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Options Floor Trader Pro Review: Top Plays from Jay Soloff

Chris Dios - November 05, 2021

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Options can be intimidating for beginners, but their profit potential is virtually unmatched. Jay Soloff’s options advisory service demystifies options trading with professional-grade research and guidance, but does it live up to its reputation? Read our Options Floor Trader Pro review to find out. 

Options Floor Trader Pro Review: Overview

Options Floor Trader Pro is an options-focused research service from market veteran Jay Soloff published by the experts at Investors Alley.

The service helps members navigate the options market with regular research updates, recommendations, expert research, and much more.

Soloff is a trading veteran who used to be a professional options market-maker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the world’s largest options exchange. These days, he brings his professional options trading strategies to everyday people with Options Floor Trader Pro.

Options Floor Trader Pro members receive regular research updates from Soloff, including two new targeted buying opportunities each month.  Your subscription also includes a slew of bonus research, educational resources, and more.

If you want to trade options, you’re going to need education and guidance. It seems like Options Floor Trader Pro covers all of those bases and more, but we’re going to take a close look at this service to find out for sure.

First, who is Jay Soloff, and is his research worth following?

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jay soloff review

Jay Soloff Review

Jay Soloff is a successful options trader and the lead portfolio manager at Investor Alley’s Options Floor Trader Pro and Options Trading Mastery. His extensive options trading experience has proven to be a valuable asset for both services.

Before joining up with Investors Alley, Soloff had a lengthy career in the financial industry.

According to his bio on the Investors Alley website, he got his start more than two decades ago at the Kansas City Board of Trade’s Wheat Futures pit, and he’s been trading ever since. 

As we mentioned earlier, he eventually worked his way up to a professional options market maker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Options Floor Trade Pro’s name is an homage to Soloff’s extensive experience as a professional options floor trader and broker-dealer.

He also worked with Wall Street firms to develop options market-making software for electronic exchanges back when they first came to the US.  At one point, Soloff even worked as a senior analyst for a prominent hedge fund.

Soloff also has an impressive list of educational achievements, including two Master’s degrees from Arizona State University and a bachelor’s in economics from the University of Illinois.

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jay soloff legit
A young Jay Soloff during his floor trader days.

Is Jay Soloff Legit?

Today, Jay Soloff lives in Arizona on a sprawling rural estate, and he primarily focuses on his options trading publications like Options Floor Trader Pro. He’s fully committed to helping individual investors learn how to trade options successfully.

You can rest assured that Jay Soloff has the necessary expertise to lead this service. He has a top-to-bottom understanding of the options market and 20 years’ worth of trading experience to draw on.

Jay Soloff has everything you want in an options trading guru. There aren’t many people who can match his impressive trading credentials.

Investors Alley Review

Investors Alley Corp is a noteworthy research publisher and the company behind Options Floor Trader Pro. The firm offers a wide variety of premium research services and other investing resources.

Some of the company’s other services include  Monthly Dividend Multiplier and Weekly Income Accelerator. Each advisory service has different specializations and investing objectives.

Options Floor Trader Pro is one of Investor Alley’s leading services for options trading insights.

We reviewed Investors Alley’s Better Business Bureau profile, and we liked what we saw. The US-based company is quick to resolve complaints, and it has a solid BBB rating.

Investors Alley also has a reputation for offering excellent guarantees on its services, so you can rest assured you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, or the company will work to make things right.

Investors Alley is a trustworthy company with a track record for excellent customer support and honest business. You don’t have to worry about doing business with this firm.

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The Extra Cash Masterclass for Options

Jay Soloff’s latest Options Floor Trader Pro deal features a groundbreaking new training course that can help you hit the ground running in the options market, The Extra Cash Masterclass for Options.

This course provides a step-by-step blueprint for putting Soloff’s trading strategy to work for you. The detailed course covers important trading concepts like the following:

  • How to know when a stock is mispriced
  • The #1 options trade to protect your portfolio from a crash
  • How to buy a call and a put in 5 minutes
  • An indicator that gauges your chances to make money on a trade.
  • A live trade demonstration from Soloff himself.

