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SurgeTrader Review: Is This Prop Trading Firm Worth It?

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SurgeTrader offers profitable investors access to more money for their trades, which can be used to make larger trades and larger profits.

In this SurgeTrader review, we’ll touch on what SurgeTrader is and what you’ll want to know about prop firms like it.

SurgeTrader reviews

What Is SurgeTrader?

SurgeTrader is a proprietary trading firm, or prop firm for short. Prop firms offer experienced traders access to cash, which allows them to scale up their trades for larger profits. In exchange, SurgeTrader receives a profit split from the money they front for traders.

Cash-strapped traders turn to prop companies like SurgeTrader, especially if they have a track record of success. However, there’s a catch: often, a trader pays to prove they have what it takes to handle money that isn’t theirs.

Anybody over the age of 18 can audition to prop trade on SurgeTrader, which comes with an upfront cost between $250 and $6,500 and includes an evaluation process. The cost varies based on how much capital a prospective trader would like to unlock, but ultimately gives traders the opportunity to audition to play with up to $1 million of capital.

Assuming they make the cut, they’ll also get their pick of asset classes. SurgeTrader’s trading platform offers all a talented trader could want to trade under the sun: forex pairs, commodities, cryptocurrency, and stocks and bonds.

So long as a funded trader remains within the relatively flexible trading rules imposed by the prop firm, they’ll reap the benefits from their trading activity. A profitable trader gets to keep up to 90% of the money they generate in a funded account.

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How Does the Audition Process Work?

Before diving into the audition process, prospective traders will have to weigh how much cash they audition to get. This is very important.

Traders who prefer to start small can audition for $250 and unlock $10,000 once they pass the audition, but traders who have experience with big bucks might choose to audition for up to $1,000,000 of capital. Of course, auditioning for those big bucks means fronting much more for an audition: up to $6,500 in some cases.

SurgeTrader evaluation

Once a trader has zeroed in on the dough they’d like to unlock, they’ll be subject to an evaluation of their trading skills, risk management, and profitability as a trader. That means that SurgeTrader will give you a demo account to play with, which means playing with dummy funds proportionate to the amount you’re hoping to unlock if you become one of the prop firm’s funded traders.

There’s no time limit to pass the audition, but SurgeTrader requires you to hit a price target with no drawdown, something we’ll touch on in the next section of our SurgeTrader review. Ultimately, the audition is meant to weed out poor investors, particularly the most speculative traders and ones with poor risk management.

Once you pass, you’re sent the credentials for a live trading account loaded with real dollars. Unlike other prop firms, SurgeTrader will get you a funded account within 24–48 hours of passing your test.

If you want to have access to more money through SurgeTrader, you can always audition again for a larger package. Every time you succeed at an assessment tier, SurgeTrader adds those funds to your account.

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What Is the Price Target?

During the audition process, you’ll need to grow your account by 10%. There’s no minimum or maximum amount of time set to hit this goal, but you’ll need to do so without letting your account fall by more than 4% in a day.

This price target remains the same no matter which account tier you pursue, which is why prospective traders need to be careful. 10% of $10,000 is only $1,000, but 10% of $1,000,000 is $100,000. In other words: you have more to prove if you ask for more.

Thankfully, you can start from the bottom and make your way up. Whenever you’d like to get more capital in a funded account, you can audition for a higher tier.

SurgeTrader Price target chart

Highly-motivated traders can opt in at a low value and choose to proceed to the next highest amount if they’d like. This offers traders the option to scale all the way up to $1 million in trader funding without having to pay for additional auditions.

Compared to other proprietary trading firms, SurgeTrader’s expectations are much more relaxed. More importantly, investors can utilize many different trading strategies to hit their target: algorithmic trading, hedging, discretionary trading, or a mix of strategies. Whatever you want goes, so long as you abide by the platform’s trading rules.

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What Is the Maximum Loss?

If you want to remain an active trader, you do well to minimize your losses. SurgeTrader’s daily loss limit is 4%, with a maximum trailing drawdown of 5%.

Maintaining a positive balance is essential, and this limit doesn’t just apply to your audition, but for the duration of your time on the platform.

If you breach one of these trading rules, the prop trading firm will revoke your account access. At that point, SurgeTrader will toss you any profits you’ve earned and send you back to the drawing board.

As your funded trading account grows or diminishes, your loss limits change as well. Earning 10% on your $500,000 account increases your total to $550,000 and shifts how much you can lose per day accordingly.

If you do succumb to one of these requirements, not all hope is necessarily lost. You may be back at square one, but you can dust yourself off and do another SurgeTrader audition process to get a funded account.

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What Is the Spread?

SurgeTrader offers low spreads across all asset classes through the Eightcap broker platform. There are two types of accounts available — standard accounts with spread or raw accounts that are commission-based.

SurgeTrader accounts

In a standard account, forex trading begins at 1.0 pips ($0.0001.) Commodities start at $0.10, with share CFDs at $0.02 per share per side.

How Much Leverage Is Offered?

On the forex market, metals, oils, and indices, you can receive up to 10x leverage. Individual stocks can receive up to 5x leverage and cryptocurrencies receive 2x.

During the checkout process, you can tick an optional add-on to boost your leverage limits on forex funds and metals to up to 20x. However, this comes at a premium—an additional 25% of the package cost you select.

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What If you Fail the Audition?

If you miss the mark on your audition, SurgeTrader revokes your demo account and you can no longer trade. This happens when you have a hard breach, typically a violation of the daily or maximum drawdown.

