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Technical Pattern Profits Review: What are Project 9 Stocks?

Technical Pattern Profits Review
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What if stock market volatility could be beneficial instead of a sore spot? Marc Lichtenfeld believes he’s found a way to capitalize on stock movement using some new and proprietary software. Find out more and how you can benefit in this Technical Pattern Profits review.

Technical Pattern Profits Review

Technical Pattern Profits Review: Overview

Technical Pattern Profits is a premium newsletter produced by the Oxford Club. Guru Marc Lichtenfeld leads it.

As the name implies, Marc uses Technical Pattern Profits to find common chart patterns. He takes these one step further, sprinkling in uncommon indicators to produce the potential for fast profits.

The newsletter doesn’t focus on a single market sector. Recommendations could be stocks or options and can come from anywhere.

Marc aims to create a system that works in any economic condition. He believes the best results are those you can predict no matter what variables are in play.

His latest work, Project 9, checks all these boxes and then some. We’ll learn more about that in just a bit.

First, let’s take a closer look at the guru behind it all.

Marc Lichtenfeld

Who is Marc Lichtenfeld?

Marc Lichtenfeld is a top-tier trader known for finding winning investment opportunities in even the worst market conditions. He currently serves as chief income strategist for the Oxford Club.

After graduating college, Marc jumped into a finance role at Carlin Equities. Shortly after, he moved into a senior analyst role at Avalon Research Group.

His love for numbers eventually led him into a research role where he developed a number of successful trading strategies. Now he spends his days sharing investment ideas with the masses.

Technical Pattern Profits is just one of the many publications Marc is responsible for at the Oxford Club. He’s sought after worldwide for his expertise and has penned several books on various financial topics.

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Is Marc Lichtenfeld Legit?

Marc Lichtenfeld is indeed legit and has spent several years in market research.

He’s appeared on a number of major media outlets, including CNBC, Fox Business, and Yahoo Finance. You can find his work in The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, and Barron’s, among others.

One of his books, Get Rich With Dividends, made the best-seller list shortly after it was released. His daily column Wealthy Retirement sees over 200,000 readers.

Now, Marc’s putting his money where his mouth is with his latest deal. We’ll find out more in just a bit.

What is Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club publishes Technical Pattern Profits and all the content within.

Its mission is simple: to help regular folks grow and protect their hard-earned wealth.

The publisher’s beginnings date all the way back to the 1970s and has blossomed into the research network we know today over the last 50 years.

Today, the Oxford Club has more than 159,000 members in over 130 countries around the world.

Marc Lichtenfeld's Project 9

What is Marc Lichtenfeld’s Project 9?

Chances are, we’ve all been beaten up by rough markets here and again. Marc Lichtenfeld claims he’s found a system to profit no matter how the market’s doing. He’s calling it Project 9.

His system uses subtle micro bounces to pull gains out of even the most dire stocks. Apparently, all we have to do is count to nine.

I don’t claim to be a math genius, but even I can do that.

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How does his trading strategy come together? Let’s take a deep dive and find out.

Wealth management - Forbes - Project 9

“The Perfect Way to Profit in Rough Markets”

When most stocks rise or plummet, they don’t do so in a straight line. There are several bumps and divots along the way.

These micro bounces moving contrary to the overall direction the stock’s going are where Project 9’s profits come from.

For once, volatility is our friend. I honestly thought I’d never say those words.

That’s why it doesn’t matter how the stock market is doing. We don’t need ups or downs; we need ups AND downs.

The concept makes sense, but it’s all about timing. How can I know when these micro bounces are going to take place and which direction the stock’s going?

Marc says he’s worked out the answer. He’s got a red light/green light system providing that very info.

Get your counting hats on; you’ll need them for this next section.

How does Project 9 work

Marc’s Simple Buy-Sell System

Lichtenfeld’s developed a short-term trading strategy for jumping into and out of stocks for quick gains. He uses a traffic light analogy to illustrate when you need to make a move.

A green light is a buy signal, and a red light means it’s time to sell. According to Lichtenfeld, you’ll know when a stock’s going to switch directions by counting to nine.

Project 9 is really as simple as counting nine days of share price drops on a volatile stock. Once you’ve watched the drops long enough, there’s a good chance that stock’s going to micro-bounce back up.