It also includes Soloff’s top four buying strategies for options. He spent his entire career honing these techniques to a razor’s edge, and they have the potential to turbo-charge your performance in the options market.

After you finish the course, you’ll know how to make money when the market is up, down, and sideways. You’ll even learn how to trade when it’s unclear which way the market will head from here.

The masterclass equips you with a full arsenal of powerful options trading strategies and techniques. In addition, it can help you build a solid foundational education that could set you up for options trading success for years to come.

Soloff’s Extra Cash Masterclass is an excellent addition to the Options Floor Trader Pro lineup. It’s the perfect options market prep course, and it will show you how to master many of the same trading techniques used on Wall Street.

However, the masterclass is just one aspect of this multifaceted deal. Next, we’ll take a close look at Option Floor Trader’s most noteworthy features.

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Options vs Stocks: What’s Better?

Soloff maintains that options can offer tremendous benefits for everyday people. These financial instruments are highly coveted on Wall Street, but regular folks have also begun to embrace them over the past few years.

Here’s an excerpt from Soloff’s latest presentation explaining why options are superior to traditional stocks:

options vs stocks floor trader pro

Soloff’s points are all 100% valid. Options open up the doors to a world of new possibilities for traders and offer substantially more flexibility than stocks.

Many people understand the potential power of options but are too intimidated by the surface-level complexity to take the leap.

Soloff’s Options Floor Trader Pro takes the stress out of options education with step-by-step lessons and simple explanations of the seemingly complex trading process.

If you’ve ever wondered how options could improve trade outcomes, Jay Soloff built Options Floor Trader Pro with you in mind. Its combination of actionable research, educational resources, and expert insights provides everything you need to dive into the world of options confidently.

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Options Floor Trader Pro Review: Features

  • One-year subscription to Options Floor Trader Pro
  • The Extra Cash Masterclass
  • 26 Ways to Locate Extra Cash in 30 Days
  • 7 Reasons Options Traders Fail (and 11 Easy Ways to Profit)
  • BONUS: The Top Two Sectors to TRADE This Year
  • BONUS: The Top Two Sectors to AVOID This Year
  • 5X Performance Guarantee

Options Floor Trader Pro Newsletter Review

With your Options Flow Trader Pro subscription, you get regular options trade recommendations and educational write-ups from Jay Soloff every month.

Each month, you’ll get two new options trades from Soloff along with accompanying briefs explaining the strategy behind each recommendation. The options trades are designed to be extremely simple, so even inexperienced options traders can put them to use.

Altogether, you’ll get 24 options trade recommendations throughout your 12-month subscription.

You can learn a lot about options trading by following Soloff’s trades and reading his briefs. He has tremendous insights into the market, and you can garner valuable insights from his research.

No one likes losing money, and losing trades can be incredibly discouraging when you’re just getting started. Soloff knows this as well as anyone, so his research techniques emphasize risk management to minimize the potential downside for each trade.

Soloff’s recommendations serve as an ideal launchpad for your options market debut. His briefs walk you through every step of the trade process, so you’ll learn more as you go. It’s an excellent educational solution for anyone interested in becoming a successful options trader.

options floor trader pro review

The Extra Cash Masterclass

The Extra Cash Masterclass we discussed earlier is also included with your Options Flow Trader Pro subscription.

We won’t go into detail because we already discussed this resource at length, but we’ll remind you that it educates you on everything you need to know to trade options successfully.

The masterclass covers Soloff’s top-four trading strategies and explains numerous high-value investing concepts.

This epic trading course will equip you with everything you need to take on the options market.

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26 Ways to Locate Extra Cash in 30 Days

A few extra bucks can go a long way in the options market. This special report shows you how to come up with quick cash to support your options efforts.

Soloff provides step-by-step instructions for several easy-to-do side hustles that can line your pockets with extra cash in the report.

Some of the topics covered in this report include:

  • A website you can use to earn up to $500 bucks in a single weekend.
  • How to make $20 to $50 per month from watching TV
  • Earning $60 to $100 in just one evening with a “cleansweep” trick
  • How to get your bank to add up to $1,000 to your savings account this year
  • Common items from around your house that you can easily resell
  • And much more

These techniques can help you come up with the cash you need to kick off your options career.