Soft breaches show up when you fail to close out a trade by market close on Friday or trade without a stop-loss, which is a limit on the losses you can get in a trade. Once you fix these issues, you can keep using your account.

Thankfully, even if you run afoul of soft or hard breaches, you can always pay to reaudition with the proprietary trading firm. All you have to do is sign up for another audition. SurgeTrader even dishes out a 20% discount for anyone trying again.

What Happens if You Pass?

If you prove you’re an experienced trader and can rake in big bucks, SurgeTrader will set you up with a lived funded account within 24 to 48 hours. In that time, you’ll also receive an email to set up your account with the company’s payment processor DEEL, which will pay you your trader’s profit.

SurgeTrader review

Your funded account will have the exact same amount of money your SurgeTrader audition account did. The obvious difference, of course, is that your funded account has real money and real consequences.

Like before, you’re held to stringent loss metrics you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

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Can You Make Money with SurgeTrader?

Profitable traders can absolutely make money with SurgeTrader, but you’ll have to spend money to make money. The SurgeTrader audition process requires an upfront investment, like many other prop trading platforms, and becoming a funded trader is no walk in the park.

However, making money with SurgeTrader usually means walking a delicate balance between reinvesting your earnings and pulling profits out as you generate returns from your trading strategy.

SurgeTrader profits

Profitable traders capitalize from thee surplus of funds they generate in their funded trader account, but successful traders can pull out surplus from time-to-time.

By default, you’ll get a 75% profit split from your profits. Traders willing to pay a little up front can boost this to 90%, but it will cost them an additional 20% of your package price.

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Is SurgeTrader Legit?

SurgeTrader is a legitimate proprietary trading firm that launched in 2021. The team involved in its formation are experienced traders in their own rite. The company is based in the United States, and as a result they are subject to U.S. regulations.

All trader accounts are managed through ASIC-regulated broker EightCap, which has offered exceptional financial services for over a decade. The company also has venture capital backing from trusted partner Valo Holdings.

SurgeTrader ranks among top-notch proprietary trading firms, in large part because of its flexible trading accounts, well-designed trading instruments, and attractive profit split.

Is surgetrader legit?

However, despite its transparency, strong customer support team, and useful features, less serious traders might be afraid to sink money to audition.

Rest assured, there are few other prop trading firms which offer the flexibility and optionality that SurgeTrader does.

Is It Regulated?

All orders through SurgeTrader pass through online broker EightCap. The award-winning broker has earned accolades in customer support and operates across global markets. These orders are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. Both commissions enforce strict but simple rules to minimize the impact on your trading style.

Pros and Cons

SurgeTrader has some great features, but its upside is not without its drawdowns. Here are the pros and cons of the platform:


  • Several asset classes to choose from
  • Earn up to 90% in profit split
  • Use your own trading strategies
  • SurgeTrader covers losses
  • No time limits to trade


  • Challenging daily loss and maximum trailing drawdown requirements
  • High audition costs

SurgeTrader Reviews

You don’t have to take us at our word for SurgeTrader’s success. Over 200 users have left a SurgeTrader review on Trustpilot with an average of 4.3 stars. Avid users love the platform, citing speedy success rates with the audition.

SurgeTrader reviews

The biggest drawbacks according to users who reviewed the platform had to do with the company’s daily and overall loss limits, which they say can be “hard to manage.”

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Funding Accounts

When you’re ready for your SurgeTrader audition, there are six options to pick from:

Each one follows precisely the same guidelines, with a 10% profit target, 4% daily loss limit, and no more than a 5% maximum trailing drawdown.

A trader’s profit share starts at 75% with up to 10x leverage on forex and metals. The only figures varying from one account to the next are audition fees and trader funding totals to work with.

With each funded account, you can increase your profit split to 90%, double leverage, or remove stop-loss for an extra cost.

Is the Service Right for Me?

If you’re an experienced trader, but lack traders capital to make money moves, SurgeTrader is a juicy option. The regulated platform provides fully funded accounts; you just need to hop into the pilot’s chair.

That said, you’ll need to come up with somewhere between $250 and $6,500 just for a shot at the prize—and that upfront investment might not be attractive to investors given that it comes with no guarantees.

Breaching the soft or hard limitations of the platform means having to start over from scratch, and given the requirements for making it through the audition, many investors might stick to trading with their own cash.

SurgeTrader funding

As far as prop firms go though, SurgeTrader is fairly flexible—and there few other trading rules to contend with. You can use your favorite trading style on a number of assets from stocks to crypto.

Using SurgeTrader also requires being versed in the short game. You can’t take up any long-term positions, and you’ll have to close out everything by the end of the week. (Overnight trades are okay.)

If you can keep up with these demands, SurgeTrader could be an excellent opportunity. You get to walk away with at least 75% of your earnings, while SurgeTrader takes the rest. Success is a win-win for motivated traders and the prop firm.

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Is SurgeTrader Worth It?

If you consider yourself a well-versed trader, SurgeTrader is worth the audition price—and your time.

The sky’s the limit of how much you can make with SurgeTrader, pending a successful audition. Tentative traders can get their feet wet for just $250 and work up to managing funded accounts in excess of $1 million with an investment of time and energy.

However, you’ll be on your own the moment you step foot into your audition, with nothing but your experience to rely on. SurgeTrader doesn’t give advice on how to trade or succeed on the markets.

Failing hits hard, but you still get to keep your portion of any profits you’ve earned along the way. Jumping back in after a fall gives you a clean slate to try again with all the knowledge you collected last time through.


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