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Investors Underground Review: The Best Day Trading Chat Room?

John Parker - September 28, 2021

investors underground review featured
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Trading services are known for making extraordinary promises, but Investors Underground is one of the few that live up to the hype. Read our Investors Underground review to find out why we’re bullish on this up-and-coming trading service.

Investors Underground Review: Overview

Investors Underground is an all-in-one trading service that gives you everything you need to take on the market

The service was founded by an expert trader Nathan Michaud, as a place for traders of all experience levels to develop their trading strategies and improve trading performance.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a veteran trader: Investors Underground has something for everyone.

So it’s no surprise why so many investors believe that it’s the best trading service out there.

Build Solid Trading Methodology

Beginners can start their trading career off on the right foot with a vast catalog of video lessons and trading courses that’s instantly accessible when you join.

On the other hand, even the most experienced traders will appreciate Investor Underground’s vibrant trading chat rooms and online trading communities.

Plus, Investor Underground sends out daily watch lists and pre-market broadcasts ahead of every trading session.

Unlike the countless investing newsletter services on the market, this trading service doesn’t just offer monthly trade alerts.

It provides a step-by-step stock trading blueprint that can help you make the most out of the stock market with its remarkably effective combo of education, market intelligence, and community support.

The service offers guidance through a variety of features, including educational resources, a video lesson library, lively chat rooms, and much more.

It’s also a great place to learn how to trade penny stocks.

Investors Underground’s unique three-pronged approach makes it an excellent fit for just about anyone looking to take their trading to another level.

Now that you have an overview of the service, let’s take a look at Investors Underground’s founder, Nathan Michaud.

Nathan Michaud Review

Nathan Michaud Review

Nathan Michaud is one of the top traders in the online trading space and for good reason.

Starting out, Michael didn’t immediately see success, but he eventually developed highly profitable trading strategies that he could rely on to consistently make money.

To date, one of Nathan Michaud’s most effective tactics is to utilize a 3:1 standard risk/reward and exit before the day closes.

In 2008, investor and entrepreneur Nathan started the Investors Underground community — though the service was initially called Investors Live.

Nathan Michaud’s Early Days as a Trader

Nathan Michaud began his trading career in 2003 during his freshman year of college.

Admittedly, there was a lot of trial and error here, and Nathan did not find consistent success until a little further down the road, but after gaining steady profits from a few of his first trades, he was hooked.

One of the Most Popular Online Traders

Over the last decade, Nathan has developed one of the most popular day trading communities and educational platforms out there, Investors Underground.

However, Nathan Michaud has found notoriety on other platforms as well.

You might already know Nathan by his Twitter handle, @InvestorsLive, as he is very popular on the platform — he has around 185K followers, which is pretty impressive.

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investors underground reviewed

How Does Investors Underground Work?

According to its website, the Investors Underground service centers on four core areas:

  • Educational material
  • Stock market guidance
  • Day trading resources
  • Community support

Keep reading our review of the Investors underground service to find out more about each one.

Investors Underground Educational Material Review

The market is constantly evolving, so yesterday’s textbook trading tactics might not apply in today’s market.

You need to follow the latest trends to keep up, and Investors Underground has everything you need to stay informed.

An Investors Underground membership includes access to an arsenal of trading courses.

There are two-day trading courses on the site and an arsenal of video lessons, so you can get in the game quickly.

Investors Underground also regularly releases fresh educational content with monthly webinars, weekly trade recaps, and much more.

These resources provide an ideal introduction to the market for new traders, and experienced traders can use the steady stream of fresh educational resources to continue honing their skills.

Investors Underground Stock Market Guidance Review

The investing landscape changes constantly, and you will have a tough task trying to make sense of it all without some form of educated guidance.

In 2020, the pandemic provided a perfect example of how external events can have major implications for the stock market.

There’s no accounting for these types of Black Swan events, but you can manage the fallout more effectively with sound guidance.

Investors Underground chat rooms are full of experienced traders who can help you navigate the stock market’s treacherous waters.

Most of these veterans are more than willing to help new traders.

