Top Dog Trading Review: Buy or Sell this Trader Education Service?

John Parker - November 03, 2020

Top Dog Trading Review Featured
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Trading is a tough game. There are so many variables to keep in mind, and the smallest of changes can cause massive shifts in the futures, almost unpredictably. In this top dog trading review we will see how this trading education service could be a great fit for most investors.

The smartest investors can pick out the patterns and indicators that can predict stock performance. Most of the time, it takes years of study and practice to hone these subtle intuitions.

Some programs promise to teach you these skills, but many have mixed results. Our Top Dog Trading review will tell you if this trading system lives up to its reputation.

Top Dog Trading Reviews: The Basics

Top Dog Trading is a stock trading system designed by Dr. Barry Burns. Burns is a world-famous technical analyst and investment advisor, and he is sharing his expertise through his Top Dog Trading Club.

Burns instructs club members on his methodology and shows them how to use his techniques in their trades. 

The Top Dog Trading system is relatively high-stakes, so there is a significant potential for payout. However, the system also has moderate risks.

Top Dog uses a unique methodology that focuses on buying during pullbacks in hopes of an eventual rebound. 

The education provided with Top Dog is very detailed. Burns offers in-depth explanations of his stock trading strategies, so Top Dog has a high-value curriculum.

Now our Top Dog Trading review asks the question: “how good is it really?”  

Top Dog Trading: Course Options

Top Dog Trading features two main course packages. The first course is called “Foundations Course #1: Precision Trading Cycle Tops and Bottoms.”

The second option is “Momentum and Catching the Big Moves.” You can also subscribe to a bonus video package that provides three instructional videos a week.

Each video details specific components of Burns’s trading methodology. 

Top Dog Trading Review: Course Methodology

A key component of Top Dog Trading’s strategy is high-strike options. High-strike options have prices that are out-of-the-money by a significant margin.

This means the contract price is much higher or lower than the underlying security price. Higher strike prices often indicate higher risks, but they can potentially be very lucrative if managed properly.

This only a small element of the overall system, but it’s worth noting because it gives you an idea of what to expect.

A screenshot of one of Top Dog Trading’s courses.

Top Dog Trading Course Reviews: Membership Perks

The Basic Trading course contains a detailed summary of Burns’s trading system, which focuses primarily on trends and cycles.

The Top Dog Trading course shows you how to spot and exploit these technical patterns to make winning trades.

Burns’s system helps you determine the best entry and exit points for your trades. Having this kind of set plan in advance can significantly improve your average returns.

Pinpointing your trade timing is crucial to any disciplined trading strategy, but it can be difficult to choose them correctly.

This course will help you consistently identify the best points for buying and selling securities, allowing you to maximize your returns while minimizing risk.

Burns says his techniques will help you time the market with “Swiss Clock precision.”

Extra Features:

Along with the trading system course, you will also get access to the following features/benefits:

  • Full-color manual
  • 4 videos
  • Trading psychology and trading plan manual/video
  • Live trading videos
  • Chart videos
  • Members-only website access
  • Follow up email support. 

The course is primarily built on video lectures. Each lecture provides the foundational knowledge you need to develop advanced trading techniques. Some examples of video course topics include:  

  • How to read charts and see market situations through the designs
  • How to determine the best time to enter the market
  • The best times and places to exit the market
  • How to take a relatively low-risk approach, while still maintaining a reasonable gain

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Top Dog Trading: Is It Right for Me?

Top Dog Trading’s highly-versatile approach works with a variety of trading techniques. It’s a good option for daytraders, swing traders, and even longer-term investors.

Best of all, you don’t need special software to create charts. You can replicate everything you learn with tools that you can easily find online. 

Another great addition to this package is the live trading videos. Each video shows Burns’s trading live so you can see how he uses strategies on the go.

These videos provide a clear demonstration of how to use Top Dog Trading techniques, and they also serve as evidence of the course’s effectiveness.

The live videos also provide pointers and lessons that don’t come up in the regular course videos. 

Top Dog Trading also shows members how to read live charts. Live charts provide real-time nuance that static charts can’t match, so Burns emphasizes trading using live data.

