token. Just pure information is present. The rest has been left to readers. 

News Coverage – 10/10

InsideBitcoins.com is always upto the market when covering news. It doesn’t only taps into the latest news-pieces but also checks social media sites to check the validity of the news articles. When it comes to reporting, it doesn’t take an opinionated stance. 

It only reports what’s going on, giving insights that other crypto news sites may have failed to mention. Overall, the news articles are good.

Coverage of Bitcoin Gambling Sites and Crypto Trading Platforms – 9/10

When it comes to reviewing crypto gambling sites, InsideBitcoins.com goes into assessing the industry standards before checking the platform. It seeks to determine if the project is licensed, and it also thoroughly investigates whether the gaming site offers good games with good RTP. 

For this purpose, it does independent testing of the site and reaches out to its customer support team for answers. 

The same thorough approach is taken when assessing crypto trading platforms. Although there were some marketing-related terms, the platform provided the data to back these claims up – which is a big plus. 

Price Assessment – 10/10

Assessing the price of an asset isn’t easy, for it requires looking at both the technical and sentimental indicators. In that instance, InsideBitcoins.com passes with flying colors. Every latest development related to crypto projects is delivered through verified sources and Twitter accounts. 

Crypto analysts also take their time in charting the current price of an asset and describe comprehensively where an asset may or may not land in the future. Overall, the price assessment of tokens is good on this website. 

More Crypto News

Quality of Writing – 10/10

Comprehensive is the word we can use to explain the quality of writing on this platform. Instead of taking a conversational tone that overly simplifies a topic, InsideBitcoins.com respects its readers. 

While the website always uses industry slang to cater to crypto readers, it does so in a way that people outside of the crypto space can comprehend the content. It is a good sign if increasing the crypto adoption rate is the goal. 

Overview of the Pros and Cons of InsideBitcoins.com 

Here are the pros and cons of InsideBitcoins.com:


  1. The website is graphical and easy to navigate
  2. Custom information is available with all articles to make news more engaging
  3. Latest updates about crypto markets available 
  4. A thorough analysis of crypto markets provided
  5. Offers a complete coverage of new cryptocurrencies 
  6. Offers a complete analysis of cryptocurrency prices
  7. Focuses on hand-crafted content rather than engaging with automatic content generation


  1. The site updates rapidly, with the navigation menu changing the options available 
  2. A lot of “how-to-buy” guides aren’t directly accessible through the main menu

InsideBitcoins.com – The Verdict

InsideBitcoins.com presents a large and comprehensive platform for information related to cryptocurrencies. It is thorough about assessing new cryptocurrencies, and its writers use their analytical approach to forecast their prices. 

Regular news updates keep readers engaged, and the informative tone of these articles gives them respect. 

However, there might be some issues with navigation at times. Although not deterring, the platform must work more actively towards resolving them. 

Overall, InsideBitcoins.com is a good platform to get daily crypto news or learn about the crypto space, and has a growing Telegram community.


Noah Zelvis is a writer with more than 18 years of experience under his belt. He started out by blogging his adventures overseas and quickly found success creating paid content thanks to his ability to convey his articles in a clear and concise manner. Equipped with an engineering background and an analytical mind, Noah has a passion for all things business and finance. His personal investment journey began at a young age, helping his grandma with her portfolio. That spark blossomed into a never-ending search for the best stocks Noah still carries today. He’s thoroughly researched the corporate financial world as well and has an innate understanding of the banking and credit sector. Other published works also include travel, running, video games, product reviews, and more. Now, Noah uses his expertise to share his financial and investment know-how here at Stock Dork. When not at his desk, you’ll likely catch Noah traveling or running.