If you want more help, you can get a VIP experience by signing up for Investors Underground’s one-on-one mentorship program.

A quick chat with just one veteran trader can provide more actionable insights than hours spent reading the Journal.

Their expertise adds tremendous value to an Investors Underground membership.

Investors Underground Day Trading Resources Review

While investors underground is an excellent service for various trading strategies, it’s primarily geared towards day traders.

In that vein, the platform has a vast catalog of tools and resources specifically for short-term traders.

Investors Underground’s daily stock watch lists high-potential day trading stocks every market morning so you can start your day trading routine on the right foot and save hours of research time.

The trade recap videos are also an excellent resource for day traders because it provides a quick-reference review of the week’s biggest trades, saving you even more time in the process.

Finally, Investor Underground’s trading chat rooms and monthly webinar sessions keep you connected and informed, so you never miss another big trade.

It’s an ideal setup for day trading success.

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Investors Underground Community Support Review

Social reinforcement is one of the most effective tools for building lifelong knowledge, and new traders can reap tremendous benefits from being in an active trading community.

It’s a great place to review trade ideas with other investors, and most chat room users are more than happy to share their insights.

The chat rooms are also staffed by an experienced team of moderators who can assist with technical issues and answer most trading questions, so you know you’re getting high-quality, accurate guidance.

Aside from the practical benefits, participating in the trading chat rooms can have notable social benefits too.

As a day trader, you probably spend a lot of lonely hours behind a computer monitor staring at charts, so you’ll have plenty of like-minded investors to talk to with Investors Underground’s vibrant day trading community.

investors underground review

Investors Underground Membership Review: Features

You get a ton of value when you sign up for Investors Underground.

Here’s what you get with your membership:

  • Pre-Market Broadcast
  • Trade Recaps
  • Morning Calls
  • Nightly Watch Lists
  • Active Trading Chat Rooms
  • Three Trading Courses: Textbook Trading, Tandem Trader, and Swing Trading
  • More than 1,000 video lessons
  • Monthly Q&A Webinars

Sounds like good stuff, but you’re probably wondering how it can help you make more money in the stock market.

Let’s explore each feature in detail and find out.

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Pre-Market Broadcast Review

The few hours preceding the opening bell is the most crucial time for short-term traders.

This is the time when the last-minute headlines, company announcements, and other events tend to set the tone for the day’s trading action.

Most day traders spend this pivotal period pouring through news briefs and other investing media, but it tends to be a chaotic process.

You probably have your set of sites you check every morning, but how do you know there’s not something better out there?

Investors Underground simplifies your morning routine with its pre-market broadcasts.

Every morning, Investors Underground sends out a video covering the day’s biggest market-moving news.

This complete breakdown of the day’s trading action provides a big-picture view of the market, so you know exactly what you’re up against heading into the opening bell.

Best of all, it’s all packaged into one convenient video, which means you get all your daily market intel in one convenient place.

No matter what your trading style is, the pre-market broadcasts can help you start your trading day in a more organized and time-effective manner.

It’s the perfect way to start your day.

Trade Recaps Review

A textbook trading education is one thing, but seeing techniques put into action allows you to understand sophisticated concepts much more quickly.

Investors Underground wants you to learn from seeing other traders’ successes and mistakes, so they conduct several trade recap reviews every week.

In these video sessions, the Investors Underground team reviews real trades they’ve placed over the past week and explains the trading strategies behind each move.

They also tell you about the trade’s eventual result and break down what they did right and wrong, so you can see first-hand how things play out.

Breaking down an individual day trade in such a thorough manner is an ideal tool for building lifelong knowledge.

Trade Recaps provide both positive and negative examples that can help you refine and build on your trading skills.

investors underground review trade recaps

Morning Calls Review

During the morning call, you’ll get to listen in on trading insights and methodology from expert traders.

You’ll also get information on the latest trades and the strategy behind them.

While not everyone trades the same way, the morning call may help you discover an overlooked stock or a new strategy to try for yourself.

Nightly Watch Lists Review

Investors Underground sends watch lists the night before the market opens so you can get a jump start on your trading day.

