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TradeSmith Quantum Edge Trader Review: The AI Takeover

Quantum Edge Trader Review
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Investing has entered a new era, and AI is leading the charge. Let’s dive into the Quantum Edge Trader and the expert behind it in this in-depth Tradesmith review.

What is Quantum Edge Trader?

Quantum Edge Trader is a sophisticated AI-driven investment research service that employs a one-of-a-kind 3-tier tracking system to pinpoint market opportunities. The mastermind behind this program is Jason Bodner, a prosperous investor known for accurately anticipating market trends.

Quantum Edge Trader’s Objectives and Strategies

This cutting-edge service is designed to help everyday individuals access the same high-level market intelligence that the elite have been using for years.

By monitoring and analyzing big money transactions, Quantum Edge Trader aims to uncover valuable investment opportunities for its subscribers.

Before we take a deep dive into this Tradesmith review, let’s take a look at the man behind Quantum Edge Trader.

Jason Bodner Review

Who is Jason Bodner?

Jason Bodner boasts an impressive history in the world of finance, having been involved with Cantor Fitzgerald during the 9/11 tragedy.

Demonstrating resilience and determination, he played an integral role in helping the company move forward and grow.

Jason Bodner Review: Is He Legit?

Jason Bodner’s credentials and track record speak volumes about his legitimacy in the financial world.

Having spent 12 years executing large stock transactions for some of the most influential figures in America, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that few others can match.

Jason Bodner’s decision to share his closely guarded 3-tier tracking system through Quantum Edge Pro illustrates his commitment to helping everyday individuals level the playing field.

By sharing his insights and expertise, he aims to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the financial markets.

Bodner’s extensive experience, proven track record, and dedication to sharing his expertise make him a legitimate and trustworthy figure in the world of finance.

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Quantum Edge Trader

What is “The AI Takeover”?

The AI Takeover is a phenomenon describing the increasing influence of artificial intelligence on the job market and trading landscape.

As AI technology continues to advance, it is set to reshape various industries, transforming the way people work and invest.

In the job market, AI-driven automation and data analysis will likely lead to the creation of new roles while rendering some traditional jobs obsolete.

Simultaneously, the market is experiencing a paradigm shift as AI-powered tools and algorithms become more prevalent.

These cutting-edge technologies are enabling more efficient and accurate trading, empowering individuals and professionals alike to make better-informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting EVERYTHING

Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting EVERYTHING

In the presentation, Jason Bodner highlights the transformative power of AI across various sectors and its ever-growing influence on the global economy.

AI has revolutionized numerous industries, giving rise to AI lawyers, artists, and other innovative applications.

In the financial world, AI has also led to the development of advanced trading algorithms, risk assessment models, and tools for fraud detection.

These innovations have allowed financial institutions to streamline their operations and make more informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

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Jason Bodner's "Smart Tech"

Jason Bodner’s “Smart Tech”

The “Smart Tech” trading system has its roots in Jason Bodner’s extensive experience in the financial industry, where he gained invaluable knowledge about market dynamics and big money transactions.

By combining this expertise with advanced AI technology, Bodner developed a system capable of analyzing complex market data and identifying hidden patterns that could indicate potential investment opportunities.

At the core of the “Smart Tech” system is its ability to monitor and analyze vast amounts of data, including historical price movements, trading volume, and other relevant market factors.

By leveraging machine learning algorithms, the system can continuously adapt and refine its predictive capabilities, allowing it to stay ahead of the ever-changing market landscape.

Jason Bodner's #1 "Smart Tech" Stock

Jason Bodner’s #1 “Smart Tech” Stock

Jason Bodner’s top “Smart Tech” stock pick is a standout performer, showing incredible potential in the market.

This stock not only meets the stringent criteria set by the “Smart Tech” trading system but surpasses them by a significant margin.

In comparison to others, this top pick stands out as a major player with strong potential for growth.

Quantum Edge Trader: What’s Included in the AI Takeover Deal?

Let’s take a closer look at the individual features of Quantum Edge Trader:

Quantum Edge Trader

One-Year Subscription to Quantum Edge Trader

A one-year subscription to Quantum Edge Trader provides subscribers with a range of benefits that help them navigate the financial markets. This includes access to weekly breakdowns, which offer in-depth analysis of current market trends and developments.

Subscribers also receive timely market updates, ensuring they stay well-informed on the latest financial news and events.

Members also gain access to “Smart Tech” recommendations, which are handpicked by Jason Bodner and based on his proprietary system.