It’s no different than driving down the road. The longer that traffic light in the distance is red, the higher the likelihood it’s about to turn green.

Once you see the green in either scenario, you floor it.

Let’s see how this all plays out with a real example.

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Project 9 Example

Project 9 Example

Take DXC Technology. It had a relatively flat winter, but there were plenty of little rises and falls along the way.

Project 9’s software saw this volatility and started its count on a particularly rough stretch at the end of January. Each successive drop added one to the count until the system reached eight in a row.

At this point, it alerts Marc (or us) about the potential for a micro bounce after day nine. That’s the buy signal.

The stock then climbed for several consecutive days. Another nine-count indicates that it’s time to cut ties and run.

Folks entering when Project 9 said to could have earned up to 458% in just 12 days. That’s all while the security’s overall direction was going nowhere.

Project 9 Example - Profits on falling stocks

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Profit on Falling Stocks

Project 9 targets profits from falling stocks, making it perfect for today’s uncertain market. It’s an amazing thought knowing I don’t have to stress after another day of the Dow Jones in the red.

We no longer have the arduous task of hunting for those rare tickers that might actually grow a bit. They simply don’t matter anymore for making money.

All we need is a bit of volatility, and the market loves doling that out in spades. And Marc’s Project 9, of course.

Right now, Marc Lichtenfeld is offering a special bundle that has everything you need to get started with his Project 9 system. All you have to do is sign up for his Technical Pattern Profits service.

Let’s take a look at all the features you’ll have access to by taking advantage of this deal.

What's included with Project 9 subscription?

What’s Included with the Marc Lichtenfeld Project 9 Deal?

Here’s a rundown of everything you get for subscribing to the Marc Lichtenfeld Project 9 deal from Technical Pattern Profits:

Technical Pattern Profits Annual Subscription

One-Year Subscription to Technical Pattern Profits

Technical Pattern Profits members get one full year of the namesake newsletter for signing up. Each new issue covers a predictable market pattern and how you can benefit.

Marc invests in the majority of these recommendations and lets you know which plays he’s putting his own money into. I have to admit, I have more peace of mind about a platform the guru’s using himself.

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Marc’s Favorite Technical Trades

Project 9 is one of many trading strategies Marc Lichtenfeld uses to bring in some gains. It’s here that he shares his other methods for locating winners.

For instance, Marc’s known to enlist the bull flag pattern to find potential upsides. He similarly uses the head and shoulders pattern to make the most of the downsides.

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with these terms. Marc explains them in detail so you can take advantage of them as well.

Project 9 Inside Track

Project 9 Inside Track

Don’t have time to log into Project 9 and watch for 8-count stocks all day? Marc’s got you covered.

Each week, Lichtenfeld sends out an update with the complete list of stocks sitting right at 8.

If one hits 9 the next day, he follows up with an alert covering how to profit.

These updates are quick, to the point, and save a lot of time scanning the system. I appreciate how even part-timers and folks always on the go can take advantage of Project 9 as well.

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Marc's Chart of the month video

Marc’s Chart of the Month Video

As a bonus, Marc pulls a chart pattern out of his repertoire each month and shares it with subscribers. These could be well-known systems or technical analysis tools only known to the elite.

Lichtenfeld sends out a new chart each month to expand your trading vocabulary. He covers these patterns in plain English so we can take advantage of them too.

After all, you can never have too many tools to profit in this market.

Project 9 Mobile Alerts and Push Notifications

Mobile Alerts and Push Notifications

Marc is constantly using his Project 9 system to scan for winners. Once he finds a great chance to profit, he’ll let you know using the communication method of your choice.

These include email alerts, SMS messages, or desktop push notifications. You choose the ones that work best for you.

Technical Pattern Profits Review: Additional Bonuses

You’ll also get these bonuses with Marc’s Project 9 bundle:

Project 9 System Guide

The Project 9 System Guide

In this special report, Marc Lichtenfeld breaks down his entire Project 9 system from start to finish. You’ll learn how the software works and the math that goes into each calculation.

Sure, you don’t need this information to be successful at using Project 9 to capitalize on micro bounces. Marc just believes in being transparent.