It’s a much better approach than looking at pictures and data tables. 

top dog trading reviewed

Top Dogs Trading Reviews: Technical Approach

The Top Dog System is all based around making well-timed pullback entries and reversals. In that sense,

it’s very different than just trading for successful stock as many people do. It’s somewhat technical compared to other popular systems, but even a novice can figure it out with some study. 

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Who Is Top Dog Trading Best For?

Top Dog trading is meant for a specific kind of trader. Top Dog Trading might be the right choice for you if you fit into any of these categories:

  • Active traders who make frequent moves in the market.
  • Short-term traders and daytraders
  • Swing-traders
  • Technical analysis traders
  • Traders with high risk-reward appetites.
  • Multiple asset traders (crypto, forex, bonds, options, etc.)
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced traders interested in honing their skills.

One of the best things about the Top Dog system is the lessons are actual security neutral.

You can apply them to just about any kind of open-market asset, like stocks, forex, crypto, and more. This universal utility makes a Top Dog membership extremely valuable.

It’s an excellent option for anyone who has a variety of investing interests.

Top Dog Trading Reviewed: Cost & Value

The Top Dog Trading system course has a one-time cost of $497. It’s not a subscription service, so you don’t have to make any recurring payments.

Instead, you have access to everything in exchange for a one-time fee. This price structure makes Top Dog Trading highly cost-effective compared to other services.

Top Dog Trading also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 3 months. That gives you ample time to try out the system.

If you don’t like it, you can get your money back. It’s that simple. The no-risk return policy is one of the best reasons to consider giving Top Dog a try. 

Another great thing about Top Dog is that you can use it to trade a variety of assets. These lessons will serve you well, whether you’re interested in trading stocks, options, or crypto.

If you’re a beginner, you will probably become interested in trading different assets as you become more acclimated to trading.

Top Dog Trading teaches you rock-solid fundamental techniques that you can apply just about anywhere. This makes the course a tremendous value because the lessons have lifelong utility.   

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Top Dog Trading Member Reviews

Most customers give positive reviews of Top Dog. If you look online, you’ll find several member testimonials praising the Top Dog system.

Many members report that they were able to successfully leverage Top Dog strategies into consistent returns. Some customers say that Top Dog’s lessons were the final piece they needed to become successful traders. 

Top Dog is a legit company. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can sign up with confidence.

Most reports seem to indicate that the system delivers on what it promises too. If you put in the time and effort, you can probably improve your trading skills using Top Dog’s techniques.

Top Dog Trading also has excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot is a non-bias and highly-reliable consumer resource, so their ratings carry some weigh. Most people on Trustpilot say they’re pleased with the Top Dog Trading course. 

Top Dog Trading Benefits

  • Top Dog’s flexible trading strategies are useful in almost any market.
  • The in-depth courses provide detailed instructions on essential trading fundamentals. 
  • Expert guidance on live chart reading and technical analysis.
  • Includes two full-color manuals and 14 videos.
  • Convenient support options for members.
  • 90-Day money-back guarantee.

Top Dog Trading: The Final Verdict

Our Top Dog Trading review found that this is one of the better trading education services. Burns’s trading strategies are very effective, and the courses detail tons of high-value trading techniques.

Top Dog strategies don’t require any sophisticated proprietary software, and the program doesn’t try to sell you expensive add-ons.

You can probably use Top Dog’s trading system with whatever trading software you’re already using. 

Top Dog has a $500 price tag, but you get tons of value for your money. Plus, it’s a one-time expenditure, so there are no recurring expenses.

We think Top Dog Trading is an excellent value for both beginner and advanced traders. It can help you sharpen your skills and make more successful trades. If you want to expand your trading repertoire, Top Dog Trading Club is an excellent choice. 

That’s it for our Top Dog Trading review. All and all, we think this is an excellent service with tremendous long-term value.

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John Parker is a finance writer and journalist based in the Outer Banks, NC. He worked in finance for several years before branching out into his writing career. He is The Stock Dork's chief review writer and works with several other online publications.