These suggestions can help subscribers identify potential opportunities and make informed decisions in their trading endeavors.

Additionally, special research reports are included in the subscription, providing valuable insights and analysis on various financial topics.

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Quantum Edge Trader

Special Alerts and Updates

With Quantum Edge Trader, subscribers benefit from special alerts and updates provided by Jason Bodner. These alerts ensure that members are kept in the loop about moving stocks and other potential opportunities in the market.

Receiving regular updates on active Quantum Edge Trader stock picks allows subscribers to closely monitor the performance of the recommended stocks.

This feature helps members stay up-to-date with any significant changes or developments that may impact their trading decisions.

Quantum Edge Trader

Model Portfolio

A key feature of the Quantum Edge Trader membership is full access to the model portfolio. This valuable resource includes all of Jason Bodner’s active stock picks, complete with detailed information about each.

The model portfolio not only makes it simple to stay on top of your trades but also allows you to track the progress of the stocks recommended by Quantum Edge Trader.

With this comprehensive overview of Bodner’s picks, subscribers can monitor the performance of their investments and make informed decisions about their trading strategies.

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Member's Only Portal

Member’s Only Portal

Inside the member’s only portal, you’ll find an extensive collection of past issues, a comprehensive library of special reports, exclusive videos, and a wealth of other content designed to help you deepen your understanding of trading strategies and the markets.

This archive offers a fantastic opportunity to learn from Jason Bodner’s past research and recommendations, providing valuable context for the current market and trading environment.

The member’s only portal serves as a treasure trove of information for Quantum Edge Trader subscribers, enabling them to access exclusive content that can enhance their trading knowledge and inform their investment strategies.

Quantum Edge Trader

The Quantum Edge Trader Handbook

Another valuable resource included in the Quantum Edge Trader membership is the Quantum Edge Trader Handbook.

Often referred to as the “owner’s manual” for the service, this comprehensive guide is designed to help new members navigate the platform and make the most of their subscriptions.

The Quantum Edge Trader Handbook contains clear instructions on how to fully utilize the resources and tools provided by the service.

This indispensable guide is filled with valuable information, making it an essential read for new members looking to maximize their investment potential.

Quantum Edge Trader

The Quantum Edge Trader Masterclass

As part of the Quantum Edge Trader subscription, members also gain access to the Quantum Edge Trader Masterclass.

This instructional video series is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of Bodner’s “Smart Tech” strategy, revealing the inner workings of the system and the insights it can offer.

The Quantum Edge Trader Masterclass aims to educate members on the fundamentals of the “Smart Tech” strategy, covering various aspects such as the methodology behind it, the types of insights it can generate, and how it can be applied to make informed decisions in the market.

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Quantum Edge Trader Review: Bonus Reports

Included in the limited-time AI Takeover deal are several additional reports, meant to provide valuable insights and enhance the Quantum Edge Trader experience.

Bonus Report #1: The 3 Persistent Performers to Watch Right Now 

Bonus Report #1: The 3 Persistent Performers to Watch Right Now 

The first bonus report provides subscribers with an in-depth analysis of three stocks that are poised for continued growth and success.

It offers valuable information about the companies behind these stocks, their business models, and their potential for future growth.

This report is especially valuable because it helps readers identify potential opportunities in the market.

By highlighting these persistent performers, members can gain a better understanding of the factors that contribute to a company’s success and use this knowledge to inform their investment strategies.

Bonus Report #2: The 3 Surprising Repeat Offenders to DUMP Right Now

Bonus Report #2: The 3 Surprising Repeat Offenders to DUMP Right Now

The second bonus report focuses on three stocks that have underperformed and may not be suitable for long-term growth.

This report delves into the reasons behind the poor performance of these companies and discusses why they may not be ideal investment choices.

This report is valuable because it helps readers avoid potential pitfalls in the market.

By identifying these underperforming stocks, subscribers can make more educated decisions about their investment portfolios and potentially reduce risk.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Jason Bodner’s Quantum Edge Trader comes with a reassuring money-back guarantee, ensuring that subscribers feel secure in their decision to join.

The money-back guarantee ensures that if, for any reason, a subscriber is not happy with the service, they can request a refund within 60 days.

This assurance makes the decision to join Quantum Edge Trader virtually risk-free, as members can explore the service without worrying about the financial commitment.

Furthermore, even if a subscriber chooses to cancel their membership and request a refund, they are still allowed to keep the bonus reports as a token of appreciation for giving Quantum Edge Trader a try.