Think of it as a chance to learn how to fish instead of just eating one every day.

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Technical Pattern Profits Options Guide

Technical Pattern Profits Options Guide

A lot of times, Technical Pattern Profits uses options to get the most profit from opportunities. Don’t be surprised if Marc recommends options trades as part of his Project 9 strategy.

This guide covers how to use options to take your returns to the next level. Marc does a great job of explaining these “scary” assets in a way that makes them easy to understand.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one making gains like the 3,202% Marc earned on Target with Project 9 and options.

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Project 9 Trading Instructional Videos

Project 9 Trading Instructional Videos

You’ll need to understand both upside and downside trades to make the most out of Project 9.

Marc’s created a series of short instructional videos showing how each of these trades work so you’re ready when the time comes. He throws in real examples so you can follow along step by step.

Go back and reference these any time you get stuck so you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

Project 9 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Marc’s Special Performance Guarantee

Marc Lichtenfeld believes very strongly in his Technical Pattern Profits bundle. He’s so confident that he’s guaranteeing subscribers will see at least one 100% winner every single month.

That’s 12 chances a year to double your investment, whatever that may be.

If he misses the mark even once, Marc will renew your membership each month for free until he delivers on his promise.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. You won’t pay another cent until you’ve had a chance at 12 100% gains through Technical Pattern Profits.

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Technical Pattern Profits Review: Pros and Cons

Technical Pattern Profits is a great bundle, but it’s not perfect. Let’s check out the pros and cons of the service.


  • One year of Technical Pattern Profits
  • Access to material on a number of trading strategies
  • Lightning-fast Project 9 alerts and updates
  • Three additional bonus reports
  • Iron-clad performance guarantee
  • Heavily discounted price


  • May be price-prohibitive for some
  • No community chat or forum

Marc Lichtenfeld Project 9 Track Record

Marc Lichetenfeld’s Project 9 has already racked up several big wins. I reviewed an example above, but that’s just one sample of the strategy’s greatest hits.

Project 9 Profits Example

HashiCorp gained 346% in just 13 days.

Project 9 503% gains in 33 days

And, Organon & Co. skyrocketed 503% in just over a month.

Project 9 458% gains in 12 days

Finally, DXC Technology, which we mentioned before, ultimately gained 458% in just 12 days following a Project 9 alert.

As you can see, Marc’s approach has the potential to deliver big wins, and his track record speaks for itself. You can rest assured that Marc Lichtenfeld’s Sector 9 trading strategy is legit.

How Much is Technical Pattern Profits?

Right now, you can get all the features and material we covered earlier for $1,500 for an entire year. That breaks down to just over $4 per day for the chance at some monumental gains in any market condition.

Better yet, this price point’s currently a steal. The retail cost for this bundle is $4,000. You’re looking at a 63% savings, but only if you sign up now. There’s no guarantee this deal will be available tomorrow.

You can get some additional savings if you’re already sold on the platform. A two-year membership runs $2,500, taking $500 off the price if you buy two one-year memberships on their own.

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Technical Patterns Profit Price

Technical Pattern Profits Review: Is It Worth It?

After a thorough Technical Pattern Profits review, I have my verdict. This is an excellent service with tons of profit potential.

The $1,500 price tag could give anyone pause; I get that. It doesn’t seem so bad when you consider the fact that you could earn thousands from a single trade. Remember that you’re saving 63% off the sticker price if you sign up now.

It feels like a small price to pay when the Project 9 software does all the work for you. You get the names of the stocks already at an 8-count and just have to spend a few minutes getting plugged in.

Marc Lichtenfeld makes the service as accessible as possible through frequent updates and great training tools.

This deal doesn’t end with Project 9. You’ll get your hands on other trading strategies Marc’s already tested and benefitted from.

On top of all that, there’s the special performance guarantee. If Marc doesn’t deliver on bringing you 100% gains, he’ll pay for your service until he does.

I’m really impressed with everything we’ve seen in this Technical Pattern Profits bundle.

If you’re looking for opportunities to generate income no matter how the stock markets are performing, try Technical Pattern Profits now.

>> That’s it for my review. Claim your 63% discount here! <<


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