These potential trade alerts provide an excellent place to find new trade ideas for the upcoming day.

Best of all, Investors Underground sends the watch lists out during the afternoon, so you have plenty of time to review them before the opening bell rings.

The daily watch list is a favorite for active traders because it provides a steady flow of fresh stock picks to pursue, but it’s an awesome addition regardless of your trading style.

The watch list saves you time by pointing you to the day’s best opportunities. 

You won’t need to dig through 20 tabs in your web browser to find what you need in the morning anymore.

Active Trader Chat Rooms Review

The Investors Underground chat room collection is one of the platform’s most notable features.

It’s the primary gathering point for the platform’s thriving trading communities.

However, the Investors Underground chat room is more like a directory of several chat rooms.

Each channel is like its own chat room in itself, so you’re sure to find an ideal fit.

Some of them center around trading styles, like the day trading chat room or swing trading chat room.

If you’re into momentum trading, check out the momentum chat room to find trending stocks and live trading opportunities during market hours.

Other Investors Underground chat rooms may focus on a particular type of asset, like penny stocks.

There are also chat rooms for new traders.

There’s even a chat room for short selling, and you can always chop it up with other traders in the trader’s lounge.

You can pick up a lot of trading knowledge by regularly participating in an Investors Underground trading chat room.

Here are some of the trading chat rooms available with Investors Underground:

  • Momentum trading chat room
  • OTC trading chat room
  • Swing trading chat room

The moderators are extremely knowledgeable, and there are many experienced traders online at any given time.

The chat room is a great place to share real-time insights during market hours.

You can also use it to review your trade ideas with other users and build out your trading network.

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Investors Underground Video Lesson Library and Courses Review

New traders get everything they need to navigate the market effectively with Investors Underground’s video lessons and trading courses.

Each video lesson covers trading concepts ranging from beginner to advanced, so there’s something valuable for everyone.

Your membership also includes three complete day trading courses: Textbook Trading, Tandem Trader, and Swing Trading.

IU Textbook trader

Investors Underground’s Textbook Trading

Textbook Trading is Investors Underground’s all-in-one day trading class.

The company bills it as “the ultimate guide to the market”.

This day trading course includes more than eight hours of content and includes a detailed explanation of the most profitable chart patterns and trading styles.

Textbook Trading is the ultimate introduction to the market for any aspiring day trader.

It has everything you need to jump into the market with confidence.

IU tandem trader

Investors Underground’s Tandem Trader

Once you’ve learned the basics with Textbook Trading, you can move onto the more advanced Investors Underground trading course, Tandem Trader.

Tandem Trader is a more comprehensive trading course designed to help you develop consistently profitable trading habits.

The course comes on a DVD and includes more than 12 hours’ worth of live trading action and video lessons.

It also covers “Level 2” analysis, probability chart patterns, and other sophisticated concepts.

Tandem Trader is the perfect step-up course for traders who want to sharpen their skills.

It could be the missing piece you need to become a consistently profitable day trader.

Investor Underground Review featured

Investors Underground’s Swing Trading

Swing Trading unsurprisingly adds a whole new level to Investors Underground with tools of the trade on swing trading.

The course features over 6 hours of content specific to the topic through videos and teaching.

Within the videos, traders will learn technical analysis, strategy, chart patterns, trade management, and much more.

Investors Underground Monthly Q&A Webinars Review

Markets change constantly, and there’s no way to see what’s around the corner.

Fortunately, the regular webinar sessions you get with Investors Underground can keep you tuned into the market.

Members can access a few webinars each month that are hosted by the platform’s team of resident trading experts, and the team also posts new video lessons regularly.

These regular sessions are your lifeline to the latest trends and market moves.

It’s a great place to gather insights from experienced traders, and you’re sure to find someone willing to help you with your trickiest trading questions.

Investors Underground Review: Pricing

Investors Underground memberships come in several different packages, starting at the basic monthly rate.

If you upgrade to a quarterly or annual membership, you can net significant savings over the monthly rate.

