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Putin Revives Leningrad & Moscow Military Commands Bordering NATO Members Amid Rising Tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued new decrees re-forming the Leningrad and Moscow military districts, moves that analysts say indicate preparations for a possible wider conflict with NATO down the road.

Districts Oversee Western Defenses

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The revived commands will oversee Russia’s western defenses bordering NATO members. 

The Leningrad district bordered the Baltic states and Finland, which recently joined the alliance.

Incorporates Occupied Ukrainian Territory

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The decree establishing the Moscow district also incorporates the Ukrainian territories Russia claims to have annexed last fall, reflecting Russia’s maximalist war aims.

Analysts: Steps Ready for Future NATO War

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The Institute for the Study of War believes that creating districts similar to Moscow and Leningrad aims to strengthen control over Ukraine’s activities for now and prepare for a possible big war with NATO in the future.

2010 Merger Reversed

Credit: DepositPhotos – MOSCOW,07 MAY,2015:Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu at the final rehearsal of the military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory in the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War on Red Square — Photo by sergasx

The moves reverse Russia’s 2010 merger of the Leningrad and Moscow commands into the broader Western Military District. 

Last August, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the revival of the separate districts.

Baltic States Ramp Up Defenses

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The news comes as the Baltic states bordering the Leningrad district continue ramping up their militaries and sending aid to Ukraine. 

Finland’s accession also extended NATO’s border with Russia by some 800 miles.

Kremlin Propagandists Threaten West

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It follows months of Kremlin propagandists threatening strikes on NATO territory over support for Ukraine. 

Ties between Russia and the alliance have frayed since Moscow’s invasion began.

Quotes Threatening Conflict

Credit: DepositPhotos – Repair of heavy military equipment at a plant in Kyiv, Ukraine. August 2015. High quality photo — Photo by Wlad_Mus

According to one analyst, Russian officials and guests on Russian state TV have suggested attacking the United States and other Western countries because they’re helping Kyiv with aid and weapons. 

This is due to the tense relations between Russia and the West.

Analyst: Preparing for Baltic Conflicts

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Russian military analysts suggest the Leningrad district reboot suggests preparation for possible conflicts with the Baltic States and NATO. 

The area oversees defense strategy in Russia’s west.

Putin Warns of Growing Nuclear Threat

Credits: DepositPhotos – President of Russian Federation Putin Vladimir on the conference — Photo by YAY_Images

In his State of the Nation address last week, Putin also warned that the threat of nuclear war is growing globally, stoking further tensions.

The U.S. and NATO have pledged continued military support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s invasion. 

But Putin’s moves have raised concerns over long-term intentions.

Human Rights Groups Condemn Annexation

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Human rights groups globally condemned Russia’s attempted illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory incorporated into the revived Moscow military district.

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