Jason Bond Picks Review: Is This Raging Bull Service Legit?

Chris Dios - December 03, 2020

Raging Bull’s Jason Bond is all over the internet, but can his stock-picking service help you make money? Our Jason Bond Picks review aims to find out.

This service brings cutting-edge market research to the masses, and the current offer also includes educational materials demonstrating Bond’s trading strategies.

The latest Jason Bond Picks offer is incredibly robust. It includes a treasure trove of valuable materials. We’re going to review it all in detail, but first, let’s take a broad look at the service.

Jason Bond Picks Review: Overview

Jason Bond Picks puts a different spin on the traditional trading service format.

He goes beyond stock picks and research to bring you a unique instructional experience.

Bond introduces users to step-by-step techniques for mastering the same trading techniques that helped him earn his fortune.

The current Jason Bond Picks package includes tons of resources that will help you with the Bond trading strategy quickly, and the included watch lists and stock picks give you the intel you need to hit the running.

By the time you work through the educational resources, you’ll have a solid understanding of the stock market.

Bond teaches members how to become self-sufficient traders, and that approach provides much more long-term value than a run-of-the-mill stock-picking service.

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Is Jason Bond Legit?

Jason Bond is a well-known investing personality. He attracts his share of controversy for his brash style, but the guy is the real deal.

Bond made his fortune trading stocks, and he’s on a mission to bring his knowledge to the public with his Jason Bond Picks trading service.

The Raging Bull founder has been featured in dozens of prominent financial publications, including Forbes, The Street, and SeekingAlpha. He’s trained over 30,000 paid subscribers on how to use his trading system.

Bond specializes in swing trading and options, and he’s developed sophisticated trading methods over the years.

With Jason Bond Picks, Bond walks readers through his entire trading process, step-by-step. He believes that’s the quickest way for beginners to learn.

Jason Bond Picks subscribers don’t just learn the system; they get a thorough understanding of how to use it themselves.

Anyone can point at stock and tell you to buy it, but Mr. Bond goes a step further.

He gives his readers everything they need to become successful traders in their own right.

jason bond picks review

Jason Bond Picks Review: What’s Included?

Jason Bond and the Raging Bull team.

  • The Trader Education Vault: Including the Millionaire Roadmap and more.
  • Advance Notice Alerts
  • Access to Jason Bond’s Scanner
  • Daily Swing Trades Watch List of Hot Stocks
  • Real Money Trade Alerts
  • Model Portfolio Access
  • Real-Time Email and Push Alerts
  • Trading Community and Chat Room
  • World-Class Customer Service
  • Money-Back Guarantee

The Trading Education Vault

Trader education is a fundamental component of the Jason Bond Picks program. You will learn things from this program that competing research services would never bother to teach you.

Why? Because most trading services don’t want you to learn how to trade for yourself. They want you to depend on them so you’ll keep paying for their advice.

Luckily, Bond is on an entirely different wavelength. His primary goal is to teach you how to replicate the same trading strategies that made him successful.

Jason Bond Picks includes an extensive library of trader education resources and tools to help you get the most out of the market.

The Trader Education Vault includes a vast catalog of training videos explaining Jason’s trading methodology in detail.

You’ll find courses covering technical analysis, the basics of swing trading, options trading, and other investing topics.

You could easily shell out hundreds of dollars for these instructional materials, but they’re just one small part of the Jason Bond Picks subscription package.

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Access to Jason Bond’s Scanner

Like many traders, Jason Bond uses a stock scanner to find emerging stock market opportunities.

After years of successful trading, Bond has his scanning system down to a science. His scanner settings have the potential to identify significant swing-trading opportunities with stunning accuracy.

When you sign up for Jason Bond Picks, you’ll enjoy regular access to the scanner Bond uses to identify potential trades daily.

This is an excellent add-on to the service because it allows more experienced traders to jump right into Bond’s trading system.

You’ll get a ton of value out of this scanner if you’re into swing trading or day trading, and it’s even a useful tool for evaluating your long-term trade ideas.

Make sure you take some time to play with the stock screener if you sign up because it could easily change the way you feel about some of your favorite stocks.

The Bond stock screener can easily tell you if that hot stock you’re watching is worth a buy, and it’s great for pinpointing emerging trade opportunities too.

Daily Watch Lists of Hot Stocks

Every day, Bond sends out a watch list filled with swing trades he’s watching for the day.

Each daily watch list includes a sampling of stocks from various corners of the market. Many of the featured companies are penny stocks, so even small-budget traders can get in on the swing-trading action.

Despite Bond’s preference to educate his users, the man has a talent for picking winners, and the daily watch lists will help you follow along with his every move.

Education is good, but most readers want to know which stocks they should buy too. These daily lists bridge the gap between education and instruction.

These lists are particularly effective if you like to day trade. You can start every day with a list of hot stocks to start your day.

Bond is a very knowledgeable trader, so you can bet your bottom dollar he’s watching these stocks for a good reason.

You can make your day-trading ritual a lot less complicated by starting your morning with this handy list of potential opportunities.

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Jason Bond Trade Alerts

Bond wants his service to be a window into the life of a successful trader, so Jason Bond Picks follows every one of his trades in explicit detail.

The service updates readers whenever Bond makes a trade. Each trade alert explains what he’s buying, why he’s buying it, and how much he’s paying.

According to the Jason Bond Picks web page, Bond never makes a trade without putting his own money on the line, so you can trust that these trades are more than just half-hearted recommendations.

Bond believes in these stocks enough to put his own money on the line, and that’s enough to make many subscribers much more confident in the service.

Bond even reveals how much money he made – or lost – on each trade, so you can see for yourself whether he’s been successful.

Most research services are known for over-promising and under-delivering, but Jason Bond puts all his cards on the table with detailed trade alerts.

By posting his trades for the world to see, Bond proves that he’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrong, and that says a lot about his credibility and trustworthiness.

Advance Notice Trade Alerts

There’s nothing worse than getting an inside line on an emerging trading opportunity only to discover you don’t have the cash you need to make a move.

Bond’s been trading long enough to be very familiar with this problem, and he’s added an extra layer of alerts to help his readers avoid this snafu.

Before Bond pulls the trigger on a trade, he sends out an alert to let his subscribers know which way he’s leaning.

This little bit of advanced notice can make a big difference in the fast-moving market. Readers know in advance when a big swing trade opportunity is on the horizon, so they get ready to make a move.

This is an absolute game-changer for many cash-strapped retail traders because it gives them enough time to stockpile the cash they need in advance.

You’ll always be ready to get the most of this swing trading service because you know when it’s crunch time.

This is just another way Jason Bond Picks goes above and beyond to help their subscribers get the most out of the service which we tried to highlight in this Jason Bond Picks Review.

Model Portfolio Access

When you sign up for Jason Bond Picks, you will get instant access to Bond’s model portfolio, including his latest swing trade recommendations and much more.

Every stock in the model portfolio has an active buy rating from Bond and his team, so it’s a great place to start for newcomers.

In fact, you can view Bond’s entire portfolio in real-time and see how he carefully manages each of his position.

The model portfolio even includes recommended stocks from before you signed up, giving you an inside line on even more long-term trading opportunities.

Follow Bond’s model portfolio regularly to discover the latest opportunities in day trading stocks, penny stocks, and much more.

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Real-Time Email and Push Alerts

No one wants to miss a lucrative swing trade because they’re away from their desk, so Jason Bond Picks goes out of its way to keep readers in the loop.

The service regularly broadcasts their latest alerts through email and mobile push, so subscribers never miss a chance to cash in on the market.

Day trading and swing trading opportunities come and go like the wind, so you need to stay on the alert if you want to get the most out of Jason Bond Picks.

Luckily, the email and push alerts keep you informed on the go, so you’ll always be poised to strike when the time is right.

Chat Room and Community

Bond and his editorial team world very closely with subscribers to ensure they get the most out of the program.

Jason Bond, Jeff Bishop, and other Raging Bull pros often interact with the community through the chat room and community boards.

Sometimes, you can even access the Raging Bull team directly through these channels.

That doesn’t even include the online Jason Bond Picks trading community, which is one of the most vibrant investor networks on the internet.

The chat room is a great place to bounce your ideas on your fellow traders. If you’re lucky, Jeff Bishop or Jason Bond himself might even answer your question.

World-Class Customer Service

Customer service tends to get overlooked frequently in the research service industry. Still, Jason Bond Picks puts a tremendous emphasis on providing its subscribers with a first-class customer service experience.

If you ever have an issue with your Jason Bond Picks subscription, help is just an arm’s reach away.

Raging Bull has one of the best customer service teams in the industry, and they are known for addressing any issues quickly and efficiently.

Nothing is more frustrating than not getting help when you need it, especially when you paid top dollar for the service.

Unlike some of the shadier research services out there, Jason Bond Picks has a customer service team that will be in your corner when you need them.

Money-Back Guarantee

Jason Bond Picks seems pretty great, but how can you be sure you’ll like it until you get your hands on the actual product? Answer in short: you can’t.

Luckily, Jason Bond stands by his service. He wants every subscriber to walk away from their purchase satisfied, so every purchase is covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The guarantee is a new addition for Raging Bull. Bond didn’t use to offer one because his service is primarily education-based.

There was a concern that users could sign up, learn about the system, and request a refund after they mastered the techniques.

However, the company decided it was worth it. They recently added on a new 30-day guarantee.

However, there’s one catch. You need to complete all the education modules within the 30-day grace period to qualify for a refund.

Raging Bull “is guaranteed to prepare you for trading in 30 days or less.” The company is happy to refund the full purchase amount, but only if “you complete all the education modules in the Education Suite within the first 30 days after purchase and aren’t satisfied with it within that time.

It’s somewhat short of a no-questions-asked, anything-goes guarantee, but most users find the stipulation to be pretty reasonable.

If you’re going to sign up for Jason Bond Picks, make sure you’re ready to dive into the education materials right away so you will have time to complete the course and request a refund if you’re not satisfied.

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jason bond picks review

Jason Bond Picks: Worth It?

Jason Bond Picks has two convenient subscription options.

You can choose from a quarterly option which bills you every three months, or you can opt for an annual option for a reduced rate.

The annual subscription typically goes for a heft $2,397 per year. That’s nothing to snuff at, but it’s reasonable considering everything you get when you sing up.

Fortunately, you can access a special discount if you use one of our links.

For a limited time, you can sign up for a one-year subscription for just $799 per year.

You can also opt for a quarterly subscription for just $297.

This represents significant savings over the sticker price, so you get even more value for your dollar.

Remember, you’re also covered under the 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can sign up with confidence knowing you’ll walk away satisfied.

For just $297 per quarter, you can learn how to trade like one of the country’s most successful traders. You can’t beat that.

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Jason Bond Picks Reviews: Real Members

Jason Bond Picks gets high marks from members. His client list includes several celebrities and prominent public figures, and many of them rave about Bond’s trading skills.

Some of Bond’s celebrity students include former MLB-er Jose Conseco, star NFL wideout Terrell Owens, and former UFC champ Frank Mir.

Check out these reviews from satisfied Jason Bond Picks students.


And here’s Jose Conseco raving about Bond’s trading skills:


These former students aren’t the only one’s who say Bond is the real deal.

Trustpilot, a leading online platform that tracks business reputation scores, rates Jason Bond Picks 9.1 out of 10.

That’s a major endorsement for this research service. Many competitors cant even rank on Trustpilot, and, when they do, it’s usually pretty ugly.

Again, Jason Bond Picks breaks the mold by providing a trustworthy service that’s lightyears ahead of the competition.

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Jason Bond Picks Review: Best Reasons to Sign Up

  • Daily watchlists are perfect for day trading.
  • Discover penny stock plays, long-term trades, small-cap stocks, and more.
  • 30-Day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Learn how to master trading techniques that can earn you consistent gains.
  • Regular stock picks and accompanying research.
  • Unlimited access to the trading chat room.
  • Regular trading alerts through email and push notifications.
  • Long-term trading tips and more.
  • Traders Education Vault: Includes Penny Stocks 101, the Millionaire Roadmap, and more.

These are just a few of the most obvious reasons to sign up for this service.

Check it out for yourself to see what you like best about it.

After all, you’re covered with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try the service risk-free.

Jason Bond Picks Review: Final Verdict

Jason Bond Picks is an excellent service. It goes above and beyond what traditional stock-picking services typically offer.

Bond doesn’t just pick stocks. He shows you how to put his trading system to work for yourself.

This is more than a research service. It’s an all-inclusive trading master course. By the time you work through all these materials, you’ll have all the tools you need to trade like Wall Streets’ top players.

If you want to learn how to trade for yourself, this service is a perfect match. Mastering these techniques will give you the tools you need to consistently profit on the market,

Bond is the real deal. He’s a prominent figure who’s gotten resounding endorsements from celebrities, Wall Street whiz kids, and more.

His company gets outstanding marks for trust and credibility, and he’s helped over 20,000 traders get the most out of the market.

After a thorough analysis, our Jason Bond Picks review gives this service at A+.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur based in the Greater NYC area.

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