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Retirement Millionaire Review – Is David Eifrig Legit?

retirement millionaire review
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Dr. David Eifrig’s latest research package pinpoints a burgeoning opportunity in the healthcare space. But does it really live up to the hype? Tune into my Retirement Millionaire review for the full story.

What Is Retirement Millionaire?

Retirement Millionaire is a monthly research service led by Dr. David Eifrig Jr. and published by Stansberry Research.

Subscriptions include stock picks, market commentary, bonus reports, and more.

As the name suggests, the central focus of this newsletter is retirement.

It also dials in conservative investment opportunities for a chance to steadily grow portfolios over time.

And the typical holding period is at least two years or longer.

Doc also offers loads of helpful tips about retirement, including how to live a millionaire lifestyle at a hefty discount, as well as money management.

It’s a unique angle that many services touch on, but don’t really commit to.

I’ll dive deeper into the intricacies as we go, so stick around. Let’s kick things off with a look into the service’s lead.

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Dr. david eifrig reviews are largely positive

Who Is Dr. David Eifrig?

David Eifrig is an excellent analyst with a keen eye for retirement investments. 

He graduated from Northwestern University’s prestigious Kellogg School of Management in 1986 with a double-major MBA in finance and international policy.

Shortly after, Doc began his investing career trading derivatives at Goldman Sachs, where he eventually earned a VP title.

He spent more than a decade on Wall Street with Goldman, Chase Manhattan, and other firms.

In 1995, Doc decided to broaden his horizons. So he left Wall Street to attend medical school and pursue his dream of becoming a medical doctor.

doctor david eifrig junior

Doc joined the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine in 1997 and graduated with honors to earn a medical doctorate degree in 2001.

In 2002, the newly minted Dr. David Eifrig joined the highly esteemed Duke University medical school as an ophthalmology fellow and remained there until 2004.

Around this time, Doc helped start a small biotech startup called Mirus. Roche later acquired the company for $125 million in 2008.

Soon after the Mirus deal, the trading bug bit Doc again. But he didn’t want to return to Wall Street.

Instead, he wanted to help everyday people take control of their wealth and health.

Doc quickly determined that the best way to share his investment strategies was with Stansberry Research.

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Stansberry research reviews say a lot of good things about this publisher

What Is Stansberry Research?

Stansberry Research is one of the leading names in the retail research industry, and they’re the publisher behind Doc’s Retirement Millionaire.

Porter Stansberry founded the company in 1999, and it exploded in popularity over the next two-plus decades.

Its comparatively affordable research newsletters were a hit with everyday folks, and the company had several specialized research services under its brand before long.

Today, Stansberry Research is one of the most prolific publishers in the investment research industry.

The company publishes several popular monthly investment services besides Retirement Millionaire, including:

That’s an impressive catalog.

But it’s not surprising considering that Stansberry has been in the industry for decades.

retirement millionaire big lies presentation

David Eifrig’s Prediction for 2023

In his latest presentation, David Eifrig has a jaw-dropping message for Americans.

Despite disturbing trends popping up around the market, he believes there could be a massive rebound around the corner.

And Eifrig believes you can turn the today’s down market into an epic opportunity by making a few prudent moves right now.

Here’s what else he has to say in his latest presentation for Retirement Millionaire.

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Wall Street’s Big Lies

If you follow the market, it’s no secret that it’s been a tough year. Record-high inflation, a hawkish Fed, and the threat of a recession have rocked the market over the past few months.

Throughout this time, many of Wall Street’s top minds have publicly commented on the market’s gloomy outlook, but they don’t seem to be following their own advice.

However, many of the people who are sounding the alarm bell are quietly amassing stocks while the downturn accelerates.

Take Jeremy Grantham, for example. The billionaire founder of GMO Capital has been a stock market player for over 20 years, managing hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of assets.

Just a few months ago, Grantham warned that the market was headed for trouble and suggested that investors hold cash before the big crash came.

Business insider Jeremy Grantham

Despite all the bearish talk, Grantham has quietly poured billions of dollars into the market over the past few months.

jeremy grantham trade chart

Altogether, he’s invested more than $1.9 billion into the market, while simultaneously telling the public to cut and run.

