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InvestorPlace Select Review: IP’s Best Stocks for Just $1!

investorplace select reviews
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InvestorPlace just launched an exciting new service that gives members access to top stocks from InvestorPlace gurus for just $1 a month. I’m putting this popular service to the test in this InvestorPlace Select review. Keep reading to see if it’s worth your time.

investorplace select reviews

What Is InvestorPlace Select?

InvestorPlace Select is a monthly research service that brings together the top gurus from across the InvestorPlace universe in one affordable monthly research service.

For an incredibly low price, members get access to new stock picks every month and a wide variety of additional benefits, including unique research reports and bonus stock picks.

Each month, members receive a new stock pick from of InvestorPlace’s legendary gurus, including Louis Navellier, Luke Lango, and more.

InvestorPlace Select seems like a great option for anyone whose looking to add professional research to their trading tool box but doesn’t know where to start.

Members receive picks from numerous gurus, and each has their own unique investing style. So, you can see how different gurus operate, and get a better feel for which styles you prefer.

At such a bargain-basement monthly rate, it’s an excellent opportunity to get a feel for InvestorPlace services at an extremely affordable price.

I’m going to break down every angle of this promising new service in our InvestorPlace Select review, so stay tuned. But first, let’s take a close look at the company behind it all.

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investorplace select review

Is InvestorPlace Legit?

InvestorPlace is a legitimate research company with a long history of delivering high-quality investment research at affordable prices.

Launched over 40 years ago by visionary founder Tom Phillips, InvestorPlace has grown to become one of the most recognizable names in the retail research space.

The independent research firm accepts no money from the companies they cover, so you can rest assured you’re getting objective research and analysis for every featured stock.

According to the ‘About Us’ section on the InvestorPlace website, the company says their main goal is to educate and enrich their members.

We simply publish our ideas with the aim of enriching and educating investors. If we do our jobs well, our customers stick around. It’s a simple, transparent business model investors have loved since the 1970s.InvestorPlace Website, About Us

You don’t have to worry about malfeasance when you do business with InvestorPlace. It’s an established US-based firm with a huge following and a commitment to transparent business.

investorplace reviews

How Does InvestorPlace Select Work?

InvestorPlace Select assimilates top stocks picks from five leading InvestorPlace analysts. Each month, members receive a featured stock taken from one of the gurus’ latest picks.

The service’s roster of featured gurus include the men behind some of InvestorPlace’s most successful research services, including:

  • Louis Navellier: Growth Investor, Breakthrough Stocks, and Accelerated Profits

  • Charlie Shrem: Crypto Investor Network and Ultimate Crypto

  • Luke Lango: Innovation Investor, Early-Stage Investor, and Ultimate Crypto

  • Charlie Fry: Fry’s Investment Report and The Speculator

  • John Jagerson: Strategic Trader

Combined, this star-studded lineup of genius investors cranks out several stock picks every month, and signing up for all their services would cost you thousands every year.

However, InvestorPlace Select offers the unique opportunity to access the best insights from all these services for just a tiny fraction of the cost.

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one-dollar stocks

The Best InvestorPlace Picks at a Low Price

Each month, the team at InvestorPlace Select will scan the latest research from all the services and choose one to share with their members.

Best of all, you can get started today at the absurdly low price of just $1 per month.

That’s right, just $1 per month with no commitment. You can cancel anytime.

In exchange, you’ll get the best picks from across the InvestorPlace universe, plus monthly updates on featured stocks, trade alerts, and much more.

Plus, InvestorPlace is currently giving away more than a dozen stock picks from top gurus to new InvestorPlace Select subscribers, so now is a great time to get started.

Next, our InvestorPlace Select review will take a closer look at the different aspects of this service to give you a better idea of what to expect when you sign up.

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What’s Included with InvestorPlace Select?

  • A monthly subscription to InvestorPlace Select with new recommendations every month
  • InvestorPlace Select Weekly Updates
  • Navellier’s Top 11 Stocks for 2022
  • Lango’s Top 3 Cryptos for 2022
  • Fry’s Top 5 Tech Stocks for 2022
  • $100 credit towards InvestorPlace products
  • Advance notice of any InvestorPlace promotions

InvestorPlace Select Monthly Subscription

Your monthly subscription to InvestorPlace Select gets you access to everything the service has to offer, including new stock recommendations every month and much more.

InvestorPlace Select’s easy-to-use dashboard allows members to access their membership benefits, manage their subscription, contact support, and more from one convenient page.

You can also peruse special research that’s open to InvestorPlace Select members, previous stock picks, and more.

The monthly reports on featured stocks are all well written and easy to understand. Even novices can easily gain actionable insights from reading them.

Best of all, you get research from a wide range of perspectives thanks to the service’s all-star roster of talented stock-pickers, so you can gain deep insights into the market.

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Weekly Updates

InvestorPlace doesn’t leave you hanging with a once-monthly report. You also get weekly updates covering the latest market-moving news and recommended stocks.

Weekly updates are a welcome addition to the InvestorPlace Select bundle, and it’s a noteworthy addition considering how affordable the service is.

InvestorPlace Select may be low-priced, but it’s far from cheap. Weekly updates are another example of how InvestorPlace goes above and beyond to help their members succeed.

InvestorPlace Select Bonuses

You also get a sizeable crop of bonuses when you join InvestorPlace Select, including:

louis navellier

Navellier’s Top 11 Stocks for 2022

Louis Navellier is one of InvestorPlace’s most highly regarded analysts and a veteran money manager with over $1 billion under management.

For a limited time, new members will get Navellier’s Top-11 Stocks for 2022 when they join, featuring the legendary guru’s top-rated recommendations for the year.

