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Queens Residents Say AOC “Abandoned” Them Amidst Increasing Crime and Migrant Influx

In the heart of Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC’s) district in Queens, New York City, community members are raising their voices against the growing number of immigrants and the accompanying rise in crime, feeling neglected by the congresswoman.

When Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Rachel Campos Duffy engaged with local voters, she found that many were deeply affected by illegal immigration, rising criminal activities, and the ignorance of their representatives regarding these issues.

Residents highlighted the strain illegal flea markets are placing on legitimate small businesses, unable to compete with the low prices offered on the streets.

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With crime rates escalating, safety has become a paramount concern, particularly after dark. 

Some of the residents interviewed claimed, “After 7 p.m.… You cannot walk around here,” and that the area was “very unsafe, truly.”

Reports of personal assaults and the fear of venturing out in the evening reflect the severity of the community’s distress.

Ramses Frias, a political candidate who once identified as a Democrat, pointed out the economic damage inflicted on brick-and-mortar establishments by unchecked street vending, leading to numerous closures and contributing to the neighborhood’s decline.

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Ocasio-Cortez responded to the outcry by attributing the deteriorating conditions to restrictive immigration policies.

In her view, pushing immigrants into “undignified conditions” by denying them proper work permits and vending licenses is creating these conditions.

She advocates for pathways to citizenship and proper documentation as solutions to these challenges, criticizing Republican opposition to such measures.

The grievances of the community extend beyond economic and safety concerns, touching on feelings of abandonment by their elected representative.

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Former supporters and volunteers of Ocasio-Cortez expressed disillusionment with her absence from the district and her perceived prioritization of her political career in Washington, D.C., over the needs of her constituents in Queens.

One of the supporters went so far as to say, “She completely abandoned our community.”

This disconnect has sparked a call to action among the residents of Jackson Heights and the broader 14th Congressional District, urging Ocasio-Cortez to address the mounting challenges facing their community.

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