Grantham isn’t the only one sending contradicting signals. The Big Short’s Michael Burry, Bridgewater Capital’s Ray Dalio, and famed currency trader Stanley Druckenmiller are taking similar courses.

But, why? Why would they continue buying when they’re so bearish on the market?

The truth is they’re not bearish at all.

In fact, Wall Street loves downturns like we’re seeing today. These slowdowns provide an ideal opportunity for well-funded investors to snatch up assets for dirt cheap.

But, the real secret is what happens next. Time and time again, these brief slowdowns have been followed by massive stock market rallies.

Eifrig believes that, today, we could be on the verge of another game-changing boom.

This chart shows wall street buys after a dip in the S&P 500.

What Is the Great Reversal Window?

On Wall Street, “buy the dip” isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life.

Time and time again, we’ve seen Wall Street take advantage of stock market panics to snatch up shares of cheap, all while fanning the flames of the public’s panic.

Oftentimes, they scream from the rooftops that the sky is falling, while filling their coffers with high quality stocks trading at a discount.

Most of the time, these moves put the “Smart Money” in position to capture the lion’s share of the gains when the market rebounds, while mom-and-pop investors scramble to catch up.

David Eifrig believes we’re seeing another iteration of this trend in 2023.

He also points out that roughly half of all daily newspapers are now owned or controlled by hedge funds and other investment groups, so they have no problem getting their preferred narrative across to the public.

However, as David says, “when you follow the money, and NOT the headlines, the truth comes out.”

Chart of the 2003-2004 reversal window

Wall Street is buying hand over fist because they’re convinced a massive boom could follow the market downturn.

They’re all banking on the “great reversal window,” the time frame when the down-trend will pivot and transform into an up-trend.

Fortunately for us, Wall Street isn’t the only one who sees the writing on the wall, and David Eifrig wants to help everyday folks level the playing field.

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Chart showing a 1,367% gain in the 2020 reversal window

How to Beat Wall Street at Their Own Game

David Eifrig says the key to coming out of the down market on top is to follow the money.

And, he’s identified a group of stocks that has quietly attracted over $4.4 trillion – that’s trillion, with a ‘T’ – in institutional investments as of Q3 2022.

This group of stocks outperformed the S&P 500 by a massive margin during the 2009 reversal window, and they could be gearing up for an encore performance.

2009 reversal window chart: "This group of stocks almost doubled the S&P 500!"

However, the reversal window we could be entering comes with one notable caveat: it could be the last one to come for a very long time.

David Eifrig says this rebound could be followed by a full decade of slow-to-no growth, which isn’t likely to make up for any losses incurred by holding onto your current positions.

That’s why simply holding your positions and waiting for the storm to pass won’t work. It could take more than 10 years for your positions to get back to break-even.

If you want to build a massive war chest that will carry you through the uncertainty ahead, this reversal window could be your last chance.

Fortunately, David Eifrig has assembled a collection of his most promising reversal window research, and he’s only sharing it with members of his Retirement Millionaire service.

His research is headlined by a special report featuring seven stocks that could skyrocket when the market turns around, plus much, much more.

Next, my Retirement Millionaire review will break down everything that’s included with Eifrig’s reversal window deal, so you can decide if it’s worth your time.


What Comes With The Service?

Here’s what you get when you join Retirement Millionaire under the limited-time reversal window bundle.

The Retirement Millionaire: "Big Lies" Reversal Window Bundle - 75% Off

One Year of the Retirement Millionaire Newsletter

The monthly newsletter is where members receive the bulk of their research.

Each issue contains one trade idea, supporting research, as well as the ticker symbol.

The targeted investment horizon is in the ballpark of 2 years. So these recommendations are intended to be held for the long haul.

This strategy could be a good fit for folks who prefer steady positions over fast-paced trades.

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Trade Alerts

The team immediately notifies members of market moves that could affect the portfolio.

This includes both buy and sell alerts.

Each alert is backed with reasoning for the recommended action, so it’s easy to follow their methodology.

It’s a handy feature that lets members go about their day knowing the team is keeping a close eye on the markets.

health and wealth bulletin

Health & Wealth Bulletin

This daily newsletter provides a blend of market commentary and health and wellness tips.

The steady stream of insights could keep members occupied between monthly issues of Retirement Millionaire.