Every dollar makes a difference. Even a few hundred dollars could produce huge returns using Soloff’s techniques.

Anyone can use these money-making ideas to generate extra cash. Each opportunity is accessible for everyday people and easy to perform. You could end up with a substantial stockpile of cash if you follow through with all suggestions.

options floor trader pro review headline

7 Reasons Options Traders Fail (and 11 Easy Ways to Profit)

It’s no secret that the options market can be a dangerous place to make a dime. If you’re not careful, you could rack up huge losses from losing trades, but you can avoid many of the most common errors with this report.

In the report, Soloff lists seven errors commonly made by newer traders and provides tips for how you can avoid them. You’ll learn:

  • How you could lose before you’ve ever made a trade
  • Why overpaying for an option isn’t necessarily bad
  • Why you should never “leg in” to a trade
  • The one person you should NOT listen to about options
  • and much more

Soloff also lays out 11 tips for avoiding these and other common errors. It’s an excellent crash course for new option traders, and it helps newer options traders prevent losing money.  

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The Top Two Sectors to TRADE This Year

Soloff is throwing in his latest research on the top sectors to trade this year as a bonus. These market segments could generate huge returns, and there’s still time to get in on the action.

Soloff says he expects these sectors to be very kind to options traders this year. As a result, this one report could lead you to dozens of potential trade opportunities in these high-growth sectors.

The Top Two Sectors to AVOID This Year

The second bonus report covers the other side of the coin with Soloff’s top-two sectors to avoid this year. You would be well advised to steer clear of these two industries.

If you are already holding positions in these sectors, this report could save you from huge losses down the road. Soloff explains everything you need to know to make an educated decision in this insightful report.

5X Performance Guarantee

Options Floor Trader Pro’s money-back guarantee is a bit unique, but it’s also very reassuring. Soloff’s “double guarantee” covers the entire length of your 12-month subscription.

First, Soloff promises you’ll have the opportunity to 5X your money by the end of your 12-month subscription. If he doesn’t deliver, he’ll gift you another year of Options Floor Trader Pro at no cost.

Many typical guarantees would end there, but Soloff takes it a step further.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with Soloff’s work by the end of your one-year subscription for any reason, you can get a full refund on your purchase. You even get to keep the bonus resources as thanks for giving the service a shot.

Soloff’s guarantee offers some of the most robust coverage in the research industry. Moreover, it’s a strong indicator that Soloff and Investors Alley stand by this product, so you can make your purchase with total confidence that you’ll walk away satisfied.

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Options Floor Trader Pro Track Record

Jay Soloff has been involved with options trading for over 20 years, and he’s even worked alongside Wall Street firms and as a hedge fund senior analyst.

Soloff built an impressive track record over his career. Here are some of his top calls from 2019 and 2020:

jay soloff track record review

That’s a noteworthy collection of triple-digit winners with a four-digit cherry on top. Of course, most people would be more than satisfied with results like that.

While these results may not be typical, they demonstrate the type of outcomes you can achieve with Jay Soloff in your corner. 

Options Floor Trader Pro Review: Pros and Cons

Here are the best and worst points about Options Floor Trader Pro.


  • Two new options trades every month
  • Accompanying education write-ups explaining each trade
  • Led by an experienced professional options trader
  • Includes The Extra Cash Masterclass to help you get started
  • Find hidden cash with the 26 Ways to Locate Extra Cash report
  • Avoid common trading errors with the 7 Reasons Options Traders Fail report
  • Bonus research on Soloff’s top sectors to trade and top sectors to avoid this year
  • Fantastic satisfaction and performance guarantee
  • Respected publisher in Investors Alley
  • Affordably priced with a massive discount for our readers
  • Track record for triple and quadruple-digit winners
  • Explains options trading in simple, easy-to-understand terms


  • No community chat room or forum

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Is Options Floor Trader Pro Right for Me?

