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SNL Pokes Fun at Biden’s Age in Cold Open

Saturday Night Live opened its latest episode with a humorous segment that poked fun at concerns over President Joe Biden’s age.

It featured a spoof of CNN’s Inside Politics, where the president’s allies were portrayed as defending his vigor and readiness for another term.

The Parody Begins

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The cold open is set on a parody version of CNN’s Inside Politics with Dana Bash, played by Heidi Gardner.

It kicks off with a discussion with California Governor Gavin Newsom, impersonated by Michael Longfellow, who champions President Biden’s record and unseen vitality.

Newsom’s Defense of Biden

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In the sketch, “Newsom” lauds Biden’s accomplishments and addresses concerns about his age by highlighting Biden’s sharpness and command during private meetings, even joking about Biden’s prowess with modern technology and programming.

Biden’s Reflexes and Vigor

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The segment humorously claims that behind closed doors, Biden exhibits reflexes that rival those of movie characters, catching baseballs in his sleep and showcasing an alertness that belies his “Sleepy Joe” nickname.

Jean-Pierre’s Praise for Biden

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Ego Nwodim, posing as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, joins the parody to tout Biden as “the most vigorous man” she’s ever known, sharing fabricated tales of his daily feats of strength and agility.

Biden’s Supposed Daily Routine

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The skit describes a mock schedule for Biden that includes leading Soul Cycle classes, effortlessly winning speed chess matches, and dominating in push-up contests, further emphasizing the comedic portrayal of his energy.

Mayorkas on Biden’s Border Visit

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Marcello Hernández, as Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, recounts a fictional story of Biden’s “beast mode” actions during a visit to the border, adding a layer of absurdity with tales of parkour and aquatic prowess.

The “Beast Mode” President

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“Mayorkas” describes Biden’s exaggerated exploits at the border, including scaling the border wall and capturing a fish with his mouth, poking fun at the narrative of Biden’s physical capabilities.

An Attempted Call to Biden

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The sketch attempts to connect directly with President Biden, played by Mikey Day, through a video call, humorously fumbling with the technology in a nod to the generational gap often highlighted in discussions about Biden’s age.

A Light-Hearted Look at Political Discourse

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This SNL segment serves as a satirical commentary on the political discourse surrounding President Biden’s age, using exaggeration and humor to spark discussion on the topic.

SNL’s Role in Political Satire

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By portraying Biden and his allies, SNL continues its long-standing tradition of engaging in political satire, offering a comedic perspective on the realities of political life and leadership.

Reflecting on Presidential Capacity

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The cold open not only entertained but also subtly questioned and reflected on the conversations about leadership, age, and the capabilities required to lead a nation, all while maintaining SNL’s signature comedic tone.

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