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Top Dog Trading Review: Is This Service Worth the Money?

Top Dog Trading Review
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Trading is a challenging game. There are many variables to keep in mind, and minor changes can cause massive shifts in the future.

The most intelligent investors can pick out the patterns and indicators that can predict stock performance. Most of the time, it takes years of study and practice to hone these subtle intuitions.

Some programs promise to teach you these skills, but many have mixed results. Our Top Dog Trading review will tell you if this trading system lives up to its reputation.

Top Dog Trading Review: Overview

Top Dog Trading is a stock trading system designed by Dr. Barry Burns. Burns is a world-famous technical analyst and investment advisor who shares his expertise through his Top Dog Trading Club.

Burns got his start in trading under the guidance of his father, who accumulated over 70 years of trading knowledge. He takes this experience and instructs club members on his methodology, showing them how to use his techniques in their trades.

What is Top Dog Trading?

Top Dog Training is an online trading education platform that allows users to learn specific market strategies at a self-controlled pace.

There are several courses to choose from that speak to beginners and advanced traders. Some courses tailor to specific trade strategies. Each course has a special members-only section and email support for questions.

The education provided with Top Dog is very detailed. Burns offers in-depth explanations of his stock trading strategies, so Top Dog has a high-value curriculum.

Top Dog uses a unique methodology that focuses on buying during pullbacks in hopes of an eventual rebound. 

A key component of Top Dog Trading’s strategy is high-strike options. High-strike options have prices that are out-of-the-money by a significant margin. Higher strike prices often indicate higher risks, but they can potentially be very lucrative if managed properly.

Barry Burns Review

Barry Burns is no novice when it comes to the financial markets; he’s a seasoned businessman with a laser focus on profitability. 

Not one to rely solely on his father’s decades of knowledge, Barry took his education a step further. 

He personally hired three professional traders to sharpen his skills and even flew to Chicago to learn from a former floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Barry has also penned “Trend Trading For Dummies” and received multiple Readers Choice Awards. And his expertise extends beyond trading; he holds a Doctorate in Hypnotherapy, adding a psychological edge to his approach.

He’s not just keeping his knowledge to himself; he’s actively sharing it with his Top Dog Trading platform to help others succeed.

Top Dog Trading Review: Course Options

Top Dog Trading features no less than seven different courses.

Each course comes with several videos and full-color manuals to follow along, in addition to bonus features that each course comes with.

Courses also allow access to a members-only section, online FAQ, and email support section for your specific questions.

Top Dog Trading System Course 1: Cycles and Trends

This trading course provides a basic understanding of the Top Dog Trading methodology. It covers ways to identify trading trends so you can feel confident about entering a trade at precisely the right time.

The first course offered by Top Dog Trading; it is the foundation for all other courses offered by the platform.

Top Dog Trading System Course 2: Momentum as a Leading Indicator

Top Dog Trading’s second course shows how to take the skills learned in the first course and use momentum as a leading indicator to uncover those changes in trends.

Course 2 includes an additional manual and two videos that explain six powerful trading patterns. These tools demonstrate how to produce potentially explosive rewards with low risk.

Furthermore, this course contains a free add-on where you can watch Dr. Burns trade and adapt to the market as changes happen.

Intermediate Level Course: Swing Trading with Confidence

A deeper dive into the stock market, this intermediate level course reveals the ins and outs of swing trading through studying volume and relative strength. There are many great insights that wil

l help anyone interested in swing or futures trading take their game to the next level.

In addition to learning more about swing trading, the course includes Dr. Burns’ personal core watch list and the exact formulas for all the scans he performs.

Intermediate Level Course: Day Trading with the Invisible Edge

Having an edge over other traders is crucial in getting an advantage over the market. This course is designed to teach you to locate hidden chart patterns and techniques for trading gaps.

Fibonacci Made Simple

The Fibonacci Made Simple course shares a unique insight into how to use Fibonacci numbers to set up profit targets for trading and investing.

This course will show you how Fibonacci levels can benefit your actions whether you trade in forex, futures, or stocks.

Top Dog offers the course at a basic or an advanced level, so traders of any level can take advantage of this information.

Top Dog trading review featured

Candlesticks Made Simple

You can see candlesticks in just about any charting program out there at present. While a great tool, most do not fully understand these tools.

This course teaches you the logic behind candlesticks and what makes them a great asset to have. You’ll be able to plug this knowledge towards whatever market you like to trade in and find success.

Top Dog Trading Advanced Course

Advanced traders can jump into this all-inclusive course that reveals tips and techniques for stocks, forex, futures, swing trading, and day trading.

You must have finished courses 1 and 2 before taking this course, but none of the others are prerequisites. This course contains unique information that can’t be found in any of the other courses.

Top Dog Trading Review: Additional Product Offerings

Video Tutorials

Top Dog Training also offers a collection of tutorials pulled from Dr. Burns’s most popular video blogs. Each set contains five videos on specific topics such as forex chart analysis, eagle eye trading, and momentum techniques.

Traders can purchase the entire set of 40 videos together at a discounted rate.



It’s possible to get a year’s worth of access to the indicators Top Dog Trading uses on some of the popular exchanges.

These indicators will automatically draw in patterns and information specific to the exchange that you can use to locate trends and invest at the right time.

