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Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Review 2021: Is Stansberry Research Legit?

Chris Dios - October 07, 2021

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Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is one of Stansberry Research’s longest-running services, and it still has a solid following to this day. We’re putting it to the test in our Stansberry’s Investment Advisory review, so keep reading to find out the truth about this popular research service.

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stansberry investment advisory review

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Review: Overview

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Newsletter is Stansberry Research’s flagship research newsletter and one of the company’s most highly regarded offerings.

Frank Porter Stansberry, the founder of the namesake research firm, first launched his investment advisory service back in 1999.

Since then, it has successfully predicted many of the most notable market trends of the past two decades.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s insights provided readers with plenty of profit opportunities, and unlike many competing financial newsletters, the service stayed relevant over the years.

It’s important to remember that this service does not offer investment advice, rather it is a research service.

More About Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s Newsletter

Frank Porter Stansberry used to lead this service himself, but he recently passed the torch.

Now, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s lead analyst is veteran analyst Alan Gula — more on him later.

Today, hundreds of thousands of people from 120 countries read Stansberry Research’s stock picks each month.

With a following like that, it’s no surprise Stansberry has become a top name in the research industry over the past two-plus decades.

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stansberry investment advisory review

Investment Strategy Review

According to the Stansberry Research website, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Newsletter maintains approximately 20 to 30 open positions at any given time, and most have a typical holding period ranging from one year or longer.

Stocks constitute most of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s recommendations, and new members should have at least $1,000 in investable capital to get started.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Newsletter usually goes long on its picks, but it will mix in a short recommendation on some occasions.

Generally, the service maintains a moderately conservative investment strategy.

Now that you have the rundown on Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, let’s take a closer look at the people behind the service.

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Stansberry Research Review

Founded in 1999, Stansberry Research is a leading investment research firm and an industry pioneer.

The company built its reputation as a financial opinion-piece outlet, but it quickly grew into a highly respected research publisher.

Stansberry Research has dozens of advisory services under its banner.

Together, they cover almost every market niche, including asset classes like stocks, commodities, and more.

Stansberry Investment Advisory was one of the first Stansberry research newsletters, and it’s still going strong today.

stansberry research review

Is Stansberry Research Legit?

We found in our Stansberry Research review that the firm is legit. 

Some people online are quick to criticize Stansberry, but the firm’s staying power and loyal following are testaments to the contrary.

Stansberry is a legitimate, U.S.-based research firm with a long track record of solid business practices.

There’s no such thing as a sure thing, especially in the stock market.

Stansberry Investment Advisory also includes a money-back guarantee, which we’ll cover in detail later in the review, and that should provide another layer of reassurance for skeptics.

We’re very familiar with Stansberry Research and its investment newsletters, and we can confidently say they offer quality research at an affordable price.

This is a legitimate company, and you can join its services with confidence.

So is Stansberry Research worth it?

We think so.

alan gula review

Alan Gula Review

Alan Gula is a long-time stock market veteran and the lead analyst for Investment Advisory.

Alan’s resume includes stints at Villanova University, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays Investment Bank.

He joined the Stansberry Research team back in 2016.

Aside from his professional background, Alan Gula also has impressive credentials, including an MBA with a specialization in quantitative finance.

In addition, he’s been a legitimate financial advisor and a CFA charter holder since 2011.

As you can see, Gula’s credentials are legit, and he has extensive experience with the market.

In our eyes, he’s a qualified pick to helm Stansberry’s Investment Advisory service.

Furthermore, Porter Stansberry chose Gula to take the reins at his firm’s flagship service, and that says a lot about the Stansberry Research founder’s faith in the young man.

Thomas Carroll Review

Thomas Carroll is a senior analyst and financial guru at Stansberry Research, and he hosted the service’s latest presentation on “The 61%-Per-Year Stocks”.

He’s technically not a member of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s regular research team, but we gave him a look because he was the voice of the service for the latest deal.

According to the Stansberry website, Thomas Carroll is the editor of Cannabis Capitalist, a research service focusing on opportunities in the cannabis & hemp sectors.

Before joining Stansberry Research, Carroll spent over 17 years at Stifel Financial in Baltimore as the firm’s managing director and senior healthcare analyst.

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stansberry investment advisory review

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Review: What’s Included?

A subscription to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory comes loaded with a vast array of extras, but here are the basics.

Each one-year subscription includes:

  • Twelve issues of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory monthly newsletter.
  • The “Perfect Stocks”: 3 SaaS Phenoms with 500% Potential
  • The Block-Wave Investor’s Guide
  • The Best Business on Earth

Special report archives access, including:

  • The World’s Most Valuable Asset in Time of Crisis
  • The Bitcoin-Blockchain Quick-Start Guide
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Let’s dive into these features in more detail.

