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Investors Underground Review 2024

Investors Underground Review
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Take a look at our Investors Underground review to learn everything you need to know about this day trading chat room and educational hub.

Let’s face it, the trading education market is oversaturated with low-effort services and bottom-of-the-barrel copycats.

Many research services dole out the same stock picks to make a quick buck, and community support is almost nonexistent.

On the other hand, Investors Underground offers a fresh approach by connecting you with a lively trading community and a ton of investment educational resources.

But are these features really worth the sticker price?

Read our Investors Underground review to find out why we’re bullish on this community-centered trading service.

But first, what is Investors Underground?

Investors Underground Review

Investors Underground Review: Overview

Investors Underground is a chat-room-based all-in-one trading service that gives you everything you need to take on the market.

At the center of UI is its collection of chat rooms catering to a specific trading style.

They are a great place to stay on top of the markets or learn the ropes of a new investment angle.

This is especially true for fresh penny stock traders who don’t want to pay for the growing pains of learning the OTC markets.

There’s a chat room for multiple investing styles, and the mods that run the show really know their way around the markets.

Investors Underground also sends daily watch lists and pre-market broadcasts ahead of every trading session.

It also provides a step-by-step stock trading blueprint that can help you make the most out of the stock market with its remarkably effective combo of education, market intelligence, and community support.

Is Investors Underground Legit?

Investors Underground is a legit service that provides you with the tools to learn the ins and outs of trading.

Its chat rooms are no-nonsense information hubs that offer valuable market insights.

We’ll dig into the details further, but let’s take a brief look at Nathan Michaud.

Nathan Michaud Reviews

Who Is Nathan Michaud?

Nathan Michaud is the Founder of Investors Underground.

He began his trading career in 2003 during his freshman year of college.

Starting out, Michaud didn’t immediately see success, but he eventually developed highly profitable trading strategies that he could rely on to consistently make money.

In 2008, Nathan started the Investors Underground community — though, the service was initially called Investors Live.

Over the last decade, Nathan has built one of the most popular day trading communities and educational platforms out there, Investors Underground.

To date, one of Nathan Michaud’s most effective tactics is to utilize a 3:1 standard risk/reward and exit before the day closes.

His success has made him wildly popular in trading spaces — not just in Investors Underground.

You might already know Nathan by his Twitter handle, @InvestorsLive, as he is very popular on the platform — he has around 185K followers, which is pretty impressive.

It’s clear he knows a thing or two about building close-knit trading circles and communities.

Nathan Michaud Net Worth

Nathan Michaud’s net worth is not publicly available.

Given his track record as a trader and the popularity of Investors Underground, it’s not a stretch to say that he could be worth millions.

What’s more important, however, is whether or not he has the talent to run Investor’s underground, which he does.

>> Get started with Investors Underground now <<

How Does Investors Underground Work? 

The market is constantly evolving, so yesterday’s textbook trading tactics might not apply today.

You need to follow the latest trends to keep up, and Investors Underground has a slew of resources to help you stay informed.

An Investors Underground membership includes access to an arsenal of trading courses and tools.

Investors Underground Community Support

Social reinforcement is one of the most effective tools for building lifelong knowledge, and new traders can reap tremendous benefits from being in an active trading community.

It’s a great place to review trade ideas with other investors, and most chat room users are more than happy to share their insights.

The chat rooms are also staffed by an experienced team of moderators who can assist with technical issues and answer most trading questions.

So you know you’re getting high-quality, accurate guidance.

Aside from the practical benefits, participating in the trading chat rooms can have notable social benefits too.

As a day trader, you probably spend a lot of lonely hours behind a computer monitor staring at charts.

But with UI, you’ll have plenty of like-minded investors to talk to.

Investors Underground Discord

Investors Underground does not run a community discord, as it already has a chat room on its own platform.

This is probably for the best if you want to be sure traders you’re chatting with are actually Investors Underground members.

Investors Underground Reddit

Investors Underground does not run a community subreddit.

This is for the same reason that it doesn’t run a discord — the chatroom serves the same purpose and is populated by verified members.

>> Go to the Investors Underground chat room now <<

Investors Underground Stock Market Guidance

The investing landscape changes constantly, and you will have a tough time trying to make sense of it all without some form of educated guidance.

In 2020, the pandemic provided a perfect example of how external events can have major implications for the stock market.

There’s no accounting for these types of Black Swan events, but you can manage the fallout more effectively with sound guidance.

Investors Underground trading chat rooms are full of experienced traders who can help you navigate the stock market’s treacherous waters.

Most of these veterans are more than willing to help new traders.

A quick chat with just one veteran trader can provide more actionable insights than hours spent reading The Journal.

Their expertise adds tremendous value to an Investors Underground membership.

Investors Underground Day Trading Resources

While the Investors Underground service is excellent for various trading strategies, it’s primarily geared towards day traders.

In that vein, the platform has a vast catalog of tools and resources specifically for short-term traders.

Investors Underground’s daily stock watch lists are provided every night so you can read them before you start trading the next morning.

The trade recap videos are another great resource for day traders because they provide a quick-reference review of the week’s biggest trades, saving you even more time.

Finally, Investors Underground’s trading chat rooms and monthly webinar sessions keep you connected and informed, so you never miss another big trade.

It’s an ideal setup for day trading success.

Investors Underground Review

Investors Underground Review: What’s Included?

Investors Underground service comes stocked with many excellent features. 

Continue reading our Investors Underground review and take a look at each one.

  • Trade Recaps
  • Morning Calls
  • Daily Watch Lists
  • Active Trading Chat Rooms
  • More than 1,000 video lessons
  • Three Trading Courses: Textbook Trading, Tandem Trader, and Swing Trading
  • Monthly Q&A Webinars
  • Mentorship

>> Join Investors Underground now for instant access to these features <<

Trade Recaps

A textbook trading education is one thing, but seeing techniques put into action helps you understand sophisticated concepts quickly.

Investors Underground wants you to learn from seeing other traders’ successes and mistakes, so they conduct several trade recap reviews every week.

In these video sessions, the Investors Underground team reviews real trades they’ve placed over the past week and explains the trading strategies behind each move.

They also tell you about the trade’s eventual result and break down what they did right and wrong, so you can see first-hand how things play out.

Breaking down an individual day trade in such a thorough manner is an ideal tool for building lifelong knowledge.

And trade recaps provide both positive and negative examples that can help you refine and build on your trading skills.

Investors Underground Review

Morning Calls

During the morning call, you’ll get to listen in on trading insights and methodology from expert traders.

You’ll also get information on the latest trades and the strategy behind them.

While not everyone trades the same way, the morning call may help you discover an overlooked stock or a new strategy to try for yourself.

Daily Stock Watch Lists

Investors Underground sends watch lists the night before the market opens so you can get a jump start on your trading day.

The daily watch list is a favorite for active traders because it provides a steady flow of fresh stock picks to pursue, but it’s an awesome addition regardless of your trading style.

The watch list saves you time by pointing you to the day’s best opportunities.

But there’s more to these curated lists than just potential market opportunities. Think of them as a treasure trove of knowledge.

When you dig into Nate’s market tactics, you might just unlock the secrets to his decision-making framework. You’ll gain a better grasp of why certain opportunities catch his eye.

For both experienced individuals and those new to the field, these daily watchlists are practically indispensable. They offer more than just a spotlight on possible standout opportunities for the day.

In essence, they act as an ongoing educational hub. They give you the chance to continually refine your market skills and strategies.

The watchlists serve as a real-time playbook. They allow you a look into the workings of an expert’s mind—minus the jargon and complexity.

Investor Underground Chat Room Review

The Investors Underground chat room feature is one of the platform’s most notable features.

It’s the primary gathering point for the platform’s thriving trading communities.

However, the Investors Underground chat room is more like a directory of several chat rooms.

Each channel is like its own chat room itself, so you’re sure to find an ideal fit.

It’s like having a living, breathing stock scanner that can cue you into the pulse of the market.  

Some of them center around trading styles, like the day trading chat room or swing trading chat room.

Here are some of the trading chat rooms available with Investors Underground:

  • Momentum Chat Room
  • OTC Trading Chat Room
  • Swing Trading Chat Room
  • Trader’s Lounge

The moderators are extremely knowledgeable, and there are many experienced traders online at any given time.

The chat room is a great place to share real-time insights during market hours.

You can also use it to review your trade ideas with other users and build out your trading network.

Momentum Chat Room

The Momentum Chat Room is likely the most active one on the entire platform.