Video Newsletter

Signing up for the video newsletter means you’ll receive three 15 to 30 minute long videos each week. These videos cover how to use Top Dog’s trading  strategies in current market conditions.

Top Dog Review featured

Visualized Trader Software

This trader software shows you first-hand through audio alerts and colored boxes when trends appear across markets. Being able to visualize these events helps users understand how to use these tools on the market.

Scanning Formulas for Stock Fetcher

Get access to specific scans built by Top Dog Trading to plug into your favorite scanning service.

Scans are only usable in the US stock market, but no programming is required to use them.

Top Dog Trading Special Reports

These reports reveal trading tips and tricks that the industry pros know and use.

Tips include knowing where to place stops and how to stay away from choppy markets.

Options Masterclass

This masterclass is for elite options traders who want to be the best in the business.

The class teaches the Top Dog Trading five-step strategy for trading options like a pro. It also offers the chance to be personally mentored by Burns himself.


Is Top Dog Trading Legit?

Top Dog Trading has been around since 2010, and many traders have taken advantage of its service over the years.

Dr. Barry Burns’s work has been showcased on several websites, and he’s been interviewed for his expertise in popular trading programs. He’s taken his knowledge around the country and has even trained experts at some of the more prominent trading frameworks.

Reviews are positive across several sites, and users state they often see gains from using the information they’ve received in these courses.

Top Dog Trading Review: How Much Does It Cost?

Each course costs a different amount of money depending on the content. Once unlocked, the course is yours to complete at your own pace and will remain yours forever.

The basic and intermediate courses have several videos and reading material. As such, they average around $500 apiece for access to these features. The advanced course comes in at $995 for its material.

Courses like Fibonacci and Candlesticks dial into a very specific topic and are available for $96 apiece.

Video set tutorials are just under $70 each, but the entire stack of 40 videos can be picked up for $269.

Weekly video newsletters will set you back $150 for each month of use.

Cancelation Policy

The basic level course 1 offers a no-risk 100% money back guarantee if you’re ever not satisfied with the service.

The website makes it abundantly clear that there are no refunds for any other course purchased. You’ll want to be doubly sure before buying a course that it’s the one you want to invest in.

>>> Sharpen Your Trading Skills with Top Dog Trading <<<

top dog trading reviewed

Technical Approach

The Top Dog System is all based around making well-timed pullback entries and reversals. In that sense,

it’s very different than just trading for successful stock as many people do. It’s somewhat technical compared to other popular systems, but even a novice can figure it out with some study. 

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Top Dog Trading Review: Pros and Cons

Top Dog trader has a lot to offer. There are a few negatives to be aware of, however.


  • Flexible trading strategies are useful in almost any market
  • Several course options for different topics
  • The in-depth courses provide detailed instructions on essential trading fundamentals
  • Expert guidance on live chart reading and technical analysis
  • Courses include full-color manuals and videos
  • 90-day money back guarantee on the first course


  • Courses are quite expensive
  • Tools require access to other trading platforms

Top Dog Trading Review: Is It Right for Me?

Top Dog Trading’s highly versatile approach works with a variety of trading techniques. It’s a good option for day traders, swing traders, and even longer-term investors.

Each course in Top Dog trading is meant for a specific kind of trader. Courses cover a wide range of topics and help beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders hone their skills.

You can apply course knowledge to just about any kind of open-market asset, such as stocks, forex, and futures. It’s an excellent option for anyone who has a variety of investing interests.

Top Dog Trading Member Reviews

Most customers give positive reviews of Top Dog. If you look online, you’ll find several member testimonials praising the Top Dog system.

Many members report that they were able to leverage Top Dog strategies into consistent returns successfully. Some customers say that Top Dog’s lessons were the final piece they needed to become successful traders.

Top Dog Trading also has excellent reviews on Trustpilot. Here are just a few of the recent ones:

I am on course 2 with Top dog Trading. You want to review it a few times because you always miss the little things that usually matter. Stick the basics. keep it simple. I find Barry’s courses easy to follow. once you learn to count the waves and the retraces. it gets easier.

I made over $3200 today. I am really enjoying Barry’s courses.

I recommend them to anyone.

Thank you

-Merle, on Trustpilot

I dipped my toe into the trading pool some years back without any prior training and subsequently got my foot bit off!

Luckily I came across Barry’s course and took a chance with courses 1 and 2, receiving bonus courses and videos, all for a reduced price.

The courses are great! Filled with all the content needed to learn the skills required to trade. Coming from a teaching background, Dr. Burns is clear and concise, without swamping the listener with content.

Highly recommend!

-Chris, on Trustpilot

Top Dog Trading Review: The Final Verdict

Top Dog Trading is one of the better trading education services out there. Burns’s trading strategies are very effective, and the courses detail tons of high-value trading techniques.

Top Dog strategies don’t require any sophisticated proprietary software, and the program doesn’t try to sell you expensive add-ons.

You can probably use Top Dog’s trading system with whatever trading software you’re already using. 

Courses can be a little pricey, but the information is yours forever to refer to as needed.

Top Dog Trading is an excellent value for both beginner and advanced traders. It can help you sharpen your skills and make more successful trades.

If you want to expand your trading repertoire, Top Dog Trading Club is an excellent choice. 

Click here to sign up for Top Dog Trading now and start getting more out of your trades. 


John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.