To join under the monthly plan, you pay about $297 per month.

However, you can save $194 if you upgrade to quarterly at $697 per year.

Finally, for the best value for your dollar, you can’t beat the annual package.

You’ll save $1667 off the month-to-month rate if you spring for the whole year.

As you can see, Investors Underground has flexible pricing options, and each package includes the full selection of features, so you won’t sell yourself short no matter which one you choose.

Investors underground pricing

>> Invest in your financial future with an Investors Underground membership <<

Investors Underground Review: Overall Value

When you compare it to typical newsletter-based trading services, Investors Underground might seem expensive at first glance.

However, this is nothing like your typical alert service.

You get access to a comprehensive catalog of training materials, constant market updates, daily watchlists, and much more.

Many monthly newsletter services only send out one or two picks per month.

If you’re lucky, the subscription might include one or two hastily compiled “special reports” to sweeten the deal.

Investors Underground is so much more.

It’s a complete arsenal of trading weaponry that can help you take your trading game to the next level.

All things considered, Investors Underground is an excellent value, even with its elevated price tag.

Investors Underground Review: Pros and Cons

These are the best and worst aspects of Investors Underground:

Investors Underground Pros

  • Includes everything you need to start trading
  • Vast selection of chat rooms based on trading style, i.e. momentum trading, penny stock selling, short selling, etc.
  • Trading education resources included with membership, with comprehensive trading courses to learn advanced trading strategies
  • Great for beginners who need to learn fundamentals like the basics of trading, reading stock charts, trading setups, etc.
  • Trade recaps and daily watch lists keep active traders informed
  • Specialized resources for different trading styles
  • Real-time resources for fast day-trading decisions
  • Lively and knowledgeable online trading community filled with successful traders
  • Includes resources for short-selling strategies
  • Trading video catalog included with membership (1,000+ video lessons)
  • Excellent resources on penny stocks and momentum trading

Investors Underground Cons

  • Higher price tag than basic, entry-level services

Is Investors Underground Right for Me?

Investors Underground is one of the best online trading communities and research services, but it’s a particularly good fit for these types of people:

  • Penny stock traders
  • Short sellers
  • Momentum and swing traders
  • Traders of all skill and experience level
  • Day and short-term traders
  • Active investors
  • Anyone interested in getting into the market
  • People looking to build their online trading network

If you don’t fit into any of the categories, don’t fret.

There’s still a good chance you’ll enjoy Investors Underground.

The platform has a very wide appeal, so you’re sure to find what you need.

Best of all, the platform grows with you.

Better yet, you’re not limited to one trading style or group, so you can bounce around and try out different approaches until you find a fit.

There’s a reason why many investors consider Investors Underground to be one of the best trading communities and trading services on the market.

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Investors Underground Reviews by Members

We think Investors Underground is pretty great, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Take a look at what these IU members have to say about the service:

investors underground reviews by members

These are regular, everyday people just like you, and as you can see, they’re very happy with the service.

You don’t have to be a professional day trader to get tons of value out of this service.

In fact, it’s even more of a value if you’re a beginner because you’ll get the most out of its extensive catalog of educational resources.

Investors Underground Review: Is It Worth It?

Investors Underground is more than a research service.

From trader education resources to professional-grade watchlists and research, it has everything you need to tackle the market with confidence.

These valuable resources more than justify the subscription cost, but Investors Underground’s vibrant trading community and vast catalog of chat rooms sweeten the deal even further.

Regardless of your trading style or experience, there’s no limit to what you can learn by networking with other traders.

You can learn all kinds of new tricks by participating in the chat rooms, and you’re sure to find one that fits your trading style.

The swing trading chat room and momentum chat room are two of the most popular options.

They’re great for short to intermediate-term traders.

Day traders can also use the chat rooms to team up with other members to target stocks in real-time and add more bullish volume to their trades, making Investors Underground an excellent day trading service.

Investors Underground’s three-pronged combination of community, education, and research make it an excellent option to build your trading strategy.

>> Invest in your financial future and supercharge your trading game with Investors Underground now. <<


John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.