This watchlist could is loaded with potential winners, and it’s coming from a guy who discovered Apple when it was trading for just $1.49.

You’ll get Navellier’s number-one pick for 2022, plus 10 additional stocks, complete with detailed analysis, trading instructions, and more.

InvestorPlace really raised the bar with this valuable resource. Research reports like these can cost hundreds of dollars, but you get free access with your InvestorPlace Select membership.

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Luke Lango

Lango’s Top-3 Cryptos for 2022

This report features the top-3 recommendations from InvestorPlace’s resident crypto genius, Luke Lango.

Lango serves as a lead analyst for several top crypto services, including InvestorPlace’s flagship Ultimate Crypto service, where he works alongside Charlie Shrem.

Crypto has incredible growth potential, and you could be missing out on substantial gains if you overlook this often misunderstood corner of the market.

In fact, Lango says owning cryptos is the fastest legal way to get rich in America today.

Just one crypto homerun can generate life-changing returns. In 2017, ReddCoin soared an eye-popping 132,712%.

Please note, that’s just one extraordinary example, and you shouldn’t expect returns like that on every go-around. However, it shows you what’s potentially at stake in the crypto market.

Lango’s Top-3 Cryptos could also have tremendous growth potential, and you’ll get full access with your subscription to InvestorPlace Select.

You’ve probably never heard of these cryptos, but that’s a good thing. The report gives you a chance to get onboard while they’re still on the ground floor.

eric fry

Fry’s Top 5 Tech Stocks for 2022

Eric Fry is one of InvestorPlace’s most respected tech analysts, and he’s assembled his top tech stock picks for 2022 into an in-depth report for InvestorPlace Select subscribers.

Fry has made a whopping 41 recommendations that went on to achieve 1,000%-plus returns over the course of his career as an analyst, and he’s still counting!

This report includes a full analysis of Fry’s top-5 picks for 2022. If you’re lucky, one of them could be his next 1,000% winner!

Fry’s research is insightful and digestible. He doesn’t bog you down with endless minutiae. Instead, he gives you the facts in an honest and straightforward manner.

This report is a great addition to the InvestorPlace Select membership bundle, and it brings the total number of bonus stock picks to 19!

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investorplace credit

$100 Credit Towards InvestorPlace Products

InvestorPlace Select also comes with a $100 credit redeemable towards the purchase of any investor place product.

This bonus makes InvestorPlace Select a great option for anyone who wants to test drive a few services.

You have the opportunity to review research from several gurus with your membership, and then you get $100 credit to subscribe to whichever services you want to join.

Getting to test drive research from top gurus for just a buck a month is a good enough deal on its own, but getting a $100 InvestorPlace credit along with it is an outright steal.

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Advance Notice of InvestorPlace Promotions

As an InvestorPlace Select member, you’ll be among the first to hear about new InvestorPlace research and opportunities.

You’ll get an inside track on newly-launched services, special discounts, promotions, and much more.

These notices help you stay up on the latest research from your favorite gurus, and they can even help you save money on InvestorPlace products.

InvestorPlace Select Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of InvestorPlace Select


  • Monthly cost of only $1 per month
  • No long-term commitment; cancel anytime
  • Wide range of investment strategies and viewpoints
  • Investment opportunities from Louis Navellier, Luke Lango, Charlie Shrem, Eric Fry, and John Jagerson.
  • Monthly investment newsletter with a new recommendation every month
  • Combines insights from several premium services
  • Get 19 top-rated stock picks as soon as you join
  • Weekly alerts to keep you informed
  • Alerts on up-and-coming stocks and cryptos
  • $100 credit towards InvestorPlace product
  • Established, reputable publisher


  • No community chat or forum

InvestorPlace Select Track Record

InvestorPlace Select is an aggragate service that combines recommendations from several research newsletters, so the service doesn’t make picks of its own.

However, the gurus who are represented on the InvestorPlace Select roster are some of the best in the world.

I mentioned some of their accolades in the previous section. For example, Eric Fry has recommended 41 stocks that went on to be 1,000% winners, and still counting.

Louis Navellier has also made several rock-star calls, such as recommending Apple when it was trading for just $1.49.

InvestorPlace’s star-studded roster of analysts should dispel any concerns you have about the service’s credibility. These men are among the best in their field.

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How Much Is InvestorPlace Select?

As I mentioned previously, InvestoPlace Select costs only $1 per month, and there’s no long-term commitment.

You’ll simply pay $1 every month until you decide to cancel your subscription. It’s that simple, and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

what comes with investorplace select
Screenshot from InvestorPlace Select’s landing page.

Alternatives to InvestorPlace Select

InvestorPlace Select is an excellent service. However, there are alternatives worth considering.

Is InvestorPlace Select Worth It?

I answer this questions with a reosunding, “YES.” InvestorPlace Select is an absolute steal at just $1 per month.

You get new stocks picks every month selected by some of the world’s top investment analysts at the cost of mere pennies per day.

Plus, you’ll get 19 stock picks from Louis Navellier, Luke Lango, and Eric Fry as soon as you join, so you’ll have tons of trade ideas to explore right off the bat.

If you’re not sure where to get started with an investment research newsletter, you need to check out InvestorPlace Select, so you can explore research from several popular gurus at a great price.

When you zero in on a guru with a trading style you like, you can use your $100 InvestorPlace credit towards the purchase of the service.

It’s a great tool for discovering the best research service for you and your trading style.

At just $1 a month, InvestorPlace Select has it all. I recommend this service to anyone whose in that market for a research service and isn’t sure which way to go.

InvestorPlace is a quality firm, and InvestorPlace Select includes research from some of their best gurus. You can’t go wrong with a deal like this, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.