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Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report Review

Moneyballs's Sector Alpha Report Review
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Andrew Zatlin is forecasting big changes on the horizon for the American economy. This detailed Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report review provides the lowdown on what’s going on and how you can profit.

What is Sector Alpha Report?

The Sector Alpha Report deal is a call to attention for Americans. It investigates the impact the Federal Reserve’s FedNow program could have on our economy while giving you the tools to benefit from it.

The service is run by financial guru Andrew Zatlin and published by his firm, Moneyball Economics.

Joining doesn’t just give insight into an economic shift, unlike anything we’ve seen in 50 years.

It also gives access to the firm’s flagship newsletter that researches top market sectors and how to profit from them.

Who is Andrew Zatlin?

Andrew Zatlin is an economist and one of the best financial forecasters in the world.

He didn’t earn his stripes overnight. The guru studied economics at Kyoto University before earning an MBA from the University of California in Berkley.

From there, Zatlin went on to spend two decades working in Silicon Valley. There, he developed a business strategy for Cisco and NEC Electronics.

Later, he shifted gears to begin work as an independent economic forecaster. With his experience, Zatlin created predictive models to help hedge funds and banks beat the market.

He’s received accolades from the likes of Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Now, Zatlin brings his forecasting success to the masses through Moneyball Economics.

Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report

Moneyball Economics Review: What is It?

Moneyball Economics is Zatlin’s outlet for helping regular folks grow their wealth. The publisher already has more than 43,000 readers.

The name and strategy behind Andrew’s firm come from the movie Moneyball. In case you haven’t seen it, the movie is based on a true story where the A’s coach Billy Beane uses unconventional methods to build a winning baseball team.

Zatlin spins the concept a bit to apply it to the financial markets. Instead of traditional means, he uses oddball economic data to find the best stocks.

It worked for Billy Beane, after all.

What is FedNow?

There’s a bank killer on the loose. Dubbed “FedNow,” the service could very well put an end to the banking system as we know it.

What’s even crazier? Zatlin predicts this monumental shift will start happening in July of this year.

The thought of such an event taking place leaves me a bit worried. However, new technology typically leads to financial opportunities. There’s a way to get ahead of all this, and Zatlin says he has the answer.

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"The New Bank Killer"

“The New Bank Killer”

It’s the Federal Reserve stepping out of the shadows to put an end to traditional banking. Through its FedNow service, it plans to digitize the entire American economy.

I already prefer to pay in plastic, but this shift would put an end to physical dollars as we know them.

While it’s hard to imagine, everything we do with money could change in a flash.

FedNow has everything it needs to drive the final nail in the coffin. The key to its success lies in something called atomic settlement.

The Fed's "Killshot"

The Fed’s “Killshot”

The current banking system experiences transactional delays of up to three days before money settles. You don’t have immediate access to that incoming money as you thought. Even if it shows up on a statement, it’s actually floating around until the transaction clears.

Atomic settlement can settle those transactions instantly, removing a lot of unnecessary friction from the system.

Three days don’t mean much to me, but Andrew describes it as game-changing to the industry. All that waiting wreaks havoc on GDP growth.

FedNow embraces atomic settlement and kicks the flow of money to the highest level. That part sounds pretty good to me.

It’s also the precursor to a central bank digital currency (CBDC) nicknamed FedCoin that will follow FedNow’s footsteps.

This process has been in the works since January 2019. Zatlin says only an act of God will stop it at this point.

FedNow has the power to supercharge our economy while reducing default risk. It also comes with a cost.

Money will now have an on/off switch. The powers that control money can flip a switch whenever they don’t agree with your ideology or political stance, locking you out of your funds.

I can only hope it doesn’t come to such an extreme, but even difficult scenarios can have silver linings. FedNow opens the door to new technology and a new realm of investment opportunities.

The "Creative Destruction" Boom

The “Creative Destruction” Boom

We’re looking at an act of “creative destruction”. The Federal Reserve’s FedNow service is killing off an outdated solution and replacing it with a better one.

Bill Gates did the same thing with the personal computer. He brought computers to the masses and eliminated outdated technology in the process.

The end result? Microsoft shares are up over 20,000% from where they were 30 years ago. That’s just one of many similar examples you should check out for yourself.

Microsoft share owners are still riding the wave thanks to Bill’s foresight. Folks jumping in on the digital dollar now are in prime position to see history repeat.

At President Nixon’s behest in the early 70s, the Federal Reserve took the U.S. dollar off the gold standard. People seeing the writing on the wall moved on gold in a big way.

Gold has doubled 46 times over since 1971. A lot of people who invested in the commodity back then became millionaires.

According to Zatlin, the same pattern is about to happen again. Digital currency would feed a new boom and create an entire generation of digital dollar millionaires in much the same way.

I wasn’t born yet when gold made so many people millionaires. It’s exciting to think that all this could happen this very year.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to take advantage of this opportunity. The Sector Alpha Report includes all the research you need to know exactly what to do.

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FedNow’s Investment Opportunity

FedNow isn’t some far-off pipe dream. If Zatlin’s right, we’ll see the program roll out in the month of July.

That means right now is the time to act if you want to get a piece of this investment opportunity.

No worries if you’ve been caught off guard. Andrew Zatlin’s been watching the markets for years and believes he’s found the perfect way to make some money.

We’re talking gains anywhere from $59,890 to $359,339 depending on how much you decide to invest.

Awfully specific numbers, don’t you think? Zatlin says FedNow’s impact on the financial system is incredibly predictable. That means returns are predictable as well.

These potential profits stem from one small-cap company. At $2.25 per share, it’s well within anyone’s buying power.

Zatlin’s betting the launch of FedNow will send this stock’s prices through the roof. His estimates have it climbing up to 26,518% higher than where it’s at right now.

This isn’t a slow rise, either. We could see share prices skyrocket in just a few months.

I’ll say it again – this isn’t an opportunity you can sleep on. If you watch and wait, it will be too late.

There’s no better time to buy this $2.25 stock than right now. We’re in the middle of the perfect storm.

Zatlin wouldn’t call this a breakthrough without doing the research to back it up. He made sure specific catalysts were in place before sharing them with anyone.

Andrew Zatlin’s 5 Catalysts

FedNow’s been in the works for a few years now. Zatlin’s been watching with bated breath for the right circumstances to arise before shouting FedNow from the rooftops.

That time is finally here. Let’s check out each of the five catalysts that Zatlin felt had to be present before FedNow’s investment opportunity became ripe for the picking.

Catalyst 1: FedNow Marks the End of Crypto

Cryptos were our foray into digital currency and have been under the government’s faithful watch ever since their inception.

These coins become a problem for FedNow because they’re unaffected by Federal Reserve processes. For FedNow to work, cryptocurrencies as we know them must cease to exist.

FedNow sets the stage for the government to clear out the old and bring in its new system. The program’s instant transactions pave the way for a central bank-backed coin that’s easily controlled.

Catalyst 2: FedNow Preserves America’s #1 Status

Like it or not, America has been the world’s #1 superpower for quite some time. The year 1944 marked our crowning achievement when the US dollar became the world’s reserve currency.

That gave the United States untold economic advantages over the other nations.

China’s decided to give us a run for our money economically. They’ve already launched their own central bank digital currency and seem one step ahead.

FedNow is our ticket for retaining our spot at the top.

Catalyst 3: FedNow Supercharges the Economy

Our current banking system is old and outdated. The three-day float for transactions to clear can bring even the most simple systems to a crawl. It’s a never-ending waiting game.

FedNow does away with the float. It will keep products flowing and money moving like we’ve never seen before. Estimates predict an additional $2.7 trillion flowing through the US economy every year.

We finally get the best of money and speed to propel our economy to whole new levels.

Catalyst 4: FedNow Reduces Default Risk

Our current economic system hasn’t been kind to most Americans. Most folks live paycheck to paycheck and barely make ends meet.

A single unexpected expense can sink an entire family. It’s unsustainable.

This float for funds to clear doesn’t make the situation any better. Not knowing when funds will actually appear in your account adds a whole other level of stress to the equation.

FedNow tosses old protocols to the wind. Families will instantly receive paychecks and should limit reliance on other means for support.

Catalyst 5: FedNow Gives Money an On/Off Switch

Switching to a government-mandated digital currency does come at a cost. Every purchase becomes tracked, leaking hints about your shopping habits and lifestyle.

Zatlin warns such knowledge can be used to control people. It gives someone the power to turn your money on or off depending on whether they align with your views.

Your money could no longer be fully yours. Imagine losing access to your funds for buying something that raises a red flag to some standard.

Scary times, indeed. Fortunately, we can still make a lot of money as FedNow takes off.

3 Phases of Implementing FedNow

FedNow’s time is here. The Federal Reserve’s been intricately planning this moment for years.

Its three-phase system couldn’t be any clearer:

FedNow Phase 1: Preparation and Readiness

Phase 1 kicked off at the dawn of 2021 to make sure financial institutions were ready for what’s coming. The Federal Reserve didn’t want a single hiccup when it became time to go live.

Any delays, breakdowns, or failures could have catastrophic consequences on the system as a whole. After all, tens of millions of bank accounts could be affected.

FedNow Phase 2: Testing

We’re in the midst of the testing phase for a little while longer. As with any test, the goal is to uncover weak areas in the system that need to be fine-tuned before implementation.

It’s hard to fathom the magnitude of such an undertaking. If the rumors are true, everything’s on track for a launch this summer.

FedNow Phase 3: National Rollout

FedNow’s national rollout could be just days or weeks away. It will impact nearly every American household and how we handle our money.

Our economy will never be the same. With all the big changes, there’s money to be made.

The window for profiting from FedNow is closing soon. Zatlin’s Sector Alpha Report holds the key to those gains.

Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report: What Comes with a Membership?

Andrew Zatlin has put together an impressive bonus deal to raise awareness about the FedNow opportunity.

Here’s what you get when you join Sector Alpha Report under this limited-time deal.

12 Months of Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report Monthly Newsletter

Once you sign up, you’ll get an issue of Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report delivered to your inbox on or around the 15th of every month.

Inside, you’ll hear insights from Andrew Zatlin on the top four market sectors and why each one is worth checking out. Zatlin shares his favorite stocks from these sectors, so you know where to invest your money.

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Unlimited Access to Andrew Zatlin’s Model Portfolio

Membership includes complete access to the Sector Alpha model portfolio. It’s full of companies kicking butt in the top sectors of the stock market.

The Sector Alpha portfolio is a great place to go if you’re looking to spice up your own investment strategy. Andrew and his team have already done the work and vetted each security for you.

He only recommends a stock if it meets three specific criteria. It has to trade on major stock exchanges, have good trading volume, and have the potential for significant gains.

Updates and Alerts

Zatlin watches his model portfolio like a hawk. He’ll let you know by email if any news breaks about one of his picks.

You’ll get a message quickly so you can adjust your own portfolio on the fly. These updates take away the need to watch the stock market 24/7 yourself.

FedNow Bonus Reports

For a limited time, you’ll get a treasure trove of research on the FedNow opportunity if you sign up for Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report now. Here’s what you get:

Featured Report: The FedNow Profit Report

Featured Report: The FedNow Profit Report

The FedNow Profit Report is the culmination of all of Zatlin’s research on what he foresees happening with our existing banking system.

Each digital page explains in full detail how FedNow marks a paradigm shift among financial institutions. Better yet, he covers why it’s such a money-making opportunity.

His favorite pick for a chance at big wins is an unknown small-cap company making waves in the space. This company is all about helping the banking system transition to the digital dollar.

The FedNow Profit Report reveals that a share of this company’s stock is just $2.25 right now. Andrew’s proprietary “Moneyball Economics” system values that same stock above $500.

You’ll need a copy of this bonus report if you want to know where to invest.

The Secret to Sector Alpha Profits

The Secret to Sector Alpha Profits

It seems Zatlin is onto something with his sector rotation strategy. The energy sector is top dog right now, and early investors are likely sitting on a small fortune.

Andrew uses his “Moneyball Economics” system to predict big trends in the stock market. Through predictive models, it can gauge the temperature of a sector with impressive accuracy.

The Secret to Sector Alpha Profits explains how Zatlin’s system works down to minute detail. You can learn to harness the power of his system to potentially make some nice gains yourself.

On the flip side, you’ll discover how to detect dud sectors so you can avoid them like the plague.

The '1,000% Backdoor' Play Into the Digital Dollar

The ‘1,000% Backdoor’ Play Into the Digital Dollar

The FedNow revolution is out to slay the U.S. dollar as we know it. Zatlin believes this same push for digital currency is taking place in every country of any economic importance.

In this special report, you get unrestricted access to the latest central bank digital currency movements typically reserved for America’s wealthiest. Zatlin then equips you with the tools to profit from these worldwide changes involving the digital dollar and beyond.

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Moneyballs Sector Alpha Report Review

Andrew Zatlin’s Money-Back Guarantee

Zatlin’s so sure of his product that he’s offering a top-notch money-back guarantee. You’ve got 30 days to take your subscription to Sector Alpha through a test drive.

If you don’t like something you see or read during that time, simply reach out for a complete refund of the service. The reason doesn’t matter, and there are no fees for doing so.

You can keep all the bonus reports listed above as thanks for giving the Sector Alpha Report a try.

Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report: Pros and Cons

Andrew Zatlin’s FedNow deal looks like it could be a winner, but what are the downsides? I’ll cover the pros and cons next in my Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report review.


  • From the mind of guru Andrew Zatlin

  • One full year of the Sector Alpha Report newsletter

  • Immediate access to portfolio and lightning-fast updates

  • Includes two bonus reports

  • Free year of Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor

  • Heavily discounted price

  • Iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No community chat or forum

  • Focuses solely on stocks and ETFs

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Moneyball's Sector Alpha Report

Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report: How Much Does It Cost?

Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report normally costs $299 for just the digital newsletter subscription. Right now, you can get the Very Best Offer at a 67% discount for just 99 bucks.

Only at this pricing tier do you receive the main report and all the bonus materials. The discount renders the Premium Offer obsolete since it’s the same price with less content.

The Very Best Offer at $99 is by far the best deal. If the bonus reports don’t interest you, you can purchase the Basic Offer for just $49.

Is Sector Alpha Report Worth It?

Moneyball’s Sector Alpha Report: Is It Worth It?

Sector Alpha Report is an incredible deal, even at its retail price of $299. It’s even more of a steal while on promotion at $99.

The bundle comes with 12 flagship newsletter issues, the FedNow Profit Report, and two bonus ebooks. Each unique report included in the bundle has information worth the cost of admission on its own.

Andrew’s also throwing in a free year of Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor.

If Zatlin’s right, The profit potential from FedNow is through the roof. Just think about all the gold millionaires birthed from a similar shift just 50 years ago.

We’re lucky enough to be in the same position right now if we follow Zatlin’s advice. Subscribe to Sector Alpha today before the FedNow opportunity passes you by completely.

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