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Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Newsletter Review

The monthly newsletter reports are Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s primary vehicle for its recommendations.

Each issue also contains supporting research, market analysis, and more.

You get a new issue of the digital newsletter in your email inbox on the first Friday of each month, and Stansberry Research sends additional updates when something needs your attention.

Here are a few samples of Stansberry Investment Advisory’s previous reports to give you a better feel for the service.

stansberry investment advisory review

This particular report from back in 2016 covers Shopify (SHOP).

This stock later exploded and has since become one of the most coveted tech stocks around.

shop chart sia

In a more recent 2019 report, current editor Alan Gula wrote about an opportunity in an online betting company called Flutter Entertainment.

stansberry investment advisory review The stock later went on to substantial success, and readers had an opportunity to earn gains as high as 198% thanks to Gula’s timely research.

sia stock review

These examples only represent small samples of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s accurate predictions.

These trades were particularly successful, so you can’t expect these types of outcomes every time.

However, they demonstrate Stansberry Research’s potential to make game-changing stock picks.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Special Reports

A Stansberry’s Investment Advisory membership also includes access to a wealth of supplementary research materials.

Here’s a complete review of the special reports included with this deal.

Saas stocks review

The Perfect Stocks: Three SaaS Phenoms with 500% Potential

These SaaS or Software-as-a-Service stocks are the primary focus of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s 61%-Per-Year Stocks presentation.

This report includes detailed research on three emerging SaaS stocks that could have tremendous numbers in their future.

In “The 61%-Per-Year Stocks Presentation”, Tom Carroll described these stocks as “some of the very best opportunities we’ve uncovered from the best group of stocks in the world.”

Stansberry Research believes the SaaS sector has a bright future ahead of it, and these stocks could be the next wave of winners.

These stocks aren’t extremely well-known household names, but they could be on the threshold of massive growth.

The report provides detailed information on each of the three opportunities mentioned above, including name, ticker symbol, sector analysis, and much more.

This is an excellent resource and adds considerable value to the subscription package.

In addition, these resources could lead you to some exciting investment ideas.

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The Block-Wave Investor’s Guide

Blockchain and Bitcoin have become permanent fixtures in the financial lexicon over the past decade, but many people still don’t understand these revolutionary technologies.

Many people have lost money by chasing after trends they don’t understand, so Stansberry Research put together this layman’s guide to blockchain and crypto to better educate its readers.

This plain-English guide to Bitcoin and blockchain explains the mechanics behind the technology, long-term projections for the sector, and more.

It also provides detailed information for people who are interested in investing in the rapidly growing blockchain industry.

Stansberry Investment Advisory provides an informative, unbiased take on the market in this special report.

It’s an excellent resource for anyone who wants to start betting on blockchain and needs to find a solid starting point.

best businesses on earth review

The Best Business on Earth

The third and final featured report covers another unnamed sector that’s similar to the high-octane SaaS industry.

Stansberry Research is pretty vague when describing this report, and they don’t provide many hints as to what specific sector the research team is referencing before purchasing Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Newsletter.

However, they offer some enticing tidbits on the industry’s potential.

According to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, this sector currently hosts five of its open gains with returns as high as 257%.

Historically, the industry has beaten the S&P 500 by as much as a 500% margin.

Porter Stansberry once said that he hopes his children never buy anything else but this particular type of stock.

We were surprised to find out the specific sector the report refers to, and we’re pretty sure you will be too.

We haven’t heard much coverage about this corner of the market, but Stansberry’s Investment Advisory lays out a convincing bull case in this report.

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Special Report Archives Access

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Newsletter subscription also includes access to all of the publication’s previously released reports.

The research library includes some of Stansberry Research’s best work, including:

  • The Blockchain “Moonshot” That Could 10 Times Your Money
  • How To Make A Fortune in the ID Coin Revolution
  • The Brains Behind Self-Driving Vehicles: How to Profit With This No. 1 Stock
  • The One Must-Own Investment That Will Power Blockchain’s 250,000% Revolution
  • The Battle for Space: How to Make a Fortune Buying the Winners of the Final Frontier
  • And many more…

Just because these reports are less recent doesn’t mean the Stansberry Research team’s insights are any less valid.

You can find detailed research on a wide assortment of investing trends and topics.

Whenever Stansberry’s Investment Advisory releases a new report, it goes into the archive as well, so you’ll always have access to the latest research as long as you’re a member.