You’ll get plenty of insights on market moves as well as momentum trading in general.

It also provides alerts for breaking news, price action, filings, etc.

One of the best features about this chat room is the mods’ no-nonsense attitude about unrelated chatter.

A lot of other sites’ chat rooms get bogged down with a flood of irrelevant convos fluttering across your screen.

Fortunately, the Momentum Chat Room mods crack down on the distractions by muting members who veer of course.

If you’re an active trader, you’re going to want to hit this room first.

OTC Trading Chat Room  

As said above, the OTC Trading Chat Room is an excellent place to get a crash course on trading penny stocks, but more importantly OTC stocks.

There are plenty of platforms that allow you to trade penny stocks listed on major exchanges, so the barrier to entry is moderately low.

OTC stocks, on the other hand, are a little trickier to trade.

The only downside with the OTC Trading Chat Room is that it’s really only active when the market is heating up, so you won’t get a steady flow of input like the other chat rooms.

Swing Trading Chat Room

The Swing Trading Chat Room is the second most active chat room on the Investors Underground platform.

Its focus is, you guessed it… swing trading stocks.

Michele Koenig of Tradeonthefly does an awesome job moderating the chat room and offers a lot of insight.

If you want to learn technical analysis, the Swing Trading Chat Room will likely be your go-to destination.

Trader’s Lounge

The Trader’s Lounge is a chat room that lets you ask others questions about the market during the trading day.

You can get answers about market news or trade ideas — just make sure you are asking well-thought-out questions that take more than a Google search to solve.

This is a feature for traders who show that they value the time of everyone involved.

Before entering the trader’s Lounge, you’ll want to make sure that the answers to your questions aren’t already found in UI’s extensive educational resources.

Sometimes even Nathan Michaud will hop on and answer questions directly.

>> Join Investors Underground and sharpen your trading skills today <<

Video Lesson Library

New traders get everything they need to navigate the market effectively with Investors Underground’s video lessons and trading courses.

Each video lesson covers trading concepts ranging from beginner to advanced, so there’s something valuable for everyone.

Investors Underground Courses

Your membership also includes three complete day trading courses:

  • Textbook Trading
  • Tandem Trader
  • Swing Trading

Read along with our Investors Underground review to find out more about each one.

Investors Underground Review

Textbook Trading Review

Textbook Trading is Investors Underground’s all-in-one day trading class.

The company bills it as “the ultimate guide to the market”.

This day trading course includes more than eight hours of content and offers a detailed explanation of the most profitable chart patterns and trading styles.

Textbook Trading is the ultimate introduction to the market for any aspiring day trader.

It has everything you need to jump into the market with confidence.

Investors Underground Review

Tandem Trader Review

Once you’ve learned the basics with Textbook Trading, you can move onto the more advanced Investors Underground trading course, Tandem Trader.

Tandem Trader is a more comprehensive trading course designed to help you develop consistently profitable trading habits.

The course comes on a DVD and includes more than 12 hours’ worth of live trading action and video lessons.

It also covers “Level 2” analysis, probability chart patterns, and other sophisticated concepts.

Tandem Trader is the perfect step-up course for traders who want to sharpen their skills.

It could be the missing piece you need to become a consistently profitable day trader.

Investors Underground Review

Swing Trading Review

Swing Trading unsurprisingly adds a whole new level to Investors Underground with this advanced educational course.

The course features over 6 hours of content specific to the topic through detailed videos.

Within the videos, traders will learn technical analysis, strategy, chart patterns, trade management, and much more.

Investors Underground Monthly Webinars

Markets change constantly, and there’s no way to see what’s around the corner.

Fortunately, the regular webinar sessions you get with Investors Underground can keep you tuned into the market.

Members can access a few webinars each month that are hosted by the platform’s team of resident trading experts, and the team also posts new video lessons regularly.

These regular sessions are your lifeline to the latest trends and market moves.

It’s a great place to gather insights from experienced traders, and you’re sure to find someone willing to help you with your trickiest trading questions.


Investors Underground is one of only a handful of services where you can link up with Nathan Michaud, his team, and other members via the online community features. 

Keep in mind, the Trader’s Lounge is a busy place. There are always lots of discussions, and many participants are active traders. If you want guidance, it helps to be polite.

If you have to wait for a response, be patient. The insights offered might be worth your time.

