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New SOL Meme Coin, Solciety, Launches Today With 30-Day ICO

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London, London, June 18th, 2024, Chainwire

Solciety, a new entrant in the crypto’s PolitiFi sector, officially launches today, 18th June at 14:00 UTC, initiating a 30-day presale of its Solciety (SLCTY) tokens.

3 billion Solciety (SLCTY) tokens will go on sale, starting at $0.0015, with price increases on the smart contract every 72 hours across ten stages. The final presale price will be $0.0040, giving day one buyers a potential 169% increase on the value of their bags before the project becomes available for public trading.

Described as “the political party for degens,” Solciety plans on using the viral potential of memes and political satire to potentially explode alongside the political powder keg that is the 2024 election season.

Community numbers have already passed 10,000 across socials before the live presale has even started – an indication that Solciety’s offering of humor and degen politics is resonating with crypto communities around the world.

Straddling the Solana meme coin and PolitiFi sectors, worth a combined $10 billion, Solciety is strategically placed across two of crypto’s most powerful narratives. And with Solana displacing Ethereum as the #1 maker of blue-chip meme coins thanks to its drastically lower fees, Solciety has multiple tailwinds behind it.

Solciety (SLCTY) tokens will be available to purchase on the Solciety website from the 18th June at 14:00 UTC.

Solciety: Fusing Memes with Political Satire

By focusing on gains and satirical meme-induced comedy, instead of invading foreign lands and tanking the dollar, Solciety is aiming to provide degens with a political party of their own.

Solciety’s mission is underpinned by two main components:

  1. SLCTY Token: With a total supply of 10 billion tokens, including 3 billion available during the presale, the project allocates 20% for marketing to expand its reach and 10% for rewards, promoting virality through its meme campaign.
  2. Meme Campaigner Tool: This tool facilitates the creation of viral, Solciety-branded memes using satirical characters like Donald Pump and Badamir Putin. Top meme creators will be rewarded with SLCTY tokens, enhancing the project’s visibility and engagement.

Strategic Timing for PolitiFi Growth

The PolitiFi sector, focused on US politics-themed meme coins, has rapidly grown to over $1.1 billion in under 6 months.

Donald Trump-inspired coins rule the roost, with both official and unofficial Trump-themed coins clocking more than $500 million in market cap, making up over half of the sector’s total capitalization.

MAGA token growth in 2023-2024 (Source, CoinGecko)

Triple-digit rallies (or more) are commonplace here. In the period leading up to the 3rd June, the MAGA token, a tribute to the potential “crypto president,” rallied by more than 80,000% from launch price to recent highs. Super Trump even surged by 10x in one day. It’s not all MAGA, though: Jeo Boden, a parody of the current president, rallied 40x from March to April.

With PolitiFi likely to progress further as election season ramps up, Solciety could be the PolitiFi coin that comes out on top and unites degens across the political spectrum.

Some SOL memes have performed impressively this year. A Dogwifhat (WIF) holder registered a 13,000x gain on a $310 investment, pocketing $4 million in profit this year. Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea’s MOTHER token recently turned $3k into $9 million for one trader.

Plus, with the PolitiFi sector following US election buzz and the baked-in virality offered by Solciety’s Meme Campaigner tool, the team aims to present a high-potential investment to coincide with the bull run.

Solciety (SLCTY) tokens will be available to purchase on the Solciety website from the 18th June at 14:00 UTC.

About Solciety

Solciety is the answer to the corrupt, dull, and economically inept politics of today. It aims to unite degens under the umbrella of memes and potential for gains. With its advanced meme-generating tech and SLCTY token, Solciety is here to harness election buzz and dominate the 2024 PolitiFi scene by offering degens a fun and potentially lucrative way of taking part in current affairs. 

For more information and to buy Solciety (SLCTY) users can visit the website.

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