Health & Wealth Bulletin doesn’t offer trade ideas, but this newsletter does spotlight general opportunities worth keeping an eye on.

It also has contributors, so you can get a well-rounded mix of expert analysis. 

stansberry digest

The Stansberry Digest

Similar to the Health & Wealth Bulletin, this daily newsletter offers general market insights.

Each issue is available every weekday after the market closes.

Between The Stansberry Digest and the other resources, members could have their hands full with a steady flow of expert research.

Retirement Millionaire Library Member Exclusive

Doc’s Full Library of Newsletter Issues & Special Reports

New members can go back and look at all of David Eifrig’s previous Retirement Millionaire reports and newsletter issues with the service’s sprawling online library.

Inside, you can find stock picks, investing insights, and other gems from Eifrig and his team.

Although these materials are outdated in some cases, they’re still an incredibly useful educational resource and a source for potential investment ideas.

If you spend just a few minutes perusing the Retirement Millionaire library, you’re sure to learn something new.

Eifrig is a true master, and just reading his research can help you sharpen your investing skills. The library is one of the most valuable features in this bundle.

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New Member Bonuses

Your subscription also comes with a boat-load of special reports packed with high-value research & insights from Dr. David Eifrig. Here’s what you get:

seven stocks for great reversal window

7 Stocks for the Great Reversal Window

This is the featured report in the reversal window bundle, and it includes in-depth research & analysis on David Eifrig’s top-7 stocks for the Great Reversal Window.

Eifrig doesn’t share any identifying info on these stocks during his promo, but he provides a few compelling tidbits about their growth potential.

He says these stocks have recently become a magnet for Smart Money investments, and they have a history of outperforming the S&P 500 during previous reversal windows.

He also notes that these stocks all hail from the same space, which is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the report.

David Eifrig provides details on all seven stocks in this featured report, plus his expert analysis. He even shares an exact “buy up to” price for each stock.

If you want to make the most out of the Great Reversal Window, this report should be at the top of your reading list. The info you’ll find inside could make the difference between financial ruin & success in the years ahead.

seven underground toxic stocks

7 Underground Toxic Stocks

Some of Wall Street’s top players have been very busy as of late, and they’re not just snatching up down-and-out stocks. They’re also quietly dumping several widely-held stocks.

Ray Dalio, Steven Cohen, Jim Simons, Jeremy Grantham, David Tepper, and Paul Tudor Jones all recently sold their entire positions in at least one of these former Wall Street darlings.

I’ve seen the list, and it’s pretty shocking. Many of these companies were widely celebrated just a year or two ago, and you’ll probably be surprised when you see the names on the list.

There’s a good chance you own at least one of these stocks, and you could be in for big losses if you don’t adjust your positions before the other shoe drops.

This report could save you from getting bogged down in a value trap while the market is soaring, and it’s included at no extra cost. It’s an absolute must-read.

The Two Most Valuable Assets in a Time of Crisis

The Two Most Valuable Assets in a Time of Crisis

Doc Eifrig believes two overlooked assets could be set for exponential growth in the years ahead, and now could be an excellent time to make an entrance.

According to Doc, one of these assets has been through four bear markets, three bull markets, and 10 market corrections without a single down year.

The other is widely regarded as “one of the longest-running, safest ways to build wealth.” Over the past 30 years, it’s delivered steady income ranging from 12 to 14% per year.

The Two Most Valuable Assets in a Time of Crisis will show you how to strategically utilize these two assets to maximum advantage in the uncertain times ahead.

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the best states for your retirement

The Best States for Your Retirement

Where you live can have a tremendous effect on your retirement, and David Eifrig has assembled this handy guide to help you sort out the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

This 55-page guide is packed with in-depth analysis on retirement in all 50 states in the U.S., including details on cost of living, taxes, and even access to golf courses!

You’ll discover the top-10 states for retirement, as well as the five worst states for retirees, so you’ll know where to go and where NOT to go when it’s time to crack open that nest egg.

This is a very useful, practical guide for folks who are approaching retirement. Even if you’re not close to retiring, you’ll find the best options for relocating and other useful insights.


Retirement Millionaire Moneyback Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Retirement Millionaire offers a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee with every new subscription.

This means new members have about a month to take the service for a spin.

If you ultimately decide it’s not a good match, you can request a refund on the cost of the subscription.

The newsletter’s typical holding period is around two years, so this might not be enough time to see a recommendation to its conclusion.

Still, it offers a comfortable window to dive into the team’s analysis and bonus reports.

Also, David’s a solid analyst, so you could learn some valuable lessons — even if you don’t stick with the service.

>> Join under David’s iron-clad guarantee <<

Pros and Cons

I found a lot to like in my Retirement Millionaire review, but the service does have a few downsides.


  • Excellent price and 75% discount
  • Extensive bonus materials
  • Learn to live a millionaire lifestyle on less
  • New stock recommendations every month


  • May be too conservative for aggressive trading
  • No short recommendations

Is Dr. David Eifrig Legit?

David Eifrig is legit.

He’s been running Retirement Millionaire for 13 years, so people must be getting some value out of Doc’s unique insights.

As an actual doctor, David also shares some solid tips for maintaining health.

In terms of a resume, you can’t ask for better in a research guru.

Since its launch, nearly 100,000 members have read Doc’s Retirement Millionaire newsletter, and the service is still running strong to this day.

Retirement Millionaire Reviews

David Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire has earned a 4.2/5 rating on Stock Gumshoe.

This is out of 288 reviews, which is a pretty solid sample size.

Here’s a look at the rating.

Retirement millionaire reviews:  overall rating of 4.2 out of 5.0

Something to keep in mind is that I cannot verify which ratings are from real members.

Stock Gumshoe is a third-party rating site.

That said, I think it’s a good sign that it appears the general sentiment toward this service is positive.

David also highlights a few Retirement Millionaire reviews from actual members in his latest presentation, and they seem to be very satisfied with the service.

retirement millionaire reviews by real members

Keep in mind, these reports came directly from David’s latest presentations, so take them with a grain of salt.

However, they still give you a valuable window into what these members experienced with the service.

From what I can tell, David Eifrig and Retirement Millionaire are the real deal. Both get good marks from the internet and high praise from members.

>> Join these satisfied customers and sign up now <<

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Typically, an annual Retirement Millionaire subscription costs $199.

However, the team is sweetening the deal and providing new members with an introductory offer of $49 for the first year.

This stacks up to about a 75% discount.

It’s important to note that this is an introductory offer. When the subscription renews, the next year costs the original rate of $199.

While it would be ideal to have the reduced rate carry over, $49 for the first year is a solid deal.

The whole package is also backed by a fair 30-day refund window.

Retirement Millionaire pricing and features


Is the Service Right for Me?

Retirement Millionaire is a great option for a wide segment of the public, but it’s a particularly good fit for these groups.

The market is at a crossroad, and you could get crushed if you sit on your hands and let this key inflection point pass you by.

However, picking winners & losers is much harder in an uncertain market like today’s, but David Eifrig’s research can help you navigate the market like a pro.

With the Great Reversal Window potentially on the horizon, making the right moves now could help you generate life-changing wealth over the next few years.

Aside from all the Great Reversal bonuses, you’ll also get a full 12 months of David’s Retirement Millionaire service, so you can follow his analysis and stock picks for a full year.

David’s research focuses on opportunities for steady growth over time, so you can rest assured he won’t point you in the wrong direction.

You can follow his research with confidence, knowing he heavily scrutinizes each trade recommendation.

The newsletter also takes a very strategic, value-focused approach to the market, so it’s an excellent choice for people who are just starting to learn about trading.

>> Get started now for just $49 <<

Retirement Millionaire limited-time offer.

Is Retirement Millionaire Worth It?

Retirement Millionaire is an excellent research service that provides a wealth of insights into how to make the most out of your retirement savings.

At $49 for your first year, you’re paying just over $4 per month for professional-grade research from a proven winner in Dr. David Eifrig.

That’s a minuscule upfront cost when considering the benefits that a Retirement Millionaire subscription could hold for a retirement account.

Think of it as a small investment that could pay off big in the future.

For this low price, you get 12 recommendations throughout your membership, complete access to up to 25 additional stock picks through the model portfolio, and a treasure trove of high-grade research reports.

Plus, it’s all backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I highly recommend giving Retirement Millionaire a close look if you’re in the market for quality research from a respected expert.

>> That’s it for my review. Sign up for 75% off TODAY <<


Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.