The opportunity for potential mentorships is an excellent addition to the package, especially for less experienced market watchers. 

I also have to give Nate credit because he and his team are generally available to chat. This kind of hands-on style has generated some very positive feedback for Nate.

Investors Underground Review

Investors Underground Review: How Much Does It Cost?  

Investors Underground memberships come in several different packages, starting at the basic monthly rate.

If you upgrade to a quarterly or annual membership, you can net significant savings over the monthly rate.

To join under the monthly plan, you pay $297 per month.

There is a discount if you sign up for an extended period of time, however.

Investors Underground Discount

You can save $194 if you upgrade to quarterly at $697 per year.

Finally, for the best value for your dollar, you can’t beat the annual package.

You’ll save $1667 if you spring for the whole year.

It’s a massive discount and you don’t even need to enter an Investors Underground promo code to get it.

While paying for the year upfront can seem costly, it’s easily the most bang for your buck.

Investors Underground Free Trial

Investors Underground does not offer a free trial.

That being said, there is a free course that can help you get a feel for what the paid courses provide.

However, it does not come with access to any of the Investors Underground chat rooms.

Investors Underground Cancellation Policy

Investors Underground does not offer refunds for any of its subscriptions.

If you cancel, you still have access to your UI subscription for the remainder of your member period.

You will not be charged for the following billing cycle.

Investors Underground Free Trial

Investors Underground does not offer a free trial.

That being said, there is a free course that will allow you to get a grasp on whether or not the service has anything to offer you.

>> Invest in your financial future with an Investors Underground membership <<

Investors Underground Review: Pros and Cons  

These are the best and worst aspects of Investors Underground’s day trading service. In our Investors Underground review, we prepared all the pros and cons:


  • Selection of chat rooms based on trading style — momentum trading, penny stock
  • Trading education resources included with membership, with comprehensive trading courses to learn advanced trading strategies
  • Great for beginners who need to learn fundamentals like the basics of trading, reading stock charts, trading setups, etc.
  • Trade recaps and daily watch lists keep active traders informed
  • Real-time resources for fast day-trading decisions
  • Lively and knowledgeable online trading community filled with successful traders
  • Includes resources for short-selling strategies, penny stocks, and momentum trading
  • Trading video catalog included with membership (1,000+ video lessons)


  • Higher price tag than entry-level services
  • No refunds
  • Trading lingo can be confusing at first

Investors Underground Review: Is It Right for Me?

Investors Underground is one of the best online trading communities and research services, but it’s a particularly good fit for these types of people:

  • Penny stock traders
  • Short sellers
  • Momentum and swing traders
  • Day and short-term traders
  • Active investors
  • Anyone interested in getting into the market
  • People looking to build their online trading network

If you don’t fit into any of these categories, don’t worry: there’s still a good chance you’ll enjoy Investors Underground.

The platform has vast appeal, so you’re sure to find what you need.

Better yet, you’re not limited to one trading style or group, so you can bounce around and try out different approaches until you find a fit.

There’s a reason why many investors consider Investors Underground to be one of the best trading communities and trading services on the market.

Investors Underground Reviews

Investors Underground Reviews

We think Investors Underground is pretty great, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Investor Underground’s Trustpilot rating is excellent (4.5/5) and there’s no shortage of positive testimonials across the web.

Take a look at what these IU members have to say about the service: Investors Underground Reviews

It’s clear that you don’t have to be a professional day trader to get tons of value out of this service.

In fact, it’s even more of a value if you’re a beginner because you’ll get the most out of its extensive catalog of educational resources.

These are regular, everyday people just like you, and as you can see, they’re very happy with the service.

You don’t have to be a professional day trader to get tons of value out of this service.

In fact, it’s even more of a value if you’re a beginner because you’ll get the most out of its extensive catalog of educational resources.

Investors Underground Review: Is It Worth It?

While Investors Underground is a little pricier than many day trading services, it’s well worth the price of admission.

You get access to a comprehensive catalog of training materials, constant market updates, daily watch lists, and much more.

Nathan Michaud really knocked it out of the park here, which is why it’s easily a top contender for the best trading service on the market.

And the platform is a game changer for anyone who wants to learn how to trade on an OTC market.

All things considered, Investors Underground is an excellent value.

>> Invest in your financial future and supercharge your trading game with Investors Underground now <<


John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.