Many services don’t include such unrestricted access to their research with entry-level memberships, so the inclusion of the archive says a lot about Stansberry Research’s commitment to providing value for its members.

money-back guarantee review

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all new subscriptions.

If you don’t like the service within the first 30 days, contact customer service or cancel via your subscription page to receive a full refund.

It’s not the most extended guarantee in the industry, but it still gives you more than enough time to decide whether your subscription is worth keeping.

If you still have doubts about Stansberry’s Investment Advisory or the Stansberry Research team, the money-back guarantee should provide enough reassurance to get you off the fence.

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Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Reviews by Members

Stansberry Research and its newsletter have some excellent reviews from subscribers.

Most speak highly of the company’s research and analysis.

Here are some examples from Stansberry’s Investment Advisory’s latest presentation:

stansberry investment advisory reviews

As you can see, these Stansberry Research members had favorable experiences with this service.

If you give Stansberry’s Investment Advisory a chance, you could find yourself singing a similar tune.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Review: Pros and Cons

These are the best and worst aspects that we found during our Stansberry’s Investment Advisory review.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Pros

  • Over 20+ years of investment research; Stansberry Research’s longest-running newsletter service
  • Extremely affordable to sign up under this special offer
  • Includes three detailed research reports
  • Full access to the Stansberry Investment Advisory research library
  • Dedicated, U.S.-based customer support team
  • Follow along with as little as $1,000 in capital
  • New stock recommendations every month
  • Reputable company and brand
  • Includes 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Recommendations may include short plays

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Cons

  • No chats, message boards, or other social components
  • Doesn’t cover options or futures

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Is Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Right for Me?

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Newsletter takes a well-balanced, risk-sensitive approach to the market.

It’s an excellent approach for many types of people, but it’s probably a perfect fit if you fall into one of these categories:

Interested in Emerging Tech

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory has a nose for emerging tech trends.

In this review, we’ve found multiple instances where the Stansberry Research team was well ahead of the market on several highly profitable trends.

You’ll be among the first to know when something big is cooking in the market with a membership to this service.

Long-Minded Approach

With typical holding periods of a year or more, the Stansberry Research team isn’t chasing any get-rich-quick schemes with this newsletter.

Instead, Alan Gula and his team are very methodical analysts who focus on long-term value and steady growth trends, so this service is a natural fit for people interested in long-term investing.

Focused on Growth

Growth has become a mantra for the market over the past couple of decades, and it’s still a significant driver for gains in today’s market.

As a result, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory aims to get into emerging trends in their early growth phases to give subscribers the best possible shot at long-term asset appreciation.

Average Risk Tolerance

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory never overlooks risks when considering an investment, but that doesn’t mean the Stansberry Research team is scared to take a chance.

You can’t beat the market if you don’t take a chance, and Stansberry Research has a knack for balancing risk and reward in the pursuit of suitable opportunities for its readers.

stansberry investment advisory cost review

*Pictured reports available through the SIA special reports archives

How Much Does Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Cost?

A year-long subscription to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory costs $199 a year, but you can purchase a standard subscription under the current offer for only $49 for your first year.

You can also opt for the top-tier premium version for just $79 for the first year under this deal for even more bonus research.

You get a lot more research with the premium package, so it could be a worthwhile upgrade if you want the best possible bang for your buck at that price.

Moreover, you will pay a lot less for SIA than competing research services, and it has some of the highest-quality research in the business.

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Is Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Worth It?

You would be hard-pressed to find a competing research service that offers so much value at such an affordable price.

The monthly newsletter is only a tiny piece of the package.

But, when you add it all up, it’s an incredible value at just $49, especially when you factor in the special reports and other extras.

At that rate, you pay less than $5 per month for industry-leading stock market research.

Just one successful investment can easily cover the cost of your subscription for the whole year.

It’s an excellent deal, and this particular package includes loads of high-value content.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable research service, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is a great option.

Stansberry’s Investment Advisory Review: Final Thoughts

In our opinion, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is an excellent option for traders of every skill level.

As Stansberry Research’s flagship newsletter service, Investment Advisory is among the firm’s most prominent publications and is one of the top investment advisory newsletters around.

Consequently, Stansberry Research takes good care of this publication and its members, and you can expect a top-notch customer service experience.

A subscription to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory also includes tons of actionable research, and the price is exceptionally affordable under the current offer.

All and all, this newsletter is an excellent value, and it’s a fantastic all-around option for just about anyone interested in learning more about the market.

You can get a lot out of this service regardless of your skill or experience level.

You really can’t go wrong with Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, especially at a price of only $49 for the first year.

So, if you’re looking for a research service that can help you navigate the market like a pro, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory is an excellent option.

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Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in 2018, and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing.