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Senator Tuberville Mocked Over Putin Comments “If Vladimir Putin Says It, It Must Be True!”

Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville has drawn intense criticism online for his defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the wake of an interview conducted by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Tuberville’s Defense of Putin

Credit: Chiang mai, Thailand – Oct 05 2023: A woman sitting indoors and using a X Twitter application through her Iphone14. A X Twitter logo on an Iphone14 screen. Social media platform concept — Photo by BongkarnGraphic

Senator Tuberville took to social media platform X to share his views on Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin, suggesting that Russia is open to a peace agreement while implicating Washington for prolonging the conflict by allocating additional tax dollars.

Voting Against Bill to Fund Ukraine

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“Last night’s @TuckerCarlson’s interview with Putin shows that Russia is open to a peace agreement, while it is DC warmongers who want to prolong the war. That is why I’m voting to stop 60 BILLION MORE of our tax dollars to this conflict,” the senator wrote.

Putin’s Statements on Negotiations

Credit: MINSK, BELARUS – Feb 11, 2015: Russian President Vladimir Putin before the negotiations leaders of states in Normandy format in Minsk — Photo by palinchak

During the interview, Putin expressed Russia’s readiness for peace talks with Ukraine but blamed the United States for hindering negotiations.

He criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for legislating a ban on negotiating with Russia.

Putin’s Statement

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“The President of Ukraine [Volodymyr Zelensky] has legislated a ban on negotiating with Russia,” the Russian leader said.

“He signed a decree forbidding everyone to negotiate with Russia. But how are we going to negotiate if he forbade himself and everyone to do this?”

Willing To Negotiate

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He continued: “We’re willing to negotiate. It is the Western side, and Ukraine is obviously a satellite state of the U.S.

The current Ukrainian leadership [should] stop and come to a negotiating table, rescind this absurd decree. We did not refuse.”

Online Backlash

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Senator Tuberville’s remarks faced sharp criticism from X users who ridiculed his belief in Putin’s intentions for peace.

Critics mocked Tuberville for seemingly endorsing Putin’s narrative over the conflict.

Responses to Tuberville’s Comments

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Various individuals, including journalists and political commentators, expressed incredulity at Tuberville’s stance.

Journalist Mark Jacob wrote, “If Vladimir Putin says it, it must be true, according to Tommy Tuberville.”

The New MAGA Republicans

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Ron Filipkowski, editor-in-chief of MeidasTouch, chimed in: “Tuberville believes that Putin wants peace, and the United States wants war.

This is the new MAGA Republican Party. Donald Trump’s party. Putin First!”

Zelensky’s Response

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky responded to the situation by highlighting the tragic consequences of the conflict, emphasizing the need for accountability for Russia’s actions.

Congressional Response and Aid Package

Credit: POZNAN, POL – MAR 12, 2022: Humanitarian aid for Ukraine organized by civil society in Poland after Russian invasion on Ukraine in 2022 — Photo by monticello

As the U.S. Congress debates the continuation of aid for Ukraine, divisions persist among lawmakers.

The Senate recently voted to advance a foreign aid package, including $61 billion for Ukraine, amid dwindling Republican support for funding.

McConnell and Schumer’s Positions

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have advocated for increased aid to Ukraine, reflecting bipartisan efforts to address the ongoing crisis.

Contents of the Aid Package

Credit: YEMEN, Sanaa: Members of local humanitarian organization Mona Relief distribute clothes to displaced families and poor people near Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, on November 11, 2015. — Photo by YAY_Images

In addition to assistance for Ukraine, the foreign aid package allocates funds for Israel, America’s allies in the Indo-Pacific region, and humanitarian aid for conflict zones like Gaza, the West Bank, and Ukraine.

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