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“They Ran Away Like Cowards”: Racist Mob Targets Black Chef’s Restaurant in Asheville

A popular Black-owned seafood restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina, faced a disturbing incident of vandalism and harassment just two weeks after its grand opening.

The attack, labeled as an apparent racist act, targeted the establishment owned by renowned chef Ashleigh Shanti.

Hooligans Target Restaurant

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In a shocking turn of events on Feb. 3, a group of individuals stormed the Good Hot Fish restaurant during closing time.

They cut off the power supply, defaced the entrance, and fled the scene, leaving customers and employees stunned.

Chef’s Reaction

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Chef Ashleigh Shanti expressed her outrage on social media, condemning the attack as “racists doing what they do best.”

Ran Away Like Cowards

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She added, “They then ran away, like cowards, when confronted by a guest and an employee but not before outfitting our entrance with this disgusting sticker.”

Offensive Decal

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The perpetrators left behind a vile sticker on the restaurant’s front wall, containing derogatory language and symbols, including racial slurs and a Star of David.

The incident underscores the persistence of bigotry and prejudice in society.

Restaurant’s Resilience

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Despite the trauma of the attack, Good Hot Fish remains open for business.

Chef Shanti affirmed her commitment to her community and her determination to combat hate with positivity and delicious food.

Inspiration Behind the Restaurant

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Good Hot Fish is modeled after a traditional fish camp, offering a menu featuring classic seafood dishes popular in coastal areas.

Chef Shanti’s vision reflects her desire to celebrate Black culture and provide a welcoming space for all.

Cultural Representation

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The restaurant showcases an array of Black art, music, and literature, creating a vibrant atmosphere that celebrates African American heritage.

However, this cultural richness has faced backlash in a predominantly white neighborhood.

Racial Dynamics in Asheville

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Experts attribute the attack to racial tensions within Asheville, where the brewing district caters mainly to white consumers.

Chef Shanti’s success and cultural representation challenge the status quo, making her a target of discrimination.

Police Investigation

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The Asheville Police Department has launched an investigation into the incident, working closely with the restaurant owner and local businesses to identify the perpetrators.

Official reports are expected to be released soon.

Eyewitness Accounts

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Eyewitnesses recounted the chaotic scene, with one employee and a customer confronting the vandals as they fled.

Despite the initial shock, the restaurant staff remained vigilant and cooperative during the investigation.

Chef’s Background

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Chef Ashleigh Shanti’s culinary journey began in Asheville, where she gained recognition for her talent and creativity.

Her previous ventures, including Benne on Eagle, showcased her culinary prowess and earned her global acclaim.

Community Support

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Following the attack, Chef Shanti received an outpouring of support from the local community and beyond.

Messages of solidarity and offers of assistance have reaffirmed the resilience and unity of Asheville residents.

Continued Advocacy

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Despite the challenges she faces, Chef Shanti remains dedicated to her mission of spreading love and promoting inclusivity through her food.

The incident has only strengthened her resolve to combat racism and injustice in all its forms.

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