Options Floor Trader Pro has a lot to offer for anyone who wants to learn more about options, but it’s a particularly excellent fit for anyone interested in these topics:

High-Octane Growth

Options can produce enormous gains in very short time frames, and many trades require substantially less capital than traditional stock trading. So if you’re interested in trading techniques that can help you do more with less, Options Floor Trader Pro is a great fit.

Options Education

Learning about options can be an intimidating process. The space gets complicated quickly, but Jay Soloff has a unique talent for explaining the complex subject matter in easily digestible terms. He also includes briefs explaining each recommended trade, so you’ll learn more with every new report.

Experienced Leadership

Jay Soloff has options trading expertise that few gurus can match. He’s spent over two decades working closely alongside the options market, and he has extremely valuable insights into the market due to his experience. Having such an experienced hand at the helm is an invaluable asset.

High-Frequency Trading

Options Floor Trader Pro keeps you busy with a constant flow of new trading recommendations. Members get two new trades every month for a total of 24 new trades throughout the year. Many competing services only offer half that number, so you’ll love this service if you like to keep busy.

More Options Floor Trader Pro Reviews

Here are some additional Options Floor Trader Pro reviews from satisfied members:

option floor trader pro reviews

We pulled these Options Floor Trade Pro reviews from Jay Soloff’s latest presentation, so take them with a grain of salt. However, these reviews provide a valuable glimpse into what members enjoy most about the service.

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Options Floor Trader Pro: Pricing

This Options Floor Trader Pro package is valued at $696, but our readers can access a special deal.

Now, you can access this entire package for just $49.

That cost breaks down to slightly more than $4 per month. So at that rate, you’re paying roughly $2 for every options recommendation.

You also get the entire collection of bonus resources, including The Extra Cash Masterclass, 26 Places to Locate “Extra Cash,” and 7 Common Options Trading Mistakes Costing You Money.

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Is Options Floor Trader Pro Worth It?

At just $49, Options Floor Trader Pro is an excellent deal. You get a ton of research, education resources, professional-grade trading insights, and much more with this package.

The Extra Cash Masterclass is an ideal starting point for anyone interested in learning more about the options market. It offers a comprehensive education and covers everything you need to know to make a serious run in the options market.

Soloff’s other reports also cover essential topics that can give you a better chance of success, including tips for amassing investable capital, how to avoid common mistakes, and much more.

Even without all the bonuses, the core service is an excellent value in its own right. Options Floor Trader Pro members get two new trades to explore every month, along with supporting research and analysis for each recommendation.

Many similarly priced research services only provide one new recommendation every month, but Options Floor Trader Pro offers twice that amount. Plus, your purchase is covered with an iron-clad guarantee that protects you for the entire course of your 12-month subscription.

This package gives you a ton of value for your dollar. We can confidently say that Options Floor Trader Pro is well worth the upfront investment.

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options floor trader pro newsletter review

Options Floor Trader Pro Review: Final Verdict

Options Floor Trader Pro is the total package for anyone interested in learning more about options. It provides a step-by-step blueprint for success that can benefit both beginner and veteran traders alike.

The current crop of bonus reports makes this deal particularly enticing. In addition, The Extra Cash Masterclass video course provides an excellent introduction to options.

However, Jay Soloff is the real star of this show. It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to learn options from a 20-year industry veteran that made his bones in trading pits across the country.

Soloff’s invaluable insights set this service apart from the competition, and you’ll quickly learn to appreciate his analytical abilities once you start following his research.

Options Floor Trader Pro‘s publisher, Investors Alley, is also a respected figure in the research market. You don’t have to worry about doing business with this reputable, US-based research firm.

Finally, Soloff’s unprecedented “double-guarantee” is the icing on the cake. He promises you’ll be satisfied with the service and guarantees you’ll have a chance at a 5X gain by the end of your first year, or he and his team will make the situation right.

At just $49, it’s hard to beat a deal like that. Moreover, it’s incredibly compelling given the options market’s explosive potential for turbocharged growth.

If you’ve ever thought about adding options to your trading repertoire, Options Floor Trader Pro’s can outfit you with all the tools you need for lifelong trading success.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris studied accounting at Drexel University and first started investing back in 2018. He currently resides just outside Billings, Montana. Chris specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.