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Quantum Edge Trader Review: Pros and Cons

As we come to the tail end of this Tradesmith review, Let’s take a look at the advantages and drawbacks of Quantum Edge Trader.


  • AI-driven trading system
  • Cutting-edge “Smart Tech” strategy
  • Comprehensive market analysis
  • Access to exclusive AI-based research
  • Easy-to-follow model portfolio
  • Guidance from an industry expert, Jason Bodner
  • Insightful bonus reports with AI-driven predictions
  • Reassuring money-back guarantee
  • Exclusive members-only portal
  • Continuous learning resources and support


  • No dedicated platform for member discussions
  • Does not cover options trading techniques

Jason Bodner’s Top Smart Tech Stocks

Let’s take a look at some of the stocks identified by Smart Tech and Jason Bodner:

Jason Bodner's Top Smart Tech Stocks

Smart Tech’s cutting-edge AI-driven system was able to spot ELF Beauty Inc. as a strong opportunity. The system detected priming signals that are difficult for the human eye to discern.

Following the alert, the stock experienced significant growth, providing good returns to those who acted on the information.

ELF Beauty Inc. stood out as a persistent performer, appearing on the radar 14 times.

This consistency in performance demonstrated the stock’s resilience and potential for growth, making it an attractive pick for those following Jason Bodner’s Smart Tech recommendations.

Enphase Energy

By employing the Smart Tech system within Quantum Edge Pro, Jason Bodner was also able to identify Enphase Energy as one with significant growth potential.

Enphase Energy appeared at the top of the list 11 times, demonstrating its robust performance and consistency.

For individuals who acted on the alerts provided by Quantum Edge Pro, they would have seen a fivefold increase in their investment, underlining the effectiveness of the Smart Tech system in pinpointing potentially lucrative opportunities.

SolarEdge Technologies Inc

Quantum Edge Pro, with its cutting-edge Smart Tech system, also adeptly identified SolarEdge Technologies Inc. as a high-potential stock.

The artificial intelligence behind Quantum Edge Pro was able to discern subtle priming signals that a human analyst might have overlooked, leading to the timely alert for this stock opportunity.

Following the recommendation from Quantum Edge Pro, SolarEdge Technologies Inc. experienced a phenomenal increase in value.

Those who heeded the guidance and invested in this stock were rewarded with an outstanding 2,200% return on their investment.

>> Empower Your Investment Strategy with Quantum Edge Trader << 

Over the past few years, Jason’s Smart Tech, powered by Quantum Edge Pro, has identified an impressive 98 triple-digit winners, showcasing its remarkable ability to pinpoint lucrative stock opportunities.

These stock recommendations have solidified Quantum Edge Pro’s reputation as a legitimate product that delivers results.

While it is important to note that gains like these might not be typical for every user, they provide a clear demonstration of what Bodner’s system is capable of. A few standout stock picks include GameStop, which saw a 284% gain, TradeDesk with a 491% gain, Apple experiencing a 590% increase, and the exceptional SolarEdge Technologies, boasting a staggering 1,499% gain.

These impressive results are a testament to the power of Quantum Edge Pro’s artificial intelligence and the Smart Tech system’s ability to uncover hidden gems in the market.

By leveraging advanced technology and thorough analysis, Quantum Edge Pro continues to deliver valuable insights to its users, giving them the potential to achieve remarkable returns on their investments.

Quantum Edge Trader Review: How Much is AI Takeover?

When considering the cost of Quantum Edge Trader: AI Takeover, it’s important to factor in the value provided by its innovative features and powerful AI-driven Quantum Edge Pro capabilities.

The subscription price for this service is currently a very affordable $49, representing a significant 75% discount from its regular price of $199.

To put this pricing into perspective, your investment in Quantum Edge Trader: AI Takeover equates to a mere $4.08 per month over a year or just under $0.94 per week. 

This makes it an incredibly cost-effective solution for those seeking to leverage advanced AI technology to optimize their strategies and maximize potential gains in the stock market.

Quantum Edge Trader Review

Quantum Edge Trader Review: Is It Worth It?

At its current price, Quantum Edge Trader is an exceptional deal for those seeking a cutting-edge tool to navigate the ever-changing world of trading stocks. With a strong track record and a comprehensive suite of resources, the service can be a game-changer for anyone ready to take their portfolio to the next level.

Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the power of AI and unlock the potential of Quantum Edge Trader for your financial future.

>> Unleash the Power of AI in Your Investments with Quantum Edge Trader <<

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